Clitty, Clitty, Bang, Bang Ch. 02

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The feedback I received after the first Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang suggested that maybe there was a second chapter in this saga, this is it.

Felicity stirred beside me, her hand reached out and her fingers wrapped themselves around my cock, this is how one should be woken up every morning. “Good morning lover.” Her voice had a sensuality about it that stirred up memories of the previous evening. Brilliant memories.

“I must be dreaming, even worse I must be dead, why else would an angel be in my bed?” My hand had located her pussy, now moist with anticipation and two of my fingers entered her paradise hole, one sliding in and out while the other stroked her clit.

“You realise that you’re going to have to be quick, don’t you?”

“Never! There is no way that I’m going to speed up this process.”

“But you have to take your car to the transport depot so that it can be carried back to Sydney, then you have to be at the airport for your flight home, and I have to see you get to the airport on time and then arrange my affairs so that I can join you.”

“Why do you have to be so organised?” I moved over her and my cock entered now familiar territory, slowly bringing her to her first climax of the, day that is if you don’t count the ones she had in the wee small hours. I wasn’t very far behind her and we were soon in the shower removing the traces of our passion.

Minutes later I was checking out. “Would sir like me to arrange transport to the airport?” Efficient to a fault and obviously working on a bigger tip.

“No, I won’t need transport. There are a couple of things I have to do before heading for the airport and I have transport.” His eyes swept over Felicity and I could almost hear the cogs whirling away inside his head, not that I was worried about what he thought because hotel staff are the models of discretion.

Car organised and breakfast over Felicity and I were in the departure lounge of the airport, “How long will it take you before you can get over to Sydney?” We sat next to each other holding hands and waiting for my boarding call.

“Today’s Sunday, I should have everything organised by tomorrow evening and I’ll jump on the red eye Tuesday morning. I expect you to meet me at the airport, I don’t fancy having to find my way to where you live in all that traffic.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I was looking deep into her eyes and detected a look of sadness in them. “Hey don’t cry, it’s only two days and we’ll be together again.” I leaned over and brushed her lips with mine.

“This is the first boarding call for QANTAS flight 752 to Sydney, would all passengers make their way to gate 24.”

Felicity and I walked over to the gate and I checked in and got my boarding pass. “Goodbye my darling, I’ll miss you. I can’t believe that this time yesterday we had only just met and were driving up to Birdwood in your Bentley, it seems like we have known each other forever.” She forestalled my reply with a kiss that left me and everyone around us in no doubt about her affection for me. My return kiss was merely a confirmation.

The flight back to Sydney took just under two hours going on a week, I felt a new sense of emptiness having left Felicity behind in Adelaide. I would have loved to have stayed a little longer and driven back with her in the Bentley, slowly. Ah, I dream, but reality is totally different, for instance the Bentley is not the most comfortable car over long distances, and not the most economical either, and then there is the traffic, heaps of heavy transport meaning that the likelihood of a broken windscreen is a better than even chance. And then of course there is the wildlife to contend with, kangaroos are bad enough, a decent hit on one of those can wreck a car, there’s also the wombats, these are fur covered mechanised concrete bollards and the damage that they can cause has to be seen to be believed. Discretion is the better part of valour so I’m on a plane and my car is on a transporter.

Tuesday morning, heaven awaits me at the airport so I’d better not be late. I checked the flight arrival canlı bahis times on the internet for the third time this morning and it’s due on time so I’d better get a wriggle on.

A shit, shower, shave and shampoo later I was heading into the latter half of the morning rush three hours although I didn’t mind all that much, Sydney drivers are, by comparison, more civilised than their interstate counterparts, the volume of traffic makes that necessary, so it didn’t take as long as I’d expected to arrive at Mascot.

I was waiting in the arrivals area when Felicity came in, she saw me straight away and ran towards me. The other people there were amazed at the vision of a 40 something woman behaving like a besotted teenager. I wasn’t much better. I grabbed her in my arms and we kissed more passionately than was considered proper, but we didn’t care.

“Tell me, where do you live?” We were driving in my other car, a two year old Citroen owned by my company, she sat next to me with her hand alarmingly close to the lump in my jeans.

“I have a two storey terrace cottage at Glebe, that’s in the inner Western Suburbs. You wait till you see it, it’s made of convict made sandstock bricks and has been lovingly restored, the only concession to modern design is the outdoor dunny (toilet) has been moved inside, other than that it is very much as it was two hundred years ago.”

“Wow, we have nothing like this in Adelaide.” She stared up at the lacework around the veranda posts and along the fascia board and the soft sandy coloured bricks. I opened the heavy wooden door and she stepped inside, “Oh wow! This is even better than the outside. I can see myself living in a house like this.”

“So can I.” I took her in my arms and kissed her, pulling her body into mine with as much force as I dared to use. It wasn’t enough for Felicity, she put her hands on the cheeks of my ass and drew me further towards her. “Coffee now or later?”

“We’d better have it now because once we get into your bed I have no intention of letting you go for at least 24 hours.”

“You’re a wicked wanton woman, do you know that. I’m in grave danger of being led astray. White with no sugar?”

“You remembered, yes. Can I do anything to help?”

“You can sit there looking beautiful, this machine just about does it all by itself.” I pushed the button on the front panel of the coffee machine, while it heated itself and went through its self cleansing cycle I got the milk from the refrigerator and a slice of fruit cake from a container in the pantry.

I pushed another button and the machine ground and brewed the coffee, all that I had to do was steam the milk. We sat at the dining table sipping our coffee and eating the rich moist cake. “Where did you get this cake, it’s amazing.”

“I made it using an old family recipe handed down through the generations from my mother.”

Replete, refreshed and recovered we adjourned to my bedroom and my king sized bed, it was going to cop a pounding. Under the bedclothes we were caressing each other, exploring our bodies in a slow and sensuous way, there was no rushing our love making this time and we fully intended to make the most of the time. I was kissing her left breast, my tongue circling around the nipple bringing it to an even greater erection, my hand was gently caressing her inner thighs, avoiding her pussy, she was trying to arch her hips and push her pussy onto my hand every time it passed but I withdrew it just enough to keep away from it. “Please stop that, I don’t know if I can stand this much longer. If you don’t get on with it I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands and ravish you.”

My finger entered her pussy, “Oh God, Oh my God.” She cried as her body shuddered its way through an orgasm, “That’s not fair, you have only to touch me there and I’m cumming all over the place. I can’t believe my life is so great right now.”

“Your life, what about mine, it has never been this good, ever.” I straddled her and pushed my cock into her, we made slow, sensual love. We came often, I emptied myself into her mouth and pussy bahis siteleri several times, I wasn’t keeping score, and on one occasion Felicity came so ferociously that she squirted and we had to replace the sheets before we could get any sleep. I had forgotten how good it felt sleeping with your arms around the woman that you loved, could there be any greater sensation? I’ll answer that myself, I’d forgotten all about waking up with your lover’s mouth around your hard cock, that has to be the greatest.

Felicity made breakfast and over coffee and toast we talked about my problems. “I don’t know how they’re doing it but the best part of three million dollars has disappeared from the company accounts over the last twelve months. I suspect financial skulduggery but I can’t prove anything and without proof I’m sunk.”

“I know that I can help you here, our legal firm in Adelaide deals with commercial law and we have a very close working relationship with the ASX and the Fraud Squad. I’ll ring someone and explain the situation and see what they can suggest. What I’ll need from you is the name of this accountant and your wife’s company name, or names, as the case may be.” I provided the information before I left for work, I didn’t want to go but thought that I should because if I stayed at home we’d never get anything done.

Felicity rang me several times during the day to ask for more information and keep me up to date with developments, and to tell me how much she loved me of course. I would normally have worked until at least 6.00pm but today my heart wasn’t really in it so I went home early.

“What have you come up with?” I asked over a glass of red wine.

“According to my Fraud Squad contact it’s a pretty straight forward scam but difficult to prove, it involves shelf companies, asset stripping, offshore tax havens and a paper trail that is almost impossible to follow.”

“So what’s the next step?” I was beginning to feel like Don Quixote only I didn’t have a lance or a windmill.

“It involves several companies that he owns and we have to track each of them down to find out where they fit into the scheme of things. Once we’ve established the link between all of these companies we will be able to formulate a strategy that we can use to shaft them.”

“I think that is enough for today, what say we go to one of my favourite restaurants tonight and try to forget about my problems for a while.”

“You’re on, just let me get tarted up.” She headed for the bedroom to change.

My favourite restaurant wasn’t trendy so we weren’t rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, but the food was brilliant, the wine list extensive and good and the service was quick, polite, and if you weren’t in a rush they didn’t push you. We weren’t in that much of a rush that we didn’t have time to enjoy the food. Michael, the waiter, was attentive without being intrusive, his menu suggestions were good choices and his wine suggestions blended beautifully with the food.

“I can see why you like this place.” Felicity said as we left, “it has a comfortable ambience about it that is so natural that it couldn’t possibly be put on.”

“Michael and I go back a bit, when he first started there he was a little unsure of himself. I encouraged him to be himself and let his personality dictate how to treat each customer and not try to be someone he wasn’t. The type of clientele they get there can spot a phoney a mile off.” We arrived home, I locked the car, set the alarm and immobiliser and went inside. I drew Felicity to me and hugged her tightly. “I loved this evening, I felt so comfortable with you that I can’t believe that we’ve only known each other for a couple of days.”

“Don’t get too comfortable Buster, that would be the death of a good relationship.”

By the time we had completed this exchange we were in the bedroom and undressed. “Come here,” I held my arms out to her. “I want to hold you close and not let you go.”

I let her go, eventually, and then it was to lift her up and place her gently onto the bed. I kissed her fully and completely and my hands bahis şirketleri began their tour of duty on her body, no scratch that, it was a tour all right, but it was a pleasure and not a duty. When my fingers entered her pussy she began groaning and her back arched so that she could take more of my massaging fingers.

Some time later Felicity shuddered her way through her fifth or sixth orgasm, it was a soixante neuf, and I had just had my third, we lay panting beside each other, the aroma of lust pervaded the room. “We’d better get some sleep, we have a lot of work to do tomorrow.” How can she be so practical at a time like this, all I wanted to do was lay there with her in my arms.

Today was Thursday and I’ll remember it for the very best reasons; it was this day that I realised what an incredibly brilliant person Felicity was, she not only discovered how my wife’s money got ‘lost’ but came up with a scheme whereby, even though my wife didn’t have access to it, the amount was included when calculating the marital assets, my Bentley was safe. On this day I also found out how gullible my wife had been and later, how vindictive she was to become, I also found out what a conscienceless conniving arsehole her partner was.

“We have them!” Felicity burst through the door as I was making myself a cup of coffee, I forgot the all about coffee, with the news she had for me I didn’t need caffeine for a lift. “Not only have we found her money but we have uncovered a money laundering operation run by him that will see him inside for many years.”

“Slow down, now start from the beginning.”

“Well, when we were tracing the companies that he controlled we were able to follow the paper trail. He was using her money and by shifting it around the place, was able to use it as part of a scheme to launder drug money for a friend of his. The Drug Squad will raid him and seize his assets including her money, but because she can claim that she trusted him and had no knowledge of what he used it for she will get it back, eventually. Meanwhile it is hers and becomes a part of the marital assets.”

“So where do we go from here?”

“When is your divorce hearing?”

“Week after next, why?”

“For starters I want to be at the hearing just to see the look on her face when all of this comes out. Timing is paramount, I’ll arrange for the Drug Squad to arrest them outside the Family Court just to rub salt into the wounds she will be carrying after the hearing.”

“Wouldn’t it be better for the arrest to take place inside the court?”

“It would, but no can do, the Family Court is a Federal jurisdiction while the drug investigation is a State matter.”

* * *

It was great! The look on their faces when Felicity started asking them about various companies and outlining how the money was moved around to lose it from her company assets. The look of total shock when she realised that the best laid plans had indeed gone astray. She went through several phases; anger at me for bringing in an expert to unravel the scheme, anger at him for coming up with a foolproof plan that didn’t fool everyone, and even more anger at him when Felicity revealed that he had been syphoning off the profits from the enterprise into his private accounts. I did allow her to keep the marital home, I didn’t ever want to see it again.

Felicity and I celebrated our success with a sumptuous feast, at home, and a night of unbridled lust. “What are your plans now?” Felicity asked during a momentary halt in the lustful festivities.

“I’m thinking of selling my business and buying a winery in South Australia and retiring to a life of ease watching grapes grow, after I marry you of course.”

“I assume that is your way of proposing, if so I accept most enthusiastically, and as for the winery, I actually own one. It was my father’s and I inherited it along with the Daimler. It’s in McLaren Vale where the best Shiraz in the world is produced, and we produce some of the best, and it will be my wedding present to you.”

“Wow! A friend of mine years ago said that the perfect wife would be a hotel owning nymphomaniac, I’ve got news for him, I’m getting the perfect wife, a gorgeous looking woman who is clever, incredibly sexy and sensual and who owns a winery. What more could a man want?”

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