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The lens shifted slightly, regaining focus as she slowly leaned back. Her strawberry hair drifting gently over the handlebars of the snowmobile, head tilted back in the sunshine. Slightly crossed at the knees, her long toned slender legs reached out along the back end.

“Damn, that’s perfect” He smiled and pressed the shutter again, rattling off a series of images.

Absolutely perfect.

She had come to him to get some images taken, something he was more than willing to do, but he had admitted there was a selfish part inside that ached to get the chance to see her like this. Her body stretched out in a relaxed pose while her smile radiated in the winter sunshine just as bright as the warmth itself. Now here he stood, mere feet away watching as she turned and stretched out to show off her lithe frame and smooth round curves barely hidden by the miniscule outfit she wore.

Kristy had come in her infamous yoga pants he loved so much, at first posing with a large sweater that hung down just above the perfect curved toned rear that he admired fully, her body slowly becoming more and more exposed as she shed one bit after another. Scott tried very hard to keep his desire in check, but the growing hunger in his body was starting to show, culminating on a pushing member against his jeans. Now she lay on her back across the winter machine, her body left only in a small sports bra and the cutest panties he’d ever imagined.

And oh how he imagined.

“Luckily the sunshine makes this bearable!” She giggled a little, raising an eyebrow as she glanced down at her firm hard nipples poking through the sports bra that clung to her athletic frame, Scott letting out a grunt of approval. He had seen the reaction long ago but was really doing his best to focus on the task at hand and take the best images of her that he could.

Kristy grinned a little, she could see her shedding of each bit of clothing was creating more and more of an effect on the man. The sly woman knowing it was perhaps a bit of a tease to ham it up a bit, but he was so cute when he got flustered that it was totally worth it.

She raised her head a little, watching Scott move to different places, his eyes on her, watching every ripple of every muscle. The man kept up the picture taking, using the camera to study every dimple and cute freckle of his lifelong friend and lover. His adoration showed through she could tell, and the way he kept trying to hide his absolute desire for her only made her ache to see how much she could push before he broke.

With a smooth slow arch of her back, Kristy slid both hands down her sides to hook her thumbs into the sides of her panties, slowly pulling down enough to let him see the thin line of strawberry hair adorning her mound before sliding them back up. The gasp canlı bahis from Scott in between clicks of the camera almost was enough to make her giggle aloud.

“Damn Kris, that… that’s the most amazing…wow.” His voice did seem to break a little, just like he was a teenager again. “That’s almost the most beautiful thing I’ve ever pictured.”

Slightly wetting her lips, the woman sat up slowly, her eyes locked on the man hiding behind his camera. “Wait, almost the most beautiful? Hmm.. I was hoping to show off my most beautiful poses. What could I do to make it more appealing, mmm?” As she spoke she slowly turned, drawing her hips to the edge of the snowmobiles seat and opening her knees, giving him a perfect view of the clinging fabric that only barely contained the soft folds of her womanhood behind it.

“Uhh… ok now you’re… yeah…”

Click, click, click

His head rose and he took in the sight, unabashed this time as he let out a long slow sigh, staring at her beautiful frame before him.

“Only time you ever look better is that single moment just before you cry out in pure delight, your eyes pleading in ecstasy. Yeah, that’s probably the only way I could improve on what I see right now.”

The woman raised an eyebrow at his explanation, her aching nipples not helping keep her mischievous mind from egging him on.

“So you think I should feel some ecstasy then?” It was a softball question, she knew he’d not be able to resist.

“I…really think that would be pretty fucking amazing.” He rumbled the response, still taking pics as she shifted on the seat.

Scott watched as her hand slid down her tummy, the fingers trailing ever so slowly along the line of her waistband, teasing his vision as just her fingertips slid into the thin cloth.

“Just like this?” She whispered softly.

“Yeah…that…wow…” He still hadn’t completed much of a full sentence for a while now, she loved it.

Pushing slowly down into the thin fabric of her panties, Kristy let a soft sigh escape her lips while Scott stared in awe. The sight was something he ached to envision for so long, her body gently undulating against her own fingers while the thin fabric clung to them. The slow moving letting his eyes follow the girls touch against her lower lips.

“Mmm… that does..nnh… feel good.” She hissed softly, her lower lips seeping with arousal at the way his eyes locked onto her, the man worshipping the sight. When she slowly pushed inward, the slick heat of her walls gripped against her finger and caused her jaw to open in a gasp.

Scott let out an empathetic groan as he watched his best friend push a finger into her body, the tight toned ass he adored so much thrusting upwards against her palm, making the act even more arousing.

With his cock bahis siteleri straining hard against his jeans, Scott clicked off a series of pictures, his breathing slightly ragged.

“Mmm… I don’t think I can get there like this. At least not soon.” She tilted her head and looked over at him. “And if pictures of me crying out is what you want, I might need some help.”

Kristy grinned, biting her lip with a bit of a blush before the woman crooked her finger towards him. Scott took a deep shaking breath and nodded, focusing the lens towards her and lipping the camera to auto shoot. At that moment, there was nothing he wanted more than to capture the image of her perfect frame in that ultimate ecstasy. Walking towards her, Kristy almost purred, her body igniting with the anticipation of what he might be thinking after her teasing him for so long.


“I asked for the best pics of me, babe” She spoke slowly and low, her eyes locked on his as he slowly knelt before her, his hands sliding up her thighs to caress the smooth skin. “so do whatever you think you gotta to get the pics you need.”

She knew he’d do anything for her, and as he leaned inward to kiss her toned smooth tummy, the woman let out a soft sigh. There was something to how he seemed to worship her, his actions always seeking to make her feel as amazing as he thought she was.


Kissing up along her body, Scott slid his mouth over her sports bra, gently biting down on the hard nipple held within and making the woman shudder from the sensitivity of his grip. His hands kept sliding over her body, feeling every inch he adored as his fingers hooked into the soft fabric of her underwear, pulling the thin fabric down over her hips to expose the now glistening warmth to the cool air.


“Scott…” She was about to tell him he didn’t have to, his head lifting to kiss her softly and slowly. With a gentle caress of his lips on hers, the woman felt her heart melt as his passion flooded over her, dissipating any doubt that he wanted this more than anything else. Letting their lips part, Scott pushed against her gently, letting Kristy lay back with her shoulders pressing into the middle of the machines body, her eyes following him as he moved slowly back down her body.


Letting her hand drift down along his hair, Kristy rose her eyes up to the camera, looking straight at it as if it were some lover watching from the sidelines, her back arching as she felt the warm breath of the man slide in across her inner thigh. Without looking away from the lens, the woman watched the camera with passionate intensity, her body shivering as she felt the warm softness of his lips gently surround her loins.

The caress was perfect in its gentle exploring touch. Her eyes fluttering briefly bahis şirketleri as she felt the slow stroke of his tongue in against her tight opening, its stiffened tip slipping up to curl gently around the hooded nub of her clit. For a moment, silence, only her ragged breathing and the occasional click of the camera came could be heard, but when she felt his lips close slowly around her nub and felt him suck while his tongue’s tip lashed against her, the woman let out a long whimpering moan.


“ohh…nnh..god…” she hissed gently as he opened his lips and surrounded her again, repeating the motion and letting her feel the tight pull of his lips against her nub. Kristy’s hips started to buck ever so slowly, her hand in his hair gripping harder as her free hand gripped the hardened nipple of her breast in passionate need. Again and again he closed his mouth over her clit, the action countered by a slow kiss of his lips against her soft folds, her warmth seeping out against his chin while he started to move with her, bucking his chin tight into her body.

As the camera clicked, taking in the sight of her frame arching more against the machine, Kristy felt him stiffen his tongue and push, the slender firmness of it sliding into her opening slightly and letting her feel entered just a bit before it pulled back out, circled and then lashed against her clit once more.

“F..fuckit… it…so close!” She whimpered at the attention, her body yearning to feel the man’s body draw her into the waves of delight. Scott responded, his growl reaching her ears as his hand on her thigh slid beneath her rear, lifting her hips upward to let his mouth encompass her entirely. With each breath she felt the lashing tongue circle her swollen nub before circling it and pushing back into her core, the repeated motion making her breath grow ragged.

“Oh!…O..oh!” He knew it was close, his eyes lifting to watch her face to see the image that the camera so desperately needed to catch. When his mouth once more closed over her clit, Kristy cried out in the wave of pure delight, her face twisting into the visage he loved to see so much as her orgasm took hold.

With a small cry of delight, Kristy felt her tummy tighten in the pulsing warmth of release, her body surging a small pulse of warmth to coat her lovers lips as he continued his motions slowly. Gently, his tongue caressed around her, letting her slowly ride out the wave before she slumped back down into the seat, her hand pressing to her forhead in soft gasps.

“Mmm… perfect.” He muttered, sliding up her body to wrap the beautiful woman in a tight embrace, her lips meeting his giving her a taste of herself as she felt the warmth of his adoration envelop her slender frame.

“Mmm…check if you got it… if not we might have to just keep trying.” She grinned, purring the words as she buried her head into his neck.

“One can hope. One can hope” he grinned again, wondering how many times they might to get just the perfect image of her ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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