Cityslicker Cousin Ch. 01

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“Wow! Look at the size of that thing!” Heidi whispered.

“Heidi, we shouldn’t be doing this!” snapped Hillary, but she didn’t stop looking at her cousin Michael through the shower vent.

“I’m so glad that pa gave him the cabin instead of a room at the house,” Heidi grinned. “This outdoor shower is easy to peak in on!” Hillary fought hard not to laugh.

“You know, pa probably gave him the cabin to keep him away from us. Nephew or not, pa doesn’t trust a city slicker with his little angels.”

The smile Heidi gave her sister was anything but angelic. Hillary shook her head. Neither of the two sisters were the angels their father wished, but Hillary liked the fact that he thought they were. It rankled with Heidi. She liked to do things to attack what she considered his backward thinking.

Just last month she got caught kissing Tommy Wilson in public. It was actually a bit more than that, but the sheriff, knowing how protective pa was, only mentioned the kissing. Hillary thought that pa was going to pop a gasket. He made them both sit through a lecture with the pastor. Hillary still hadn’t forgiven her sister for that!

“Look! Look!” Heidi whispered with wide eyes. “He’s washing it now!”

“This is so wrong,” Hillary sighed, but still couldn’t bring herself to look away from her cousin who was using a washcloth on his privates.

It was a chilly morning, but that didn’t seem to bother Michael much. The steam from the hot water rose quickly into the summer sky and didn’t really block the sisters’ view.

“He certainly wants to make sure it’s clean!” Heidi joked. “I think it’s getting bigger!”

Michael was their mother’s sister’s son. He was also a hunk! The girls always talked about how good looking he was after the family get together, but those gatherings happened far and few between since the family was spread out all over the country.

“I hope pa lets him stay a while,” Hillary said, not realizing she spoke aloud.

“You are such a pervert!” Heidi said with a grin. It was a line Hillary normally used on her.

“I didn’t mean it that way!” Hillary cried. She was a little loud.

“Shh!” Heidi snapped with her finger to her lips. “Do you want him to hear us?”

“Sorry,” Hillary whispered. She was blushing. Heidi gave her sister one more nasty look before turning back toward the shower vent. Her eyes bulged when she did.

“He’s not using the washcloth anymore!” she said. Hillary looked back to the vent and saw their cousin Michael stroking himself. There was no way anyone could say he was still just washing.

“He’s even bigger than Herb!” Hillary said in awe. “I didn’t know that city folk came that big!”

“Makes you want to get a taste of the city life, doesn’t it?” Heidi grinned.

“Heidi! He’s our cousin for Pete sake!” Hillary snapped. “You wouldn’t dare!” Heidi just smiled wider. Hillary groaned and added, “You are going straight to hell!”

“Oh, relax!” Heidi giggled. “I’m just kidding.”

The girls spent the next few minutes in silence, watching their cousin Michael work himself to an orgasm. It was quite a sight! He took his time about it, but eventually he stiffened, let out a single moan and came. The girls looked at each other afterward and smiled.

“I’m as horny as a…” Heidi began, but Hillary cut her off quickly. She was also feeling rather frisky and didn’t want to think about it.

“Let’s get back to our chores before pa comes looking for us,” Hillary interjected. Heidi frowned, but nodded in agreement.

They went back to the barn. Hillary fed the chickens while Heidi milked old Tina. Tina was getting on in years, but their mother swore that the cow’s milk was still the best this side of the Mississippi. It would always make the girls roll their eyes.

They finished their morning chores and went back to the house for breakfast. Pa was already at the head of the table while ma was just finishing up at the stove. The girls sat down and joined their parents. A few minutes later Michael walked in and sat in the free chair.

The girls exchanged a look and smiled. They’d never be able to look at their city slicker cousin again without thinking about his big equipment. Seeing a man do what he did in the shower also made it hard for them to look at him with a straight face.

“What?” Michael asked in annoyance, catching their look. His dark hair was a messy thatch on his head. He was cleaned shaved, but wore an earring in his left ear and one small loop on his right eyebrow. He wasn’t wearing clothes that really fit in at a farm, but Hillary doubted he owned any. She never saw him in anything other than dark, depressing colors.

“Don’t mind them,” their mother said. “They do stuff like that all the time. I think it comes from being twins.”

“Do you even own a pair of blue jeans?” Hillary asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

“And what’s with the jewelry! Are you gay?” Heidi quickly added.

“Heidi!” their mother snapped in mortification. Their father tilted his head and looked canlı bahis at Michael, as if waiting for an answer.

“I’m not hungry,” Michael said, pulling back from the table with his plate untouched.

“Where are you going?” their father asked.

“Out,” was all Michael would say as he turned and left without another word. The girls’ father and mother exchanged looks.

“I think you two taking him in is just what he needs,” Heidi said into the silence. Their mother looked at her with thanks in her eyes. It was obviously an issue between their mother and father.

“Beth says that he’s a good boy at heart, but ever since his father left two years ago Michael has been getting into trouble. She thought a summer away from the city might help him,” she said.

“I’m surprised he agreed to come,” Hillary said. “I mean it’s not like he’s a kid or anything. He’s going to college next year.”

“He didn’t agree,” their father’s deep voice grumbled. “At least not at first. Your aunt told him it was spend the summer here or pay for his own college.” They fell silent as the girls digested this news.

“I wonder what being raised in a city is really like?” Heidi mused.

“Dangerous,” their father offered.

“It’s not that bad!” their mother snapped. “Beth says that they live in a nice area and from the way she talks about it, I believe her.”

“But then where did Michael get that scar on his shoulder?” Hillary asked and then fought back a blush.

“And when did you see his bare shoulder?” her father growled.

“Yesterday,” Heidi answered for her sister. “Michael had his shirt off. I guess he was trying to tan. You know these crazy city folk.” Hillary held her breath. Michael was not the type to expose his skin to the sun. He was the palest person either sister had ever met.

“City slickers,” their father said dismissively. Both girls held back a sigh of relief. Their mother was looking at them oddly, but she remained silent.

“I wonder where he did get that scar,” Heidi put in. “It doesn’t look like a knife wound, but what do I know?”

“Heidi!” their mother snapped. “It is nothing of the sort.”

“Then what is it?” Hillary asked. Their mother sighed.

“Michael got a tattoo right after his father left. Beth made him remove it.”

“What was it of?” Heidi asked.

“I don’t know,” their mother shrugged. “Beth wouldn’t say, but it had to be bad.”

“All this gabbing isn’t getting any work done around here,” their father said suddenly as he stood. He then turned to the twins and added, “You two promised to pick some blueberries this morning. They’re finally in season. I’m dying for one of your mother’s pies!”

“And you’ll have one,” their mother smiled.

“Just one?” he asked. She laughed and kissed him.

“We’ll see.”

“Why don’t you two get a room,” Heidi grumbled, but she was smiling. Both of the twins knew how lucky they were to have two parents who loved each other. Look at poor Michael.

“Girl, don’t be so disrespectful,” their father grumbled, but it was an old argument so there was no heat in his tone.

“Father, Hillary and I will be away at school in the fall as well. Just think! You’ll have the house and mom all to yourself!” Heidi teased.

“And you’ll probably come back even more disrespectful!” he grumbled.

“Probably,” Heidi laughed, but then added, “I love you pa.”

“I love you too,” he said. It wasn’t easy for him. He wasn’t the type of man to express his emotions with words, but twenty years with their mother had softened him some. “Now get going! Those berries aren’t going to pick themselves.” Well, not that much.

“Yes, sir!” Heidi snapped.

“Oh, let’s go already before you get us both another lecture by the pastor! This time on the fifth commandment,” Hillary said, pulling her sister by the arm.

“Hey! That’s a good idea!” their father said, causing both girls to groan.

“Big mouth!” Heidi snapped at her sister. All four laughed. The girls didn’t think their father was serious, but you never knew.

“Janet,” Hillary heard her father say to her mother just as they were walking out. “See if you can get that boy to fix the floor boards on the porch. I’ve been meaning to get to them, but something else always comes up. It will give him something to do.”

“I’ll try,” their mother said with a sigh. Hillary shook her head. Michael had already been living with them a week and had yet to lend a helping hand or do a single chore. That was just unacceptable on a working farm.

“You know,” she said to her sister as they grabbed baskets for the berries. “It’s about time Michael stops moping. We could use his help.”

“Michael? Help?” Heidi said derisively. “He’s not the type.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s not that bad once you get to know him,” Hillary replied, sounding more hopeful then knowing.

The girls went about their chores the rest of the day. There was always a lot to do on a farm. The sun was just setting as they washed up for dinner. Hillary sighed as bahis siteleri she noticed that the floorboards were still not fixed.

Michael joined them for dinner but hardly said a word. He left the table when he was done without asking to be excused or even placing his plate in the sink. Their father shook his head and their mother watched him leave with a sad expression on her face. Heidi just snorted.

Hillary surprised herself when she stood and went after him. She caught him near the barn and about halfway to his cabin.

“Don’t you think it’s about time you stopped moping?” she asked angrily.

“No,” he said back and tried to get past her. Hillary grabbed his arm. He was bigger than her, but right now that didn’t matter.

“Well, I do,” she snapped. “I don’t know what your problem is, but get over it! Its’ not our fault you’re here!”

“Your parents could have told my mother no,” he grumbled.

“That’s not with family does,” Hillary argued angrily, but then calmed when she thought about Michael’s father. “Or at least not with our family does.”

“What’s the big deal anyway?” Hillary sighed. “It’s not like we’re tough to get along with. Why not at least try and have a good time?”

“I’m only here because my mother made me come,” he said.

“Oh, please!” Hillary said with a roll of her eyes. “You’re a man. Your ma can’t make you stay here.”

“She can if I want to go to school.”

“No, only if you want her to pay for your school,” Hillary added. “You act like the world owes you something. Well, it doesn’t! Get over whatever’s bothering you and you’ll end up being happier.”

“You don’t understand,” Michael said.

“Probably not,” Hillary shrugged, but then she squeezed his arm hard until he met her gaze. “But I do understand that your attitude is upsetting my family and I won’t have it.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Michael sneered.

“Well, this to start,” Hillary said and surprised Michael by tripping him. He fell right on a cow patty. She hadn’t planned that part of it, but she didn’t feel particularly bad about it either.

“Oh gross!” Michael cried.

“City slicker,” Hillary sneered with a shake of her head as she turned and walked back to the house. Michael watched her go as he wiped his hands. Who would have guessed that such beautiful little thing could be such a bitch!

“This means war cousin! I hope you’re up for it,” he said out loud. He was certain she was too far away to hear, but she turned and gave him a look just the same, as if to say, ‘bring it on!’

* * *

“I can’t believe you didn’t come with me!” Heidi said as she returned to the barn the next morning. “It looked even bigger than I remembered!”

“He’s a jerk!” Hillary snapped.

“Yes,” Heidi nodded. “But a well hung one.”

“You’re going to hell,” Hillary said with a shake of her head, but there was no heat in her voice. She found herself thinking back to yesterday morning and the sight of Michael in the shower. He really was a good-looking man. It’s too bad his personality didn’t go with his looks.

They worked on their respective chores in silence. It was Hillary’s turn to milk Tina. Michael wondered in as they were just finishing up. Somehow he ‘accidentally’ kicked over the filled bucket. He not only wasted good milk, but he also drenched Hillary’s feet.

“Sorry,” Michael said with a shrug. He was smiling unpleasantly.

“You will be,” Hillary said through gritted teeth.

“Cousin,” Heidi said with a shake of her head as she watched her sister’s face. “You really don’t know what you just started.” Michael shrugged and left.

“What was that all about?” Heidi asked. Hillary explained what happened the night before, causing her sister to whistle in surprise and add, “So, you’re the instigator of this little war.”

“And I plan on winning it,” Hillary said angrily. “I have no intention of spending my last summer before college walking on egg shells because of him!”

“This is going to be fun!” Heidi laughed.

“For some of us,” Hillary grumbled.

Later that day Hillary helped her mother set the table for lunch. Their father wouldn’t be present because he was working on the other side of the farm. He took a bagged lunch their mother packed for him in the morning. It happened frequently.

The twins, their mother and Michael sat at the table right around noon. They were eating a light lunch of their mother’s spicy chicken that Hillary helped prepare. Michael took one bite of the chicken and gasped. He turned bright red.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I added some seasoning to my plate. I must have mixed the dishes up,” Hillary said, not sounding sorry at all. Michael reached for the glass of milk in front of him and downed it in one gulp. Hillary grimaced despite herself. She hadn’t expected him to drink the whole glass. If possible, Michael’s expression became even worse.

“That milk was bad!” he gasped and ran for the bathroom. Hillary followed him. She felt momentarily bad as Michael got sick, but bahis şirketleri that lasted only until he looked up at her and cried, “You bitch!”

“We were short some milk today so I filled the glasses with what we had left over. I guess it went bad. Sorry,” she said. Michael spared a moment to look up at her. His eyes were filled with anger and hatred. Hillary laughed and went back to the kitchen.

“What going on?” her mother asked.

“Nothing,” Hillary replied, but her mother wasn’t buying it. It didn’t help that Heidi was laughing so hard that her eyes were tearing.

“You know, he’s had a rough life…” her mother began, but Hillary cut her off.

“Ma, I’m not denying that having a father leave isn’t a tough thing, but it’s no reason to be such a jerk. He’s got a good mother and a lot of opportunity if he’s just stop moping,” Hillary interjected and then stomped outside.

“Oh my,” their mother said. “Michael seems to have gotten on the wrong side of Hillary.”

“You can say that again!” Heidi laughed.

“I’ll have to talk to her.”

“Ma, leave it be,” Heidi said, no longer laughing. “I think she may be right. Michael has too many people feeling bad for him. He needs to wake up and face the world.”

“Maybe you’re right,” her mother said after a few moments of silence. The two women could still hear Michael getting sick in the bathroom. They pushed their plates back.

“Let’s just hope she doesn’t make it a habit making her point at the table,” Heidi said. Her mother nodded.

* * *

“I’m telling you,” Heidi said. “He said your name just before he came yesterday!”

“That is so sick! I’m his cousin!” Hillary said, but she was once again looking through the vent with her sister watching her cousin shower. It was about a week since the sour milk incident.

Michael had yet to retaliate, but he continued to look at her angrily. Either he was smart enough to realize it was dangerous to mess with someone who helped prepare your food or he was thinking up something especially nasty. Hillary was pretty sure it was the latter.

“Look at that ass!” Heidi sighed as Michael turned. Hillary did despite herself. She stopped thinking about Michael’s and her little war for the time being.

“He really is very good looking,” she sighed.

“I know,” Heidi grinned. “Last night I dreamed about him.”

“Heidi, you can’t be serious! He’s your cousin and a jerk!”

“I know,” Heidi sighed. “But I can’t stop my imagination. It’s driving me mad!”

“Heidi, I’m not kidding this time,” Hillary said with a shake of her head. “You really are going to hell!”

They fell silent until Michael started washing his privates. He didn’t even bother to use the washcloth this time. He jerked at his thick member and leaned against one of the walls.

“That’s it Hillary! Lick it!” he mumbled, but both girls heard him.

“See! I told you!” Heidi whispered fervently. Hillary stood momentarily in shock. She was about to say something when Michael continued.

“Oh, you want some too, Heidi? There is plenty for both of you,” he said. It was Heidi’s turn to be stunned.

“He’s one nasty piece of work,” Hillary said with a shake of her head.

“I know,” Heidi said, taking a moment to look at her sister. “But just watching him makes me want to…”

“Don’t you dare!” Hillary snapped. Heidi ignored her sister and let her fingers drift into the front of her jeans. She began playing with herself right in front of Hillary!

“I can’t help it! He’s got me so wet!” Heidi groaned. “I’ve been doing this every day since we watched him that first time. You weren’t here so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but I can’t seem to stop myself now.”

They were twins and shared a room. They told each other about their sex lives, but never intermingled them. Hillary had heard a couple of odd noises occasionally during the night and figured it was Heidi taking care of herself. There was probably a couple of times that Heidi heard similar noises coming from her side of the room, but they never mentioned it the next day and never interfered with each other.

“Stop!” Hillary cried.

“Not going to happen!” Heidi said as she unbuckled her pants. Hillary could smell her sister’s excitement. Her own was causing a damp spot on her underwear. Heidi looked back through the vent. Hillary found herself doing the same.

“That’s it you two!” Michael was saying. “Lick each other! I love watching you two go at it! Doesn’t she taste amazing!”

Hillary’s mouth fell open. He couldn’t be serious! That was sick on so many levels! She turned to her sister to see how Heidi was taking this latest development. Heidi was looking back at her. She was panting, obviously close to her own orgasm.

Suddenly Heidi pulled her hand from her crotch and thrust it toward Hillary’s mouth. Hillary caught it only inches in front of her face. It was sticky and smelled of Heidi’s excitement. Hillary’s own desires flared.

She took one more look at Michael and his large cock, and then surprised herself by sucking her sister’s sticky fingers into her mouth. She also reached out with one hand and touched her sister’s pussy.

“I may be going to hell!” Heidi gasped. “But at least I won’t be alone!”

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