Cindy Lou and the Feeldoe

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Cindy Lou was truly in her element at that week’s sex party. The blonde hotsy had already cum twice from having her pussy eaten, and two more times from a fabulous double penetration. She had been the lucky filling in the sandwich, and the slices of bread had been two of the studliest men there. She hadn’t yet sucked anybody off, and she hadn’t gotten any woman to woman loving but, when Cindy Lou saw something unusual, it looked as if she might have the opportunity to eliminate both of those lacks at the same time.

“Help, help me, Rhonda,” she said to her tall, red-headed friend. “It looks like you have grown a seven inch purple cock since the last time I saw you, but I have a hard time believing that.”

Her friend laughed. “Don’t worry; I didn’t really grow it. I bought it. It’s made of silicone, and it feels just like the real thing. It’s called a Feeldoe, and I got it online from Literotica. Do you want to try it out?”

Always eager to try something new that looked like fun, Cindy Lou knelt on the floor in front of Rhonda and started licking the smooth shaft. It was obvious the purple toy had been in at least one juicy pussy that evening, and maybe more, because she immediately tasted the delectable flavor of womanly nectar. Cindy Lou’s eager and dexterous tongue and lips cleaned every trace of the delicious and very welcome treat from the shaft and searched for more. Not only did the juices taste great to her, the Feeldoe felt exactly like a real cock, just like Rhonda said it would, slick and with just the right degree of firmness against her mouth.

After her tongue had finished mopping up the leftover juices, the amorous blonde raised her pretty face above the head of the purple dildo and slowly enveloped the toy in her mouth. She continued until the tip was pressing against the back of her throat, relishing the slick, smooth sensation of the thick shaft as it glided between her lips. As she avidly stroked it with her mouth and laved it with her tongue, Cindy Lou could even feel the sensation of its warmth. It seemed almost identical to the way a real cock felt when it spread open her lips and filled her mouth so delightfully.

When she started giving deep throat to the new dildo, pleasing her nostrils with the musky aroma of Rhonda’s pussy, Cindy Lou felt a series of ridges against her upper lip. She couldn’t help thinking of the marvelous things they would be doing for her swollen clit if the toy were in her pussy instead of her mouth. Having almost as much fun as she would with a real cock, she bobbed her head up and down for a few more strokes and saw Rhonda reach between her legs. Seconds later, Cindy Lou thought she heard a subdued buzzing noise, and she raised her head and withdrew her mouth to ask about it.

“That’s another part of the Feeldoe,” Rhonda told her. “There’s a vibe attached, and it’s inside my pussy, and I just turned it on. That part is called “the pony,” and the part you’ve been sucking on is called “the horse.” Do you mind if I find some place to lie down? The pony is already starting to make me a little weak in the knees.”

Cindy Lou was totally in favor of that idea, because she wanted to get the other half of the Feeldoe, the horse, deep inside her pussy. They found an available part of one of the many mattresses lying on the floor and took it over. Next to them, a prettily plump brunette was getting her ass fucked by the same cock that had given Cindy Lou such a great time ardahan escort in the same pleasure hole a little while earlier. The man grinned when he recognized her, and the brunette, who was lying on her belly, smiled also while moaning blissfully.

Kneeling again, this time straddling Rhonda’s legs, Cindy Lou raised her body higher and moved to where the Feeldoe’s horse was directly under her pussy. Her friend and fellow hotsy smiled up at her and reached down to hold the dildo upright so Cindy Lou could impale herself on it. That had been the intention of both of the women friends when they approached each other, and they were happy to see it coming to pass.

The thought of getting something new and different in her pussy had already excited Cindy Lou, making her as wet as she needed to be, and the toy was still covered with her saliva. She reached between her legs to spread her swollen lips with her middle fingers and started lowering her body. After feeling the tip squeeze between those digits, she reached out to hold it with her thumbs and index fingers, rub it against the wetness and center it where it would do her the most good. Rhonda liked what was happening too, and her hands continued holding the purple horse upright for her friend.

With a sudden move, Cindy Lou lowered her body so the thick head of the toy could wedge into her wet pussy. She felt its mushroom shape pass between her fingers and ease into the place where it was desired, sending ripples of pleasure all through her body. For a few seconds she stayed in that position, wanting to enjoy the erotic sensations to the fullest, before letting her body move slightly lower again.

In increments of no more than an inch at a time, the horny blonde moved up and down, imbedding the length of the Feeldoe’s shaft in her pussy, until all seven inches were crammed inside her and radiating exquisite pleasure out from its presence. She felt as if she was already getting close to cumming, but Cindy Lou forced herself to remain in the same position so she could fully relish the delightful sensation of the toy that was buried so deeply inside her and felt so good.

Finally, she started to move. Cindy Lou slowly raised her body, removing her pussy from around the Feeldoe until she could feel just the head inside her. She paused for a second before lowering herself again, grimacing with intense pleasure as the lifelike toy plowed back into her. When it was almost all the way inside her pussy again, Rhonda thrust upward, and Cindy Lou felt the thick toy surge all the way into her, and she felt the ridges rake across her engorged clit. They felt infinitely better there than they had against her mouth, as she knew they would.

“Oh, Rhonda, that feels wonderful, Cindy Lou enthused to her friend as she stayed in place for a few seconds again, letting the waves of pleasure throb through her body.

“Yeah, I know. It feels great to me too. Those ridges in the middle are getting both of our clitties at once, and we’re almost rubbing them against each other.”

They repeated the same stroke a few more times, both women cooing happily at everything the Feeldoe was doing for them. Before finally reaching an orgasm, Cindy Lou always loves getting a long, slow fucking, whether from a dildo or a man’s cock, and she doesn’t like to cum too soon. She revels in being a cowgirl, as she was then, but not until she’s ready to cum, and she ardahan escort bayan actually prefers the more intimate full-body, skin on skin contact of either the female superior or the missionary or the position.

She leaned forward and placed her hands on the mattress on either side of her friend and started to straighten her legs. Rhonda encouraged the change as Cindy Lou moved toward it, because she also prefers it when the woman or man is lying on top of her.

The couple sharing the mattress glanced over when Cindy Lou started moving, but didn’t slow down their fucking. The man admired the two sexy women next to him, but he was more concerned with helping to bring his partner, who was writhing from the intense pleasure and moaning happily, to an orgasm. The pretty brunette was almost ready to cum, and the man who had brought her to that state reached around her hip so his hand could stroke her swollen clit in time with the thrusts of his cock into her ass. He began fondling her just as Cindy Lou finished getting into the new position.

Lying with the full length of her torso on top of her partner, she started moving slowly back and forth, her pussy repeatedly enveloping the full length of the horse. At the end of every stroke, Rhonda thrust the toy upward, making sure of the maximum penetration. Her legs were outside her partner’s, and Cindy Lou was supporting her weight on her knees and elbows, leaving enough room so she and the other woman could move freely. They took advantage of that freedom, and started to build slowly to what they hoped and expected would be powerful and mutual orgasms.

Rhonda’s hands stroked Cindy Lou’s smooth, sexy sides and back in time with the ridges on the toy massaging their clits, until she realized there was a better use for her hands. She reached between the two sweaty bodies and held her breasts upright, so the two pairs of nipples could rub one another with every movement the women made. Cindy Lou liked the idea too, and she elevated her body enough to make it happen.

The next time she moved forward to withdraw her pussy most of the way from Rhonda’s new toy, her erect nipples scraped against the equally hard nubbins of the tall redhead. A fraction of a second later, the ridges of the Feeldoe raked across both of their clits. Both women moaned at the exquisite pleasure of the connections that had been established between the three highly erogenous points. The next stroke felt even better, as did the one after that, and the many more that followed.

The two hotsies sharing the toy quickly and tacitly set up a rhythm, with Cindy Lou moving forward and Rhonda jamming the shaft of the Feeldoe into her sexy friend’s pussy when she moved back to impale herself. Twice with each stroke, moving forward and moving back, two pairs of erect nipples fondled each other, sending waves of pleasure through two bodies. Both of their clits shared the ridges on the toy, and both women were delighted to feel the powerful currents of delight radiating outward from those three sweet spots and coursing between them.

For a long time they fucked together, sighing and moaning and whimpering from the exquisite pleasure given to either of them by all parts of the Feeldoe. Cindy Lou’s movements were getting more erratic by the second as her climax built up and Rhonda was writhing and thrashing on the mattress under her. They were both ready to cum, and the escort ardahan blonde knew what to do about that.

“I’m ready to cum,” she murmured to her partner. “I’m going to get into the ride ’em cowgirl position.”

Keeping the purple dildo buried in her pussy with the ridges pressed against her clit, Cindy Lou moved her knees forward, one at a time, until they were next to Rhonda’s hips. She pushed herself up with her hands to lift her upper body to the point where she was once more straddling her friend’s pussy, and smiled down at her smiling face. In the position she wanted, Cindy Lou began raising and lowering her body again. She leaned back slightly and, besides raking the sweetest of her sweet spots with the ridges, at every stroke, she was massaging the base of her clit with the entire length of the toy, both going in and drawing back out. Rhonda thrust upward into her friend, and the vibrator inside her pussy and the same ridges on her clit brought her to the brink of starting to cum.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Cindy Lou whimpered in time with her impaling herself on the dildo. “Oh, god, I’m cumming,” she cried out joyfully, as her body wobbled from side on top of her partner.

“Me too!” Rhonda sang in response.

The brunette next to them had reached that point before either of them did. She was rocking from side to side, with her legs kicking back and forth like those of a swimming frog. As her partner’s cock and fingers pushed her over the edge, she uttered as cry of ecstasy and started cumming. Her hands clawed at the mattress and she told everybody within earshot how great it was. The man said nothing, but continued fucking her as hard and fast as he could, while his fingers stroked her clit.

When she climaxed, it was with an even louder cry of joy and, after her orgasm, she completely relaxed on the mattress. The man on top of her didn’t stop or even slow down, but kept plowing his cock into the woman’s ass as hard and fast as he could, until he grunted softly, obviously emulating his partner and reaching his own climax.

Less than a minute later, Cindy Lou and Rhonda did the same. Almost as one, they warbled ecstatically as the Feeldoe accomplished what it was designed to do. Both their bodies clenched and they rammed their pussies together for an ultimate time. After their mutual orgasms, Cindy Lou sagged forward to sprawl on top of her partner, and they lay together to rest for a few minutes and catch their respective breaths. Rhonda reached down between her legs and turned off the vibrator.

The man beside them, who had already recovered to the point where he could leave, carefully pulled his cock from the rear pleasure hole of his partner. He patted her beautiful and voluptuous ass with affection, and left to dispose of the condom he had been using and to seek out another available woman for more and, possibly, greater pleasure. The brunette remained lying face down and she turned to the women who had been sharing the mattress.

“That toy you’re using looks like a lot of fun. Where did you get it?”

“It’s called a Feeldoe and I bought it on the internet from Literotica.” Rhonda answered.

“That site with the dirty stories? Cool. I like to go there sometimes to read the stories by Boxlicker101. He knows how a BBW like I am should be treated, and looking for one of those Feeldoes will give me another good reason to go and look there.”

The happy women next to her on the mattress smiled and nodded their heads. They were both regular fans of the same site, especially the lesbian stories by Boxlicker101 and those he wrote about group sex. In a few minutes, they would decide whether to fuck each other to another pair of orgasms or to rise and seek out other sex partners at the orgy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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