Church Ladies

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They started out as hard working members of the church, but it grew into something far deeper. Lisa was forty-seven, but looked much younger, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a nice figure, 34 B, but some would say her hips were a bit too big and she was the pastor’s wife.

Jean was two years younger, with blonde hair and brown eyes, and a very petite body with 32 A breasts. Sue was the director of music at the church and she and Lisa had become fast friends after Lisa’s husband became the pastor four years earlier.

The two women worked on everything at the church and their volunteer relationship blossomed into a friendship. The two women shopped, golfed, and walked together to keep in shape. They would meet for lunch and the occasional afternoon for a glass of wine.

Jean’s husband was on the road a lot with his business and Lisa’s husband was always gone on church business. Perhaps it was that joint loneliness and feelings of neglect that brought them together. Both were full of lie, loved joking and teasing, and both were intelligent. They enjoyed being together and felt a close bond. They attributed their love for each other because of their commitment to the church.

They would talk about families and husbands, work, and the church. One afternoon they were chatting when Lisa finally blurted out how sometimes she felt jealous of the church, how it took all of her husbands time, and how she was feeling alone and neglected.

Jean listened and responded that she felt the same way as her husband was always on the road and quite frankly she had physical desires that were not being met. Both women talked but nothing was resolved, at least not until next week and through a very peculiar source.

It was Monday and Lisa’s husband was going to church convention in Chicago, while Jean’s husband was heading out of town on business in New York. Lisa called up Jean and invited her over for a glass of wine at three. Jean said she would be there.

The two women sat down with glasses of wine when Lisa turned on the TV. It was the history channel and the episode was entitled, The History of Sex in the Greek Empire, Part IV.” The women giggled but left it on as they chatted and sipped wine. As the two women talked they half paid attention to the documentary. It was fairly tame and nothing casino siteleri that two church women couldn’t see until the topic turned to the Trojan War.

The commentator said that husbands would be gone to the wars for years, leaving their wives to do all the work, raise their families, and care for themselves. Since only young boys and old men were left behind this left many women sexually unfulfilled. For some reason both Lisa and Jean stopped their conversation and listened.

As the narrator talked art work was shown, and some of it was very erotic. It seemed that the Greek women turned to the gods for help in their sexual frustration and the goddess Sapphos enlightened them about taking care of their needs through woman to woman love. The segment continued with some very erotic talk and some rather erotic graphics. When the station went to commercial break both women breathed a sigh and Jean said, “Oh my! That was uhhhh interesting.”

Lisa said, “With my husband always gone I kind of know how those Greek women must have felt.” Jean nodded in agreement. There was a long pause when Jean finally said, “Uhhh have you ever thought about that.”

Lisa had been lost in thought and replied, “Pardon me? Thought about what?”

Jean was hesitant but said, “You know, handling your needs with, uhhhh you know someone else?”

Lisa looked at her and blushed. “Well, lately about the only way I have taken care of anything is by you know, masturbating. But quite honestly that is getting kind of old.”

Jean took a breath and said, “I could never be with another man but, uhh well somehow it would be different if I were with a woman.”

Lisa looked down and then said, “I was thinking the exact same thing. Do you have anyone in mind?”

Jean giggled and lightly punched Lisa in the arm, “Duhhhhh! You silly. Unless you would rather not…”

“Oh my, no. I mean if I would ever, well uhhh, you would be the one.” There was a long pause when Lisa continued, “Maybe we should just try a kiss and see hot it goes?”

Jean, said, “Yes, a good idea.”

The two women leaned into each other, shut their eyes, and kissed. It was a soft, sweet, tender kiss. One of those kisses where you just kind of melted into each other. It was not lusty, but it held the promise of great passion. The two broke the kiss, canlı casino leaned back, and looked at each other.

Jean smiled, “Oh my that was nice.”

Lisa replied, “Very nice. Let’s try again.”

They leaned in and kissed. Arms went around each other and they caressed up and donw each other’s backs. They kissed and this time lips parted and tongues touched. It was like electricity and they took turns visiting each other’s mouths. Soft sighs and moans escaped their lips as the passion increased. They both began to get warm and slightly breathless when they decided to break the kiss.

They looked at each other sheepishly, overcome by the passion that they felt and a bit embarrassed about how deeply the kiss affected them. Finally Lisa said, “Jean, I think we should to go my bedroom. I want to love on you.”

Without a word both women rose and walked quietly down the hallway to the master bedroom. Lisa shut the door and the two women looked at each other. Finally, Jean suggested they both disrobe at the same time. Lisa nodded and they removed their blouses. As they unclasped their bras Jean said, “My breasts are too small.” Lisa smiled and said, “My hips are too big. I love you and you are perfect Jean.”

In a few moments both women were naked and looking at each other. It was as if in a dream. The moved to the bed and climbed in. They lay down and began to kiss as their naked bodies melted into each other. Hands glided up and down soft smooth bodies as thighs pressed into each other’s pussies. As they kissed and move their hips up and back they left wet trails on each other’s thighs.

Their passion increased as they began to fondle each other’s breasts. They took turns kissing each other’s neck and ears. Hands massaged, caressed, and fondled each others breasts and nipples. They moaned and sighed as their passion and their heat increased.

Jean rolled Lisa on her back and began to kiss and suck on Lisa’s plump nipples. Lisa sighed and she stroked Jean’s hair. Lisa was reminded of when she used to nurse her two children and the feelings of warmth and satisfaction that it filled her with. Jean suckled up and back as Lisa’s pussy was now flowing with her honey. Lisa could have stayed their all afternoon but then she moved Jean on to her back and began to suckle Jeans slender elongated nipples. kaçak casino Jean moaned in pleasure and after a while Lisa finally said, “Well, I guess it’s time that we did something else.”

Jean blushed and said, “How do we do it?”

Lisa said, “Why don’t we do it at the same time. I will turn around and we can kiss each other down there at the same time. You know, uhhhh 69?”

Jean agreed and Lisa moved around. Lying on their sides each woman looked into the pussies of another woman. Both women were natural blondes and both unshaved. They cold smell each other’s arousal as they leaned in and then kissed. The scent and the taste was overwhelming. Both of them were swept away. The kissed up and down each other’s slits and it was Lisa who opened her mouth and first made a long lick.

Jean moaned and responded in kind. Both women had wondered if they would know what to do, but after a few licks, they knew. The licked, nibbled, and kissed each other for a few minutes and then both settled in on working on each other’s clits.

They lapped at the buds as they grew and stood out from beneath their protective hoods. As the women licked their hips responded with gentle up and back motion. Lisa could feel her nipples hardening and the flow of honey from her pussy. She hoped she wasn’t drowning her friend, but Jean was flowing freely as well and Lisa had no problem that way.

As the women licked their breathing became deeper and more ragged. The room was filled with sighs and smelled of sex and sweat. Both women are licking earnestly trying to bring ultimate pleasure to the other woman. Lisa was getting close. She tried to hold off until she was sure that Jean was coming. But she was losing the battle. She flicked her tongue faster and faster and just as she reached the point of no return, Jean went stiff, held it for a few seconds and then began to buck in orgasm.

Lisa joined her scant seconds later. Both women moaning, both bucking, both covering the other’s mouth and face with their cum, both holding tight to each other. The orgasm ripped through them like a thunderstorm and once they felt its fury, like a storm, it moved on through. The two woman began to return to normal and they lay there for a long time pillowed on each other’s thigh.

Lisa finally disengaged and turned around. The two women kissed, cuddled and drifted off to sleep. As she fell asleep Lisa had never felt as close to anyone as she did to Jean. Perhaps after all these years they had discovered true love through their religion.

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