Christmas with Summer Ch. 02

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Waking, Summer felt the morning sunlight filtering into her bedroom.

Listening as she climbed out of bed, she smiled to herself when she realized she was the first one up in the house. Quietly closing the door to the bathroom, she took a pee and brushed her teeth. Amused by the wild lioness look of her messy bed-head, she ran her hands through her auburn hair, fluffing it up while playfully growling at herself in the mirror. She considered padding out naked into the kitchen; dismissing the idea with a chuckle, she grabbed her usual morning t-shirt off the hook of the bathroom door and slipped it on before leaving the bedroom.

Grinning, she saw that Aaron was still asleep on the couch, her Santa’s Helper panties and top jumbled up in the covers over his chest. Thinking it might be better to maintain some degree of discretion, she plucked her lingerie from his covers and quietly tossed them onto her bed.

While trying to remain quiet, she walked back through the living room and out to the patio. The sun was just beginning to shine across her back yard, and she dropped herself into one of the lounge chairs. Hugging her knees against her chest, she lowered her head to let the sun warm her hair and shoulders. With a happy sigh, she leaned back against the lounger.

Closing her eyes, she felt the sunlight through her eyelids. Her hands went to her legs; absentmindedly caressing them, she smiled when she felt dried cum on the inside of her thighs. Wet or dry, Summer simply loved having cum on her body. She loved the feel of it, certainly, and she particularly loved the thought of it.

She languidly ran her manicured fingertips back and forth through her bare slit before slipping one inside. She was pleased to discover she was silky wet, and in fact still had her man’s cum in her pussy. Softly swirling her finger, she scooped some out and brought it to her mouth, coating her lips with a gloss of cum. Laying her hands on the armrests of the lounger, she licked her lips and hummed a happy tune, quietly savoring her pleasurable solitude in the morning sun.

Eventually she felt the urge for a cup of coffee, so she got up and headed to the kitchen. While passing through the living room, she noticed her reflection in the large wall-mirror. She hadn’t consciously checked herself out in that t-shirt before; she’d never needed to, since it was only her casual nightshirt. She wore it for lounging comfort, not for style.

‘Not bad,’ she thought, studying her reflection in the mirror.

She had on one of Jake’s ‘wife beater’ t-shirts. She’d originally started wearing it simply because she enjoyed having his scent on her when he was away at work. Before very long, though, it had become her main lounging outfit.

Standing sidelong to the mirror, she smoothed the little white t-shirt down her body; noticing that it stretched snugly over her flared hips, she thought it looked great on her cute bubble butt. The thin cotton was semi-transparent, with the lower hem extending only a few inches below her pussy while just barely covering her ass. Her shirt would be considered an extremely short dress as it left her thighs completely bare, and it was very loose over her tiny waist. The back was the standard scooped cut, exposing her upper back and shoulders. The shoulder straps were thin and slightly frayed all the way to the tops of her large breasts, revealing a deep cleavage, and the oversized armholes offered open windows to the full swells of her gorgeous mounds.

Turning to face the mirror, she saw that the t-shirt wasn’t too very see-through. Other than the obvious impressions made by her large nipples, nothing really showed. She could make out the shape of her areolas, though not the color or texture, and her delicate lips were similarly obscured. If she had maintained any pubic hair at all, it certainly would’ve shown through, but with her pussy shaved bare it was a nonissue.

Checking out the rear view, she saw that her ass really was only barely covered. A hint of her smooth cheeks were peeking out, and her dramatic cleft showed through quite clearly. Though the impression of her rich crescent divide was certainly unmistakable, as the softness of the cotton allowed for the shirt to be sucked into her deep split, the shadow and coloring were at least somewhat obscured by the semi-opaque material.

‘It’s a nice look,’ she decided.

“God, the scenery around here is just as breathtaking waking up as it is going to sleep. Is it always this beautiful in your living room?”

With a warm smile Summer turned to a grinning Aaron. He was sitting up, his sheet covering him to the waist, so she climbed onto the sofa bed and knee-walked over to him. “I’m sorry, honey, I thought you were still asleep. I didn’t mean to wake you,” she said, taking his hand.

“No, not at all. I didn’t even know you were here. I just sort of opened my eyes and saw you standing there, stretching and checking yourself out in the mirror. If you don’t mind me asking, ankara escort what were you looking at?”

Moving into his arms, she gave him a long, welcoming kiss. “Good morning then, sweetie. I was simply looking at my little nightshirt. Since no one was ever going to see me in it, I’d never really paid any attention to it before. I just wanted to check how it looked, you know, to see whether it was okay to wear around you guys.”

“You look just as beautiful now as you did last night, and you were impossibly stunning last night, if that’s any sort of answer.”

“You mean when I left you to go to bed, and I was totally naked!” she giggled into his shoulder.

“Yep, definitely then, too,” he chuckled.

“I thought about coming out here naked this morning, since that’s what I normally do.”

“Why didn’t you then? I sure wouldn’t have complained. I highly doubt anyone else would’ve, either.”

“I just decided that it might not be a good idea. You’re the only one who saw me completely naked last night. David didn’t, other than possibly by the pool, and even John didn’t see what you saw. When I left his bedroom, I still had my panties and top on. I don’t know, I guess I thought that maybe it would be a bit too much to show up naked this morning around all of you. It’s not like I planned on being naked with you last night, you know.”

Smiling, she pinched him in the ribs.

“I know,” he said. “It just sorta happened.”

“Yeah, right!” she giggled. “It just sorta happened that you requested both my top and panties! It also just sorta happened that you asked me to get naked, knowing I would be lying on top of you beneath your covers. I’m sure it was a total coincidence that we began making out like crazy, with my breasts in your mouth and your hands all over my bare bottom!” Laughing into his neck, she tried to remain quiet.

Aaron just smiled sheepishly.

“It’s okay, sweetie, I loved every second of it. I really am having the best Christmas ever. Speaking of which, Merry Christmas, baby. It’s official now,” she grinned, wrapping her arms around his neck to give him a deep, passionate kiss.

Aaron returned her kiss, again enjoying the exquisite feeling of her soft breasts pressing against his bare chest. “Merry Christmas to you too, Summer. It really is,” he smiled between hot kisses.

“Honestly, though,” she said, pulling back, “I really didn’t plan it. You and I, we went so much further than, say, David and I. We had our ‘thank you’ kisses, but we didn’t totally make out like you and I did last night, or even like we’re doing now. Neither John nor David touched my body the way you did last night, Aaron.”

“Fuck ’em both! That’s what they get for giving me the couch!” he grinned, and they both laughed.

She leaned down to rest her head on his chest. “Well, to make up for your getting stuck with the couch, I did promise to come tuck you in each night, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did. We all heard it.”

Looking into his eyes, she smiled sexily. “True, but only you heard what I requested last night for the next time I tuck you in. Baby, when we’re in bed together, I want you naked too.”

“What about the other guys, and Jake?”

“Sweetie, Jake knows. He knows, and he loves it. You know how Jake is. Even with you and the others, he still wants me to be myself. He wants us all to enjoy this little bit of time we have together. It’s only David and John who don’t know how far you went with me last night.”

“Are you going to tell them?”

“Do you want me to?”

He thought about it for a moment. “No, not really. I like this just the way it is. I enjoy the idea of having something special of my own with you.”

“Our own sweet secret?” she smiled.

Aaron hugged her. “Yes…our own sweet secret. Other than Jake, no one needs to know what you do with me, do they?”

“No, sweetie, they don’t. I won’t say a word.”

“What about the other guys, though?” he asked.

“How so?”

“Will you be keeping secrets with them too?”

“You know, I really haven’t even thought about it. I suppose if something like this happened with them, and they wanted me to be discreet about it, yes, I would. There’s nothing to keep secret though, not with David. He hasn’t kissed me or touched me the way you have. John? I doubt he’d even want to keep any secrets. He’d probably prefer just the opposite!”

They both laughed, then she added, “When we’re alone, that’s our time. If you want privacy, you’ll have it. If you want me to be naked for you, all I ask is that you also be naked for me, at least when I come to tuck you in at night. When we’re together beneath these sheets, I want to feel your skin against my body, the same as you want to feel mine against yours. I want to be able to touch every inch of you, the way you touched me last night.”

“What if I want more?”

“How much more? I love Jake. I’m not going to leave him.”

“No, no, I don’t mean that, and I escort ankara definitely don’t want you to leave him. I’m glad you don’t keep secrets from him. Honestly, I couldn’t be with you like this, like we are here, if I felt you were cheating on Jake.”

“Good, because I feel the same way. I won’t cheat on Jake. I won’t lie to him or keep secrets from him. I never will, nor would I ever need to. He gives me everything I want, even including moments like these with you. He loves me, and he’s happy for me when I’m happy.”

Aaron touched her chin. “He’s a very lucky man. Summer, he really means it. He wants you to be happy.”

“I’m the lucky one. First I found a man like Jake, and now I’m blessed with his beautiful friends. Still, if you weren’t saying that you want me to be yours, then what did you mean when you asked, ‘What if I want more?'”

“Summer, I meant what if I want more than just kissing and touching?”

She gave him a delighted smile. “You mean sex? Do you want to fuck me, Aaron?”

“Of course I do, Summer. What man in his right mind wouldn’t? So, yes, what if I want more?”

“Are you asking to have sex with me?” Grinning, she nuzzled his chest.

“Honestly? No, I’m not. At least that’s not what I’m asking right now.”

“Then what are you asking?”

“I’m just asking, what if? You want us to be naked when we’re in bed together, but what then? How far do you want us to go, and what are our boundaries? I guess I’m asking, do you only want to kiss?”

“I honestly haven’t thought all that through,” she said, trailing soft kisses along his jawline, “but I can definitely tell you there are no boundaries, at least not on my end. I have no rules or limits regarding what we can or cannot do with each other. And yes, I want you to be naked when I’m in your bed, yet I’m not necessarily asking you to have sex with me. Baby, I would love to have sex with you, and maybe we will. Maybe, though…maybe I do only want to kiss? I enjoy the feeling of our bodies pressing together, and I love kissing you. Honey, I really don’t know how far I want us to go. Can we just play it by ear and see what happens? Can we be together like this, without any pressure of having to have sex, or will it drive you too crazy? Aaron, I don’t want to make you unhappy. That’s the last thing in the world I want.”

Taking it all in, Aaron mulled it over. “You smell so good,” he smiled, stroking her long hair.

“Mmmm,” she grinned, nipping at his chest.

“Summer, you’re remarkable. Somehow you always know exactly what to say, and you nailed how I feel. I simply want to enjoy this, without any preset rules. I don’t want us to have to have sex, or not have sex. I don’t want that kind of pressure, and I don’t want you to feel any pressure either. However you want us to be, that will be fine with me. You’ve been an absolute joy, so will you mind if I just trust to your judgment and instincts? I really think that’d be the best thing we could do.”

“Aaron, I don’t know where I’m going from one moment to the next. I have no plan here.”

“That’s perfect. That’s how it should be,” he said, running his fingers through her hair.

She looked up and giggled, “You know what? Since we’re under the mistletoe again, here’s my big plan: Kiss me!”

As he pulled her into his arms, she straddled his waist. When she leaned down to kiss him, his hands went straight to her hips; her t-shirt had climbed over her ass, so his fingertips encountered nothing but bare skin.

“No panties?” he smiled in surprise.

“Nuh-uh. No panties. It’s just all me down there…” she grinned, sucking his tongue like a small cock. When he cupped her bare cheeks, she moaned into his mouth, “Mmmm, yes…your hands on my ass…god, I love it.” She couldn’t help but press her pussy down on him, only to find that she didn’t enjoy the feel of his scratchy blanket against her tender lips.

“Hold on a sec…” she said. Scooting her way up his chest, she nearly pushed her bare pussy against his chin as she reached back to lift the covers.

Aaron gazed in wonder at her heavenly pussy, poised only inches from his face. He was awed by its profound beauty, completely bare, wet, and flowering open. “God, Summer,” he whispered, and she smiled as he kissed her slit, then she moaned when he slid his tongue inside. Holding herself up on the back of the sofa while moving her hips in concert with his guiding hands on her ass, she welcomed him to her pussy. Again and again he lashed at her glistening pink petals; driven nearly to the brink of insanity by the sight, feel, taste and scent of her perfect sex, he spent many long minutes hungrily devouring her.

When he finally took a break from ravishing her delicate folds to kiss her thighs, she slid down beneath the covers, again straddling his waist. As she leaned forward to kiss him, he went right back to cupping her naked bottom. Moaning, she pressed her pussy directly onto his cock and started grinding away.

That’s ankara escort bayan when she discovered her own surprise. Startled, she broke off their kiss and smiled brightly.

“Sorry, I should have warned you. After you left last night, I went ahead and took off my underwear,” Aaron said, blushing.

“It’s just one nice surprise after another with you, isn’t it?” she beamed, peeling her t-shirt up and over her head before tossing it aside.

“God, Summer, you’re incredible!” he exclaimed, gawping at her flawless nudity.

Grinning, she said, “You just let me know if you have any more nice surprises up your sleeve. Now, put your hands back on my ass. In case you haven’t noticed, I can’t get enough of your mouth and hands all over my ass.”

When Aaron cupped her smooth, warm globes and gave them a firm squeeze, she bit his bottom lip. “Move me…pull me…let me feel you exploring my ass,” she breathed into his mouth.

Aaron began lifting her up and down and moving her back and forth, squeezing her ass on his bare cock.

“Mmmm, something wonderful is poking me again. You feel sooooo good, baby,” she said, using her wet pussy to make slippery circles on his lower stomach. “Kiss my breasts,” she breathed, pressing her hands to his chest. He laved and kissed her breasts, cupping them while sucking each entire areola into his mouth. She shuddered with pleasure; then, sitting up, she let his hard cock slap onto his belly. Lowering her pussy onto it, she kissed all along its pulsing length before sliding down his body.

“Ooooh, fuck,” he moaned when she took his huge erection into her mouth. With a happy smile in her shining eyes she slowly fed him inch by inch all the way down, until her bottom lip was pressed to his scrotum. Giving him a look of sheer joy, she hummed around his shaft before hungrily licking and sucking his glistening pole, noisily pleasuring him with her hands and mouth.

“Mmmm-hmmmmm…oh yes, I definitely want you naked when we’re in bed together. You have such a gorgeous cock…god, I love it…” she moaned, pressing her tongue into his tiny slit. After licking all around the large crown for a few teasing moments, she swallowed him back down; sucking hard, she delighted in his delicious little spasms.

She truly thought his cock beautiful, and was eager to taste it in full; still, she didn’t want him cumming just yet.

Grinning excitedly, she slid back up his body to straddle him again. Looking down, she noticed his cockhead poking between her spread pussy lips. “Hi, guy!” she giggled to it while grinding on his dick, soaking it with her drenched sex. During one of her forward movements his long shaft sprang up behind her, settling in her ass crack. “Keep squeezing my ass,” she said, but with her breast in his mouth he couldn’t answer; instead he simply took hold of her and started lifting her up and down so that his solid length slid through her deep split like a titty-fuck. Arching her back, she managed to catch his spongy tip in her tight little pucker. Moaning hotly, she pushed against it, indulging herself in the intense feeling of exquisite pressure as his thick cock forced her open and powered its way deep inside.

“Oops…better watch where I’m going,” she smiled, circling her hips on his immense shaft before reluctantly pulling off. She bent forward, leaning down to kiss him again; he continued to squeeze her ass, his steely erection splitting her lips.

“See how much nicer this is when you’re naked too?” she grinned, using both hands to cup his face as she kissed him, even as her wet pussy lips were kissing the length of his throbbing shaft. She found that by moving her hips just so, she could rub her clit on the ridge of his circumcised cock, and she was on the verge of cumming.

“God, Summer, you feel so amazing,” he said, masturbating himself with her ass and pussy.

“So do you, baby, so do you. Mmmm…feel how wet I am….” With a sexy smile and a breathy little moan, she pressed her slit directly onto his cockhead. When he pushed back, his tip found its way into her opening.

They froze, staring at each other. She nervously bit her lip. He was wide-eyed.

“Maybe just a little?” she whispered.

“Maybe just a little,” he answered.

“Just a little,” she whispered into his mouth, softly kissing him. “Pull me down by my ass,” she breathed, relaxing her thighs.

Taking firm hold of her gorgeous bottom, Aaron slowly pulled her down, and they moaned together as he slid inch by glorious inch into her warm, silken pussy. Clenching tightly on his smooth shaft, making him jolt, she giggled, “I think my pussy is saying, ‘Merry Christmas, Aaron’s long, hard cock!'”

He panted, “Summer, all the way, one time? One stroke?”

“Yes, baby,” she grinned. “One time, put it all the way inside me.”

Squeezing her ass, he drove his entire length into her. With a sexy gasp she clenched the sheets in her fists, and he withdrew.

“One time…” she said again.

He slammed into her, making her ass jiggle in his hands. Moaning softly, she held him deep inside her.

“One time…” he repeated.

She lifted her hips and drove back down, shrieking when she hit bottom. Embarrassed, she giggled.

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