Christine’s Special Room Ch. 01

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This is a story about Christine’s love of being dirty. She lives with her boyfriend who creates endless ways of using her and making her a filthy little girl. This chapter tells how Christine is prepared for a day of fun in her special room.

* * * * * * * * *

It was Saturday morning and Christine and I slept a bit late. By the time we got out of bed and had some breakfast it was almost ten o’clock. Christine kept asking what I had in mind for her today. I just smiled saying, “all in good time.” I even watched some television a while just to increase her anxiety anticipating what nasty events I might have in store for her.

Let me explain. Christine and I have lived together for quite some time. Our enjoyment is sex. Actually I should say nasty, dirty, filthy, kinky sex. We enjoy exploring new ways and different scenarios to satisfy each other and Christine gets very aroused by being submissive for me. She will do just about anything I ask without question. She even goes out of her way to entice me and get me started. I’ll give you an example.

During the week we both work, but Christine is usually home before I am. On many occasions when I walk in the door, she’s there waiting for me. Sometimes she’ll be wearing a sexy little outfit spread-eagled on the sofa. As I walk in she’d say, “fuck me.” It’s always nice coming home to something like that.

I remember one night when I opened the door she was there naked except for a pair of high heels and a collar around her neck. She was bent over leaning on a chair right in the foyer spreading her asscheeks apart. The second I closed the door she begged, “I need it in the ass real bad “daddy.” Many times she calls me “daddy” because I always say that she’s my “little girl.” It’s just another one of the games that keeps us so crazy about each other. But I don’t just fuck her standing there. I drag her excitement out until she can’t stand it anymore. For instance, one time she stood there while I inserted a ball gag in her ass and attached a clothespin to her clit. Then I had her make dinner. I loved watching her walk around the kitchen knowing her ass was stuffed. As she’d walk by I give a little tug on the clothespin making her squirm. I made her keep the ball gag inside her ass, even while we sat and ate. Then afterwards I removed it and fastened it in her mouth where it belonged. Stuff like that always leads to a great night of nasty sex.

Now today was Saturday and Christine was anticipating a whole day of fun. At about noon I asked her to change. “Why don’t you go put something on really sexy.”

“Like what,” she questioned?

“Something skimpy, surprise me,” I answered.

She quickly went upstairs to change. Only a few minutes passed and she returned looking as sexy as she always does in one of her cute slutty looking outfits. It was a black short leather skirt that barely covered her ass. She lifted it to show me that she wore panties, but they hardly covered anything. And since that skimpy underwear was so tight fitting, I could see her clit ring clearly through them; not to mention the material was already getting wet from her pussy.

Her legs were covered to mid-thigh with black fishnet stockings attached to a garter belt. I’ve always liked the way she looks with them. Her top was a loose wrap around tied in the center leaving her cleavage cut so low that it exposed most of her thirty-six inch breasts. And that long dark-brown curly hair flowing down to her shoulders simply complimented her appearance. She looked like such a slut; just the way I like her. I walked over to Christine and gave her a big kiss while at the same time casino siteleri teasing her nipple rings through her top. About a month ago I took her to have rings inserted in her nipples and clit. They were just one more addition to make her look more like a whore.

When our kiss broke I told her, “don’t expect to have those panties on too long.” Then I took her by the hand leading her downstairs.

Let me tell you about our basement. It’s our special fun room. It’s the room we have our nastiest sex. Christine always gets so excited when I take her down there. And today was no exception. “Is this what you had in mind for today,” she asked? “Our room?”

“Only part of it,” I replied. “There’s going to something extra special today.” I knew that peaked her curiosity.

Our basement is completely set up for sex. We have every sex toy you might imagine all displayed in cabinets or hanging from the walls. There’s a wide variety of dildos and vibrators, bondage wear including straps, paddles and various restraints, anal toys, butt plugs, enema bags and nozzles. We also have a fully set up gynecological examination table. Needless to say we’ve collected quite a few toys over the years. I think what excites Christine the most is that she never knows what I’ll use. It’s always a surprise and I always manage to devise some new way of using them all the time.

As soon as we reached the bottom of the steps and entered our playroom, Christine immediately went to the table and laid face down on it. She knows the procedure. We’ve been doing this for a long time. Whenever we go to the basement she knows it’ll be a night of fun. And that fun is submitting herself to me unconditionally. She gets so excited when I begin playing with her body, knowing that ultimately I’ll be doing some really nasty and dirty things to her. Now she was waiting for me to begin.

Unless I tell her otherwise, she lies down and waits for me to administer a cleansing enema. She knows I love playing with her ass, so an enema is necessary to clean her rectum out. I remember the first time I gave her an enema. She was so embarrassed. I filled her ass using a regular enema bag and nozzle. Then I lead her to the bathroom to empty. As the water gushed from her ass she held me so tight while telling me how humiliated she felt because I was there hearing it and smelling her dirty expulsion. But as time went on and we repeated the process, she said that the feeling of humiliation, although it didn’t go away, actually became arousing. Of course I always did things that were humiliating during her enemas, like the one time I reached between her legs as she sat on the toilet and fingered her asshole feeling it come out.

I gazed at my beautiful Christine lying there on the table. I reached up under her short skirt and pulled those panties down her legs. “You can put them back on when I’m done,…maybe” I commented with a chuckle.

I pushed her skirt up over her waist and instructed her. “Okay kneel up, Christine.” She quickly got on her knees sticking her ass out to me. She waited while I prepared a full four-quart enema bag and hung it over the table above her. “I have a new attachment,” I mentioned. Christine looked over her shoulder to see. Every time I say I have something new, her excitement grows tremendously.

“I think you will really enjoy this today.” I went on to explain what I had bought.

I had attached to the bag a German-made enema syringe with a black, hard rubber rectal nozzle. The hose itself had a built-in squeeze pump with a one-way flow valve so it would pump water with every squeeze, and draw water from canlı casino the bag through the suction hose upon each release. I told Christine that they called the pump the Surger, because each squeeze would give a very noticeable sense of water rushing over sensitive anal tissue. I figured Christine would love that feeling of water gushing into her rectum instead of just flowing in.

“Oh my God,” she gasped out when I finished telling her about it.

After applying a small dab of lubricant, I pushed the nozzle through her tight anus until it was completely inside her ass. I stroked her asscheeks feeling her soft flesh. “Are you ready, slut?”

At this point Christine becomes my slut. Part of her submission to me is transforming her mind as well. She needs to understand that what she is allowing me to do requires her being addressed appropriately. So until we go back upstairs, she now becomes my slut.. my whore… my filthy little bitch. And she knows that I expect her to obey me completely and do everything I ask, no matter what it is.

“Yes I’m ready,” she replied. “Clean me.” “I need to be clean for you.”

Normally water flowed by gravity into Christine when I gave her an enema. This time would be different with the new attachment. I grasped the rubber pump in my hand and squeezed it completely emptying the whole thing at once. I figured the squeeze pump held maybe a pint of warm water that literally gushed into Christine’s rectum creating a feeling of fluid splashing into her bowels.

“Ohhhhhhh!!!! Fuccckkkkkk!!!”…. “Ohhhhhh”… “Ohhhhhh”… “Ohhhhhh”…., Christine whimpered and moaned as her ass began filling.

Just like the instructions said, the pumped filled back up when I released it. I squeezed again sending another blast of water jetting into her ass.

“FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!… she screamed out again. The sensation almost made her cum and lose control of her bowels at the same time. I could see her clenching her asscheeks to hold it.

“You hold it now, slut.” “Don’t lose any,” I ordered, expecting her to maintain control. “This is going to clean you out real good.”

After pumping twice the feeling must have been incredible, but there was still a lot of water in the bag. I squeezed again.. and again… and again. Each time the water pumped deep into Christine’s rectum at a speed that was making her crazy. She was squirming on the table. I could see her constantly clenching her asscheeks so as not to lose any water from her ass. The bag was beginning to flatten out as I pumped and squeezed until all four quarts were inside Christine. She was breathing heavy. She was grunting and groaning. I slapped her ass. “Feel good bitch,” I asked. I knew in that kneeling position that the water was running further up into her rectum and deeper into her body.

“Lay down,” I instructed and helped her lay flat out on her back.

“How long will I have to keep it,” she asked.

“You should know better than to even ask,” I replied. “You’ll empty out when I tell you.” “And if you lose any, I’ll give you another two quarts and make you hold it all night.” Then I attached her wrists to the cuffs and chains above her head and placed her feet in the stirrups thereby spreading her legs apart too. “No please.. not like this.” “I can’t like this,” she pleaded.

“Yooouuu Slut…” “Bitch….” “Stop whimpering and just hold it you dirty whore.” And then I walked over to some of my toys seeing what I wanted to use next.

I took my time deciding what I wanted to do. I could hear Christine still whimpering softly as the enema was beginning to build up pressure kaçak casino inside her rectum. I knew she desperately wanted to release it.

I came back with a can of shaving cream and a razor saying, “How about I shave your pussy while that water cleans your ass?” She pleaded, “oh please.. I don’t know that I can hold it.” “Please.”

“No,… I’ll shave you now.” “I want your cunt and ass clean and ready at the same time.” Despite her squirming in discomfort and the constant clenching of her ass to keep from losing any of the enema, I proceeded to spread the white cream between her legs.

I like to keep Christine clean-shaven. When I lick her pussy and tongue fuck her; I enjoy the smooth feeling of her cunt lips in my mouth.

“Please hurry,” she begged.

I know it’s mean, but I was enjoying her discomfort. I began with the razor, shaving the short cunt hairs from between her legs. I couldn’t hurry like she wanted, as I didn’t want to cut her. So I was very careful and deliberate. I stroked the razor on the sides of her slit and then with my fingers pulled her cunt flesh to one side and then the other as I cleaned off all visible signs of hair completely. The whole time I kept looking at her asshole knowing it was full in there. One time I touched her tight hole when she clenched and told her, “good girl.” “You hold it in there for me like a good slut.”

Finally I finished with the shaving and wiped the remnants of cream from between her legs. I unfastened her restraints letting her get up and then helped her off the table. She started toward the bathroom.

“Not yet slut.” “Where do your think you’re going,” I yelled out.

She looked back stopping in her tracks. “Oh please, please let me go,” she cried out. “In a minute,” I replied. “Let me see that full ass.” “Bend over.”

“Oh daddy,… what are you doing to me,” she whimpered nearly in tears. I’m sure she was at the breaking point of losing all control.

Christine bent at the waist offering her ass to me. She knew what I was going to do. I’m sure she was praying that she could hold all the water pumped inside her ass until I allowed her to empty herself. I grabbed a wide leather strap off the wall and stood behind my darling slut. I swung the strap letting it impact fully across both cheeks. “Smackkkk!!! Then I gave her a second one. “Smaccckkkk!!!!” She whimpered and groaned. I went up behind her feeling the warmth on her ass where I just spanked her. Then I reached between her legs fingering her pussy. She was soaked. Then I asked, “does my little slut girl need to empty her ass?” “Or does she need to be spanked some more?”

“Ohhhh!!!.. Please!!!…, let me go…please…” she begged. I pushed my fingers into her cunt. She was dripping wet. I started fucking her with my fingers. She reached down between her legs grasping my hand and holding my fingers buried in her cunt. “Ohhhh,…Ohhhh,…Ohhhh,….Ohhhh,…” she was moaning wildly.

“Okay…, GO….,” I replied.

She hurried off to the bathroom and seconds later I could hear the flow gushing from her. I also could hear moaning too. I peaked in and saw her rubbing between her legs masturbating her clit. She was cumming. I decided to leave her alone to empty out and enjoy her orgasm. I had some other things to prepare for her. But I wondered how that made her feel having that sudden emptying feeling from expelling the enema, while her cunt was throbbing.

She returned about ten minutes later looking pretty washed out. I pointed to the table and she lay back down. Again I fastened the restraints cuffing her hands to the table and propping her legs up in the stirrups.

That’s when I heard the doorbell. I left Christine tied up and walked upstairs to answer the door.


NiteWriter Continued in “Christine’s Special Room” (Ch2)

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