Cherry’s First Time

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Cherry was a beautiful, yet shy 18-year-old. She had curly blonde hair and stunning green eyes. She was dressed in a strapless turquoise dress that wrapped tightly around her waist and showed off her C cups nicely. The low back came into a sexy V shape, and the bottom flared out around her curvy hips and ass. The shimmery light fabric rested effortlessly on the tops of her long tanned legs. She felt pretty as she twirled in her new dress.

Today was the day that her mother and some of her sisters would be visiting a nearby castle that homed a very prominent family. Her mother would be looking for suitor, and Cherry would be allowed to roam around as she did.

Upon arrival, her mother was quickly pulled away to meet the family’s matriarch, and her sisters went their separate ways. So she decided to walk around on her own. The castle wasn’t very busy, she noted. And she had only passed a few people who worked there, all of whom ignore her completely.

Cherry made her way down the hallway, not very sure where she was going. She heard voices further up ahead, both male and female. She continued in that direction and came to an opening that led to a large courtyard. There were a few soldiers standing around and talking to a woman. The woman laughed and flipped her curly orange hair. She smiled and batted her eyelashes at the men, and her light brown eyes locked onto Cherry.

“Cherry?!” The woman asked as she recognized her. It took Cherry a moment before she recognized the young woman too. She hadn’t seen her in a few years.

“Hi Fox. I-I-I didn’t expect to see you here.” Cherry struggled to speak in her surprise. Fox was Cherry’s best friend’s older sister. She had left home for school and never made contact again. But she was back now, and hadn’t told her family.

“Excuse me boys, there’s an old friend I need to catch up with.” She gave one of them a wink and greeted Cherry with a hug. “Come with me.” And she led her back into the hallway. “I guess you have some questions.” Fox looked at Cherry with kind eyes. School had been good for her. She looked good, and seemed wiser somehow.

Cherry did have questions, but they weren’t her questions to ask. So she simply just asked one question, “Are you at least going to tell Vixen?”

Fox’s smile faded and she shook her long locks. “Not when she is ready to leave now. I’ll see her on the other side though.” Her dazzling smile returned, “I’ll be sticking around casino siteleri here now I think.”

Fox led her up a narrow winding staircase to the top of a watchtower. “I like to come up here often. The fresh air is nice, it’s peaceful, and has a great view.” She gestured over the tower wall. Cherry looked all around her at the massiveness of the castle and the vast city that the fortress surrounded. They were fairly high up, and it was quite breezy. Her short dress was no match for a gust of wind that easily blew the fabric up to her waist.

Cherry shrieked and hurried to fix her dress. She held the hem in her hands hard against her thighs and tried to calm her breathing again. Fox giggled behind her, “You know you have a very cute butt.” Cherry blushed, of course she wasn’t wearing underwear. How embarrassing, this older beautiful woman had just seen her bare ass and heard her shriek like a little girl.

Fox walked over and placed her hands over Cherry’s and loosened her grip. “You don’t have to worry around me. We are friends, and we are both beautiful women.” She smiled her dazzling smile at Cherry. This was the first time Cherry had really seen Fox as beautiful. She was tall and slim, and she had excellent bone structure in her face. Cherry glanced over her dress and paused briefly at her breasts. She had always like to show them off, and her keyhole halter dress accentuated her large C cups nicely.

Fox still held Cherry’s hands and looked into her green eyes. “You have grown to be very beautiful Cherry.” Another gust blew up the hem of their skirts, but Fox held her hands so she wouldn’t try to cover herself. Cherry resisted the urge to yank her hands free and regain her decency. The cool air felt cold against her pussy, sending shivers.

Fox released a hand and cupped Cherry’s face. She leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Cherry was shocked, but didn’t pull away. Her lips felt nice and warm against hers. Cherry gave in to the kiss. Even forgetting about the dress that had a mind of its own. After what felt like only a brief moment, Fox broke the kiss. She smiled sweetly at Cherry. But Cherry just stared hungrily at her. She wanted more. She couldn’t believe that a kiss with another woman could’ve felt so good, so natural. She knew Fox, and felt like she could trust her.

Fox stepped away and leaned over the tower wall, and the hem of her skirt rose too. Cherry stared at the bottom of her canlı casino ass cheeks, wishing she could see more. She was quite curious now, and the tingling between her legs told her that she was aroused too. Cherry went and leaned next to her and looked out at the kingdom. She tried to clear the thoughts out of her head. This was insane, this was her best friend’s sister who abandoned her years ago.

Cherry was so caught up in her head that she didn’t notice that Fox had straightened up. Cherry froze when she felt a hand move slowly up her thigh and over the curve of her bare ass. She didn’t move, and she didn’t stop it as the hand moved around and felt up her ass. The sensation felt good. The hand was joined by a second hand, and they drew circles on Cherry’s cheeks. She could feel her pussy getting wet, as she wanted more. The hands cupped her butt and softly squeezed. Cherry involuntarily let out a soft moan. She hoped that Fox hadn’t heard it,

Cherry felt the hands lift the hem of her dress up to her waist. Her backside was completely exposed to another women, in a watchtower. How could she feel so aroused? The hands moved up Cherry’s sides, over the dress, and under her arms to her chest. They squeezed her breasts and Cherry let out another moan. She had never had someone do that to her before. She felt Fox lean her body over hers, and her thigh press against her bare pussy. Cherry jumped.

She hadn’t realized how far she was leaning over. She didn’t realize that her bare pussy had been visible from behind. Before she had time to think about it, the front of her dress was pulled down. Cherry’s breasts spilled out onto the cold stonewall. Her jaw dropped, but she didn’t move to cover them up. She looked down and saw that her nipples were hard. The hands moved to them and pinched gently. Cherry let out another moan and they hardened further. Fox’s hand caressed and squeezed her breasts, paying careful attention to her sensitive nipples.

Cherry’s breathing had increased and she became aware of the thigh between her legs. It was grinding against her pussy, being covered in her juices. Then the hands left her breasts and moved back down her sides. Cherry’s breasts were fully exposed to the kingdom that the tower overlooked, and her ass and pussy hung out behind her as she leaned over the wall.

The thigh left her pussy, and she felt a string of her juices and the cool air. The hands moved back to her ass and squeezed kaçak casino and spread her cheeks apart. She felt the cool air hit her asshole and then something touch her pussy lips. Cherry jumped again, and then gave in. The hands still squeezed at her ass. Cherry’s eyes widened when she realized that it was Fox’s tongue sliding along her slit. It felt good though, so she let her.

Fox moved her tongue along her pussy slit, sucking up all the juices. Cherry moaned at this new feeling. The hands wrapped around her thighs and carefully brought her body down. Cherry was now straddling Fox’s face as she lied on the stone floor. Her dress was still at her waist and her breasts still hung out of the front. Her ass was pointing down the staircase, anyone coming up would have a perfect view of what was happening to her pussy. The thought of being caught at any moment drove her wild.

The tongue found Cherry’s clit and she let out a huge gasp. The tongue flicked and sucked on her little button and Cherry moaned loudly. She didn’t care who saw her anymore. The hands pushed her body forward and she leaned over Fox’s body. Her bare breasts fell onto her flat stomach. Her nipples, rubbed against the fabric of her dress, increasing her pleasure. She felt fingers at her opening, and two of them went just barely inside. She was still a virgin so she doubted they could go any further.

Cherry looked down, her face was lined up with Fox’s hips. Her dress had risen and she could see the bottom of her bare pussy peaking out. Without thinking, she lowed her lips and kissed her pussy. She wanted to taste her like Fox was doing. She licked at her juiced and Fox squirmed beneath her and moaned against Cherry’s pussy. The pleasure was driving Cherry over the top. She moaned loudly and grinded against Fox’s face, as she approached climax.

Fox inserted two fingers all the way into Cherry as she had an orgasm. Cherry’s body shuddered with pleasure and she lay on top of Fox, too exhausted to move. As she caught her breath, she felt Fox pull her fingers out from inside her. She shuddered as she felt more pleasure, and a bit of pain. Fox helped her to roll onto her back, her body still exposed.

Fox smiled at Cherry’s disbelieving face. She leaned down and kissed her on the lips, Cherry sighed and smiled into the embrace. Fox parted their kiss and whispered “Guess I popped your ‘cherry.'” Then she stood up and adjusted her dress. She winked at Cherry, then turned and descended down the stairs.

Cherry sat up and quickly recovered herself. In shock about what had just happened, and realizing that she had just lost her virginity to her best friend’s sister.

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