Chapter 03: PDA

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I awake to a terrible stinging pain in my right cheek. My eyes fly open, only to see The Bitch smirking down at me.

“Hello slut.” She said in that same, cold tone. “I have a present for you. Close your eyes.”

I cocked my head to the side, wondering what possibly she has for me. And even though I know it’s not a smart idea, I close my eyes. I feel something cool slip around my neck and tighten a little.

“Open your eyes girl.” She said in a stern voice.

So I do, in front of my face she hold a mirror and I can clearly see a black leather collar fastened around my neck. I reach up to my neck and touch it, shivering at the texture. Branded into the leather is the word ‘slut’. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

She grabs my chin and jerks my head back to look up at her. “We’re going for a walk my little bitch.”

My eyes widen, knowing exactly what she means. Clipping a pink leather leash to the D-ring on my collar, she tugs it and I gag.

She chuckles evilly and tells me to stand. ankara escort So I do. “Stay.” She commands, walking away for a brief moment, only to return with rope. She binds my arms together behind me and begins dragging me towards the door by my leash.

I have to squint my eyes as the bright sun practically blinds me for a moment. I feel myself flush as a couples’ eyes fall upon me and I hear the man chuckle. We walk down busy street after busy street until we eventually come to an empty park.

She pulls me over closer to the pond and shoves me down onto the bank. I look up at her and my eyes widen and she slips her tight, latex shorts off only to reveal a huge, black, strap-on. I use my bound arms to try and squirm back from her but she leans down and grabs my ankles, holding me in place. She reaches up into a small tree beside us and pulls down a few ropes. She lifts my bound arms above my head after tying my ankles together. With a third rope she binds my wrists to my escort ankara ankles and throws the last rope up over the lowest branch. Grabbing both ends of the rope, she ties it to a loop she made on my wrists and ankles with one end and hoists me upwards only a little by pulling on the other end, and she ties me in place.

I close my eyes after she reaches down into her thigh high boots and pulls out a knife, easily slicing off my clothing, all of it. She grabs my thighs and sinks her nails into my skin, causing me to wince from the slight pain. She runs the dildo up and down my slit and I blush slightly, feeling myself become wet. Suddenly she plunges herself deep inside me and I yelp loud as she rams into me hard and fast.

Soon a crowd begins forming around, though I keep my eyes closed, hearing all the chitter chatter.

She whispers softly, “They’re all enjoying seeing me fuck your little cunt hole.” I shake my head, wishing they would go away, but knowing if they ankara escort bayan dis that she would stop. And though I would never admit it, I did NOT want her to stop.

As if she could read my mind she began fucking me harder and faster. Loud moans were slipping from my mouth and by this point, I didn’t care who heard because I was quickly climbing towards release. Suddenly I was screaming and begging her to stop.

“Girl…I know you want to cum, so ask for it. Now.” She demanded.

“P-please…may I cum Miss….” I whispered softly.

“I can’t hear you slut.” She growled low.

“Please l-let this girl c-cum…please…Mistress!” I shout, knowing I can’t hold back any longer.

She smirks and slams into me one last time. “Cum, my girl!”

And I do, hard. I shake as a violent orgasm takes over and I moan loudly, whimpering the word “Mistress” over and over again.

When I finally come down she unties me quickly and pulls me into a tight hug, kissing me hard, her tongue invading my mouth. But I don’t pull away; I kiss her back just as hard.

It’s her who breaks the kiss and she closes her eyes, resting her forehead against mine. Whispering, “Good girl…you made Mistress very proud. I love you.”

I blush brightly, whispering five words. “I love you too…Mistress.”

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