Caught in the Shower

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This story is purely fictional. None of the events really happened to me, or anyone I know…It is purely for entertainment value only. Enjoy!


I got home from school earlier than usual today, and happened to see my Dad naked in the shower. The bathroom door was ajar, and I heard the water running. Wanting to give him privacy, I thought to quietly step over, and close the door, like a good girl. But I caught a glimpse of his bare butt, and thought to myself, what a nice ass!

My girlie bits began to throb with teenage hormones, and I opened the door a little more, rather than close it. Dad had recently changed the old, musty curtain liner with a clear new one, and this gave me a great view of his beautiful body, all soaped up.

I watched in awe, as his big strong hands lathered up his thick chest. His muscled arms, from years of building houses, rippled beneath the water. He turned towards me, and I took a step back to avoid being caught.

The water pelted his back, as his hands, thick with a soapy lather traveled down his stomach, over his sexy six pack, and towards his cock. I was instantly turned on by this sight! My kitty started creaming right away. I watched silently, hardly daring to breathe as his hands began soaping up his long, soft rod. It had to be seven inches, soft! Immediately, his cock responded to its master’s touch.

I knew I had to get this on my digital camera, and turned away for a brief moment to dig it out of my backpack. Dad had bought it for casino siteleri me for my photography class for my 18th birthday, and now I was going to use it to capture this moment! I prayed the batteries would hold out long enough to capture it all!

Quickly, I had the camera on, and filming every lustful stroke of that gorgeous cock! With my other hand lifting my skirt and sliding into my drenched panties, I greedily eyed his engorged cock. His hand moved in a twisting motion, from base to tip, and with the other, he gently squeezed his balls, rolling them around and around in his soaped up hand.

Oh, how I wished I could be on my knees in front of him, waiting for his hot cum to spill onto my hungry tongue! Daddy’s cock made all others pale in comparison, and lately, I had seen quite a few of them! He was super thick, like a baseball bat, and a good 10 inches long! I loved the look of his cut cock, and sighed as I watched…

“Shoot it for me,” I whispered, “Cum for your baby girl!” My fingers flew frantically in my wet pussy, and I know I moaned several times, but made sure to keep the volume way down! I didn’t want Daddy to hear me, or stop what he was doing.

I wondered what he was thinking about, as he stroked that sexy cock of his. Was he remembering Mommy? Her death shook him up pretty bad, and as far as I knew, had had no woman since her death a year ago.

Or was he fantasizing about one of the sexy women at work? I knew there were at least two who would love to get their paws on him! They’d made no secrets canlı casino about it! I became jealous every time I went to his office lately.

I watched, diddling my wet pussy for all I was worth, as his hand moved up and down that slick shaft, fondling his balls and squeezing them tight. I heard his moans, and watched as his body stiffened up, frigging my young pussy even harder. I wanted to cum with him!

“Oh yes, that’s it Daddy… cum with me!” I moaned softly, and felt the tension build up between my legs. I was going to cum watching my Dad jack off! There was no shame, only lust, as I secretly watched my dad.

His moans and groans were getting louder, his hand unsteadily jerking his huge pole. I started whimpering, feeling my own orgasm closing in on me.

Then I heard a roar like I had never heard before, and it sounded like my name! Daddy’s cum shot all over the new curtain liner, in huge white globs, as he shouted out “I’m Cumming baby, Daddy’s Cumming!”

My orgasm followed, more intense than any other I had ever experienced, followed by fear that he had discovered me watching. I looked up at Daddy’s face, but his head was still hung down, catching his breath.

Quietly, I turned off the camera, and slipped back down the stairs, and out the front door. I waited a good ten minutes on the front door step before coming back in, being sure to slam the door as I did so.

“Daddy, I’m home!” I called out innocently.

He came out of his room, still wet from the shower. The dark hairs on his chest were kaçak casino wet and curled. God he was so handsome! “Hi baby. I was just thinking about you!”

Shocked, and a little nervous, I stuttered, “Y-you were??”

“Well, princess… I thought I’d take my best girl out for a movie and pizza. What do you say?” His eyes smiled at me, and I could tell then, that he had no idea I had witnessed his shower fun. There was no discomfort, or knowing looks, just love in his eyes.

My pussy throbbed knowing just how Daddy had been thinking of me! I couldn’t wait to get up to my room and upload the images from my camera…so I ran off to my room to change.

I raced into my room, fumbling in my backpack for the camera. I hooked it up to my laptop, and hit “upload images”. In seconds, I was watching my dad again, his hard cock in hand, stroking. I had my fingers buried in my still wet pussy, flying back and forth on my clit.

When the part where he was about to cum came up, I turned the volume up a little, and there it was, daddy calling out my name as he shot his seed onto the shower curtain.

Over and over I watched the four minute video, and on the third loop, my pussy exploded, sending a spray of cum down my thighs.

I hurried to clean up for my date with dad, and bounded back down the stairs. “I’m ready Daddy!” I called out, and taking his arm, we headed out for pizza.

In the back of my brain, I was already plotting how I was going to get Daddy’s cock inside of me. Now that I’d seen it, and heard him moaning my name, I knew his feelings for me were just as naughty as mine were of him!

More to come…

If you liked this story, and would like to hear more, leave a comment! I am already thinking of part 2!

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