Caught in The Act

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Grandma Johnson bought a new mirror at Lang’s Furniture Store when I was a eighteen. I remember because it was the last summer I spent with them. I wanted to find a summer job but Grandma insisted I should stay with them one more summer. She said I could find work next year.

The mirror was a full length one so that you could see your whole body in it. Grandpa Johnson mounted it in the hallway. There was another mirror straight across the hallway and you could see both your front and back at the same time. Grandma wanted it that way so she could be sure everything was right when she was getting ready to go out.

Grandma is almost sixty but she looks almost as young as my mother. When she puts on her make up she looks like my mother! They are both what the guys call “built”. I have never seen Grandma naked but she has a great shape. Slender waist and great looking boobs.

I can tell that Grandpa is really proud of his wife by the way he struts around when he is with her. He is about a head taller than she is and kind of thin. He works out a lot for an old guy and he looks like it, too. I tried to wrestle with him once just for fun. Big mistake! That old man is strong! They go to a lot of places together and they look and act happy together. If there is such a thing as a perfectly matched pair it must be them.

I had been with them almost two weeks and things were going really great. I mowed their lawn but I could tell Grandpa would rather have done casino siteleri it himself! He is a strong old dude and he is almost as proud of his muscles as some of the guys I know are of their’s and he doesn’t like anybody doing his stuff! I mowed about half the yard and shut off the mower. I told him I needed a rest and a drink of Grandma’s lemonade. He grinned almost like a kid and said he would finish it if I wanted him too.

“Have at it! I’m pooped!” I said. Hey, I was young not dumb.

I don’t usually wake up in the middle of the night but this night I woke up and went to the bathroom. I tried to be quiet so I wouldn’t wake up my grandparents. They had come home late and I thought they probably needed to sleep.

I shut off the bathroom light and then opened the door quietly. They had a nightlight on and that really was a surprise because I had never seen a light in their room of any kind. Another thing I had never noticed was that the new mirror reflected into the original mirror so that that it reflected their bedroom’s interior perfectly. I saw movement and stopped dead in the bathroom doorway.

Grandma was laying naked across their bed. Her breasts were like melons and they didn’t sag either. Her nipples were standing straight out, swollen with passion. She was on her back and had her head tilted back over the edge of the bed. She had her mouth wide open. Her beautiful legs were spread and she had one hand in her crotch. I got hard just looking canlı casino at her and felt funny getting aroused by my own grandmother!

Grandpa was standing behind her head so that his cock was hanging in her face. His penis was almost a foot long and fully swollen with desire. He put his massive organ into Grandma’s mouth and slid it in so deep that his balls rested against her nose. He actually fucked her mouth for what seemed like forever. I don’t know how she held that big cock in her mouth without gagging. He kept going in and out of Grandma’s mouth until he came.

She turned around on the bed and spread her legs apart. He knelt in front of her and shoved two fingers into her slippery pussy then his tongue worked her clit and vulva. She grabbed his head and pulled it away. He still was hard and shoved his foot long cock all the way into her until his balls were against her ass. He slid two fingers up her ass hole and then slammed his cock into her pussy at least a couple of dozen times. She groaned and arched her pussy against him when she came.

I came without even touching myself at all. I slipped very quietly to my room. I thought about what I had just seen and jacked myself off until I came again.

Sometimes that summer when I was alone I would fantasize about Grandpa’s huge cock sliding down Grandma’s mouth and jack off until I came. I still wonder how she held all of his big cock without choking or gagging.

I helped them with their kaçak casino mowing and other yard work. Sometimes I would get a little tired and then Grandpa would grin and finish whatever I was doing. We both knew he could have done all the work with no help from anybody.

The day I was ready to go home Grandpa and I were in the car and Grandma was still in the house. He told me that he knew I had caught them making out and told me he would like for me to keep that to myself and especially not to tell my mother! He grinned and said if I wanted to tell my friends or even my dad it was okay because that was just a man thing.

Well, I never did tell anybody but I think about him. I imagine he still shoves that huge cock down her throat when she lets him know she is in the mood. I can almost see him slipping it steadily in and out for awhile and finally ramming it deeper and deeper until he shoots his cum into her stomach.

Then he probably shoves two fingers into her eager pussy and kneels down in front of her and works on it with his tongue until she is almost ready to come.

And I would imagine she moans with pleasure when that monster cock slides deep into her. He most likely spreads her lovely legs far apart so that he can shove the whole thing in and out going in deeper and deeper, hitting the bottom of her swollen pussy with each stroke until he is ready to come. Then she pulls her pussy open and they both watch him ram his huge cock in and out until the head is purple and shiny and then he rams it in and out faster and faster until he comes inside her and she comes at the same time.

Yes, indeed they are an almost perfect couple and I love them both.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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