Caught in the Act Pt. 2

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Caught in the Act Pt. 2
PART 2 – DISCOVERY Discussion about bodies

I thought, wow, where do I begin? How do you teach a beautiful mature daughter about sex? This is something that her mother should be teaching her, not her father, but here we were, me naked and her just standing there looking at my rock-hard erect cock. I took a deep breath and said “OK, this is awkward but let’s begin, I think that since I am totally naked I think that you should join me, are you comfortable in taking your clothes off too?”

Melissa blushed and was a little taken aback by my request. She looked at me then looked again at my cock, her tongue licked her lips hesitantly as she considered what she was about to do. After a few minutes of silence, I said “look, do you want me to teach you about sex or not, if not, I am totally OK with it, (and would be very relieved if she said stop) otherwise I need you to join me and get naked.”

She looked down, and softly said “I guess I am a little embarrassed about my body and what you will say about it, I am not the most attractive girl around, I am afraid that you will laugh and think that I am not attractive or say that I am overweight and ugly”.

“Now listen here” I said, “You are a beautiful and attractive woman, don’t put yourself down. When we are done, you are going to realize what a beautiful body you have and how men the world over will want to be with you”

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes, really, can I help you undress?”

“Ummmm, OK, yeah sure”

I stood up (my cock still standing at full attention), stepped towards her took her hands in mine and kissed her on the cheek. “it’s really going to be alright”.

She looked down and untied the belt on her bathrobe. It fell open revealing her nightshirt that she wore as pajamas, I could see that she also wore no bra but did have on some panties. Wow, was I really doing this?

I asked her to turn around and I took the bathrobe off of her shoulders and laid it on the chair with my bathrobe. A shudder ran through my body as I gazed upon her shapely form. “are you OK”? I asked. She nodded her head and turned to face me. I then gently grabbed the bottom hem of her nightshirt and began lifting it over her head. I stopped as I then gazed upon her canlı bahis siteleri incredible young breasts. She was incredible, a younger version of her mother who had been very beautiful herself. Nipples were already erect, and her breasts were what I would call puffy, (my favorite shape) with large dark areas. Pale white skin accented her large dark nipples.

“is it stuck”? she asked as I had stopped with her nightshirt covering her face. “No, sorry I had to stop to enjoy the beauty of your body, you really are lovely.” I could not help but to gaze upon her and my hand reached up and stroked her soft breast. “Let’s make this complete and dispose of your panties too. Don’t be afraid it’s just show and tell time tonight.”

She grabbed hold on the elastic waist band and as though they were glued to her body slowly peeled them off and then dropped them to the floor with her hands covering her hairy bush.

“there is nothing to be ashamed of nor embarrassed about Melissa. You have a very beautiful body, and if I do say so myself, a very nice bush”

“but dad, I know that mom shaves hers off, I have seen her naked before and she is completely bare.” she said.
“that’s true but that is a personal preference, not all women shave, but we will talk of that later.”

“OK, but don’t make fun of me because of it”

“Don’t worry, I adore your bush, matter of fact I adore your entire body” as I gazed upon her teenage body and practically drooled with desire.

She blushed and looked down, then saw my erect cock and looked up again at my face. I reached out and stroked her cheek. “Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes, very much so” came her confident reply.

“Alright, pull up that chair to the computer and let’s talk about the sex.” She grabbed the chair, threw our bathrobes on the floor and pulled the chair up next to mine. She was starting to act like a very eager student.

“OK, so where do I begin?….Lets start with…..”

“Cocks?” she jumped in. “I… want…. to know about cocks” she said hesitantly as she stared at mine with rapt attention.

“Right, I guess cocks would be a good starting place. Since mine has your attention, let’s use mine as an example.” I knew right away that this was not going to end well….or maybe tipobet it would.

I took a deep breath and said, “OK Melissa, cuddle up next to me here and we will talk about intimate matters.” I pulled her close to me, she was tense but eager. “Since you are so enthralled by my cock, why don’t you examine it closely. A man’s cock has a shaft with large veins running through it, and a head which is kind of cone shaped and smooth, and then there are the testicles, commonly called balls. As you can see, my cock is erect at the moment, (and probably will be for quite some time.)”

“Do you want to touch it?” I asked.

She looked at me as though saying ‘are you k**ding’? and didn’t move. “It’s OK, there is nothing wrong with you touching me, I won’t break and as a matter of fact I will like it a lot, so why don’t you touch it and see what it feels like?” I said.

She was very hesitant and was afraid to touch me. I held her close, gave her a kiss on the cheek and said “it’s ok, “ and I took her hand and placed it on my throbbing cock. As soon as her hand touched my cock I was ready to explode. I had to fight hard to not ejaculate on the spot. Good thing that she immediately pulled her hand back quickly and as her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “Daddy it’s so hot, and soft and yet firm at the same time!”

“Yes dear” I smiled, “it has to be very firm in order to do what it needs to do and go where it needs to go” I said as I reached down and touched her pussy lips.

“can I touch it again?” she asked.

“of course, that is why we are here tonight, to teach you about sex and let you know what a man’s body is all about.”
She reached out and gently touched my cock again.

“Go ahead, feel it, stroke it, you won’t hurt me, as a matter of fact I’ll enjoy it”

She grasped my cock and squeezed. “Does that hurt?” she asked.

“No, not a bit. Go ahead and stroke it up and down”. I put my hand around hers and demonstrated what I wanted her to do, slowly going up and down. “That’s right, now you are doing it” I said as I released her hand and she continued on her own.

A moment later she started to pump it very fast, and I had to stop her as I was about to shoot my load all over her. “what’s the matter Daddy, did tipobet güvenilir mi I hurt you?” she asked with a worried expression on her face.

“No sweetie, you did not hurt me at all, as a matter of fact I was enjoying it too much, so I had to stop you before I ejaculated”.

“Oh, I’m sorry” she said. “Daddy, why is your cock wet? Did you start to ejaculate?”

“No, not really, that is pre-cum. Notice how it is clear? If it was sperm you would see that it would be creamy white and I would be shooting it all over you and me.” I said.

“I don’t really understand, but I know I am jumping the gun. Daddy, your cock is amazing, I never knew that it would be so big. Are all boys as big as you?” she asked.

“Melissa, every boy is different, every cock is different. Some are short, some are long, some are fat, some are thin, some are circumcised like I am and some are not.” I explained.

“I cannot believe that something like that could fit inside of my vagina.” She was still gazing at my cock.

To explain, my cock is not that large, I am 7 inches but I do have a rather large girth.

“Melissa, I want you to get to know my cock very well. I want you to stroke it for a while, fondle it, play with my balls, get on your hands and knees in front of me and examine it up close.”

She stood up and then got down in front of me as I spread my legs to let her get full access.

She took my cock in her hands and began to play with it. She fondled my balls, she stroked me slowly, she followed the veins with her finger tips and then she said, “Daddy, your cock is wonderful, I never knew that a part of a man’s body would be so amazing!” and then to my amazement, she kissed my cock.

With that kiss I started to lose it. Rather than blasting cum all over her face, I quickly stood up. “I need to use the bathroom, I will be right back.” I said as I practically ran to the bathroom and left her on her naked on her knees in the office. It was either that or ejaculate in her face. I chose to exit the room and shot my load in the sink. I sat down on the toilet and started to ask myself, ‘what in the world are you doing? She is your step-brother’s daughter, she is so innocent, she is a virgin, I need to stop this right now’ those were the thoughts going through my mind and then I heard Melissa call softly.

“Daddy, are you coming back? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you did nothing wrong I will be right there, sweetie” I said as I flushed the toilet and headed back to the office.

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