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Aria Rae

I often wonder how I get myself into these situations. I am not a bad guy. I just seem to find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am a 30 year old married man. I have a wonderful wife and two kids with another on the way. I own a horse ranch and make my money buying and selling. I could be described as a modern day cowboy. I am considered handsome and with the type of work I do I stay in great shape. I run horses through an auction barn about 200 miles away.

One weekend a month a haul up there and sell horses. I stay at a local motel and eat whenever I get a chance. This past month my neighbor asked me if I could haul a horse for them. They were getting rid of their daughters horse since she couldn’t handle it. I knew these people for years and had a good relationship with them so it was no problem.

Carrie, the daughter, was going to drive up and ride it in the arena so all I had to do is make sure it made it there. The sale starts on Saturday morning and runs through the weekend. I like to get there Friday night, get the best stalls, ride the horses around and be prepared for the next day. I had reserved a room in advance so I didn’t worry about the fact that they had no vacancy left as I passed by and made my way to the sale barn. I unloaded the animals and unhooked the trailer. I was prepared to ride a horse when Carrie showed up. I took her to her horse and helped her get it ready. She was a little scared of it so I had her follow me so it could get used to the yards. Satisfied with the way it went, Carrie rode solo and I concentrated on my other horses.

After I rode them all I gave them hay and water and made my way to the tack sale they held on Friday nights. I drank a few beers that I had brought and watched the sale. Carrie made her way up the stands to where I was sitting. Her horse was all taken care of and she was all set for the sale the next day. She asked me where I was staying and I told her. She then mumbled something about the long drive so I offered to let her stay with me. She eagerly accepted and we decided to get a bite to eat and crash.

We ate at a local honky tonk and after a steak and some beers I was ready to get to the room. When we got to the room she called her parents and told them her plans. They thought it was a good idea and wanted to be sure she thanked me for helping out. Next we had to settle the sleeping arrangement. There was only one bed and so I thought I would be nice and take the floor. Carrie must have anticipated staying because she brought an over night bag in and slipped into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Now I must admit that Carrie was a very good looking young lady. She is around 5’7 and probably weighs in at about 115lbs. She just turned 18 and recently developed what I would guess to be a firm set of 34 B’s. She is the long slender type with sandy brown hair and big blue eyes. I often flirted around with the young cowgirls and Carrie was no exception. I always felt she had a little crush on me through the years but I would never even think to pursue anything since I was married and I knew her since she was just a kid. It was plenty warm in the room and I was wearing a pair of sport boxers and a t-shirt. Carrie came out wearing a little nightie without a bra underneath. She bent down and I noticed her white laced panties looking very inviting.

I don’t know if it was the beer or the circumstances but I was feeling very attracted to this young lady tonight. I figured the best thing for me to do was to sleep it off. I told Carrie to kill the lights as she was playfully romping around the room. She jumped into the bed as she hit the switch. She started babbling about what she expected tomorrow as I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I took off my shirt as she tried to talk so big like most teeny bops do and I now wondered if she was still a virgin. I tried to get these thoughts out of my head since I knew her parents fully trusted me as did my wife.

Carrie started telling me about the big party she was missing and how there were cute guys that would be there. She said that one of the guys was a stud and he had already been with 11 girls. She said she was thinking about being number 12. I asked her why and she said because he was totally hot. I laughed and said that the little smart ass had probably never been with anyone before. She started talking as big as she could saying that she knew girls he had and that he was cool and things like that.

I dismissed it as b.s. and she really tried to prove her worth saying that she wasn’t as innocent as everyone thought and asked me if I could keep a secret. I thought that this was getting good so I said yes. She turned on the lamp as scurried to her bag. She fumbled around a little and then turned to face me. She stuck out her tongue, displaying a ball tongue ring. I laughingly asked what her parents would think as she ran back to the bed. She said they would probably kill her and I agreed. I asked her if she knew what tongue rings were for and she sheepishly bostancı escort answered yes. I was really getting horned up so I tried to change the subject. She told me that I had a nice six pack.

I agreed, saying that there is nothing better than a six pack of mickey bigmouths. She laughed and said that she was referring to my stomach muscles. Surprized by her forwardness, I tried to act like an adult and told her to kill the lights again and get to bed. Now I really couldn’t get her out of my mind. I thought to myself that she couldn’t handle a real man. I wondered what that tongue ring would feel like against my cock and what her young pussy would taste like. I wanted to fuck her brains out but I knew better. I drifted off to sleep only to be awaken around 2 am. The wind was howling loudly as it was thundering and lightening out.

The hot humid air finally produced a hell of a storm. Carrie was scared. She asked if I would sleep by her. I was a little groggy and said yes. I slid into bed against her. The feeling of her warm body next to mine sent a shiver through me. I decided I had better face the other way and rolled over. She moved tight against me as I felt her breath against the back of her neck. I knew I had to fall asleep. As I was slowly drifting in and out of sleep, I noticed her arm slide around me. Her hand slowly slid down to my abs with her elbow resting on my hip. She gently started to run her fingers lightly against my stomach muscles down to the top of my boxers and back up. The hair on the back of my neck started to stand up as I was really getting turned on. I was now fully awake as she worked her courage up to feel a little lower and allowed her hand to brush against the tremendous bulge I now sported. I think she thought I was sleeping so I laid motionless.

She slowly felt along it’s great length as I tried to resist this torturous temptation. She continued to let her fingers do the walking as I did the best I could to hold still. She was basically feeling me out as I could hardly take it. I wanted to see how far she would go but I decided I had enough. I slowly rolled over to face her. She pulled her hand back and we laid in the darkness not knowing what to do next. I raised my hand to touch her face. I slowly lowered it, running my fingers down her neck and on to her nightie over her breasts. I slowly ran my fingers around her nipples as they were at full attention.

I continued with my slow descent, running my fingers down her nightie and to her little panties. I slid my fingers upward and brushed through her cunt lips as she grabbed my arm and bellowed a quick moan. Her panties were wet as I now knew I was past the point of no return. I leaned in and brushed her lips with mine. She squeezed me tight as we passionately kissed. I parted my lips and ran my tongue lightly against her lips. When she parted her lips I entered my tongue, searching out hers. Her mouth was warm and wet and when our tongues met a strong sensation went through my body.

I felt the tongue ring rub against my tongue and couldn’t help but think about what it would feel like against my hard pole. I aggressively licked her neck. Her young body tasted good as I sucked her neck and worked my way down. She was breathing heavy as I lifted her nightie and pulled it off. I rubbed against her warm body as I searched in the darkness for her young breasts. Her nipples felt surprisingly large as I squeezed her firm breasts. I reached up and turned a small lamp on so I could see this young goddesses beautiful body. When my eyes locked on to her big blue eyes, I couldn’t believe that I was fondling a young lady who I once coached in t-ball.

Her tight body looked so inviting as it was tan and firm. Her breasts looked bigger than b’s as her slender body accented them. She had a submissive look on her face as though she might have bitten off more than she could chew. I lowered myself down and took her left breast lightly in my hand and started to gently lick around her nipple. As I continued this I could see the nipple harden before my eyes.

When I took it in my warm mouth she arched her back and moaned. I started to suck her tit passionately. She squeezed the back of my hair as I switched to the other young breast. I wasn’t holding anything back as I sucked her tits. They were so perky and responded well to my wet mouth. I continued my oral attack on her firm rack when I noticed the slight scent of her pussy. She was definitely coming into heat as I hungrily sucked her ripe melons. I wanted to taste her young snatch in the worst way. I reached down a pulled her little panties apart with one tremendous pull. She yelped as her panties were ripped apart and off her young body.

I wasted no time as I released her breast from my mouth and licked my way down to her young pussy. I spread her legs and looked at her young cunt. Her pussy hairs were the same sandy brown color as the hair on her head. She had a light patch over the opening as her still developing body looked bostancı esmer escort sultry. I ran my thumbs through her pussy lips as she took a deep breath. She was already wet and the smell of her love was thick. I leaned in to taste as she squealed with anticipation. When my tongue split her pussy lips she moaned in delight. I licked her opening and tasted her juice. I licked a little deeper and sucked on each lip and licked her inner pussy walls. She was tight and wet and her juice was warm as I continued to lick my way around her warm love canal. I lifted her legs over my shoulders as she was bucking against my strong licks.

Her pussy lips started to swell as blood rushed to her loins, readying them for the inevitable. She really started to squirm when I locked onto her precious little clit and started to suck it dry. She was trembling with passion as her clit was quivering. As I alternated licks through her moist snatch with sucking her clit she started to squeeze my head with her legs and purr loudly. With that she had a thunderous orgasm. Her joy juice gushed through her soaked pussy as she screamed in delight. I lapped up the mess I made and finally tasted her young love. I continued to eat her out as her young pussy came back fast. She was sweating bullets and breathing hard as my oral assault filled her pussy and pumped it back into shape. I lifted myself up so she could notice the huge tent I was sporting in the front of my sport boxers.

She instantly got the hint as she sat up and started rubbing my abs. She admitted that she was still a virgin but she has given head before. I thought my cock was going to explode when I heard those words from her young mouth. She pulled my boxers down as my stiff cock bounced out. Her big blue eyes grew as she stared at my fully loaded meat wagon. I was a man among boys as far as she was concerned. My dick was thick and hard and probably approaches the ten inch mark. She licked her lips as she grabbed my cock with both her hands a gently stroked me. I felt my cock jump at the sight of the tongue piercing. She stroked my great width and long shaft until she was satisfied. I had an obvious smear of precum covering the cock head as she slowly lowered in and put her warm lips around it and sucked it clean.

She pulled back and swallowed, tasting what was in store. She lowered in and again sucked my cockhead only this time taking it deeper and allowing for her pierced tongue to lick across it. The strong sensation shot a shiver up my spine and I nearly blew my wad right there. Not to embarrass myself, I reached down and lifted my huge cock straight up allowing her easy access to my huge balls. As she sucked one, then the other I tried to figure out a way to make her blow job last. The thought of what I was doing with a trusted friends young daughter combined with the tongue piercing, had my huge cock ready to explode. I wasn’t sure what to do as she continued to bob for apples. She took my dick from my hands and started to lick up my long shaft. The tongue piercing accented her lick and was driving my thick prick crazy. I almost lost it again when she licked across my sensitive head. I stopped her from going in for the kill. She looked up at me and asked what was wrong. I asked her if she had ever given head with the piercing in her mouth. She said no that she had only given head a couple times and that this was the first time with her new “tool”.

I admitted to her that the events of the evening and the sensation of the tongue piercing on my thick cock in her tight mouth was going to make me blow real fast. I was shocked when she said that she didn’t mind and that she would swallow my load and suck me back to shape. A devilish grin graced her face as she took my hard cock into her mouth. She started to slowly bob back and fourth and taking in more and more of my cock into her tight mouth. The warm sensation of the tongue piercing was driving me crazy and she knew it. This little teenage slut was sucking my dick and dragging her metal along my thick shaft repeatedly. Well as predicted I wasn’t lasting long as I had immediately felt the twinge from deep beneath. I grabbed her head and started to thrust, driving my huge cock deep into her throat and mouth fucking her.

The tongue piercing did its job as on about the fifth thrust I held her head and planted my hard cock deep down her throat. I tensed as my cock became even wider and I felt a powerful explosion shoot through my manhood. Thick, hot cum shot down her throat as she tried to pull back. I held her head steady and allowed for my cock to drain down her throat. I was shooting load after load into her mouth as she finally relented and held my ass tight and swallowed all she could. She was breathing heavily through her nose as her mouth was air tight around my thick cock. I was moaning like a mad man as I she successfully sucked me dry. I was shocked to look down and see her rock her head forward and take in the rest of my cock down her throat. It had softened bostancı olgun escort but couldn’t have shrunken much. I let go of her head as she continued her sword swallowing act and deep throated me. When she slowly started to retreat, I watched as cum started to drip from my shaft. Her little mouth had worked wonders as she finally pulled my large crank from her mouth and dropping a huge wad of cum down to my balls.

My dick looked like it had just come back from a war as she sat back and worked at catching her breath. She was sweating bigtime and her little mouth was swollen from sucking my dick. Her rib cage glistened as I watched it expand with each deep breath. Her tits were still large as she looked like a fighter between the ninth and tenth round. She was staring at my cock as I asked her if she had enough. She looked at me with those big blue eyes and went in for the kill. She first licked the cum from my balls and swallowed. She sucked on my cock head and made sure I could feel the piercing slid against me. She then started to lick feverishly up and down my long shaft. Her metal was back at it and my cock was quickly coming back to shape.

I leaned back on my hands, jetting my cock upwards and giving her full access to suck me off. She developed a rhythm of licking up and down the sides of my long shaft and then taking it deep down her throat for a couple of bobs. She did this repeatedly sending shivers down my spine and driving me to a frenzy. Her piercing was unbelievable as it repeatedly slid up and down my hard cock. This little innocent teeny bopper was giving me the best blow job I had ever had. The piercing had a lot to do with it but her technique was well advanced. I had a fire down below as she started to concentrated on deepthroating my huge cock again. She was giving it her all as she was giving me head like a pro. She couldn’t take in my full size but was as close as anyone has come. As she continued to deeply suck my cock I couldn’t help but feel turned on by the sight of this young daughter of a friend giving me head. She was so sweaty and her lips were so swollen as she was giving me a serious blowjob. The piercing did it’s job again as I felt my dick swell.

I immediately pulled it from her mouth and pushed her back against the bed. I grabbed her little legs and pulled them up and apart by the knees. Her little pussy was spread-eagle as I purposely held my body away from hers so we could watch my huge dick plunge deeply into her tiny cunt. I worked my hips down low so I could position my huge cock to her wet opening. Her pink pussy was as ready as could be as I drove my huge cock through her pussy lips and spread her tunnel wide. She dug her fingers into my back as I slowly rocked it back and fourth, allowing more of my great size to penetrate her luscious little fur trap.

I stuck it in a little less than halfway and held it there as her tight wet cunt worked to prepare itself for my great size. She was moaning as I felt her hymen burst and her pussy take new form. I took this as the go ahead for safe passage as I slowly worked at delivering my whole package. She moaned with each thrust as I could no longer take it. I thrust hard as my huge cock slipped through her tight wet cunt and landed it all inside of her. I held it there and moaned as her tight wetness was giving my cock a sponge bath. It felt so sweet I never wanted to leave. She bucked against me and adjusted her insides to my tremendous manhood. I had all I could take as the deep carnal instincts started to take over. I started to thrust myself back and fourth, driving my cock into her with great force. I fucked her long and hard as she howled like a dog.

I thrust faster as her screams really turned me on. We were dripping with sweat as I continued to fuck her brains out. I rolled her over on top of me so she could feel herself slide down my pole. She slid up and down a few times but the intensity of her passion wouldn’t let her continue. I rolled her over and continued to fuck her. She was screaming in delight as I flicked her switch and she was experiencing multiple orgasms. I pulled out of her and quickly rolled her over to her stomach.

I lifted her ass up in the air until her back was properly arched and her stretched little cunt was visible from the back. I rushed in and mounted her sending my cock deep within. She buried her face into the mattress as I fucked her doggy style. This was my favorite position and I had her right were I wanted her. She was screaming in orgasmic delight as I could have my way with her. She gave herself to me as I pounded away at her pussy from behind. I pulled out and licked her cunt, making her spasm in ecstasy.

I rolled her over to her back and went in to finish her off. She was wet and I was hard. Her little cunt was now stretched to the max and willing to take me in. She started to buck up as I thrust into her, delivering the goods. I knew she wasn’t on birth control as I felt myself hit the edge. I buried my ramming rod deep and exploded. I held her arms out over her head as I blew my load into her fertile body. Our bodies melted as one as I planted my seed deep into her. She started to kiss me uncontrollably as if to thank me for a job well done. I think that first time I left me cock inside of her until we both found the urge to fuck again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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