Carpark Liason

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As Sally drove down the quiet country lane she wondered what she had let herself in for. It had all started when she had seen the site on someone’s home page……’couples who enjoy outdoor sex’, she had been intrigued so she joined. The pictures had made her turned on and when she read further and discovered just how these couples enjoyed herself then she was intrigued to the point of wanting to join in.

The idea was that some of the couples and sometimes single guys arranged to meet in carparks…often at night , where they would either show to people watching, make love, or have sex with the watchers – the idea thrilled Sally….made her want to join in.

Sally had struck up a correspondence with one of the women, Carol, who often showed and made love with her partner whilst others stood around the car and watched……the more they talked , the more each realised that they wanted each other – not their partners, and what’s more …they wanted to be watched!

So here she was, driving to the appointed destination, not knowing what to expect – half of her excited half scared . As the car park came in sight Sally had a fleeting thought to turn around , but it was too late now, she saw the headlights of three cars already there and she knew she must go through with this or always regret not doing it.

She pulled into the car park and switched off the engine….looking around she could see that there was one person in each of two of the cars and a couple in the other. The woman in the car looked over expectantly, Sally looked directly at her, smiled and nodded, the woman smiled back and began to climb out of the car.

As arranged Sally slid out of the drivers seat and into the back seat, Carol quickly joined her, closed and locked the door and then turned aksaray escort to face Sally. Carol was pretty, but then Sally already knew that, she had seen pictures . She was dressed in a short black mini skirt and it was obvious she was wearing stockings as the tops were clearly visible. She wore a red strappy T-shirt , no bra and a black blouse unbuttoned.

Sally was pleased she had chosen to wear a skirt too… a short denim one, with a black lycra top, also no bra….she could feel the thong she was wearing instantly dampen when Carol touched her knee lightly – she turned to Carol who whispered …..’lets do this then Sally’……..

Sally looked around the car, four faces watching through the window and behind two more cars pulling into the car park….she was going to enjoy this!

Slowly she began to kiss Carol tendering, her hand on her knee , creeping upwards beneath her skirt…Carols hand moved from Sally’s knee to her breasts, feeling her hardening nipples beneath, Sally shivered in anticipation as she felt another gush dampen her thong.

Carol gently massaged Sally’s tits, moving from one to the other and then back, all the while kissing her tenderly, her tongue occasionally entering Sally’s mouth. Sally got bolder and moved her hand further upwards….towards Carols thong…further and further until her fingers were at the edge of the material…it was totally soaked already….mmmmmm, Sally’s fingers moved still further as Carol moaned softly, as Sally began to stroke her clit. She had obviously hit the right spot because Carols moaning became louder, she pulled away from Sally’s lips and softly whispered…..’omg Sally, don’t make me cum too soon!!’ Sally withdrew her fingers, looked directly at Carol and licked aksaray escort bayan each wet finger in turn .

Carol drew Sally away from her, pulled her arms upwards and slowly slid the T-shirt over Sally’s head, her eyes drawn to Sally’s tits and hard nipples, first her hands wandering over each tit and then she lowered her head towards Sally’s nipple and gently began to nibble… mmmmm that felt so good to Sally, her own hand now beneath her skirt playing with her clit….. briefly she opened her eyes only to be looking directly at one of the watchers, his eyes staring at them both now in total abandonment, his hand stroking a massive erection, precum glistening…

Sally didn’t care now, she needed to cum….slowly she slid down the seat and Carol moved a little to allow Sally to lay across the back seat. Carol pulled at Sally’s skirt…upwards until it was around her hips and then pushing the soaked thong to one side began to slide her tongue over Sally’s thighs. The feel of Carols tongue against her skin drove Sally crazy and she continued to be teased until Sally could stand it no more. Grabbing the back of Carols head she guided her towards her hot hole and her swollen clit. Carol didn’t need telling twice, her tongue flicked over Sally’s clit again and again sending shivers through Sally’s body again and again…taking her to the edge of climax and then stopping …and then beginning again. Suddenly Sally felt a finger begin to probe her pussy…gently at first then deeper and deeper..then she felt another and another…three fingers now thrusted her hot steamy hole and Carols tongue still licking and nibbling her clit…omg she was in heaven……’fist it’ she said hoarsely…feeling her first climax approaching. two more escort aksaray fingers disappeared into her hole….Carols fist disappearing deep ….Sally heard a loud noise, a loud groan from outside the car, she looked up to see Carols partners face, contorted with a look of total ecstasy as his spunk flew up against the car and hit the window. Spurred on by the sight of flying cum Sally rocked against the fist as she neared her own orgasm…faster and faster …harder and harder….Carols fingers now reaching for Sally’s nipples, tweaking and twisting… it was….she was about to explode……’yes…..yes ……YES FUCKING HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSSS ‘ She cried as her orgasm shook her body, juices spurting over Carols hand.

Slowly Carol withdrew her hand and licked the juices. She turned around and her pussy hovered over Sally’s mouth…..’my turn’ she said. Sally grabbed Carols ass and pulled her down onto her tongue eagerly, her tongue delving deep within Carols pussy within seconds..tongue fucking her hard as her fingers stroked Carols clit. Sally reached around to Carols asshole and began to rim her finger around…slowly and gently she inserted her finger inside….she heard Carol gasp and then thrust upwards against the finger – she loved it! Carol by now was licking Sally again, tonguing from clit to ass again and again. Sally need to taste Carols cum, she fucked her with her tongue again and again until Carols low moaning became a noisy scream….’ooooohhhhh god yessssssss YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS OH FUCK……..’ She shouted as her orgasm exploded into Sally’s mouth. More groans audible now from outside the car, Sally opened her eyes to see two men simultaneously cumming, cocks in hand stroking furiously as they watched Carol and Sally tongue fuck each other to total ecstasy.

Slowly they recovered….arranged their dishevelled clothes and looked around……seven men all looking at them both, all with huge grins on their faces…all had cum and cum hard by the looks of things…Sally would need to take her car to the car wash, but she didn’t care, it had been so worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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