Carol’s Anal Introduction

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Rob Foster was a go getting executive in the company and had just taken over as head of the new administration with Consolidated Industries in Marryatville. He had studied each of his employees and sacked those who he saw as a liability within the company. My husband Bruce had mentioned him and had also long discussions about his own future in the company. I had married Bruce on the rebound and when our daughter was born I was unsure as to exactly the father was. .Bruce had accepted Emma as his own and I was grateful to him for that. It had been some time since we had been intimate and I know that Bruce was not exactly happy about that part of our life.

I had left my job as a sales executive to look after Emma until she was old enough for school. I could leave here with mum and that would give me most of the day to myself and the gym was one place I could get away too and relax as well as work on my figure. I stood 5’10 tall with black curly shoulder length hair. Even at 29 I was a trim 110lbs and my 36c 24 34 figure was tight from the amount of exercise I was doing. My best feature was my sparkling green eyes and of course my smile. I always dressed well and prided myself on my appearance. It was a Wednesday evening when Bruce arrived home and informed me that he had invited both the boss and his wife for dinner on Friday evening. I was told to plan the meal and have everything just perfect for them as he needed to make an impression to secure his job in the company and if who’s it might lead to a promotion. He also informed me that I was to dress in a particular way, so as to make sure I too made an impression on his boss. This seemed a little strange, however he was insistent and made it clear from the start that I would do as I am told.

“I want you to wear that short black dress you have.”

“You know the one you wore to the Parkers.”

“I have also selected some things you will wear under it and I want your hair up.”

I was just about to protest at his insistence on how to dress when he moved toward me.

“You will dress how I tell you.”

“And you will be the perfect wife on Friday evening.”

“I don’t care what you have to do to make sure the Fosters have an enjoyable evening.”

“Or you and Emma might be looking for somewhere else to live.”

I could tell from the look on his face that Bruce meant what he said and it worried me that he would use my daughter in such a way. My mother would look after Emma so I could concentrate on making sure that the evening ran smoothly. All that day I prepared the meal and the dinning setting was perfect. It was now 6 PM with the Fosters due at 7 when I headed for the shower. I loved the feel of the hot water over my body and it was soon relaxing me. I stepped out and dried myself,then grabbed the blow dryer and proceeded to dry my hair. Next came my makeup with some foundation,mascara,eyeliner and then just a hint of green eye shadow and last some peach lipstick. I walked back to the bedroom and took the package that Bruce had left for me. Taking the lingerie out of the bag I found a black lace ¼ cup bra and black lace thong,along with a pair of black lace top stay up stockings. He had selected a pair of black patient leather heels and of course my black dress. As I pulled it down and slipped my heels I caught a reflection of myself in the full length mirror and I have to admit I looked good. It was a little sluttish I thought but I didn’t want to upset Bruce and after all it was only for dinner.

It was just before 7 when Bruce arrived home and headed upstairs to take a shower. As he came down I was standing at the sink where he approached me from behind and his hands gripped my buttocks.

“Fuck you look good.”

His hands hitched the hem of my dress up around my waist and his fingers moved inside my panties. He was about to finger my slit when doorbell rang and Bruce left me and headed for the door to greet them. This gave me the opportunity to adjust myself and take a last look at the dinner. As I entered the room I noted that Rob Foster was not how I pictured him. He was older and a mature and distinguished looking man. His wife was slightly younger and very well dressed. He was 5’11 tall and was a little overweight with grayish hair and a moustache. Rob looked like he may have been in his 60’s and in his day would have been handsome man. Ann was dressed in a white suit with a short skirt and her red hair was long and curly to her shoulders. She was well endowed in the breast department and was a little plump with it. As I walked toward them his eyes met mine and from his expression I observed that he liked what he saw.

“Mr Foster this is my wife Carol,” Bruce informed them.

“Please Bruce call me Rob,”he gestured as his hand reached out to shake mine.

“My Bruce your wife is beautiful.”

“Well thank you Rob,” he replied.

I could see Rob Foster looking at canlı bahis my body and his eyes appeared to be undressing me. I pulled my hand free and moved toward his wife.

“Hello I’m Carol,” I said nervously.

“Nice to met you Carol.”

“I’m Ann,” came her reply.

We shook hands and as we did she squeezed my hand with a sort of warm welcome. I then broke the silence and asked them what they wanted to drink.

“Scotch for Rob and I honey.”

“And Mrs Foster will have Champagne.”

“Please Bruce call me Ann.”

I returned with the drinks and everyone and passed the tray around and as he took the last drink I saw him prepare to make a toast.

“Here is to an interesting evening,” Rob Foster toasted as he raised the glass to his mouth.

I pondered the background behind his toast, however I continued to the kitchen to check on the meal.

Bruce came out for more scotch and soon returned for another.

“Bruce honey I would take it a little easy,” I remarked.

He glared toward me and his eyes looked menacing.

“You just worry about making sure the Fosters have a good time ok?”

His look scared me and I felt uncomfortable as I had seen that look before and knew his temper could make my life a bit uncomfortable. He had as he called it disciplined me before and it was when I had seen that look. I didn’t want it to happen this evening so I just put it out of my mind. By the time dinner was served, both Rob and Bruce had consumed a good deal of scotch. Ann Foster also looked as if she was now comfortable in her surroundings after several champagnes. We sat down for dinner and there was the usual small talk until we reached the after dinner port and cigars

“Bruce you sure know how to entertain.”

“That was one fine meal.”

“Thank you Rob but I have to confess it was Carol who did everything.”

Rob Foster raised his glass toward me.

“Here is to Carol,” he toasted.

“Thank you,” I replied.

I sat down again and Rob Foster took another puff of his cigar.

“Carol I was telling Bruce before that money and power are great things.”

“You can get almost whatever you want if you have it.”

“Isn’t that right Bruce?”

“Yes Rob it is.”

“After all I have both,” he smirked.

“I was also telling Bruce here that I bet I could get you to let me look at what you have on underneath that dress for the right amount of money.”

His eyes now were fixed on me as he again took another puff of his cigar.

“What do you think Bruce?”

“Would Carol take of that pretty dress for say $200?”

“I don’t know Rob you will have to ask her.”

I was beginning to feel uneasy as I glanced in Ann’s direction, however her smile didn’t give me any comfort that she would put a stop to this whole thing.

“What do you think Carol?”

“Would you take your dress off for $200?”

I was feeling uneasy as I looked to Bruce for support. There was none forth coming and I could see that look which told me that I was on my own. I smiled at Rob trying to take his comments in a lighthearted way.

“Please Mr. Foster, I mean Rob.”

“I think this may have gone a bit far.”

“Oh I don’t think so,” he replied.

“I’ll ask you again.”

“Will you take it off for $200?”

I could feel the tears well in my eyes and I knew I would not be supported by any of them. I should take control and leave, but I would have to walk past Bruce and I know he would prevent me from doing so.

“Come on honey,” Bruce told me.

“What’s the problem?”

“Just take it off.”

“I’m sure you have nothing to hide.”

“And after all he just wants to see what you have on.”

I now knew where I stood and that Bruce was giving his consent for his boss to do what ever he wanted.

My eyes searched his and I again saw that look which told me I should obey my husband.

I rose to my feet and reached behind my neck, where taking the zipper I pulled it down and then peeled the dress form my shoulders letting it slip to the floor where I stepped out of it.

Rob Foster’s eyes again roamed my body.

“Oh my yes.”

“You are beautiful.”

“Isn’t she Ann?”

“Yes Rob she is very beautiful.”

“See Bruce I told you that those things would look good on her.”

I now realized that my husband had set things up and that this whole evening had been planed to further his career. The tears flowed down my cheeks as I stood there before them dressed in my bra and panties with stockings and heels. Rob Foster gestured to me.

“Now let your hair down and ruffle it.”

I pulled the clasp holding my hair up and let my locks fall free as it fell to my shoulders. I ran my hand through it until it fell naturally.

“Now the bra Carol.”

“I want to see your tits.”

I looked into Bruce’s eyes and bahis siteleri then mustered the courage to protest.

“Please Bruce,” I begged.

“If you love medon’t let him do this.”

“Please don’t make me do this?”

“Don’t talk to him bitch,” Rob Foster snapped.

“You belong to me now.”

“I paid for you and I own you now.”

“So you will take the fucking bra off.”

My shaking hands moved to the clasp joining in front where the two cups of my bra met. I unclipped it and pulled the ends apart releasing my breasts to his full view. I dropped the bra next to my dress on the floor and stood shaking nervously before him.

“Oh yes Carol.”

“They are wonderful.”

“So hard and firm.”

“Touch them.”

“Touch your nipples and make them hard for me.”

My fingers moved to my nipples and I played with each. They are very sensitive as I was still breast feeding Emma and soon began to become erect.

“Now put your hands behind your head and spread your legs,” he commanded.

I obeyed his direction as he pulled a small digital camera from his pocket. It clicked away as I was given further instructions.

“Turn around and bend over.”

“Now grab your ankles.”

As I complied I soon realized that he had a good view of both my bottom and my pussy. The camera continued to click away as he photographed every inch of my body.

“Oh yes very nice.”

“Turn back for me,” he hissed.

As I again faced him and was told to crouch, where he again had an uninterrupted view of my vagina. He took the last of the pictures and put the camera on the table.

“Now come over here and let me taste your mouth.”

I was frozen to the spot and didn’t see Rob arise from his chair as his hand lashed out slapping my face sharply. The blow brought me back to reality as my hand pressed against my cheek.

“Bruce you haven’t trained her very well have you?”

Bruce looked away as if to say that he hadn’t.

“Well then I guess your bitch should be taught her place.”

He grabbed me and I was pulled to the table, where his hand cleared the dishes and he pushed my head down onto the hard wooden surface. He gripped my neck, forcing my head down and preventing any movement on my part. His hand grabbed the soft lace material of my thong and in one swift movement he tore it from my body. I could hear the sound of his zipper being pulled down and then felt him move close to me. Freeing his cock, he reached for the butter dish taking some of the golden yellow substance and applying it to the length of his cock shaft. The head of his cock now pressed against the entrance my anal opening as he pushed it forward against the resistance.

“Oh god no please Rob not there I beg you,” I cried out.

“Oh Carol you need to be taught a lesson and I’m sure when I’m finished you will be doing what you are told.”

I began to whimper as the head pressed harder against my anal opening and the resistance was being broken. Bruce had often pressured me for anal sex; however I had managed until now to avoid the painful experience. Rob Foster would be the first man to fuck my arse and it would be against my will.

“Please oh god no.”

“No please it’s hurting me,”I wailed.

“That’s it baby tell me you want it.”

“You know you do?”

“No Rob I don’t.”

“Please I’ll be good.”

“Oh Carol I’m afraid it’s too late now,” he laughed.

His cock head started to enter me and it was pushing past any resistance. The butter was making it easier and it felt as if it was tearing me as it made its way into my anal opening.

“God Bruce your wife’s arse is so fucking tight.”

“Haven’t you fucked her there before, have you”?

“No Rob I haven’t,” Bruce blurted out.

“Ah a virgin,” he laughed.

“I love breaking virgins.”

“Ann I think Bruce could use a nice cock sucking while I fuck his wife’s cute little arse.”

Ann Foster made her way to where Bruce sat on his chair and as she knelt before him her hands reached up and unzipped his trousers. She reached inside and dragged his cock free moving her head forward to his hardened cock at the same time opening her mouth and took it eagerly between her lips. She started to masturbate him as she used her tongue to lick the head and shaft. She looked very experienced at what she was doing and I could see Bruce was starting to enjoy her work as he began to moan loudly. She hitched her dress up around her waist and she wore no panties just suspenders and stockings under it as her hand between her legs and proceeded to finger her pussy as she licked and sucked my husbands cock. Rob continued to push his cock into me where I bit my lip and arched my back as he entered me even further. I was trying to relax, as the pain was unbearable hoping to make his penetration of me a little easier and at the same time hoping bahis şirketleri his cock would not damage me in any way. His balls now rested against my buttocks and I could tell that he had fully entered me.

“Oh yeah baby.”

“I’m soon going to cum inside you,” he hissed.”

“You are one piece of arse and by the time we are finished you will begging to be fucked in all your holes.”

He began to move it in and out of me and I could feel my anal tube grip his cock tightly as my arse was becoming accustomed to this monster inside me. The lubrication had helped and the pain was becoming less intent as he moved his hand under me and when his fingers located my now swollen clit. He began to finger me. My body responding and from my position I could see my reflection in the large mirror of the class cabinet before me. There I was being fucked up the arse by my husband’s boss and he was enjoying my humiliation as he now started to fuck me with long and deliberate strokes. His fingers rubbed my clit and I felt it swell as my pussy juices soon began to flow as he stimulated my slit even more. My breathing was becoming heavy as I used my hands to brace myself against the table. I rocked back and forth on my heels as he thrust into me. My breasts swung like pendulums from side to side and reminded me of a cow’s udders on her way to milking, as I was still breast-feeding Emma. I struggled to prevent myself letting Rob Foster know that I was becoming aroused by his fingers, which had entered my pussy as he fucked me from behind. I wanted it to be over yet; I now wanted to cum as well, only I knew that if I did he would know that he had won.

Bruce was moaning loudly as Ann was bobbing her head up and down on his cock, He held her head tight and thrust his hips up off the chair as he was now fucking here mouth. She was pulling his cock with quick progressive strokes as she fingered herself at the same rate. Bruce closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as Ann pulled her mouth off his cock. It would only take a few more strokes when Bruce let out an almighty roar as his cock exploded in her hand.

“Of Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he screamed as the first jet of his cum shot high into the air.

It shot another and another as his cock spewed forth his thick white seed. He continued to cum until the last stream shot from it. Ann moved her mouth back and using her tongue began to lick it off his stomach and pelvis like a contented cat licking up its milk. Bruce lay motionless, his eyes glazed over and a look of pleasure on his face.

Rob Foster continued to pound my arse, when with any warning his cock separated from my anus, and was now thrust into my pussy. It caught me by surprise, as I again braced myself for another onslaught. He kept his rhythm as he pushed his cock in and out of me. Grabbing a hand full of my hair he pulled my head up and was using his grip to ride me as he pumped his cock in and out of my swollen cunt.

“Yeah baby that’s it.”

“Work that pussy you fucking slut,” he hissed.

I was now his pony girl as he rode me, waiting to shoot his load and get himself off. His free hand reached under me stomach and he fingered my clit as he fucked me from behind. I was unsteady on my heels and his grip on my hair was beginning to hurt.

“Fuck baby I’m going to cum.”

“Where do you want it?”

I didn’t answer, as I knew he would decide where his cum would end up. His stoke quickened and he withdrew and pulled my hair forcing me to now squat in front of him. His cock was inches from my face as his free hand stroked his cock and the other hand held my hair, holding my head tight.

“Play with yourself,” he commended.

“Stick your fingers in your cunt,” he hissed.

My hand moved to my pubic area and my fingers probed the opening. I started to finger my slit as he continued to stroke his cock faster and faster with his cock now oozing plenty of precum.

The eye of his cock widened and with one final stroke it exploded shooting his cum directly at my face. The first jet struck me just above the left eye, where the white, thick cum, now dripped over my eye. The next hit my nose and some landed in my hair and it was soon running down my chin and over my lips. It splashed down between my breasts, while some landed on the floor.

“Fuck yeah, “he screamed as he continued to milk every last drop from his cock onto my face.

He wiped his semi erect cock across my cheek, using it massage the now cold sticky liquid over my face.

“Lick it clean, Bitch,” he ordered.

My tongue again darted out and I swirled it over the head of his cock and down the length of his shaft as I licked and sucked the reminisce into my open mouth.

I continued to lick his cock until every last drop had been cleared away. He released his grip and I squatted there awaiting my next direction. I was now his fuck toy and in time I would be the company whore. I would be used to satisfy the clients and Rob Foster when ever and where ever he wanted and I now knew my place. In time Bruce received his promotion and me, well I was just finding my way in the company.

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