Careers Counselling

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“Look, I know you don’t think being a slut is a wise choice, career-wise” Sally pointed out to the careers counsellor, “but really, can you honestly put your fingers in my cunt, fondle your nipples and hope to never have a cum again, and say you haven’t been enjoying our counselling sessions over the past three months? Hmmmm?” Sally raised a quizzical eyebrow towards the counsellor, Claudine, who, right at that moment was looking up from her position between Sally’s thighs, where she had been nibbling on Sally’s luscious velveteen clit while Sally delivered her verdict on Claudine’s advice.

Claudine was trying to convince the soon-to-graduate-from-college Sally that her long term interests would be better served by settling into a more conventional career plan than that Sally had presented her with.

Sally checked off Claudine’s choices one by one: “Lesbian escort – nah, too many only want to dance or riffle your hair, maybe fondle a tit – where’s the fun in that?, club dancer – to make any real money it’s a hard grind, with little time for outside play, toygal to a wealthy mistress – she’d eventually get jealous and possessive, or worse still prohibit outside sex, rugby player – tempting, but the injury rate is high!” No, No, No and No.

“Look, Claudine, there’s one thing I do better than anything else.” Sally managed to maintain her conversational tone between short gasps of excitement as Claudine moved her stiffened tongue in and out her very moist vagina, like a paddle. “I want to be a Talent Scout and Cunt-Hunter at Large. I want to be able to test and recommend pussy to paying casino şirketleri clients. It’s a new business venture, and I’m sure a niche market is out there. Bored housewives fantasising about pussy but not knowing how to get it. Business women wanting discreet relationships and no time to find it themselves. . In other words, Professional Slut”

Claudine increased the pace of her tongue fuck and nodded, her head massaging Sally’s cunt lips and surrounds.

“What am I best at? In what have I excelled here at college?” panted Sally. “Fucking women, right? I’ve majored in girl-cum, right?”

Claudine could only agree.

“How much carpet have I munched in the past four years? How many cunts have I penetrated? How many timid little straight girls have I made repent? How many raging bull dykes have I spawned? Hundreds! “

Sally arched her back and thrust her mound closer into Claudine’s face. “Remember the day I ate the whole freshers Sexology 101 class as a favour for Professor Lemon, and then demonstrated dildo thrusting for a high school teachers’ refresher seminar?” Sally closed her eyes and remembered the orgy that seminar had been, while Claudine rolled her over onto her front and urged her onto all fours. Sally was in a reverie of remembrance when Claudine, on all fours herself, started licking Sally from cunt to arse. Sally used one hand to twist her nipple rings, and wondered if Claudine’s new assistant would come and lie underneath her. . .

Petal, Claudine’s recently employed graduate assistant had been watching and masturbating from her comfortable casino firmalari chair by the fireplace. As if reading Sally’s mind she quietly came and wriggled her way underneath Sally, on her back, her head directly under Sally’s dangling tits, her legs extended beyond Sally.

Petal, who lived with her lover, crew-cut punkdyke, Barberboi (see Adventures of Barberboi), took Sally’s tits in her hands, as if weighing them, and allowing the nipples to fall between two fingers, bounced the tits up and down, before closing her fingers hard against those rock hard walnut nipples. She then squeezed them, and pulling down, caught a fingertip in each nipple ring. Sally bucked and shuddered, as Claudine, at her other end, thrust two fingers into her cunt and buried her tongue into her arse, which she had been circling and gently opening with two lubed fingers. Sally pushed her arse high into the air, and dipped her head … all the better to begin to eat Petal, as Petal and Claudine brought her to the point where :


Sally collapsed into an orgasmic heap, her legs on either side of Petal’s face, her own face buried in Petal’s juice-box. Claudine gently helped Sally to move aside – across Petal, so that Sally could continue to eat Petal, while she, Claudine could straddle Petal’s face and have her assistant lick her to cum.

Petal never took long to cum, but then she was never wanted to stop at one either, which suited Claudine, who was enjoying being eaten güvenilir casino immensely and was eager for more. Sally crawled over to Claudine’s desk and took a harness and girlcock out. She strapped on, and returned to the Counselling Staff. She knelt and lifted Petal’s arse from the floor, placing a soft bench under it to keep it raised. As Sally banged her chickdick into Petal, Claudine went wild on Petal’s face, grinding and bouncing as she watched her assistant being banged by Sally.

Both Claudine and Petal came in a rush of slick and sappy cum, simultaneously. Claudine screamed she wanted the dildo in her arse, and got on her hands and knees. Sally came round behind her and rubbed it up and down her crack, while Petal stood and snuggled into Claudine’s face, Claudine sucking up all the sticky, sweaty, salty, slicky juice. As Sally eased the cock into Claudine, twisting a little, then withdrawing, stretching her rectum to take it all, Petal played with Claudine’s tits, and then Claudine really let go in a shuddering orgasm of magical intensity….

“OK, OK, OK, Sally – you win” Claudine laughed as they all lay naked on the rug in front of the fire afterwards. “You are a thoroughbred slut! A natural.” Then she added, teasingly “After today’s audition, I have your first contract assignment!”

Sally propped herself on one elbow, her other hand flicking her clit and circling her hole, her face eager with excitement. “Go on! Tell!”

“Well, said Claudine, today has in fact been a job interview. Professor Lemon is being promoted to Vice-President in charge of hiring faculty, and wants to employ a panel of four tutors for the freshman classes. They must be exhibitionists who can fully demonstrate as many varieties of lesbian sex as possible. Think you can handle the interviews?”

Sally couldn’t stop grinning. “When do I get started????”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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