Captain of Her Heart Ch. 02

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I strode through the airport and plastered on my regulation smile. After all, I was a flight attendant and we were known for being eternally happy. I wore mine like a grimace, secretly hoping to snarl at some unsuspecting brat and send them screaming back to their mommy’s arms. I felt like being mean and my reputation served me. Everyone who flew with Tawnya Simonsen knew that she was a consummate flight professional but try to touch or get close to me and I’d chop your head off. I never liked relationships and I wasn’t about to start now.

Being a flight attendant had served my purposes well. I could meet hundreds of people without having a lasting connection and my fucks had been nameless, faceless women from every continent, sometimes not even speaking English. But sex was a language that everyone understood and pussy was pussy. I decided to stop by the Delta desk and see if Anita was there. I’d been itching to get into her pants and nothing started a flight better than a juicy piece of ass.

Ah, luck! The beautiful and delectable Anita delGado was at the desk, her thick, curly hair falling in a black waterfall over her shoulders. She was assisting a customer but the slight smile that curved her luscious lips when she glanced my way was enough to tell me that I had been noticed. When the customer was given his tickets, his bags checked and sent on his way, she turned to me with a sexy smile.

“Hi, agrı escort ‘Nita.”

“Morning, Tawnya. What’s up?”

“My blood pressure every time I get around you.”

She smiled prettily. “You’re such a flirt!”

“So why don’t you ever take me up on it?”

“Because I’ve heard of your reputation, Tawnya.”

I moved closer, just enough to appear like two friends sharing a secret but I really took a deep whiff of her perfume. “So? What’s that got to do with a quick bit of heaven?”

“It has everything to do with it. I don’t want to be a notch on your sexual bedpost.”

“Aw, Anita! I would never think of you as a notch.” I licked my lips, thinking of the taste of her spicy Spanish poon. “You’re far too beautiful for that.”

“So what am I if I give you what you want?”

“An appetizer.” I answered, itching to stroke her breast that was just an inch from my fingers. “A spicy, creamy appetizer that will melt on the tip of my tongue.” I grinned at the blush that rose on her cheeks. “You won’t have to do a thing except let me drink from your fountain.”

“Jesus, Tawnya, you’ve got me so hot … “

I leaned as close as I dared and gave her earlobe a quick suck before whispering, “Put the 10 minute break sign out and meet me in the Gold Circle bathroom.” Without a second glance, I stowed my pull-on behind the desk and headed escort ağrı off to the bathroom. A few seconds later, Anita knocked lightly and I yanked her into the tiny room, locking the door and pushing her to the wall while pushing my tongue into her mouth.

Anita reacted like the Spanish wildcat that she was. She pulled me to her, unbuttoning and pulling her jacket off, then working on her blouse’s buttons. I pounced on her cinnamon globes as soon as her bra appeared, greedily sucking and licking through the lace demi-cups and pulling the fabric down until her dark chocolate nipples appeared. I sucked that soft flesh into my mouth like a meringue puff, violently licking until it hardened on my tongue. She hissed, pulling my mouth away to give me a rough kiss before allowing me to move to her other nipple.

She pushed my face into her breast meat, mashing my nose into her flesh as she gasped at the roughness of my attention. I quickly left her glorious chest and dropped to my knees, shoving her blue polyester skirt up and licking up her right thigh to the center of her hose. Anita shivered and moaned, fumbling with the elastic waist of the hose but I grabbed her hands, pushing them aside. Using my fingers, I ripped a hole in the center panel, jerking it open with both hands and reaching in to tongue the wet gusset of her panties.

“Fuck!” Anita ripped the hose ağrı escort bayan away herself and pressed her fragrant cunt into my face. I growled, enjoying her aggressiveness and bit her lips and clit through the cotton of her panties. She reared back, half-gasping and half-screaming and I took the opportunity to rid her lovely pussy of its covering, thrusting my tongue inside her steamy crack. Her body trembled in my hands and I pushed her legs farther open, burrowing deeper. My tongue met her weeping hole and I pushed it up as far as I could into her, fucking her until she was gasping my name with each stroke.

Her first orgasm burst on my tongue like biting into a ripe, juicy peach. I whimpered, rubbing my nose against her clit and licking her lovely cream up. I continued, licking and suctioning her juices and she came again with no noise other than a loud gasp. I ratcheted up the tension, licking faster and sucking harder and when Anita reached that peak, I shoved my finger into her asshole and sucked on her clit so hard that she shouted. Her body vibrated and thick, sweet cream flowed onto my tongue. I hummed as I swallowed it, gulping and licking while Anita fought to keep herself upright, her pussy still clenching as I dutifully cleaned it.

“Fuck! That was the best appetizer I’ve ever had!” Anita breathed, pushing her skirt down as I stood up.

“Sorry about the hose. I owe you a pair.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Anita put her arms around me and gave me a kiss that made my nipples harden like stones. “Come see me after you get back.” She checked her make-up and dropped the hose into the trash can. “And then you can pay for the hose by giving me an entrée next time.”

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