Camp Fun Ch. 2

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This chapter is from Dianne’s perspective, see Camp Fun for the first chapter if you haven’t already read it)

When I woke up the next morning, it was just Frank (my husband) and I in the tent. I could hear John moving around outside – it sounded like he was getting the stove going for some coffee. At first I wasn’t sure that the previous night had even happened, but then I saw John’s sleeping bag beside us and when I reached a hand down, my crotch was still matted from the sex the night before. I lay back and closed my eyes, letting the details play back like a porno movie. I was getting excited again, just thinking about what we’d done. My ‘movie’ stopped when I felt Frank shift around beside me. When I opened my eyes, he was looking at me and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was mad about me going all the way with John last night. That thought was blown away when he leant forward and kissed me then said, “I hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did!”

“As much or more.” I replied, reaching down to fondle his quickly growing shaft.

“Did you mean what you said last night about ‘there’s always tomorrow night’?”

For an answer, I stroked him some more and said “Let’s save this for tonight…after we’ve all had a nice shower!” I emphasised the words ‘we’ and ‘all’ and his cock gave a quick twitch as he realized the implication.

Shortly after that we got dressed and out of the tent. By then the coffee was ready and John had some bacon cooking. He looked over at us as we got out of the tent, likely thinking the same thoughts that had gone through my mind just a while ago. You could almost feel the tension in his voice when he asked “How are you two feeling this morning?” followed quickly by, “I think I can fix the tent and so it won’t leak if it rains tonight.”

Before I could say anything, Frank said, “Dianne and I talked this morning, and I think that would be a good idea” I could see the concern on John’s face, and I’m sure there was a look of confusion on mine. Frank continued, “That way we can put all our packs in your tent and have more room for the three of us to play tonight!”

That lit up both Johns and my face and while I still can’t be sure I thought I could see a quick twitch in Johns’ crotch as Frank finished speaking.

I went to the restrooms to wash up a bit, and by the time I got back breakfast was ready to go. Through the meal, dishes and getting ready for the beach, I noticed that not only John, but also Frank seemed to be taking every opportunity to ‘accidently’ touch me as they went by or reached for something. At first I thought it was coincidence, but I quickly suspected that the guys had been plotting while I was in the bathroom. We spent most of the day at the beach, having taken down a picnic lunch so we didn’t have to waste any time going back to camp when we got hungry. canlı bahis My suspicions were confirmed when a game of frisbee tag quickly evolved into a gropefest out in the water. That was fine by me – after all I had 2 guys to grope but they only had one woman! Slightly tired but totally horny, the three of us retired to the campsite for a quick supper and a few more drinks. Just after it got dark, I said I was going for a shower and did anyone want to come and wash my back. With two instant ‘YES!’ replies the 3 of us gathered up our things and headed for the showers. There wasn’t much spare room in the shower, so there wasn’t a lot of time for inhibitions as the three of us got naked and under the water. It felt great to wash off the days sweat and grit, and even better to have 4 other hands helping me! It’s a toss-up as to whether there was more soaping or stroking happening but eventually we got cleaned off, dried off and back to the site. It was a lot easier for me walking back than it was for they guys – it seemed to be hard for them to walk the hundred or so yards to the site with raging hardons!

It was a gorgeous, clear night with the bright moon lighting our way. The weather had been perfect all day, and the radio indicated zero percent chance of rain so we’d pulled the fly off the tent. Once we hit the site, it was a unanimous decision to head straight for the tent where the few clothes we’d put on were quickly removed. I lay down between the two of them and let them kiss and fondle me to their hearts content. It was quite the sensation with two sets of lips and 4 hands caressing me from head to toe. My hands weren’t exacly idle either as I stroked and caressed the two cocks that I knew would soon fill me again. It didn’t take long before hands just weren’t enough for any of us, so I turned around and made a sort of ‘Z’ with the guys. I started nibbling on Franks hardon while presenting John with my crotch. He wasted no time in introducing my pussy and clit to his tongue – and he was quite good at it! As I licked and sucked on Frank, I reached past him and grabbed the lube we’d used the night before. I squeezed a good bit onto my finger and then gently worked it around and into Franks backdoor. This wasn’t new to either of us and I knew he enjoyed it. Once he was nicely lubed and loosened I grabbed our vibrator and started working it in where my finger had been. Hearing the vibrator turn on, John paused long enough to ask what I was doing with it. When I told him I was fucking Franks ass with it, all he could manage was a “huh?”

“That’s what she’s doing alright,” Frank said, “and it feels great! If you’ve never had anything up your butt you don’t know how good it feels.”

“I’ve never really thought about it, my ass has always been an ‘out-only’ port”

Suddenly I had an idea, “We’ve got a smaller vibe here – want to find bahis siteleri out?”

John hesitated for a second and I thought he was going to decliine, but instead he hesitatingly said, “What the heck…Frank seems to be enjoying it”

I got the two of them lying side by side with their legs up just a little bit. Just as I had with Frank I lubed up a finger and worked it around and finally into Johns’ ass. As he got used to one and then two fingers, I could hear his breathing change and he was soon moaning slightly as I worked my fingers in and out. I hadn’t stopped sucking on Frank while I loosened up John, but I switched over to John’s hardon and started sucking on him and at the same time eased the smaller vibe into his butt. He was certainly tighter than Frank, but I soon had it in all the way. As I fucked their asses at the same time, I kept switching back and forth between the two cocks. “This feels fantastic,” moaned John.

“Hey,” said Frank, “why not see if you can get Linda to do your ass while she goes down on you sometime – if she sees that you like it then maybe she’ll let you try her ass!”

I could tell that John liked that idea from both the moan and the way his cock jumped in my mouth at the thought of it. I moved my mouth back to Frank and after a minute or so, I felt his balls tighten up – a sure sign he was about to cum. Whenever I gave Frank a blowjob, I never went all the way with it, not being sure how I’d like the feel/taste of him cuming in my mouth. I must have been hornier than usual because instead of pulling back like I always did, I started sucking harder. The first spurt caught me a bit by surprise, but I managed to hold it and the remaining ones in without choking. I can’t quite explain the feeling or the taste, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I remembered something I’d read in one of those sex story mags once that had appealed to me, so I pulled the vibrators out of their asses, moved back around and kissed Frank with a mouthful of cum, letting some of it slip from my mouth to his. I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be, but I knew it didn’t bother him when I felt his tongue part my lips and let a bit more slip into his mouth.

I fully expected Frank to be out of commission for a few minutes, so I was quite surprised – pleasantly so – when he pulled me the rest of the way up onto him and slid his still hard cock into me. It felt great as it slid in, he wasn’t as big as John, but we’d been together long enough that he knew how I liked it. I didn’t want to make John feel left out so I handed him the lube and asked him to lube me up the same way I had lubed him. I certainly didn’t have to ask twice as he took the lube and was soon teasing my ass with a well lubed finger. It felt so good to have Frank in my pussy and a finger up my butt at the same time. As I got used to one bahis şirketleri finger – which didn’t take too long – John started working two into me. That felt even better, but I wanted the real thing and John was more than happy to oblige. I felt empty when his fingers pulled out, but it wasn’t too long before I could feel the slippery head of his shaft against my backdoor. I quickly remembered that he was bigger than Frank and wondered if this was going to work, but even as I thought about it I could feel my ass stretching to accomodate him. Thankfully he took it very slowly, easing it in and out, going just a little bit further each time. Finally I could feel his hips right up against my ass and I knew it was all the way in. Now the two of them started working together and it went much smoother than it had the previous night. I love the feeling of being ‘full’ and this was certainly as full as I’d ever been. Having cum just a bit ago, I knew Frank would be good for a while, but I wasn’t sure how long John would be able to last. I was getting close myself, so I reached one hand down to play with myself. I was quite wet, and my clit was very swollen. I began by just teasing my clit with my finger, but when I felt my orgasm starting to build, I went faster and faster. When I came, the feeling was incredible! I could feel both my ass and pussy clench down on the cocks in them and then go into spasms. Those spasms were all it took for John as he thrust deep into my ass and even as I heard him moan I could feel his cock pulse as he came in my ass. I’d thought Frank would last longer than he did, but I guess I wasn’t the only one that was hotter than usual. Frank had sped up his thrusts until we were almost bouncing off each other. I’m not sure how John managed to stay with us, but he did, and was just starting to soften in my ass when I felt Franks whole body stiffen as he came in me. All three of collapsed like puppets with their strings cut and lay there in a sweaty but very satisfied heap for a few minutes until we regained enough control to roll apart. I woke up at one point in the night to find John curled up against my back with a hand cupping my breast, and Frank curled up against me with my hand just grazing his crotch, then drifted back off to sleep with a very contented smile on my face.

The next morning, there wasn’t any of the tension that there had been after the first night. All of us were quite relaxed with what had happened. I didn’t know if it would happen again or not, but if it didn’t at least I’d have enough memories of the weekend to keep my fantasies going for a long time.

As with all other good things, the weekend had to come to an end and we had to start packing the next morning to get back home. As we packed, John asked us if we had any suggestions as to how he could get Linda to try anal sex or maybe even try two guys.

“I don’t know,” I told him, “why not try writing down what happened this weekend and leaving it somewhere where she’ll find it and read it? Who knows, the next time we go camping we might need a tent for four!”

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