Cally Comes Again (and Again)

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When Cally finally awoke late the following morning she felt pretty sore. Sore from the way her pussy had been overstretched by old Tom’s chunky cock; Very sore in the butt region where his meaty 3 inch diameter glans had ruptured the once decorous petal-shaped guardian of her anal canal and mighty sore by the way she had been duped into accepting the fake $50 dollar bills for her pains.

She had to admit though that the overall experiences of the previous day had not been all bad. The explosion of hot glutinous spunk from a thickly veined penis pressed hard against the neck of her womb and that precious pain of a full anal insertion were memories that would undoubtedly endure for most of her sexually active life. And then of course there was the pleasing recollection of the mutual ‘sister act’ as she called to mind the tang of the copious and sweetly perfumed juices that flowed profusely from Olga’s gaping cunt as she had sucked greedily at the oversized ‘clit’ whilst the more experienced older woman had done things with her blood-gorged nipples that previously she could have only dreamed about.

Still, our proud young heroine felt used and was determined to seek redress at the earliest possible opportunity. This was the reason she was now stood outside Tom’s room door, summoning the courage to knock and enter. Tom’s response to her rather timid knock of “Come” brought the flicker of a smile to her lips when she thought of the many times she had done just that on their previous encounter. However, today she was abroad to see pecuniary justice done. Cally was somewhat taken aback when on entering she was faced with the unmistakable and naked rump of Olga Dyke oscillating at a fair rate of knots that on every up stroke revealed the fearsome girth of Tom’s juice coated weapon plunging into Olga’s more than willing pussy slit.

At this somewhat unexpected and titillating sight, all thoughts of her initial reason to visit vanished. With a little squeal of impending pleasure she gently parted Olga’s enormous bum cheeks and slid her tongue deep into the revealed orifice. The grunt of appreciation mouthed by Olga convinced Cally that she had done the right thing. Many thrusts and slurps later, old Tom finally shot his load deep inside the cavernous cunt of his willing sex partner and Cally was somewhat disappointed to find that hardly a drop escaped past the voluminous lips of Olga’s outer labia.

“And what brings our little Cally here so early in the day? Come for second helpings have you?” At this cynical outburst, Cally’s initial resolve returned but as though second-guessing the real reason for the visit, Tom continued saying, “I know your probably smarting from the little trick I played on you yesterday, but don’t take it to heart gal — I was only joshing with you. Tell you what, come round this evening and I’ll more than make it up to you. Me and a few of the good old boys are having a little poker session and it’s always nice to have a ‘purty’ gal like you around to perhaps deal a few hands and hand out the drinks and nibbles. Play your cards, or rather our cards right and you’ll probably walk away with treble the amount you thought you had last night. Don’t worry that you’ll be all alone. Olga will be here to make sure things don’t get to outa hand and I do believe that Julie, another of the new gals will be there to offer mutual support.”

“Well,” she responded somewhat hesitantly, “If you put it like that I guess I could give it a try, but if there’s fucking involved I hope that there’s some normal size cock around — I don’t think my pussy or ass could cope at the moment with a dick like yours.”

“Don’t worry honey — I can promise you that none of the other guys in here has a cock like mine.” Now one would suppose that Cally could breathe easily as the inference was that the guys in question were lesser endowed than Tom. However — but hold on — I’m getting ahead of myself and sure don’t antalya escort want to spoil the surprise that the evening would bring ——–

On leaving Tom’s room, Olga took Cally to meet the new girl Julie and they found her just trying on the sexy uniform that appeared to be standard issue for all the girls apart from the matriarch Olga. Cally’s heart skipped a beat as she gazed at the exquisite curves of her new buddy. It was as though she was looking into a mirror, as the derriere was as cute; the nipped in waist as slim and shapely and the fulsome breasts if anything were a tad larger and the nipples more prominent.

“I’ll leave you two girls to get better acquainted,” said Olga, giving Cally a rather sly wink as she walked from the room.

“Gee it sure seems nice here,” exclaimed Julie as she attempted to tuck a generous breast into the somewhat skimpy bra’.

“It’s different, I’ll grant you that,” responded Cally with more than a touch of irony in her voice. “So tell me Julie, what brings you to this part of the world?” A dark shadow passed across Julie’s pretty face as she answered,

“Well I just couldn’t imagine how I was going to cope with all that extra cock.” Cally’s quizzical expression prompted Julie to continue. “It all started when Momma ran off with that fertilizer salesman just after my 18th birthday. Daddy came into my bedroom that night to tell me that as the eldest daughter it was now my duty to give daily comfort, succour and relief to the men folk of the house, which included him and my four older brothers. At first I wasn’t quite sure as to what was required of me until daddy said there was no time like the present to start my duties and with that he raised his nightshirt and showed me his willie. It sure was mighty big — almost 7” long (was this kid for real?) and I still wasn’t sure what he intended me to do with it. I didn’t have to wait long as he then grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down toward his willie whilst ordering me to ‘Open Wide.’

I gagged a little at first as the huge willie slid between my lips but I realized there was no stopping daddy now. I figured out purty quick how to let it slip down my throat and breathe at the same time and hell! — I was even starting to enjoy the experience. Daddy, I could tell, was getting really excited as he pulled down the front of my gingham dress and rubbed his calloused hands against my hard little boobies whilst thrusting that long stiff willie even deeper down my throat and it wasn’t long before I felt his throbbing cock buck against my poor tongue as the hot jizz exploded from his balls; and filled my mouth and throat with salty sticky cum.

“Better swallow gal,” he casually informed me, “‘fore you choke yerself.” I did and was surprised to find that his load, although plentiful, was really quite tasty. I think even daddy was surprised as he caught me sucking out the last drops and licking my now gooey lips with satisfaction.

“Hope you aint ever done that before gal or I’d have to give you a whipping — you sure appeared to know what you was doing.”

“Honest daddy,” I responded demurely, “that’s the first willie ever been in my mouth, but I sure hope it wont be the last,” I continued with a coy smile.

“You can count on that fer sure gal,” he grinned salaciously.

“And boy was he right ’bout that. During the next few days my randy Pa and my four insatiable siblings shagged me in every conceivable position and in every hole in my body. I gave tit shags and blowjobs galore and I reckon I swallowed more jizz than water during those first few days. They licked my pussy relentlessly, tongued my asshole with great gusto and on one occasion I had daddy fucking my mouth, the two older boys stuck up my cunt and ass while I jacked off the two younger boys. Now don’t get me wrong Cally,” she continued, “I didn’t feel badly done to taking all the cock on board, in fact I gotta kepez escort admit that I quite enjoyed it — and then the novelty began to wear off. Oh I still got shagged — pretty relentlessly to — but by now them good ole boys were just going through the motions. There balls needed draining and I was handy. What little compassion that there had been initially quickly evaporated and I became nothing more than a fuck vessel — a convenient repository for unwanted jizz”

At this final admission she let out a huge sigh of apparent desperation and flung her arms around Cally’s neck as if seeking empathy from her newly acquired friend. Cally could not help but feel the firmness of Julie’s conical shaped breasts as they pressed hard into her own not insubstantial mammary mounds. Cally lightly brushed her lips against the nape of Julie’s and was somewhat relieved to find that her initial tentative advance had not been rebuked.

“You poor thing,” whispered Cally. “It must have been awful for you. So is that the reason why you ran away then?”

“Oh! No Cally. Guess I could have put up with close family fucking for a mite longer at least. No it was the evening that daddy came home and while he was idly fingering my pussy slit he told me that Aunt Nancy had run off with another fertilizer salesman (What was it with these guys? — I figure that the homespun womenfolk had discovered that handling all that fertilizer had put more in their trousers than they could find at home) and that Uncle Hank and his three boys were sure missing her and that he was thinking of inviting them round for some ‘home comforts’. Now that was the wake-up call I needed. Five dicks a night I could just about accommodate, but another four on top of that would have seen me fucked out by harvest time. Early next morning and I was down at the ‘Greyhound’ depot and two days later I found myself standing at the gates of this ‘ere ‘ome. That’s when M/s Dyke came to the gates, eyed me up and down and asked if I wanted a job. Of course I said yes — I reckoned that looking after the simple needs of a bunch of older guys would be a cinch — ‘sides I guessed it would be nice to give my ‘bits’ some recuperation time among guys who were not constantly trying to get in my panties.” So she had not been in the company of old Tom then thought Cally to herself.

“Watcha doin’ Cally? Enquired Julie somewhat breathlessly — Well, as it happened, Cally found herself totally turned on with all this talk of multiple penetrations and manifold dicks and almost without thinking she had unfastened Julie’s bra’ and was now running her well practised hand lightly across the hard exposed nipple. Cally felt that no words could express the strange desires she was currently experiencing and replied instead by seeking Julie’s now trembling lips with her own and was gratified to sense them parting sensually to allow her darting tongue free access inside the warm and welcoming mouth.

The two girls fell back on the bed and frenzied hands began to tear in unison at the scanty outfits that had barely covered them. Cally now emboldened by her new friend’s obvious willingness, slid her hand between Julie’s thighs, which now opened wide, exposing just about the cutest pussy slit and asshole that she had ever seen. It was difficult to imagine that such innocent looking sexual passages had recently been pounded by at least five cocks on a daily basis and yet still retained an air of youthful innocence usually found among much younger virgins. She ran a finger along the dark red slit, allowing it to dip inside the still tight vaginal opening whilst her thumb expertly coaxed the stiffening ‘clit’ from the confines of its fleshy mantle. This gentle but determined ministration caused Julie to let out a rather startled ‘Ohhh!’ along with a goodly ration of musky scented pussy juices, which quickly coated Cally’s questing digits. Determined not to let such manavgat escort bounty flow to waste, Cally smartly adjusted her position on the bed so that her generous mouth now covered Julie’s weeping pussy and the translucent juices flowed abundantly through parted lips; along a searching tongue, finally to disappear down a seemingly insatiable throat to be welcomed by a stomach that accepted the gift much as the parched traveller drains a proffered draught of cool refreshing water.

“Ohh! Cally, should we really be doing this,” enquired a nervous Julie.

“Are we hurting anyone?” responded Cally.

“Well s’pose not,” answered Julie.

“Are you enjoying it?” continued Cally.

“You ‘betcha,’ simpered Julie. “Though not sure it beats a seven inch cock in my pussy, but it sure is a pleasing alternative when there aint a man around,” she concluded.

“I’ll drink to that,” replied Cally as once again she lowered her head to take in a further draught of the sticky scented juices that continued to flow liberally from Julie’s well-stimulated cunt.

It took little persuasion on Cally’s part to eventually guide Julie’s now trembling hand in the direction of her own burning pussy. She sensed her partner’s surprise when, as she tentatively inserted a slim digit into her well-fingered cunt, Cally grasped her wrist and pulled the whole hand against her swelling mons. Julie was to be even further astonished when the now balled fist slid easily between the fleshy labial lips to disappear totally into the gaping maw of her well-fucked vagina.

“Gee Cally! What you had up there — hoss cock?”

“Well not exactly Julie, but there’s been a few guys hung like stallions that have parted my pussy lips” bragged Cally.

“That can’t be right Cally. Daddy told me his seven incher was just about a big as a dick can grow,” cried a somewhat credulous Julie.

“Maybe so in your neck of the woods gal, but I can assure you that there are plenty of cocks out there more than twice that size — and thick to go with it,” she hastily added recalling her strenuous workout the previous evening with old Tom.

“So what’s the biggest you’ve taken then?” said a now wide-eyed Julie.

“Well there’s been a dozen or so in the eight to ten inch category that have fucked both my fanny and my ass. I’ve given a blow job to a teacher who could manage a ‘foot’ and hand jobs to my dad and his brother (but that’s another story), who both sported a good fifteen inches of rock solid flesh. But the biggest I’ve laid eyes on was when I was a football cheerleader at college and it belonged to our quarterback and I saw it measured at nineteen impressive inches.”

“And did he fuck ya?” cried the astonished Julie.

“Na! Turned out he batted for the other side, but he certainly left his mark on us naïve girls. The coach jerked him off and there must have been a quart of jizz that squirted from his dick — all in our direction — we got truly soaked but I can’t recall anyone complaining as we licked each other clean.”

“Cally, I do believe you’re joshing me. I just can’t believe that any cock can be as big as that, ‘sides what pussy or ass could take in such a monster?” mooted Julie.

“Well, I gotta admit I never saw it ‘housed’ but rumour had it that there were plenty of guys in that college team that had well-reamed assholes.” Cally replied.

“Gee Cally, you got me all wet again talkin’ ’bout such gigantic cocks,” simpered Julie coyly, “Wonder how it feels to have such a prick nudging at your pussy lips?”

It was at that precise moment that Olga entered the room and appeared quite nonplussed to see her charges locked in such a passionate embrace and the air positively charged with the overpowering bouquet of feminine love juice.

“Be careful what you wish for Julie,” smirked the matriarch as she playfully pinched an exposed nipple. “Play your cards right and — who knows. That reminds me,” she continued. “Shouldn’t you girls be getting prepared for the card school tonight? I believe it’s going to be a ‘big’ night in more ways than one.” she ended mysteriously. The girls eyed each other knowingly as the innuendo had not escaped them———-.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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