Cabin Retreat Ch. 4

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…even with my growing hard-on, I tell you we have no time for that right now. Though I must admit when you give head it is something that is hard to resist.

I get up and put my shorts back on and tell you to get ready. After about fifteen minutes you wander into the kitchen to eat breakfast, not much of a breakfast after it has sat a while, so you and I just settle for some rolls and tea. I go outside to get things ready while you pack the cooler.

We arrive at our favorite spot just in time, since it is getting crowded along camp nine. I unload the suburban and you lay out camp while I launch the boat. I come back to see you already lying in the sun in a fluorescent green bikini, those luscious 38 D boobs just screaming for attention and a thong showing off your incredible ass and long legs. I drop anchor and come up to you, and stand there, just admiring you. I look around and notice all of the men gawking at you, while their less than attractive wives smack them on the back of their heads to keep them from doing so. I puff up with pride, just thinking how all of the other guys on the beach wish they were doing to you what I was going to do.

I pick you up and take you out to the boat and tell you we need to go for a ride. You protest but not much. I take the boat between the trees out in the middle of the lake and find a nice little cove in the trees to tie up to. Almost immediately you spread a towel out on the deck and take off your top to sun bathe. I get a hard-on just staring at your tits. You ask if I would rub some oil on you (what am I a fool), of course I will. I start with your back, skin already warm just from the short time we are out in the sun. I rub the oil into the back of your calves and work up over your thighs and butt cheeks, giving them a little squeeze. Squeezing antalya escort the oil onto your back makes you flinch since it’s cold right out of the cooler. You get over it as my hands start to knead you back with the oil. You start to moan as I massage your back muscles, and I also notice you slightly grinding your pelvis into the deck. Once I am done with you back I move back down to your thighs and butt.

As I massage your thighs I move my hands higher between your legs that you part slightly so I have better access. My hands move up and over your butt cheeks and you hips rise, (horny again are we), as I massage your butt my thumbs run down between your thighs and under your thong lightly brushing against your pussy, I notice you are already wet, and something else. You shaved completely clean while you I was getting things ready. I tell you there is no reason for tan lines so I take your thong and start to take it off, and you raise your hips to help out.

I can’t resist and hold your hips high and start to lick your pussy from behind, you set up on your knees so I can tongue fuck you right there on the boat. I lick you up and down concentrating on your clit trying to make you cum quickly. You reach between your legs and start rubbing your clit while I dart my tongue in your wet hole, driving it as deep as I can. I run my tongue up to your puckered hole and start to lick at first, then pushing it in further as you start to whimper and moan. I put 2 fingers in your wet pussy searching for your g spot. When I find it I know because you start to cum.

With my tongue fucking your ass and my fingers massaging your g spot you cum hard and fluids squirt from your pussy, and you fall forward panting. You tell me that has never happened before, and asked if I would do that again. lara escort I tell you whenever you want.

You tell me now it is my turn, and proceed to pull my shorts down. My cock is like a springboard and almost slaps you in the face as you drop my shorts. You hungrily take me into your mouth and try to get me to cum as fast as I did you. Your soft hands caress my balls as you take me deep in your throat, swallowing on the head of my cock, making it impossible for me not to cum, but somehow I hold back. You know I am close and are determined to make me cum.

Out of the corner of your eye you see the oil that I was spreading on your back just minutes ago. You release my cock from your mouth and grab the oil. With an evil grin you pour it on my cock rubbing me up and down with a tight grip. You tell me that I haven’t oiled your front yet and put my greased cock in between your tits and proceed to fuck my cock with your tits. It feels so good I don’t know how long I will last. I feel as if I could cum right then but I hold off for a while. While I am thrusting in your cleavage and your mouth sucking me in on the up stroke, I am almost there. Then you do something that I have always heard of but never had done, you reach around my ass and start to finger my asshole, slowly and gently at first, then with more pressure until you have your finger about two inches up my ass going in and out like I did to you earlier. I warn you that I am cumming and you wrap your mouth around my throbbing cock and start sucking harder and faster, while fucking my ass with your finger.

The first shot of cum hits the back of your throat; you release me and jerk me off all over your tits and face. I cum what seems like a gallon and by the looks of your cum covered tits it just may have side escort been. My cock stay hard though and you wonder what we should do about it. I turn you around and make you face the bow of the boat standing up. I bend you over with your hands on the deck and push my hard cock against your pussy. I glide in easily and in one stroke I am buried into you. I rub your tits while I fuck you from behind, pinching and twisting your nipples, which are so hard, you cum from that alone. I find the oil this time and dribble it down the crack of your ass. You know what is going to happen and beg for it. Fuck my ass you tell me. I almost cum right then, I pull out of your tight cunt and place the head of my cock right at puckered asshole, using the oil I poured there I lube my cock and push just enough that you realize you are going to get what you begged for.

With a steady push the head of my cock slips past the tight ring of your ass, you gasp at first and I wait for you to relax. You start to push back at me trying to give you more cock. I push in farther inch, by inch until all nine inches is buried in your tight ass. You are breathing hard as the first wave of climaxes wash over you. I grab a handful of those blonde tresses and begin pumping in and out. Fuck your pussy is tight but your ass is like a vise. The oil makes fucking your ass easier. Faster you beg, so I start to move faster, pulling your hair as I do so. You rub your clit and plunge two fingers deep into your pussy so you can cum again. I start t feel my toes tingle and it moves up my thighs, I cumming I yell and you tell me to “fill my ass, cum in me I’m cumming now” for what seems like an eternity I cum and cum in your ass. Your juices run down your leg as you cum again.

My softening dick slides out of you. And we both sit on the deck for a moment then kiss. To clean up we jump in the water and hold each other reveling in our little antics.

We get out of the water, you lie back on the deck of the boat and I oil you up, we both doze off for a while.

When we get back to camp…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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