Cabin in the Woods Ch. 02

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I hope you all like this installment.


Working on the neighboring cabin was a nice outlet for us. I kept thinking how were we going to pull this party off? Josh noticed I was distracted and came up to me with his hand on my shoulder he turned me around and kissed me deeply,

“You are one distracted bear.”

“I am thinking about that party we have to participate in.”

“Well you know I will do whatever you need me to do and besides we haven’t set a date yet. Have we?”

“No, not yet.”

We finished staining and weathering the cabin. It was ready for Susan to show to now. We picked up our tools and other supplies. Tomorrow I’ll help her stage the cabin. Josh had some business in town and to go shopping for the week. I took some pictures of the cabin as it was now. This was so we could compare with what we had to start with and how it had changed.

We walked toward our cabin. I saw Susan’s car in the driveway. She was on her cell phone pacing back and forth. When we approached she waved and hung up the phone.

“I’m glad I came up here today. Is the cabin ready?” I said.

“Just finished it, we can now stage it tomorrow once everything is dry. That should be in the morning.”

She kissed both of us with tongue. This we did not expect. So I tweaked a boob and she smiled. “I guess I deserved that.”

“You bet you did sister. Jon’s going to make dinner did you want any?” Josh spoke up.

“Yeah we have plenty.”

“I’ll come in for a drink, but I have to get going after that.”

She came in and I gave her a beer. I opened two, casino siteleri one for Josh and one for me.

“Oh guess what? My cousin has a new boyfriend, but he still wants to come up. He wants to show off his new lover and his cousin in one visit.”

“You know you never told us your cousin’s name. We should probably know that if he’s going to be sucking on our cocks.” I said.

“Yeah that would help and his lover’s name too, if you know it.” Josh said.

“His name is Tom and the boyfriend I don’t know. Yet.”

“We could just have the party and not worry about the sex yet, since they both just met on another. Wouldn’t want to scare anyone. Two bears coming at ya and all.” I said.

“Yeah they haven’t done that yet so that would kind of be bad form and all. After all this isn’t the 70’s” Josh mentioned.

Susan thought about it and agreed with us. “So dinner it is.”

Sighing with relief, “Great what does he like to eat? Is he a vegetarian? Or what?”

“He’ll eat whatever you put on the plate.”

“Well that could be interesting.” I said with a smile.

“Really, I may have to take you up on that too.” She said.

“Drink your beer.” Josh said, “and name the day.”

“I’ll call you on when Tom is here. We can then make the date.”


She left with a kiss for each of us and made her way to her car. I watched her ass. Not as good as Josh’s though. We went into the house and I made dinner. Josh was going over some paperwork for a project he was working on. I set the table and got dinner on the table.

“It’s ready come and get canlı casino it. The dinner I mean.”

“Ah great! I’m starved.”

We passed the time eating and talking. His project was on a new security system for his company’s network. We talked about the week’s happenings in town. There was some kind of celebration, not sure what it was though. We thought we’d go. After cleaning up and getting out of the work clothes, I couldn’t believe that I still had them on, we settled down on the couch. I changed into my shorts and a t-shirt. He had the same thing on.

We snuggled up on the couch, watching the TV. Josh’s hand was on my ass and he was rubbing it in a circular rotation. He knew this got me going. I rubbed his inner thigh and moved up to his sac and then back down. Josh moved his hand around one of my cheeks as I massaged his balls a little. He pulled on the cheek and separated it from the other. I looked up and he down at me and we kissed. Our tongues mingled with each other. He used his teeth a little. I cupped his balls as he moved his hand into the crack of my ass. I could feel the air in the center of my ass crack. He spread my cheeks further apart and found my anal ring.

I pulled out his hardening cock and took the head into my mouth, it felt spongy despite its hardness, and circled the tip with my tongue as he worked on my hole. He then slapped my ass with the back of his hand, it wasn’t really hard slap but enough to get things going. He moved his finger in a circular pattern to relax the ring. Moving his finger forward I moaned a little.

“Oh you are tight tonight, but kaçak casino we’ll get in there.”

“You taste good tonight too. Must be the new diet.” I said with a smile as I tasted his pre-cum. I was still sucking on his cockhead so whatever he shot out went right into my mouth. I stroked his shaft milking him gently.

We were still dressed as well, which didn’t matter but it added another layer of arousal to the sensation. I felt a pop as his finger went past my ring and the pressure was gone.

“Ahh there it is.” He moaned. His finger stayed there for a bit and then moved forward with gentle thrusts. I then took the rest of his cock into my mouth and started pistoning on it. I wanted him more this way. Between him finger fucking me and me sucking him we both were close to orgasming. He put in a second finger and really went after my ass. I stroked him harder and applied more suction. I pulled on his sac too.

“That’s it baby, make me work for cumming.” He moaned.

I took him in my mouth deeper and swirled the head, I tasted the pre-cum. I felt his legs start to spasm and I knew he was ready. I held his cock base and sucked harder pumping his cock. I cupped his balls and pushed them to the base. His cock twitched and I held his cock still as he spurted his hot liquid into my mouth.

His thrusts in my ass came faster and deeper. He found the button and did a circular pattern on it and pushed on it hard. I sucked him harder and pushed his balls closer to his cock base. He pushed harder on the button and I rolled over and exploded on my chest. I then spasmed as he pulled out of my ass and I shot the last of my load.

I looked up at him, “I love you Josh.”

“I love you and will always be here…to make you cum.” He said with a smile.

We kissed deeply for what seemed eternity.

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