But I’m straight Pt. 03

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The third, and final part of a first time experience. Sometimes things don’t always go as smoothly and we would want them to; sometimes guilt can get in the way.

I felt his hand on my back. This time, unlike earlier, I flinched.

“You okay?” Mile asked again.

“Yes,” I lied, “I just need the loo,” I compounded the lie and headed towards the bathroom.

Once in there I slumped naked on the loo, my mind a whirl. Why did I feel like this? Something that had seemed so right a short while ago was now consuming me with guilt and it didn’t make sense. I knew there was nothing wrong with what I had done, we were both consenting adults; I was not in a relationship; no one was being cheated on, being hurt – but somehow it was wearing heavy with me, something which wasn’t rational. A ball of guilt that was ever growing: I had to get out, I had to escape.

I headed back in the bedroom determined on my plan of action.

I hastily found my boxers and sat on the bed.

“You know I felt the same way after my first time,” Mike said.

“What?” I asked surprised by what he had said.

“After my first time, I was consumed with guilt, couldn’t stand – or understand how I felt,” Mike’s tone was calm and reassuring. I stopped putting my boxers on and turned to face him lying on the bed, that twinkle in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, but…well, I have to go,” I stammered.

“Your choice, but it won’t make you feel any better, you know.”

“What do you mean? I’m fine,” I continued with the lie.

“What we did was a big step for you, but asked yourself this, did you think it was so bad a couple of hours ago? And if you’re anything like I was, you won’t in a couple of hours’ time,” Mike reassured me and in my heart I knew he was right.

“After my first time, I ran out too. I felt terrible for days but…I guess it was my conditioning to think it wrong but gradually those feelings came back and I was forced to admit that it was something I enjoyed.”

I sat there, head bowed, my mind in a whirl. I knew what Mike was saying was correct but that didn’t change how I felt. My head and heart were out of sync.

“Look, my advice is don’t do anything rash. Stay here till morning – we don’t have to do anything – promise. Then, in the morning we can part. Ships in the night. No worries. Believe you me, the feelings change. And if it is worth anything, I really loved early,” Mike’s words made sense I was feeling slightly calmer.

“…but..”I began to protest.

“Come on,” Mike assured smiling slightly as he pulled back the corner of the duvet so as to invite me in.

The mixture of his calm voice, logic of his argument and warm smile was convincing me.

“No expectations and as we both said, no one needs to know.”

“Okay,” I muttered almost inaudibly and climbed back into bed, back beside this man.

As I lay down, Mike stretched his arm out, to my side of the bed so I ended up lying with his arm around me and my head resting on his chest. I felt good somehow: I felt sort of safe in his embrace.

“I’m sorry Mike, I’m being such an idiot,” I said, running my hand across his chest, his manly hairy chest.

“Don’t be daft,” he assured me “what canlı bahis we did, was a big step for you, it’s perfectly natural to feel how you do. I understand. My first time I was sick.”

“Really!” I perked up.

“Really,” he replied, “so you’re in good company,”

“I’m sorry though,” I answered.

“Well don’t be,” said Mike hugging me slightly and then with that he planted a small and gentle kiss on my forehead; a kiss which seemed to matter so much, that it everything was okay, there was no pressure and that things would be alright.

I smiled, rubbing Mike’s chest once more and looked up into his eyes.

“You are kind,” I said finding my head instinctively reaching up towards his head, my lips towards his and, unlike the passionate ones before, plant a soft tender kiss on his lips. A kiss which was followed by another…

and another..

and another.

Kisses which I admitted to finally admitted to myself, felt wonderful.

“You know,” said Mike breaking off,” I rather rudely dropped off before you had had your fun.” He added, a devilish twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, yes you did,” I responded equally playfully.

“Well I better be doing something about it,” and with that not only did he kiss me deeply but he moved round so he was on top of me.

Instinctively I opened my legs, my arms around him as he kissed me.

“So much for guilt,” I thought as I felt our naked bodies entwine, there was no way I was stopping now.

More, thank goodness was Mike, I felt his hands all over me, my chest, stomach and finally, thank goodness, my cock. The fact it was now very wet and absolutely rock hard proved my earlier guilt had well and truly subsided. He cradled my balls before venturing up and down the shaft in long slow strokes. Then without warning, suddenly stopped and pressed his cock against mine. Wow! It felt electric. His cock seemed so much bigger than mine, it was like his was dominating it, making it his.

“Oh god, yes,” I cried.

I could feel Mike’s hand firmly around both our cocks, rubbing them together, rubbing them up and down sending me into a total frenzy.

I reached up, put my hand on his cheek and looked him in the eye.

“I want you Mike,” I called out and in that instance I had never wanted someone so much, so completely.

“Not want to go?” he teased.

“Christ know!”

“What do you want?” he asked continuing to rub both cocks.

“I want you! I want your cock, I want to be your lover!” and with that I could hold it no longer. I felt a massive wave of energy built up, I had reached the point of no return, I could feel my orgasm starting.

Now it is a bit of a cliché to compare it to a volcano, but my god, like Krakatoa erupting, you could probably hear me miles away! And when I say erupt, boy did I shoot. The first ejection was incredibly powerful, shooting streams of cum flying over my head; the second spilled my hot cum all over my chest; the third my stomach: the fourth and fifth my groin. (the 6th and 7th were not that spectacular and 8th positively mundane) My whole body was electric and I was writhing almost uncontrollably but Mike’s firm strong hands would not let me free. Still bahis siteleri his hand went back and forth over our two cocks, ever quicker, almost to unbearable lengths for me.

I cried out but then so did he. I felt a twitch and then a further eruption. This time Mike himself, again over me, covering my chest with both his and my cum.

We both cried out before eventually, spent, he stopped.

“Phew!” I lay there unable to move, my heart still pounding.

“So, how was that?” he asked, a knowing cheeky grin on his face.

“Yeah,” I gasped, “not bad” I added laughing. “Would you do me a favour though?” I asked.

“For you anything.”

“Could you check my legs are there please. I can’t feel them.”

Mike laughed and headed to the bathroom.

“Best get you cleaned up,” he said towel in hand. He then proceeded to wipe the excess cum from my chest, stomach and groin. Still sensitive to the touch I squirmed as he did so.

“I think you enjoyed that,” he laughed.

“Jeez it was incredible,” I replied running both my hands through my hair, my body still tingling.

“Good, I aim to please.”

“You did that alright,” I laughed again, “I have NEVER felt anything so intense in my life!”

“You have never experience anything so intense YET!” Mike corrected me, “who says we are finished?” he smiled then bent down and kissed me.

“Think I could get used to this,” I said returning the kiss, “and to think I was going to run out.”

“I’m glad you stayed too,” Mike said, a playful air in his voice once more, “now would you be so good as to open your legs please?”

“Certainly,” I answered obliging his request. I felt nervous of what I thought was coming next but judging by what I had experienced before; another new experience I was eager to try.

Mike manoeuvred round and took something he’d obviously got from the bathroom when he got the towel, a small tube of lubricant. He opened it and squeezed some on his fingers. I took a deep breath at what I thought was coming next.

“Relax,” he reassured me, “trust me, you’ll enjoy.”

“I am yours,” was my reply and then I felt his cold, slippy finger massaging the bud of my anus. The coldness (and perhaps nerves) causing me to flinch slightly.

“Cold?” Mike asked. I nodded. “Don’t worry it will soon warm up”

I could feel his fingers gently massaging my hole and very quickly I stopped thinking about the coldness but the sensation of him gently sticking his fingers inside me.

Instinctively my hips began to rock ever so slightly to the rhythm of his probing as he gently went deeper.

“See, told you that you’d enjoy.”

And Mike was right. Although slightly painful this strange new sensation felt incredible. Not just the touch but how it made me feel, this man inside me, this man who was most definitely my lover. Deeper he went, making everything that much more intense, then when I had become accustomed to that, he withdrew and this time used two fingers, stretching me further, increasing the intensity of the experience.

“Is that good?” came the soft words. I wish I could have replied but was in no state to do anything but nod and rock gently in time with the bahis şirketleri probing, my cock once again ready to explode.

Mike stopped his probing, removing his fingers then moving to kiss me again.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

I shook my head, “No!”

“It might hurt a bit but promise I’ll be gentle.”

“Please Mike, I want you, want to feel you inside me,”

What had happened to my guilt?

Mike smiled, took the tube of lubricant one more and put it over his penis. My eyes were transfixed on his cock – it seemed so large!

“You have a lovely cock,” I found myself saying as I stared.

Mike laughed. “What happened to my little shy boy then?”

I laughed too, “Guess you did – brought me out of my shell.” And with that we kissed again and Mike positioned himself between my legs and I opened them wide as I ran my fingers through his hair.

I could feel his cock rubbing against my hole and although he had previously used his finger on me, this raised the intensity that much further as Mike raised his shoulders up and began, ever so gently, rocking back and forth, pressing the tip of his cock against my hole.

I pushed against him feeling how big he was.

“Now relax,” Mike said soothingly as he gently pushed forward stretching my hole ever so slightly. His cock felt so much bigger than fingers as it pushed against my hole, and with each push gradually going that little bit further.

I cried out as he finally entered me, it felt like I was going to split open his cock going deeper and deeper into me, the pain becoming intense.

“Breathe out, let yourself relax into it,” came Mike’s reassuring voice and gradually I began relaxing, gradually the pain reduced as I became used to it, used to his cock inside me.

“I told you I’d be gentle,” Mike smiled at me.

I was breathing heavy now, my heart pounding as his cock went deeper, rubbing against my prostrate causing new powerful feelings. Mike grabbed my very stiff cock and began rubbing me as he moved in and out.

“Mike, Mike!” I screamed, “Fuck me, make me yours!”

Where had that guilt gone? I didn’t know and quite frankly I didn’t care on bit! This new experience was consuming me. Every nerve in my body was turned up to 11. I could feel Mike get quicker, I could feel his orgasm build, turning me on even more.

And then…

Both of us started cavorting almost uncontrollably as simultaneously our orgasms swept over us. I could feel hot sticky cum shooting in me, my own cock spraying both of us with cum. I thought the previous orgasm was powerful but this reached even new levels, so much so I found myself crying out.

“Oh god Mike, yes, yes!”. All of me was seemingly on fire it seemed, pleasure swept over every cell in my body.

Eventually though an Mike exhausted stopped and withdrew then collapsed on the bed beside me.

And there we lay for a good three minutes, saying nothing, just panting and smiling…smiling form ear to ear.

Eventually Mike broke the silence.

“So, alright?” he laughed.

“Alright!” I replied, still with the grin on my face. I reached over and tenderly kissed him.

“Thank you, that was amazing, thank you my lover, my gay lover,” I whispered kissing him once more and lying against his chest.

And there we slept: me lying on his chest, him his arm around me. Both spent…both smiling.

Straight? Maybe not…

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