Busy Body Blonde

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Keri Carter is a natural born blonde with a very pretty face. He eyes are green; her skin is clear and her mouth is generous and smiles a lot. She is rather short, and her lush body might be considered by certain Hollywood moguls to be overweight, because her completely natural breasts are large and firm, with big, sensitive pink nipples. Her waist is rather plump, and her hips and ass flair out from there and curve nicely around to merge with her thighs.

The men in her life, and there are a multitude of them, think those moguls are crazy, because they consider Keri’s body to be perfect, for fondling or fucking or just for looking at. That’s one of the reasons she smiles a lot. Keri does not believe in wasting resources, so she delights in keeping her body busy with fucking and other delightful sexual activities, sometimes with a whole group of men at the same time.

Early one afternoon last week, I was lucky enough to be a part of one such group. I have been taking a course in the morning at the local university, and was pretending to study in the student union with three of my much younger classmates, when Keri approached us. She was wearing skin-tight red Capri pants and an even tighter pink jersey, and every time she moved, it was obvious that her luscious breasts were unrestrained under the latter garment. Her pants were so tight that a camel toe was clearly visible, and her fragrant juices had actually soaked through, delighting the eyes and the nostrils of all of us. It was obvious to us and anybody else who saw her that she was wearing nothing under them either.

“Hi, you guys,” she addressed us. “Do you feel like having some fun?”

Keri has a certain reputation. Many women, and even a few self-righteous men, would describe it as being a bad reputation, but most straight men, including me, contend it is an outstanding one. When she asks if somebody wants to have some fun, she means sexual fun with her, and when she addresses a group of guys, she means all of them and all at the same time. There are a few men, besides gays, who would not be interested in having sexual fun with somebody as sexy as Keri, but neither I nor any of my companions were so foolish as to be among that group.

She smiled lewdly when all four of us expressed a desire to join her in having fun, and led us across the street to her studio apartment. Once she had closed and locked the door behind the five of us, she scuffed out of her shoes, leaving her feet bare, walked over to the bed, and turned to face us. As we watched and listened, we also removed out shoes and socks.

I have a certain reputation also, and Keri is aware of it. “We’re all gonna have a great time today,” she announced. “The first thing I want, though, is for George to eat my pussy.” Nobody objected to this, least of all me.

When Keri is serviced by a group of men, she likes it to be complete, and she stood by the bed waiting for us to undress her. We didn’t make her wait any more than about a tenth of a second before getting started on that pleasant task. Kyle hurried to step behind her, took hold of the hem of Keri’s jersey, and started to pull it up over her belly. She raised her arms, and he continued shucking her out of it, stopping to hold her breasts in his hands. He did this so he could pull the garment clear of the luscious orbs and so he could have fun fondling them.

I stepped forward and unbuttoned the side of Keri’s pants, and Eric and Stan worked them down around her voluptuous ass and started peeling them down her thighs. After Kyle pulled the sweater the rest of the way off, allowing Keri’s lovely breasts to bounce free, she sat down on the bed, so the other three of us could strip her pants all the way down and off her legs, leaving her totally naked. As I had surmised, Keri hadn’t been wearing any undergarments at all, not even sox, which made a certain amount of sense, because she wouldn’t have expected to keep them on very long once the fun started.

She moved to the middle of the bed, spread her legs and crooked her finger at me, making an offer I had no wish to refuse. Since I like the feel of the insides of a woman’s bare thighs against my own skin, I took only long enough to unbutton and shuck out of my shirt before kneeling between Keri’s knees. After slipping a pillow under her head, she raised her legs, so I could duck under them, and draped them over my shoulders, leaving my face inches from the truly delightful pussy that I would momentarily be feasting on.

After I was ready to start doing what Keri and I wanted, Eric and Stan got into position also, lying beside her, either of them cupping a succulent breast in his hands and starting to lick the nipples. Those two had also stripped off their shirts and, like I, were wearing only their pants. Kyle went much farther, undressing completely and kneeling over Keri’s face so she could suck his cock. His rather hairy ass was not a pleasant sight to see, but the beautiful casino oyna pussy awaiting my mouth more than made up for it.

And, Keri’s pussy certainly is a thing of beauty. As a natural blonde, her pubic hair would have been soft and fine, but she had shaved it off that morning. Her freshly-shaven skin was more sensitive, but no less beautiful, creamy white and flawless and enticing. In anticipation of the sexual escapade she would be enjoying with four men, her arousal was evident, with her inner pussy lips already swollen and dark pink. Where they meet to form her clit hood, the adorable morsel they should have been sheltering had pushed its way into the open, and was obviously eager to be caressed by my tongue. It was going to have to wait because, when I eat a pussy, I like to build a woman slowly up to her orgasm, and make it the most momentous one I can.

Besides the swollen lips, her eagerness for sexual action with us was obvious from the juices that were trickling from her pussy. Their aroma was truly delightful, and when I leaned forward to start licking them up, their flavor was even more heavenly than their scent. After my tongue had sluiced up all the nectar that Keri had produced so far, it started caressing one of her soft, smooth outer lips. Very slowly, I licked all the way to her mons, kissed her there, and started on the other outer lip.

One drawback with eating a pussy, even such a delectable one as Keri’s, when there is a man in the position occupied by Kyle, is that I am unable to see the woman’s bodily responses. Her pussy was squirming under my face, and producing fresh juices, so I knew she was enjoying what we men were doing for her. I would have also liked being able to watch her body writhing blissfully in front of me, but having to forego that pleasure was a small price to pay for getting to eat a gorgeous pussy such as the one available to me. After I had licked Keri’s second outer lip and devoured all the fresh nectar, I started between a pair of inner and outer labia. For better access, I tilted my head slightly and thrust my tongue in between them, so I would be able to lick both at the same time. Slowly, caressing the lips with my tongue, I continued upward until I reached Keri’s clit hood. When I raised my head for a better look, I saw the little cutie had finished pushing its way out from under its protection.

I was in no hurry to bring Keri to a climax, so my tongue caressed the top of the hood several times before I moved my mouth back to the point where I had started. I licked her other pair of lips the same way, and stopped when I reached her clit hood again. By that time, Keri’s pussy was fucking up into my face, and I stopped to see how the other men were doing. I had to lean to one side to look around the hairy ass in front of me.

Kyle was certainly doing fine. Keri had her arms around his hips and was rapidly moving her face back and forth, taking his cock all the way into her mouth while her pretty blue eyes looked up toward his face. . He was thrusting forward, meeting her halfway, and it looked and sounded as though he would be cumming momentarily and giving her a mouthful of semen. I knew she would also reach her climax in a few minutes if I started sucking on her clit, so I decided to wait until Kyle had cum. Most men, including me, really hate to have a woman clamp her teeth down on their cocks when she has an orgasm, and I wanted to spare him that traumatic event. Besides that, the mouthful of semen he would be feeding her would make Keri’s orgasm even better.

Unpleasant though it was, I watched Kyle’s ass and, after seeing his buttocks clench and clench again, I knew he had cum. Although I couldn’t see exactly what was going on, when I heard Keri murmuring happily, I knew she had just gotten a big mouthful of cum and was licking off the cock of the man who had given it to her. Seconds later, Kyle crawled out of the way, leaving Stan and Eric using their mouths to pleasure her breasts while I continued eating her pussy. When I got an unimpeded view of Keri, it was a pleasure to see her fair, smiling face with fresh cum glistening on her lips. Even as I watched, she licked it all off and smiled even wider.

“Okay, you guys. Now it’s my turn. Make me cum,” she demanded of the three of us.

She was primarily speaking to me because, while the mouths on her breasts would help, it would mostly be what my tongue and lips would do to her pussy that would produce a memorable orgasm. That was what she wanted and what I wanted to give her, so I put my tongue to work in earnest. Once again, I started below her dripping love hole and began probing against the lower edge of that delightful pink place, catching all the juices that squirted out onto my tongue and pleasing my taste buds immensely. Keri was anxious to cum, but I wasn’t anxious to bring her to an orgasm right away, because I know that it’s better for everybody when it’s delayed for a while.

While canlı casino her sexy body pitched and thrashed on the bed, my tongue slowly worked its way up the edges of Keri’s pink love hole. It probed against the edges and explored under her inner lips, switching back and forth from one side to another. Every time I moved my tongue, I dipped the end of it into the bubbling cauldron to taste the fresh nectar. By the time I reached the top edge, Keri’s legs had turned out, presenting her pussy even more fully to me, and she was ramming it up against my face. I knew she was as ready to cum as she would ever be, so I moved my mouth up higher and engulfed her swollen clit.

“Yes! Yes! Suck my clit!” she cried out joyously.

I very much wanted to do exactly that and, while my lips formed a seal at the base, I sucked on her swollen love button. My tongue continued working, caressing the top and sides of Keri’s adorable clit, while she bounced up and down and all over the bed. Stan and Eric continued sucking on her breasts, and holding her on the bed or she might have thrown herself off onto the floor. For about a minute my mouth enjoyed itself on Keri’s clit, and she let all of us know how much she reveled in what we were doing.

“Oh! Oh! Yes!” Keri crooned in delight as she started cumming.

Her movements became even wilder, and her legs clamped onto the sides of my head and started swinging from side to side. As she rocked back and forth on her ass, Keri bounced up and down, ramming her pussy into my face, which was the best place I could think of for it. I kept my arms tightly wrapped around her thighs and my mouth tightly wrapped around her clit, while my lips and tongue worked over the little darling. For as long as she was cumming, Keri warbled in delight, begging me to suck her clit and for the other two men to continue pleasing her breasts. Her request was unnecessary, because none of us had any intention of stopping what we were doing, but we saw no need to tell her that.

With a great cry of ecstasy, Keri climaxed, all her muscles spasming and her back arching and jamming her pussy against my face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, Keri’s body almost melted into the bed, and her legs loosened their grip on my head. I removed my mouth from her clit and licked all the delicious fresh juices from her thighs, crotch and belly where they had spattered during her exertions. My tongue also sluiced all the nectar from the outside of her pussy, but left it inside the lovely pink hole that was its source, because I knew our sexual fun had just begun, and it would be needed as a lubricant. After my feast, I backed away and Stan and Eric straightened up from where they and Keri’s breasts had been pleasuring each other.

She smiled and looked around at us. “That was great, you guys. I hope you can all fuck as well as you suck, because we’re just getting started.”

As I said, Keri has an outstanding reputation, and all of us guys were aware that we would be in for an afternoon of hot sex with her until we became too tired to continue. At her direction, Stan and Eric and I removed our pants so Keri could decide in which of her delightful orifices she wanted our individual cocks. Stan was hung the biggest, so that was the one she wanted in her pussy, and she told him to lie on his back. Eric had the smallest cock, which meant that Keri would suck him off while I fucked her ass. Nobody had any objection to our assignments, nor did we object to Keri being the one to decide what everybody was to do. We were all happy to be sexually involved with a hotty like her for the rest of the day, and nobody would be foolish enough to object to such a trivial thing.

After being sucked off and feeding Keri a nice mouthful of cum, Kyle was temporarily out of action. However, he was a young man and, by the time the rest of us had finished pleasuring the places she wanted us to fuck, his cock would be ready for more action, and it would be wherever she wanted. Because she is extremely promiscuous and wanted to avoid either getting pregnant or contracting AIDS or any kind of STD, Keri would insist that Stan and I would need to wear protection. Since she loves to swallow the cum of a man she has sucked off, Kyle had not done so, nor would Eric. There is another advantage to having the man fucking her pussy wearing a condom. Keri loves having her pussy eaten after fucking, but she is aware that most men have an aversion toward licking another man’s semen from her while they enjoy her delicious juices.

There were a wet towel, a bottle of Aqualube and several small packages on the night stand, and Keri opened one of the latter and got out a packet that contained one condom. While Stan lay on his back, a pillow under his head and holding his big, hard cock upright, she straddled him and prepared to get it ready to be enveloped it in her wet pussy. First, she took it deeply into her mouth and stroked it in and out a few times, wanting kaçak casino to get it wet before applying the condom. Next, she set the latex disk against the tip of his cock and rolled it on. I sat at the foot of the bed, waiting for those two to get started, while Eric sat at the head. He would be the last one to get his cock into a warm place of pleasure.

Stan would be the first. Keri rose up high above him and positioned her pussy right above the tip of his cock, while he rubbed the head against her wetness to spread her lubrication. She had plenty to spare. The juices I had left were still there, and she had produced so many more in anticipation of the immense pleasure she would be receiving that they were trickling down her thighs. With everything ready, Keri held her pussy lips open and lowered her body until the tip was just inside her labia. Abruptly, she moved lower, and let out a sigh of bliss as the head of Stan’s cock wedged into where they both wanted it. She would start in the cowgirl position, and change to the female superior after his entire shaft was embedded in her.

She paused for a few seconds, before lowering herself a little farther, sighing in pleasure again as Stan’s cock squeezed into her pussy, stretching it open a little wider. Instead of sitting around and idly watching Keri impaling herself, I got a condom from the nightstand and rolled it onto my cock. I also brought over the towel and the plastic bottle of Aqualube so I would have both things close at hand when the time came to use them. Looking at how much of Stan’s cock had already been imbedded in Keri’s pussy, I could see it wouldn’t take much more time before I could resume getting her and me ready.

It was right. After taking his entire shaft, Keri stretched her legs beside his and leaned forward, sliding her arms under Stan’s so she would be able to push back once we started fucking. Keri was ready for me to start preparing her ass, so she reached back to spread her cheeks for me. I removed the cap from the bottle, pressed the neck against her cute pink rosebud and twisted it to make a slight penetration. She continued holding her ass open while I squeezed in a big dollop, and followed that by using a middle finger to spread the lubricant evenly inside her. I even added a layer all over the puckered area of her ass.

Keri was ready, and it took me just a few seconds to cover my hard cock with more of the Aqualube. While her hands continued holding her ass open, I knelt between Stan’s legs and guided my cock to the small, pink hole. When I made contact, I rubbed the head in the lubricant there and centered the tip in the tiny opening she was creating. With a firm push, the end of my cock wedged into Keri’s ass, evoking a happy sigh from her.

“Oooo, that feels really good so far, George. You know, I want your whole tool. Shove it all the way in me.”

I knew that, of course, but Keri’s ass was very tight, especially with Stan’s cock cramming her pussy so full, so I would have to take it slow. The last thing I wanted was to hurt either of us. With the same finger I had used earlier, I checked all around to make sure there was no loose skin or other problem, and gave another firm push, burrowing another inch of my cock into the tight hole where Keri and I both wanted it. She sighed again, even more happily than the first time, and continued holding her ass cheeks apart for me.

With one more thrust, almost another inch of my shaft squeezed into the slick hole, making it deep enough in her that I no longer needed to guide it. Using the wet towel, I wiped the excess lubricant off my hands and placed them on Keri’s plump hips, loving the feel of her soft, smooth skin and very feminine flesh. Besides feeling good, it would give me leverage and I would be able to pull back on her as I thrust forward. It took a few more slow, firm pushes before my cock was imbedded all the way in Keri’s delightful ass. I continued supporting my weight on my knees, but leaned forward to put my hands on the pretty blonde’s shoulders.

Keri was already squirming between us as the filling in our sandwich, but she had one hole that needed to be filled. Eric’s cock was just the right thing, so she opened her mouth and gestured with her finger to invite him to join us. He had no more need of a formal invitation than any of us, and he quickly knelt on the bed close enough so Keri could draw his cock into her mouth. She stroked it several times with her lips, then took it out of her mouth to chide me and Stan because we hadn’t started fucking her yet.

We immediately began rectifying that oversight. It was more comfortable for me to continue kneeling between Stan’s legs, and I once again placed my hands on Keri’s hips. Slowly, I began drawing my cock from her ass, pausing briefly when only the head was still inside, and driving it all the way back in. My shaft and Stan’s were crowding inside Keri and, when he felt mine start to surge back into her, he drew his cock back out. I continued driving forward until my cock was all the way inside Keri’s ass again, and I could feel the soft skin of the insides of her cheeks against my pubic hair.

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