Busted in the Alley

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Are you coming? 86th & Park. You’re on the list.

On my way. Kip replied to the text message.

He shut his laptop, made a side glance at the pile of work on his desk then gathered his things. It could wait. He’d promised to make an appearance at Tyler’s first party of the year. Neither Kip’s nor Tyler’s schedule had allowed them to have much quality time together. Outside of a few quick romps before bed or heading out the door to work, they had been like strangers. Kip hailed a cab.

As the cab merged into traffic, Kip’s mind drifted back to work. He reviewed a mental list of what he needed to accomplish in two short weeks before the merger and suddenly felt the need to go back to the office and plow through those tasks, but showing moral support for Tyler was where he should be. He made up his mind to only poke his head in for a few hours and then get an early start in the morning.

The cab stopped at 86th and Park.

“A little underdressed don’t you think?” the cab driver said as Kip handed him the fare.

“Huh?” Kip followed the cab drivers eyes to the procession of people on the sidewalk. A construction worker and a sailor disappeared, arm in arm, through the doorway. Six men dressed as The Village People loitered to one side, smoking and talking among themselves. All others were a parade of costumes, some flashy, some subdued. There were even a few masked horror characters.

“Fuck!” Kip pounded his fist into the back of the driver’s seat. Among all the details he had to keep track of on a daily basis, he’d let this one slip his mind. He could see his costume hanging on the back of the bedroom door. It was strategically placed there by Tyler so that he wouldn’t forget. By the time he made it home to change and headed back, the party might still be raging on, but Tyler would be beyond pissed.

“Great,” he muttered as he exited the cab. He threw his blazer over his shoulder then made his way to the entrance.

Even though the night was unseasonably warm, it wasn’t warm enough for the man in a cowboy costume. He wore nothing but a pair of brown steel tipped boots, complete with spurs, a brown pair of leather chaps, a matching vest and a white cowboy hat. His smooth bare ass was framed nicely in the opening of the chaps. Kip was just about to get a look at the front when a man gilded in gold body paint waltzed in front of him. From head to toe the man glittered. His privates were tucked behind a gold covering. It looked like a flimsy jock strap. Kip couldn’t help but stare. The man filled it generously. The golden man smiled broadly when a queen donned in a horribly stringy brunette wig, black strapless evening dress and clear heels linked arms with him.

“Who are you?” a remarkably believable Sylvester Stallone called out as they passed. She turned gracefully and cited, “You like me. You really like me,” then gave her gilded man a squeeze.

The crowd roared with laughter.

“Great costume,” someone exclaimed. Kip chuckled. He gave the “Oscar” one last look and noticed a gathering of white fabric peeking out the side of the codpiece.


Kip crossed the threshold into the foyer of the banquet hall.

A muffled three hundred and sixty beat per minute song thundered inside the room where Tyler had no doubt worked his magic. Couples and singles filtered passed Kip as he approached the double doors leading into the party. Spiderman remarked in passing, “Great costume.”

Kip bristled at the snide remark and turned to confront the ill mannered super hero. Spiderman looked over his shoulder and stopped to glare at Kip. When Spiderman lifted the fitted mask to reveal himself, Kip saw a very appreciative expression on the man’s face.

“So what are you supposed to be, hunk?” Spiderman said. “Executive? Professor?”

“I’m just -“

Spiderman looked Kip up and down.

“No. A lawyer.”

Kip chuckled uncomfortably as his own spidey senses began to tingle. “Yeah,” Kip said and resisted whipping out his actual business card.

“My lucky day. It’s been a long day of fighting crime, you know? Wanna blow this off and get a drink?”

Twelve years ago the temptation would have eaten Kip alive, burning through the soles of his shoes, but thankfully the years had matured him and Tyler solidified him. Kip graciously turned Spiderman down.

“Shame. I’d really enjoy reviewing your briefs,” Spiderman said with feigned disappointment.

Kip never tired of that one and laughed at the pun. “You have a good night.”

“You too, sugar.” Spiderman patted Kip on the shoulder then resumed his anonymity by securing his mask. Spiderman left a parting gift, the spectacle of his buttocks. They moved in a seductive motion inside the confines of the spandex leggings. Kip thought about ripping open those leggings and revealing what was certain to be two powerfully firm ass cheeks and the perfect licking target nestled between.

“Escape his web?”

Kip turned to see Tyler smiling at him.

“I guess canlı bahis he had to make one last stab at it. The fucker’s been at it all night,” Tyler added.

Kip laughed off the insinuation that he was the least bit tempted. He gave Tyler a reassuring squeeze.

For Kip, Tyler was the perfect physical specimen. When they embraced, their bodies met up at every point, perfectly. They were the same height and neither needed to dedicate much time to the gym to maintain their muscle definition. In their circle of playmates they were referred to as the twins. If it weren’t for Tyler’s Hispanic ancestry opposite Kip’s clearly Anglo, taken a dark turn somewhere, appearance, they very well could have been born from the same egg. But the nickname really applied to their bodies, two lean, mean fucking machines.

Kip thought of their times with their playmates. Each memory turned him on. He savored Tyler’s body next to his. The savoring was cut short. Tyler pulled away.

“And you obviously forgot.” Tyler held Kip at arm’s length and looked him up and down. “Though, this is my favorite suit. Really accentuates your shoulders.” Tyler brushed something from Kip’s lapel.

“I’m a lawyer for Halloween,” Kip said with a pleading look on his face.

Tyler raised an eyebrow. A feat Kip never seemed to be able to imitate. He always wound up looking like a scowling hag. Tyler didn’t bite. Kip’s instinct was to launch into a defensive diatribe but he knew it was no use. “Okay. Yes. I forgot,” Kip confessed.

Tyler’s face softened.

“But I’m here.” Kip flashed his negotiation smile. It was a smile that launched many successful mergers. “And you…” Kip eyed Tyler up and down. “Look very regal.”

Tyler stepped back and did a fashion turn so that Kip could see his elaborate Louis XVI costume. From the buckled shoes to the tights and breeches Tyler was the 1740’s reincarnated. Tyler fluffed both his lace cravat and long curled wig before giving Kip a deep bow.

“Come on then. I’ll show you my masterpiece,” Tyler said.

Tyler linked arms with Kip and whisked him through the door and into a pulsating wall of sound. The bass reverberated through Kip as he stood close to Tyler. Tyler screamed into Kip’s ear every detail of what went into getting this party off the ground. After two minutes the experience was becoming a full on sensory assault. The tracks of lights illuminated bodies in glitter or feathers. Every color undulated to the rhythm. The aroma of sweat and cologne and catering wafted around them.

Kip stopped. He pulled Tyler to him on an impulse driven by the energy in the room. Kip held Tyler tight at the hips. He swayed their bodies on the down beat of the music only to release Tyler and spin him so that his back was against his chest. The strong curve of Tyler’s ass pressed into Kip. Tyler relaxed and allowed Kip to direct their movements.

As the music transitioned into a new and equally fast track, Kip wondered how long it had been since the two of them had hit a club. It had been a while, so long that he couldn’t come up with the exact date of the last time but it didn’t matter because he was enjoying the familiarity right now.

Tyler moved on the dance floor expertly. Even dressed as a seventeenth century royal he was sexy. Kip had been with Tyler for so long he didn’t need to imagine what was underneath those breeches, even though the imagining was part of the fun and excitement of seeing men under the kaleidoscope of lights.

Club life had an intoxicating ritual. The thrill was in the unknown. Who was it going to be? What were they going to be like? Then there was the added element of never being quite sure if you were the hunter or the hunted as you charted your way through a sea of male bodies. Chance was what it came down to. It dawned on Kip that the club scene was a gamble. You placed a bet on an attractive face or an even better body then rolled the dice and hoped that when you got them home they were all you anticipated. You were a winner when your instincts were spot on. Kip danced closer to Tyler. He took that gamble once and won Tyler. He was reminded of what a prize Tyler was when he caught men around them looking him over. Watching other men give his Tyler “fuck me” eyes made Kip aroused.

Kip yelled into Tyler’s ear, “It’s hot in here.” Kip tugged on his dress shirt for emphasis. Tyler caught his meaning then grabbed Kip’s hand.

Kip’s body bumped and grazed the other party goers as Tyler led him through the room. They pushed through double swinging doors that led to the kitchen then they proceeded through an exit to the alley.

The alley was narrow and lit by four bright wall-mounted lights. Moths flew in and out their yellowish gleam. Kip watched their dizzying dance while the cool fall air crept along his skin, leaving it covered with goose flesh. He shook the initial chill from his body then laid his blazer over a pile of crates near the exit door. Kip glanced over at Tyler. Tyler was looking up at the sky. His head was released bahis siteleri back causing the wig to slip off his head slightly, revealing his deep chestnut hair. Enticed by the line of his neck and how almost innocent Tyler looked, Kip stepped over to Tyler then kissed him on the cheek. Tyler turned his body into Kip’s.

“Great party by the way,” Kip said between kisses along Tyler’s jaw line. Kip ventured down to Tyler’s neck but the lace on the cravat was scratchy. He kissed Tyler’s earlobe instead while his hands found a way into the fitted jacket of the costume. Kip could feel Tyler’s warmth through his shirt. He ran his hands down the front of Tyler’s pants in search for the zipper but had no luck finding it.

“Thanks and umm…I had the tailor put it in the back. Didn’t want to ruin the flat front look,” Tyler said.

“Sure it wasn’t for the easy access?”

“There’s that.” Tyler chuckled.

“Another reason why I fell for you, Ty. You’re always thinking.”

“Let’s test my theory,” Tyler said.

Kip walked Tyler to the wall. Tyler placed his gloved hands on the bricks above his head and waited. Kip ceremoniously flipped up the coat tails of the costume. He took a moment to admire how the tailor made baby blue taffeta hugged the curves of Tyler’s ass. The fabric was wrapping on the sweet treat of his lover’s ass. The zipper came down easily. Kip worked his right hand inside the trousers. There was hardly room to properly caress Tyler’s ass but it was plenty to cause Kip’s cock to throb. Kip pressed his hips into Tyler after he unzipped his slacks. His cock grew harder against the smooth crack of Tyler’s ass.

Kip shoved his hand down further into Tyler’s trousers until a seam ripped.

“Be careful! I don’t even want to tell you how much Rico charged me to get this taffeta into this costume.”

“It was worth every penny. Your ass looks even hotter than usual.”

“I –” Tyler started to possibly comment on the attention to detail he and Rico paid to the costume but he stopped talking when a sound came from the end of the alley. Kip and Tyler looked in that direction. Two figures stalked toward them.

“Look what we go here, Anders.”

“A couple of fairies, Jones.”

At that Kip and Tyler hurried to put themselves right.

“It is Halloween, Anders. Can’t say I’m surprised.”

The two figures weren’t walking quickly but their strides were long and lumbering matching their deep masculine voices. They were like a stair step in stature. The taller one on the right was wearing a hat of some sort. The shorter one zigzagged through the alley, avoiding obstacles on the ground. Kip squinted his eyes, trying to make out who they were. They were upon Kip and Tyler before Kip could see them clearly.

The two male figures stepped into the light at last. They were cops. Both were fully uniformed in long pants and black boots. The taller one wore a long sleeved uniform with a patrol hat low over his eyes. The other wore a short sleeved uniform and no cap. His short hair was spiked and wet looking. Kip lost his composure when saw the glint coming off the two badges. Every possible bad case scenario ran through his head. Each one was more frightening than the next.

“Evening, officers,” Tyler replied, his voice bright. Tyler had done up his trousers and was now fumbling with his wig.

“I’ve never seen two more guilty faces. Have you, Jones?” Anders snorted.

“What were you two up to?” Jones said. The way his patrol hat sat on his head made the bill cast a shadow over his eyes. They were unreadable like his expression. Jones didn’t wait for an answer. He stepped toward Kip, invading his space. It made Kip uneasy, so much so that he wanted to step back, but something inside Kip made him stand his ground. Jones continued to speak, “Prowling around in this alley.” Jones must have sensed Kip’s defiance. He took one more step and he was chest to chest with Kip. Jones looked down into Kip’s face. Kip smelt a mix of cigarettes and coffee lingering on Jones’ breath.

“We stepped out to get some air,” Tyler said.

“Is that right? Looked to me you two were about to give your weiners some air,” Anders said.

“Oh no officer. Nothing like that. You see, I’m an event coordinator with Strut Phantom -” Tyler reached into his coat to retrieve his card. Anders must have thought he was reaching for a weapon because he was on him in a flash. Anders had Tyler pinned to the wall before Tyler could protest.

Jones reacted. “You too, fag.” He swiped his hand down and grabbed Kip’s wrist. The movement was a blur in Kip’s face. Jones used a hard upward thrust to make Kip spin around, chest against the wall. Jones pushed further making Kip’s hand strain up across his back. The wall was cold and wet against Kip’s face. He looked into Tyler’s eyes and was shocked to see the amusement there while Anders patted him down.

“He’s clean.” Anders stepped away from Tyler.

Jones followed suit. His large hands moved over Kip’s body. It felt more bahis şirketleri like a grope than a search for paraphernalia or weapons when Jones shoved his hands into Kip’s pockets; then again, he’d never been frisked before so he dismissed his concern.

“This one too,” Jones said. “Shocker. I thought for sure one of you fudge packers would have something on ya.”

Jones turned Kip lose. Kip stretched his arm and rubbed feeling back into his elbow. He wanted to put some distance between himself and Jones but there was no room to maneuver. Jones’ large frame blocked any escape. Kip found comfort in having his face off of the grimy wall.

“Doesn’t matter. We got these two on lewd conduct and public indecency anyway. That’ll do,” Anders said.

“Hey! What?” Kip stepped forward to protest. Jones pushed him back at the shoulder and held him to the wall at arm’s length.

“You heard right. We saw you frigging your little girlfriend here out in the open for the world to see,” Jones said then released Kip with a shove.

“A clear violation of city ordinance 9.03.162,” Ander’s voice was very matter of face but his eyes and grin betrayed him.

“That wasn’t what we were doing at all.” Anger burned inside Kip. Some bully, homophobic cop was out to get him, but it was embarrassment that played on his cheeks. He was caught. For once, in a very long time, Kip didn’t have a rebuttal. His sharp legal mind was dulled by the worse case scenarios returning to his mind and playing out like a bad movie. He saw a trial, losing his job, losing his license and a fate working a minimum wage job after running away in shame to some small town in New Jersey.

“Look. We don’t want to cause any trouble. And certainly don’t want to put you two kind officers through the hassle and headache of writing us a citation,” Tyler said.

“This is an arrestable offense,” Anders said.

“Okay. Arresting us. Even more paper work and booking blah, blah, blah.” Kip shot Tyler a “shut the hell up” look but he continued. “There must be something we could do to get out of this.”

“Like a bribe?” Anders scoffed.

“Bribing an officer? You boys are really racking up the charges,” Jones said.

“No,” Kip interjected. “He would never imply that. What my partner is trying to say is-“

“That we’ll do anything to put this behind us,” Tyler said. It was his turn to give Kip a look but it was more “watch and learn” than “shut the hell up.”

The officers conferred with one another in whispers. Jones nodded.

“Okay. Pretend you never saw us,” Anders said.

Kip’s shoulders relaxed. The pending nightmare of being a 9 to 5 drone evaporated. He waited for the officers to continue on their way but they remained standing. Ander’s crossed his arms over his chest. The short sleeves of his uniform strained around his biceps.

“Go ahead.” Jones’ stern expression softened into amusement.

“I’m sorry. What?” Kip looked from Anders to Jones for some further explanation. “Oh. Yeah. We’ll get out of here. Come on, Tyler.” Kip reached for his blazer.

“Wrong answer.” Jones stepped in his way.

Kip backed up to stand close to Tyler. Anders drew out his night stick and pointed it at them. Kip drew a protective arm around Tyler.

“You. Up against the wall like you were.” Anders used the night stick like a baton to direct.

“Alright. This has gone too –” Kip started then Tyler interrupted.

“Kip. If this is how we are going to get out of this, we should do what the officers tell us.”

Kip tried to read Tyler but his expression was neutral. He stared at Tyler waiting for him to crack a smile or break into a giggle. Neither came.

“You should listen to your girlfriend, pal,” Jones commanded. “Assume the position.”

Without any further objection Tyler left Kip’s side and took his position at the wall.

“Now you,” Anders pointed the night stick at Kip. The gesture made Kip flinch. “Go over there and get his ass like you were…as if we weren’t even here.”

Kip went to Tyler but never took his eyes off the two officers. He felt down over Tyler’s waist to the zipper of his trousers then let it down. The act failed to give the excitement it had before.

“Now get your dick out.”

Kip complied.

“That’s it.”

Kip had half the mind to turn his hips away so that Anders couldn’t see him but he opened his slacks. The night air swirled up around his groin and across the top of his ass as his slacks slid down. Despite the stress of his current circumstances the feeling of his body exposed to the outdoors gave him a lift.

“Now give it to him.”

Kip lifted his cock out. The soft full fullness of his cock head brushed Tyler’s smooth ass. On muscle memory, Kip wriggled his cock up and down Tyler’s ass crack several times until arousing pulses surged through him. Tyler pushed back against him. Kip’s mouth watered in response. His body knew that inside Tyler’s ass was where it wanted to be, and that required him to lick it wet and ready. The knowledge of how sweet Tyler’s ass was made Kip’s cock become fully erect. He couldn’t keep himself from licking his fingers to moisten the head of his cock in order to greet Tyler’s entrance.

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