Business Lunch Bitch

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Jack Wilding watched fascinated as his nineteen year old secretary wiggled her nylon clad legs out of his office and back to the jumble of cubicles, desks and almost constantly ringing telephones that was her daily habitat. It was always a pleasure to watch the lower half of Mandy’s body. Not that there was anything wrong with the top half, it was just that Jack had always had a thing about legs in general and stockinged legs in particular.

Jack shook his head in a reluctant effort to dispel the images of his secretary from his mind and also from his hardening dick. This would never do, he thought, there was a time and a place! He remembered that he was feeling slightly annoyed at something, something that Mandy had said, something she’d told him. The cancelled appointment, that was it. Now that Havers was not going to show for their 1pm meeting, Jack was at a loose end for the rest of the day. He looked at the clock on the wall: 12:45. A long lunch sounded like a good idea and a long lunch with his young wife sounded even better.

Jack picked up the telephone and was about to speed dial Julia’s number when he had another thought. He’d surprise her. Her office was only on the other side of town, a taxi would have him there in less than thirty minutes and then they could both spend a nice leisurely lunch and hopefully find time to slide off home for another hour to make love. The thought of Julia’s young, nubile body returned Wilding’s penis to it’s earlier state of erection and without further delay he grabbed his jacket and was heading out the door.

Jack’s mood changed little during the half hour cab journey through town. Fortunately, the driver was one those rare, reticent beings that almost never show up driving taxi’s and this allowed him to relax his mind and once again indulge himself in thoughts of his much younger wife. Images of Julia in the lacy black underwear that she habitually wore under her sharp business suit floated around his mind. He imagined his fingers lightly tracing patterns along the silky texture of her stockinged legs. His mind encapsulated her trim thighs and flat belly; the swell of her breasts under the constraints of the push-up bra and the pout of her ruby painted lips that……

“Hagan Building. That’s sixteen fifty.”

The driver’s voice tore Wilding uncomfortably from his pleasurable daydream and dumped him, rather unceremoniously, into the real world. Jack fumbled two twenties from his wallet and passed them over the front seat.

“Keep it!” he mumbled as he alighted onto the pavement.

As the cab pulled away Jack straightened his already perfect silk tie and marched confidently into the marbled reception of his wife’s work place. He nodded respectfully to the receptionist. Although he was not a regular visitor, the girl recognised him and waved him towards the bank of elevators on the far side of the vast room.

“Afternoon, Mr. Wilding.”

“Hi Kate, just going up to see Julia, okay?”

Kate nodded again and returned to the myriad of flashing and blinking lights on the console in front of her that demanded her immediate and undivided attention.

Stepping out of the elevator put Jack directly in front of Jane’s desk. Jane was his wife’s long serving assistant and a very attractive woman. Many was the time that Jack had fantasized about this particular woman and today, dressed in a simple one-piece suit that plunged at the neck, she did little more than to fuel Jack’s thoughts of lust to even greater heights.

“Hi Jane, long time, yeah?”

“Jack!” the young girl squealed enthusiastically, “we haven’t see you for ages! How are you?”

“Great, thanks Jane. You keeping well?”

While the exchange of pleasantries continued for a few minutes, Jack found that he was having trouble keeping his eyes away from Jane’s chest. The neckline of her suit billowed as she leaned forward giving the promise casino oyna of a nice set of breasts if only he could just get a slightly better view, just a different angle…..

“No, I’m not.” said Jane suddenly

“Sorry? You’re not what?”

“You were trying to see if I was wearing a bra!”

Jack was suddenly very embarrassed. “Oh er..sorry…um…I just…er….”

Jane laughed and tossed her head back letting her long jet black hair cascade around her shoulders. “That’s okay, Jack. I don’t mind you looking! But no touching, you naughty boy!”

Jack cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. He knew that he should try to save some of his tattered dignity and get the conversation back onto a more business like basis.

“Is Julia in? He asked a little too abruptly. He smiled, trying to convey a more friendly persona.

Jane laughed again and returned his smile with a warm friendly grin. “Sorry, Jack. She’s taking a meeting in the board room right now. She’s been in all morning though, I shouldn’t think she’ll be much longer. You want to wait?”

“Er, yeah, okay,” Jack replied, his hopes of a nice lunch and possibly more fading fast. He looked around for a waiting area.

“Over there,” said Jane, pointing “that’s the board room. There’s a small waiting area just to the side. You’ll be okay there. And, er, sorry about the tits thing!”

Jack flashed what he hoped would be a confident smile and suddenly wished that Jane would flash a lot more than that. It seemed that he had had an erection for hours!

Just as her husband’s butt sank into the leather upholstery of the waiting room sofa, Julia Wilding’s butt was perched on the edge of the boardroom table. She could feel the cool mahogany against her naked skin as her panties hung listlessly around one perfectly turned, nylon clad ankle.

This was, however, not the most stimulating sensation that she was currently experiencing. Kneeling between her spread thighs, the lips of John King, her early meeting, were at that moment locked superbly around her distended clitoris and sending shivers of lust crashing through her entire body. Her arms supported her body as she propped herself up on the table and looked down between her legs. She loved to see herself being eaten, and John was doing a simply wonderful job! The tussled brown mop of hair bobbed up and down contrasting against the pale, milky coloured skin of her thighs.

Her back arched involuntarily and she gasped as another orgasm rocked her. She could feel John’s index finger probing gently against the tight ring of her asshole as he laved the wet, swollen lips of her pussy.

“Mmmmmm…oh yes, John….push it in!” she whispered in a ragged voice.

She shivered again as she felt her new lovers finger penetrate her nether hole and howled through clenched teeth as she continued to cum.

Julia had been cultivating John for a few weeks now. Since the first moment she saw him she knew that eventually she would have to have him. Those strong arms and the hint of muscular thigh that stretched his suit pants had got her juices flowing withing five minutes of their first meeting. And, in the flesh so to speak, he was every bit as good as she had hoped.

Jack Wilding sat and waited patiently. Shifting uncomfortably on the leather sofa he suddenly realised that he had not used the bathroom in his office before leaving. He looked at his watch. What the hell was keeping her, he wondered a little tersely? The more he thought about the bathroom, the more he knew that he would have to do something about his aching bladder very soon. The problem was, even though he would have loved to get another chance of a peek at Jane’s boobs again, he didn’t really want to disturb her and he didn’t know exactly where the bathroom was situated.

A few more uncomfortable minutes passed before Jack knew that he was going to have to canlı casino face his wife’s teasing assistant once more. Peering out into the corridor he looked towards her desk. No Jane. In fact, as he scanned the room, he realised that nobody was about. Lunch time, he thought.

The discreet wood panelling of the boardroom’s outer wall seemed to continue almost endlessly as, with aching bladder, Jack walked the length of it. There were no windows on this side and, for a brief moment, he wondered if he should just knock on the door and find out how long his wife was going to be engaged for. Jack ditched this thought as completely unprofessional almost immediately. He knew how he would feel if the situation were reversed.

As he reached the corner of the boardroom wall, Jack saw the sign that he had been longing for: Bathroom. He sighed as finally he was able to relieve himself and looked around the impressive interior. One small, opaque window sat above his head and he was surprised to see that it was slightly ajar. Jack guessed that it must lead into the boardroom and that he was in fact availing himself of the directors private facilities.

Jack’s heart suddenly missed a beat as he heard the noise. At first he wasn’t sure where it was coming from; he had pressed the handle of the flush and this had disorientated the sound somewhat. Then it came again. No mistake this time, it was clearly coming from the small window and Jack was now fairly certain what the sound was: a low, deep moan. A sound of sexual gratification. He giggled quietly to himself thinking that some secretary was getting herself drilled by a lucky director. And then the truth hit him. It was like a blow to the solar plexus as the sudden realisation that Julia – his own sweet, young wife – was the only woman in the boardroom!

The thoughts screamed through Jack’s head at a million miles per hour. What should he do? He was so completely unprepared for this. He had to find out if his worst fears were true. Climbing up onto the ledge gave him the perfect angle to peer through the crack between the window and its frame.

He gasped silently and swallowed, his throat suddenly dry and parched. Julia’s meeting seemed to have taken on a more personal tone, he thought. He could clearly see her atop the boardroom table with a man’s dark head buried between her trembling thighs. Jack could hardly believe what was happening in front of his eyes, but could less believe what effect the sight was having on him. He knew that his erection had been strong throughout the day – Jane and Mandy had seen to that – but the sight of his own lingerie clad wife with her legs wide open and another man now appearing from between her thighs, had him harder than he could ever remember. In that instant Jack knew that he was never going to stop what was happening, he just had to stay and watch.

“Let me see that big cock of yours!” Julia’s voice sounded harsh and gasping to Jack as he peered through the crack in the window, he was still having some difficulty believing all this was happening.

Slowly, the dark haired man rose and loosened his belt. Julia remained seated and with her legs still wide open Jack could see the damp reminder of her recent orgasms on her pouting pussy lips. His hard erection ached painfully.

“Mmmmmm let me taste some of that.” Julia continued as she beckoned her lover closer.

Jack looked on in a sort of rapt fascination as his wife began to suck on the other man’s hard cock. He felt completely unable to move. His vocal cords were paralysed and sweat began to break out on his forehead.

Julia opened her mouth wide to accept the man’s hard prick. Inch by inch Jack saw the solid meat disappear between her lips and could clearly see the shaped outline that his glans made in her cheek. The man was gasping and groaning deeply as Julia began to suck and tease his manhood with her lips and tongue. Jack could kaçak casino almost feel the excitement and knew exactly how this man would now be feeling as Julia’s hot, velvety mouth brought him closer and closer to his peak.

On a mad impulse, Jack quickly unzipped and pulling out his own cock began to masturbate as he watched. So caught up in his own pleasure was he that he completely failed to notice his wife’s assistant, Jane enter the bathroom.

“Oh Jack, that does look nice!”

With horror in his heart, Jack wheeled around, nearly falling from the ledge before he saw the sultry woman standing and licking her lips. He looked at her and realised that her comment was obviously directed at the stiff weapon he was currently gripping in his fist.

“Oh god!…..I…er…I don’t know what to say!”

“You don’t need to say anything, sweetheart” Jane’s words were soft and soothing and Jack felt a little easier. “You just keep looking, baby. I know what they are doing. You just watch while little Janey makes you happy!”

In a second Jane’s suit jacket was open revealing two perfect globes capped with hard, pink nipples. Jack’s mind ran riot. His eyes couldn’t decide weather to look at Jane’s wonderful breasts or watch his wife sucking off her new lover.

Jane moved closer and brushing Jack’s hand away, replaced it with her soft lips. Jack gasped as he experienced the young woman’s soft, sensual touch and felt himself stiffen further in her mouth. Glancing back through the window he could see his wife’s lover climbing higher and higher towards an inevitable climax. He almost cried out as he felt Jane start to emulate what he was seeing in the boardroom. It was incredible. Jane seemed to know exactly what was going on in the other room even though Jack knew that she could not possibly see anything apart from the base of his throbbing cock. He watched as she sucked him. Julia’s mouth was now so low over the man’s groin that Jack knew that she must have his cock buried deep in her throat. He could see the man’s look of animal lust as he arched his back and pushed the last inch of his length into her.

Jack groaned deeply. He knew that he was about to cum himself and wondered if he should warn the young secretary that was currently deep-throating him with her soft, warm breasts pushing into his thighs. For the last time he looked through the window and knew it was too late.

As Julia’s lover pulled his cock free of it’s warm home, the man began to convulse. Jack could feel his balls contracting and realised that he and his wife’s lover were about to climax at the same time.

“Jane! I’m gonna cummmm!!!!” he hissed through clenched teeth.

In almost perfect unison, the two women had managed to encourage their respective lovers to climax simultaneously. Jack grunted as his seed pumped out of the tip of his turgid weapon and flooded the face of his wife’s sexy assistant. Stream after stream coated her face and, as he continued to watch his wife receive a similar explosion of lust, he could see his rival’s sperm dripping wetly from her nose and lips.

“Mmmmm. That was wonderful, Jack!” cooed Jane quietly, buttoning her jacket and licking the semen from her lips, “but get dressed quickly now. Don’t forget Julia’s still my boss and you’re still her old man! If she catches us I could get my ass fired!”

“But what about you?” Jack replied through exhausted breaths. “I want to fuck you, Jane. I want you to cum as hard as I did! I want you. I can’t go back to Julia now!”

“Of course you can, Jack!” Jane countered quickly, ” Julia can’t help it if she needs to fuck during the day. Besides, I wasn’t here. It’s usually me down there between her legs!”

Jack looked at the younger woman incredulously. “You mean?….you and her?….Julia?”

“Of course, Jack, of course we do! And I think it’s about time we introduced you to a little girl, girl, boy action. Don’t you? You and I both know that your wife is one hell of a sexy bitch! Are you sure you still want to leave her?”

Somehow Jack didn’t think that was likely to happen any time soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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