Bride to Pee

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Ben had yet to meet his father’s new girlfriend before the announcement came through. Getting married this quick worried Ben. He had his share of whirlwind romances, but when the dust settled there were often issues. He had been fifteen when his mother died and his father became a widow. It had rocked both their worlds. That was ten years ago, Ben had worried that his father would never find love.

Steve, Ben’s dad had been insistent he had to come out to his family’s new property. They were ultra-religious and Steve begged that Ben respected that. Ben agreed making the decision there and then that he needed to get to know his Dad’s new family, or risk never seeing him again.

The house was palatial all wood the whole place from the barn to the house had an Amish feel. Ben breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the large garage. Several cars all the same make, same model and same colour. Getting closer he could see that everyone was dressed the same. Men in white shirts and black pants. Women white blouse black overdresses or skirts.

“Not culty at all,” Ben said in a whisper to himself as he got out of the taxi. He grabbed his suitcases and made his way to the front gate. A gaggle of children played games in the front yard, all dressed the same as their parents. He opened the gate and was met by silence. As he walked up the crushed gravel path through the immaculate yard and garden the children all stood and stared.

Alighting at the top of the stairs, ben looked behind him and noted that the children watched in a crowd from the bottom of the stairs. Turning Ben noted that the door was adorned with warnings on now hawkers, salesmen, preaching and polling. Ben laughed to himself at least there was no beware of the dog. He looked over his shoulder and shuddered at the 20 or so children standing and staring.

Ben reached forward to knock. Just as his fist came into contact with the front door, it suddenly opened with a great deal of force.

“Jesus, shit!” Ben exclaimed in shock.

The crowd behind him gasped in shock and started to repeat the word, blasphemy over and over again.

“Oh, shit, right sorry,” Ben Said to the young woman in the doorway. “Oh, sorry said it again, sorry force of habit.”

The girl was gorgeous, her countenance, however, like a rough sea in a storm. Striking red hair, freckles and a face that looked like sculpted marble. Her eyes a forest glen green.

“Hi, I am Ben. I am here to see my father,” Ben said offering his hand.

“Who is your father?” She said her voice sounded similar to teeth breaking ice.

“Yeah, Stephen Hawkes,” Ben paused as he wanted this girl to smile. “Big guy. Tall,” Ben indicated his height with his hand several feet above Ben’s head. “Big, shiny chrome dome.”

The girl impassively watched Ben.

Ben stopped, he was getting nowhere. “Stephen Hawkes? Have I got the wrong address?”

“There is a man here by that name,” her voice lessening the cold tone. “Does he know that you are coming?”

“Ah, he paid for my ticket,” Ben indicated by pulling the stubs from his top pocket.

“I shall ask my mother,” the girl disappeared into the mute, brooding, darkness of the house.

“Not culty at all,” Ben whispered to himself.

Suddenly an older clone of the young woman stood at the door.

‘Good afternoon Ben,” the voice seemed robotic. “I apologise for Maree, she is headstrong.”

“Oh no all ok with me, I can understand. Hate when the religious nutjobs bother my afternoon.” Ben regretted that as the silence was deafening. “Ah is dad here?”

“Yes,” both women said in unison.

“Ah, can I see him?” The door closed after the older one nodded and Ben sat on the stairs his sudden turning scattering the crowd. Everything was neat and tidy, there were kids everywhere, but there was almost no noise. Ben Shuddered.

Soon the formidable front door opened again. It was the young girl this time.

“Please come in Ben,” it was like a miracle. Her voice was now that of a lilting bird, musical and sweet like honey.

Ben said it again through a fake smile and gritted teeth. “Not culty at all.”


The reunion was sweet and long overdue. Steven, Ben’s dad, offered him a beautiful mead and a discussion on how casino siteleri he joined the strange order of “Protectors.”

Originally devised to protect other peaceful organisations. The protectors became a pariah after retaliation against racial hate groups and needed them to remain silent and out of the way. Generations had been Protectors, but now the lineage was growing thin and they wanted to marry outsiders to get more “bums on seats.”

“So the wedding, that was quick?” Ben said, raising his eyebrows.

“Everything is quick nowadays. At least marriage is not disposable,” Steven said to Ben.

“No doubt, but I have yet to meet my new mom,” Ben said, taking a sip of the mead and looking around the deserted kitchen.

“You did,” Steven said heartily.

“I did, the young one?”

“No, her mother Jacinta.” Steven paused to wipe his mouth. Recalling the other woman.

“Fine woman, she looks, ah strong. Oh and beautiful,” Steven quickly added.

“Yes, very pretty and strong both in body and spirit.” Steven looked at Ben intensely. “I have an important role for you tomorrow.”

“Dad, I can’t write a speech, I’m terrible, worse than Uncle Phil,” Ben said with a laugh, feeling the effects of the mead kick in.

“No, it’s a ceremonial role.”

“Oh you mean stand there and look pretty,” Ben grinned. “Dad, that’s a role designed for me, do you need references? Cause half the girls I once went to school with will back me up… on the pretty.”

“I think we will have dinner and get ready for the big day tomorrow.” Steven paused, thinking “you will have to sleep in Helena’s room.”

“Who is Helena?” Ben asked.

“The young one your first met. She also is your partner tomorrow, so take this time to get to know her. The ceremony goes for a few hours, so might pay to work out of you can stand her.”

Ben sighed, several hour wedding ceremonies, not culty at all was all he could think.


Helena walked Ben up the stairs, leading the way Ben stared at the young woman’s perfect round ass framed in a tight skirt.

“My room is up here, it catches the first light of the morning sun, so I am always one of the first up,” Helena spoke sweetly, her smiling face a beacon of light in the dreary house.

The room was bare a bed, dresser with mirror and hanging closet the only items. The rug, blankets were all hand made and expressed love and a down to earth charm. Helena shut the door when they both entered, Ben noticing a drop bar lock instead of a door handle.

“That’s formidable,” Ben said with a nod to the odd lock.

Helena ignored the question and walked over to the window and opened it letting a late afternoon breeze in.

Ben walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. He dropped his suitcases and looked at his feet. “So Helena, this a trundle bed?”

“No, why would I need one of those?”

“So where are you sleeping?”

“In my bed,” Helena stated looking at Ben.

“Oh, so where do I sleep?” Ben said with a laugh.

“In this bed,” Helena responded.

“So, we sleep in the same bed?” Ben said carefully.

“Yes is this an issue?” Helena said coming to sit on the bed beside Ben and leaning her head on Ben’s shoulder. Waves of her ginger hair spilled over his shoulder accompanied by the scent of sweet honey.

Sam felt his cock stir, and with a loud “Whoa,” he stood. “Don’t take this rude but how old are you Helena?”

“Age, I am nineteen,” she said looking at Ben with curiosity.

“Oh thank God, your legal. Had me worried I was going to be bonded to some fifteen-year-old.” Ben laughed, but still felt uncomfortable. “You sure you don’t want me to sleep on the floor?”

“No. No, we would not allow a guest to be treated as such,” Helena said this in shock as if Ben was asking her to cut her own throat. “No we will sleep together, we are soon to be siblings.”

“Yeah, sis,” Ben said looking at his nineteen-year-old step sister. Ben shook his head, sleeping with a stranger he thought. Not culty at all.


Dinner had been weird. Blessings on the food offering to the absent guest. An hour of silence afterwards was even weirder. It was time to contemplate the scriptures, and it was done in complete canlı casino silence. Ben spent this time looking at pornography on the phone and doing his level best to ignore Helena. Helena stared at him the whole time.

When the hour ended the TV was switched on and some game show that looked like it came out of the nineteen fifties was on. Ben yawned the trip had been tiring.

“No objections if I go to bed early, I am beat,” Sam said announcing his intentions to those engrossed in the TV show.

“No son, that is fine, you had a long trip to get here,” Jacinta said with a beaming smile.

Ben was in shock, this woman had barely said a sentence and now she was calling him son. Ben felt his fury pump his blood a little harder. “Thanks, mum,” he paused and regarded his father “and Dad.” With that, he stormed up the stairs and into his and Helena’s room.

Great, he thought there was no electricity on the second floor. Turning his phone off and stripping to boxers and t-shirt he climbed into bed. The whole trip and situation seemed exhausting and before he knew it he was fast asleep.


Ben did not feel or hear her come into bed. He slept through most things. But he did wake up bathed in her smell. He was spooning her, it was late at night as he could see the moon high in the sky through the creepy curtainless window.

Involuntarily Ben shuddered and shivered. Strange noises were heard throughout the house. Some coming from outside. Shivering again, he sought a blanket and realised as he lifted the beautiful quilt that Helena was nude.

Helena wiggled up into him her pale freckled adorned shoulders peaking above the blankets. Ben felt his cock harden, either she was oblivious to it or knew exactly what to do as she wiggled her round warm ass into Ben’s Lap.

“Helena,” Ben hissed.

“Yes,” she said.

Ben stared at her in shock, she didn’t even murmur or need to be asked twice, how long had she been awake.

“Um I can’t see and I need to use the bathroom,” a note of desperation in his voice.

“Oh,” said Helen flatly. “That’s not good.”

“Yeah it’s not good,” Ben hissed. “I feel like my eyeballs are floating back here.”

“I understand, there is a chamber pot, but we cannot turn on any light,” Helena said, stepping out of the blankets and exposing her nude freckled body to the pale moonlight.

Despite the need to pee, Ben’s cock reacted accordingly to the site of the beautiful nineteen-year-olds body. Helena had long legs that ran neatly up to a large round ass, a tight tummy and some large breasts. All of this was whiter because of the full moon.

Helena reached down her assets wobbling with each movement. Sam heard a scraping. Enamel on wood. The enamel pot was lifted and place at Ben’s feet.

“There pee into that,” Helena said with a whisper.

Ben, could make out Helena, her white freckled skin reflected the moonlight perfectly, to a lesser extent his own reflected the light. Everything else was a mess of shadows, obscured and impossible to make out.

“I can’t. I can’t see,” Ben said in an exasperated tone, his whisper just a bit louder than hers.

“Shhh…” She said her finger pressed against her lips. The look of fear on her face made Ben not want to make any noise again.

“Look I can help,” she grabbed Ben’s waistband and pulled it, however, she hit resistance.

“What are you doing?”

“Take off your pants so we can get your piss in the pot!” she exclaimed.

Ben felt his face go red and was glad that the moonlight did not show colour only black and whites. “Ok,” Ben said and allowed Helena to pull his boxers down. She directed him to step out of them which he did.

“You are hard!” Helena exclaimed.

“Well, of course, I am hard, I woke up to your naked ass pressed into me,” Ben hissed back.

“You are huge!” Her whispered exclaim was a hiss but music to Ben’s ears.

“I know it’s a good looking cock,” Ben said in a jovial but whispered tone.

“Can you get on all fours?” Helena asked looking in awe at Ben’s large cock.

“Why?” Ben asked looking at the nude freckled goddess.

“So I can aim you into the pot,” Helena said with a laugh.

“Aim me?”

“Hold your cock and aim kaçak casino it so you don’t piss everywhere in the dark,” Helena said. She guided him to bend over the ornate chamber pot, his erect cock pointed toward his abdomen and chest.

It was a mixture of pleasure and pain when she bent the cock down. The tip of the head brushed the rim of the chamber pot, its brief touch sending shivers up and down Ben’s spine.

“Ok, Ben, piss now,” Helena said.

Concentrating and pushing he managed to get a dribble out of his cock but not much else. He forced again and a bit more came out.

“Shall I milk you, Ben?” Helena said her other hand wrapping around the shaft of his cock.

“Milk me?” Ben said with trepidation in his voice.

“Yes milk you, like a moo cow,” it was hard not to hear the mirth in Helena’s voice.

“Ok, milk me,” Ben said, resigned to what humiliations it would take to relieve his bladder.

With both hands, Helena worked the shaft of Ben’s large erect cock. Helena smiled at each grunt from Ben.

“Stop, stop, I can’t,” he shuddered. His cock ached from blue balls and a desperate need to piss.

Helena attempted a few more times to check that it was as Ben had said. He grunted and sighed with each attempt and only a slight spurt of piss came out.

“It’s your hardon, Ben we need to relieve that or you will never piss.”

The idea of not pissing filled him with terror.

“Ben, stand,” Helena commanded in a whisper.

Eager to be out of his predicament, he followed her command straight away. Standing over Helena his backed up cock looked huge next to her face.

Helena grasped the cock again and mouthed the head of Ben’s penis. Moaning he felt a little dribble out, Helena devoured it.

“You like piss don’t you Helena?” Ben felt so naughty as the young woman bobbed up and down on his cock.

Helena removed Ben’s massive cock head from her mouth with a pop. “Can you pee now?” she whispered grinning, then opening her mouth wide.

Ben concentrated for a minute and peed a small stream before it stopped, swallowing some and allowing more to dribble out of her mouth.

“Sorry,” Ben mouthed.

“Sit on the edge of the bed,” Helena asked, pushing Ben gently on the chest.

Ben obliged the request. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Helena stood turned around and hovered her round perfect ass over his lap. Helena grunted slightly and Ben suddenly felt the warmth of her urine washing his hard erect cock and tight balls. He moaned softly.

Reaching back Helena grabbed Ben’s cock, aiming it better in the stream of her urine. She forcefully tried to expel her piss and grinned as it sprayed on his sensitive head.

“Fuuuucckkk,” he whispered hoarsely. Cringing at the loud clock as it struck the midnight hour as if the chimes would wake the dead.

“You can’t put it in my cunt,” Helena said, stunning Ben with her casual use of foul language and the volume of her voice was. “You can rub it around my ass cheeks and, maybe later when I am a bit braver. You can shove it up my ass.”

“Wait, can we talk normally?” Ben said in confusion.

“Shhh, only after twelve and only specifically for adult entertainment,” Helena said with a whisper.

“So,” Ben said with a whisper. “I can ask you to suck my dick and fuck your ass.”

Helena nodded and went onto her knees grabbing Bens piss coated dick. “Exactly.” Helena without skipping a beat inhaled Ben’s cock.

“Oh, you are a dirty girl, you like piss don’t you,” Ben said this at normal volume with glee.

Helena stopped and flashed a grin at Ben, “if you do I want it in my mouth and down my tits, ok.” Then with a wink, she pushed him over the edge, “Ok big bro.”

Hot spurts of almost painful. Ben blasted Helena’s nose, left eye and chin.

Quickly she opened her mouth and directed Ben’s spasming cock at her mouth.

“Oh shit,” Ben said in shock as no sooner had the spurts of hot cum stopped, the hot slash of urine began. He sprayed her, smiling innocent face, her freckles, her sweet-smelling hair. The deep cleavage of her pale tits. He drenched her. Helena sighed and tried to swallow his piss, Ben sighed in relief and arousal.

Flopping onto the floor beside her he finally found his voice. “Ultra religious but you can blow me, and I can cover your face in cum and piss.”

“Yes,” she said, scooping cum and piss into her wanton mouth.

“Not culty at all,” Ben said in a whisper under his breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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