Bribe to Go Shopping

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Adria Rae

The following is a true story; the names have been changed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Marissa and I had been dating for 3 ½ years, but it was always a long term relationship as we both finished separate colleges. After we had both graduated, the next step seemed pretty logical; find a small apartment and move in together. After a couple of months we found a nice affordable place to start the next phase of our life together.

I worked long hours on Wall Street, and Marissa was a school teacher so she had plenty of time to shop and decorate the new apartment. Today happened to be a rare day off for me, so I had intended to sit on the couch, unwind and watch some football. But Marissa wanted to go shopping! After nearly 20 minutes of back and forth, I was suckered into taking her shopping in exchange for “a surprise”. Usually, this meant a Marissa would go down on me whenever I wanted to cash in the surprise or favor, but today it seemed like she had something else up her sleeve. And boy did she ever!

To give you a picture, Marissa is short and curvy with Mediterranean skin. She’s about 5 feet, 100 lbs with a large B cup. She’s got what you tuzla escort would call a “sprinter’s body”. Dark brown hair and big brown eyes, she had an angelic face with inviting lips.

After what seemed like an eternity spent shopping, we walked out to the car with our bags and began the 45 minute return trip. After two minutes on the road, I found out what my surprise was: she had brought along her small egg vibrator and would give me a show!

Not really sexually liberal or adventurous, this took me by surprise. Marissa had on tight fitting jeans, so she quickly unbuttoned them and wiggled them down about 6 inches. Her boy-short panties were pink and lacy, and I could see that she had been excited already, probably thinking about this moment the entire time we were shopping. She wiggled those down, giving me an amazing view of her pussy, shaved and obviously puffy from the anticipation.

Looking at me, Marissa told me to pay attention to the road as she slumped down a bit in her seat and applied the little vibrator to the outside of her puffy lips. She closed her eyes, oblivious to the normal world passing by at 65 mph as she raced her way to sexual bliss. pendik escort With one hand on the wheel, I reached over to put my hand on her head. It was almost as if sparks flew she was so hot.

The little egg made hardly any noise as Marissa moved it slowly around her lips, causing the blood flow to the region and get her even more excited. After a couple of minutes, she gave in to the temptation and moved the buzzing directly onto her clit. Since I gave her the vibrating egg, she had learned to master it in no time and could spend hours riding up and down the waves of pleasure the little AA batteries could provide. And this time was no different.

She gave me one last look and I knew that she was now going into her own little world. Her pussy was sopping wet, creating little squishy noises as she moved the little egg around. And with each thrust of her hip came a slight moan or a heavy sigh; she was getting close. As I continued to watch (with a raging hard on and an obvious wet spot in my khakis), Marissa closed in on her first orgasm. With a focused look on her face, she pushed the vibrating bullet into her clit and squeezed her legs with all that she aydınlı escort could. Her body was as tense as ever until the point that the waves of pleasure began to flow through her. As her orgasm hit, she bucked her hips up to meet the vibrations against her clit and prolong the bliss that her womanhood was providing her.

She caught her breath and I tried to take in the scene. With almost 20 minutes until we got home, I had a severe case of blue balls already, but Marissa was not done. The hard part for her had always been the first orgasm; getting comfortable enough, relaxed enough, and aroused enough to get her started. But once she had that first orgasm, it was like hitting the on/off switch for her. Having started masturbating only a year or two ago, she had gotten very good at it. I would sometimes come home finding her in sweat-soaked sheets, discovering that she had been laying there cumming on and off for an hour or two.

After a minute or so of coming down from her high, she simply smiled at me and switched the vibrating egg back on. Within twenty seconds, her hips were bucking up wildly again, and the look on her face of an impending orgasm took over normally angelic face. Moaning, she came again and again, her hands soaked from moving the small vibe all around her more than excited pussy.

With a sweaty look on her face, she looked at me and smiled. Maybe shopping isn’t so bad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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