Breaking Down

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We were halfway through New Mexico when the car broke down. I told Denise we should have rented one for the cross country trip we were taking to Florida for spring break, but she insisted her old Mazda clunker would be fine. So, by chance of fate, we found ourselves in the middle of the desert, completely stranded. Luckily, we broke down near this little motel. It didn’t look great, but it was a place to stay for the night. Walking into the office, Denise sat down while I checked us in.

“We need two rooms, please.” I told the teenaged clerk who looked as though she’d rather be anywhere but where she was.

Sighing as though I had troubled her greatly, she muttered “Only one room left.” And she jerked her head toward a single key hanging off the wall.

Shrugging, I told her “We’ll take it.” What else could we do? After signing a few pieces of paperwork and giving her a credit card number, she handed me a worn wooden cactus attached to an equally worn key that I was sure went to an even more worn room. Grabbing the backpacks we brought with us from the car, we headed back out of the office and down the street to a tiny mini-market for dinner.

In the market, we picked up nutritious foods like twinkies, cheetoes, and snickers bars. To go with all that, I grabbed a couple bottles of cheap wine and some plastic cups. Just as we were paying for our purchases, the ground rumbled with the sound of thunder and rain began to pour from the sky. Wrapping our meager tee shirts around our arms as best we could, we darted back to our little motel and into our seedy room. To no avail, we were both soaked to the bone. Rain dripped from my nose and down my cheek. Flipping a quarter, we decided I got to shower first, while she set up our dinner and drinks. The warm water steamed over the tiny bathroom in no time and I had almost forgotten about being cold when I was done. By the time I came out, Denise had already eaten her twinkies, and drank half of the first bottle of wine.

“Your turn.” I said to her, grabbing a cup of wine for myself. She smiled a little crookedly and giggled her way into the bathroom. I poured the rest of the bottle of wine into my cup as I flicked through the channels on the television. There were only three channels, so I flicked through them a lot while I waited for her to come back out. I finally settled on some cheesy western show. Sipping my wine, I took in the decorum. The room was painted sea foam green with little dark green cactuses everywhere. A wicker chair sat in the corner, looking as though it were a decade old. In the center of the room adana escort sat a sagging king sized bed with a cactus-speckled tan comforter. Settling myself on the bed, Denise finally came out of the shower, her long dark hair dripping down the front of her shirt. I couldn’t help but notice that her white top fit very snug against her large breasts.

Smiling into my cup of wine I said “Only one bed…Where should the other one sleep?” Stopping in her tracks, she looked around the room. She looked back at me and gives me a shrug

“It’s big enough for both of us. We can share.”

Throwing back the last of my wine, I joke “Okay, but don’t kick me, or I’ll kick you back.” Giggling, she grabs the second bottle of wine and jumps into the bed next to me.

“That shower felt so good” She moans. I nod and open the new bottle and pour us two more cups of wine. We sit there in bed, drinking wine and talking about what movies we want to see, what we were going to do in Florida, things like that.

We finally finish off the last of the wine, and somehow the talk turns to our sex lives.

“You know, Miranda, I don’t know if I’ve seen you with a guy for a long time.” She points out. I simply nod, not acknowledging that it had been a long time since I’d had a guy around.

Smiling evilly, she says “Maybe you just aren’t into guys anymore. Maybe you bat for the other team.” I just grin and give her a good natured shove.

“Is that it? You like girls more than guys?” She keeps on.

Pretending to think for a moment, I grin and tell her “Maybe I do. Maybe I think girls more fun.”

Winking at me, she asks in a terribly fake English accent “Do I make you randy, Randy?”

Trying her hardest to give me a seductive look, she leans in close to me and asks with a bit of a slur “Do you want to fuck me?” Before I knew what I was doing, my lips were all over hers. A small gasp of pleasure escapes my mouth just when I realized what was going on. As fast as I had started, I stop myself and roll over onto my side. Muttering an apology, I close my eyes as if to make the room disappear. There is nothing but silence from her side of the bed, but I’m too embarrassed to look at her expression. Blushing furiously, I bury my head into my pillow.

Just then, I hear the mattress groan from Denise’s movements. I feel her fingers graze my hip and slide under my shirt. Before I can react to what’s going on, her hand is cupping my breast. Electricity shoots through my body and my nipples are instantly erect. Slowly turning me onto adana escort bayan my back, she slides her other hand under my top and begins to caress me. Gazing deep into her eyes, I can’t find a single word to say. Her fingers begin to pinch and pull at my nipples and I can’t help but let out a soft moan, my back arching slightly. It’d been so long since anyone had touched me at all, and she was so good at it. Slipping one hand behind my back, Denise raises me to a sitting position and slips my shirt off with the other. Gently laying me back down, she lowers her mouth to my breasts, gently sucking and licking. My skin tingles with every touch. Finally sitting back up, Denise takes her hands from me.

“Denise…” I begin in a whisper, but she stops me, putting a finger to her lips with a soft ‘Shh’. With that, she slowly pulls her own top off, revealing her big beautiful tits. My eyes lower to take in the sight, and I find I can’t stop staring at her breasts. They are more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Smiling coyly, she slowly lowers herself next to me, stroking her hand up my side and back down my leg. She begins to nibble on my neck, causing me to moan again. My eyes closed, I focus on the feel of her mouth on me. I can feel her hand resting on my stomach, playing with the band of the pajama pants I’m wearing. Moving her mouth up to lick and nibble my ear, she slips her hand into my pants and rests it gently on top of my thigh. I inhale sharply and bite my lip in anticipation, in desire. Stroking my thigh, she moves down to the soft inner section at the very top of my thigh. She’s so close to me now, she can probably feel the heat coming from between my legs.

Sitting up again, she pulls my pants from me, leaving me in only my little white boy shorts. She can see how turned on she’s made me, how soaking wet I was. I see a look of lust in her eye as she gazes at my naked body. Just then, she slips her hands down my panties and thrusts a finger into me. My whole body spasms with excitement. My back arcs with the incredible pleasure going through me. I’m dripping wet, and getting wetter by the second, and Denise is using her free hand to rub her own clit. My moans get louder as she brings me closer and closer to an orgasm, pumping her finger in and out of me faster and faster. I’m right on the edge when she slows suddenly and begins to rub me, barely going in me at all.

All I can do is whimper, my thighs trembling with anticipation. I watch her as she touches herself, getting even more turned on by that image. Finally, I can’t take escort adana it anymore and I push Denise down on the bed. I rip the last thin piece of fabric from my body and straddle her head, bringing myself down onto her mouth. Pulling her pants down, I bury my own head between her legs, licking and sucking at her dripping pussy. She licks me softly at first, gently. I moan into her and that seems to drive her wild. She grabs my ass and pulls me down tighter against her face, sucking wildly. It feels so good, I get louder and louder, all the while my face is buried in her wet pussy. The more noise I make, the faster and harder she goes, a vicious cycle.

“Oh shit, you’re so good.” I moan. I begin to lick just her clit and shove two fingers inside of her, thrusting them in and out hard. She screams into me, and that finally pushes me over. I cum hard as I suck on her clit.

Pulling me away from her face, she sticks her thumb into my drenched pussy, rubbing me from the inside. I’m still driving my two fingers into her, and she lets out another ecstatic scream as she cums. Pulling myself away from her pussy and off her face, I turn my attention to those huge tits of hers, licking and pulling on them. She moans and squirms as I rub her tits.

I lock my mouth onto hers and kiss her deeply, running my hand up and down her body. I pull her on top of me so I can rub her back like I did her front. I want to feel every inch of her. Her mouth stays locked onto mine, and my hand explores her shoulders, the small of her back, her sexy ass. Nibbling her lips, I stick a finger down between her legs, letting her juices run over me. Raising my hand back up to her ass, I stick it in. With all the lubrication, I have no trouble at all. She lets out a surprised gasp as I slip in, then a soft moan. I very slowly begin to stroke her there. Her breathing gets harder but less frantic. Using my lips, I kiss her neck, nibble her earlobe.

All Denise can do is lie on top of me, not daring to move a muscle.

“Oh, Miranda, oh god YES!” She cries as I begin to speed up the movement inside her. She’s panting with desire now, wanting more, but wanting it to stay the same. She raises a hand to my breast, rubbing and flicking at my erect nipple. Her eyes are closed in delight, and her shoulder muscles are tense with pleasure. Slowly rolling her onto her side, never taking my finger out of her, I lift up one of her legs. I take my thumb and insert it into her pussy. Denise’s eyes snap open as she gasps for breath. I’m going much faster now, not as worried about causing any pain. Her pants turn to moans that get louder and louder with every thrust I make.

Finally, she cums again with a gasp that seems to take her every breath away. We’re both sweating and the room smells heavily of sex as we fall asleep in each other’s arms. Needless to say, I never called her car ‘junk’ after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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