Boys Week At The Cabin Ch. 04

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Returning home, I knew things would have to change. I couldn’t keep having sex with my daughter’s boyfriend. Someone will find out. My wife would divorce me, my children would hate me. But DAMN that boy is so fine. And I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but the sex was better than with my wife.

I had to make the tough decision. My family is too important to me. I had to give up Mark. The thought of which, drove me completely mad. How was I to live without his marvelous cock in me, now that I had acquired the taste. That seems so inadequate. I lusted for him, needed him.

We returned on Monday, by Wednesday I was in withdrawals. I was starting to eye the cucumbers in the fridge.

Friday, Anna and Mark had been out all day, running around who knows where. They came in around five. so she could shower and change, before going to dinner. I was in my office, when they entered. She gave me a kiss, and ran upstairs. Mark stood by the door, watching her. When he heard the shower start, he closed my office door.

Just like the last time he was in here, he leaned on my desk, with his arms crossed over his chest. I was powerless. My resolve went right out the window. I unzipped his pants, and took him in. “That’s a good girl. Take care of your man. Anna was wearing a lowcut tank top. I’ve been staring at her rack all day. I haven’t cum since Monday, I got plenty for my little girl. There you go, swallow all of it.” It was a huge load, even for Mark. But, I wasn’t going to miss a drop. Manna from heaven. Then he just zipped up and left.

Later, the whole family was watching some shitty movie. Mark and Anna, were sitting on the sofa across from the one my wife and I were on. The boys were on a third. Mark said “Sir, do you know anything about B.M.W.’s?”

“A little, why?”

“Can you take a look at something for me?”

He led me to his car, he sat in the driver’s seat, and turned off the dome light. There in my driveway, with the door open, I got on my knees on the concrete, and sucked his cock. I heard a casino siteleri dog bark close by, but Mark just pushed my head back down on his cock. I’m Completely Powerless.

We entered the den and Mark said “Thank you Sir. I’ll take it to the dealership, first thing Monday.” You gotta love a quick thinking boy like that.

Sunday, my wife took the kids to church as usual. I rarely attend. Mark came over ten minutes after they left. As my family was praising the lord, I was calling out his name, on my back legs in the air.

As he watched me cum, Mark said. “You know little girl, I’m never going to stop fucking you. I love your pussy, and your pussy loves my cock.”

“What about when you’re fifty, and I’m seventy seven?”

“Ok, maybe then. But only because I don’t want you to have a heart attack, and I have to explain it to Anna.”

Well, I got that going for me. Thirty two years of Mark fucking me… I can live with that.

Monday evening, Anna came into my office. She closed the door behind her. The expression on her face, was one I wasn’t familiar with. I thought I was dead meat. “Dad, I need to ask you something, and I need you to tell me the truth.” I was definitely road kill. “Brad told me they took girls up to the cabin last week. Is that true?”

“Well, yes, baby, they did.”

“He said there was an orgy. Is that true?”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it an orgy…”

“Did Mark fuck those girls?”

“What? No. He didn’t touch them. He had ample opportunity to..hell they practically threw themselves at him. But he refused. He never did anything with those girls. Why would Brad tell you that about Mark? It isn’t true.”

“Brad told me there were girls, that they tried to have sex with Mark, and that Mark was a perfect gentleman. I just wanted to confirm it.” She was smiling ear to ear. She turned to leave.

“Wait. You… uh you aren’t going to tell your mom, are you?”

“Dad, please,..have I ever been a tattletale?” She hadn’t. Growing up with two older brothers, I’m canlı casino sure she had plenty of chances to, but she never did. Boy was I relieved.

Thursday, Mark, was early picking up Anna. While he waited in my office I was sucking his cock, when he said “I wish I had time to fuck your pussy, you will just have to settle on swallowing my load. I bet your little pussy is gagging for it though, right?” I nodded and moaned. “You love my cock, don’t you? I again nodded and moaned. “You love me don’t you?” I stopped and looked up at him “You do. Don’t you?” …I nodded.

“I’ve always known.” He took hold of my head, and fucked my mouth for a few minutes. “That’s what you need. My cock in your mouth and your ass. Because you love me. You don’t do it for anyone else but me. You love your wife, and of course your kids, and you love me too. You and I have something different, something special.”

How does he know so much at eighteen years old. “When Anna and I get married, I’m still going to give you what you need. Because you give me something special too. Devotion.”

He filled my mouth with his tasty nectar, but I didn’t want to let it go. I wanted to love on it as long as possible.

“I will be a good husband to Anna, but I will also be devoted to you. I will not share this with anyone else but you, little girl.” You know, it’s very hard to swallow a big cock and cry at the same time.

That night Anna came home later than usual. I was still up,watching TV, supposedly, when she came in. She had a huge smile on her face. “Hi, Daddy.”

“Is everything alright, Anna?”

“Everything is just wonderful.” I think you could have ran over her with a truck, and that smile would still be there. I was a little suspicious. I watched her as she went up the stairs. She was definitely walking gently. I knew then what had happened.

Sunday, during church, Mark came to the house again. We were in our pool house, so we could hear cars in the driveway. He had just finished fucking me long and hard. As I cleaned his kaçak casino cock, I asked “Did you fuck Anna Thursday night?”

“Yes. I hope that was okay. I plan to marry her, you know.”

“How did it go, did you have any performance issues?”

“No. Thanks to you, I didn’t. Once I got past her cherry, she cried a little.

Not sure if it was because it hurt or because she gave up her virginity. I kissed her for a while and was very loving and reassuring to her. When she had calmed down I started to give her a little at a time. Fortunately she was pretty wet. It took a while but I was finally balls deep. I fucked her nice and slow, kissing her the whole time. She came in just a few minutes, so then I started to give it to her harder. She came again. I love watching both of you cum. By the time I finished, we came together. I lasted forty five minutes after taking her cherry.”

“Very nice. I’m proud of you. It sounds like you did alright by my daughter too. If the smile she’s been wearing is any indication, she is very happy with what you did.”

He was hard again, so I started to blow him. “Get on your back, I want to watch you cum.” I did, and I did.

Anna didn’t tell me she gave up her cherry, maybe she told her mom, who hasn’t shared that info with me. I pretended I didn’t know.

When school started, I didn’t see much of them. some weekends they would come home. Sundays were best, because my wife and kids went to church, Mark would “keep me company.” Some weekends he came down alone. We spent a lot of time together then.

Summers were best. The family time at the cabin, and especially the boys weeks at the the cabin. Mark was always invited.

For their sophomore year, Mark and Anna, moved in together. She changed schools, so she could be with him. His family paid all their living expenses, so it saved me a shitload of money. They were also able to come home every weekend. I love weekends, especially Sundays.

That was six years ago. Mark and Anna are married now, and she is preggers for the second time. Mark is the epitome of the perfect husband. Of course, he has no need to stray. Between Anna and I, he is completely sated. Did I mention I love Sundays, and my great grandfather’s cabin.

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