Boys Need To Learn Pt. 02

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Chapter 2: Did that just Happen?

The short walk from Cossi’s house to Penny’s was made in a strange, reflective, almost embarrassing silence between Penny and her son James. Reflections caused not by that Penny had just seduced his best friend before his eyes and that the same thing had happened to him. No, the hysterical reaction of Kitty when she walked in and discovered them all in a compromising situation was the cause for the reflections.

The silence remained between them when they got home, each going to their own rooms, ostensibly to clean up.

James couldn’t believe what had happened that afternoon. He’d had sex, made love to and with Cossi, and his mum had done the same thing with his friend, although it seemed that Penny and Matt had fucked more than made love.

Yes, he was aware that Penny had guided and taught Matt at the beginning, but there was also more of a primal urgency, something almost animalistic in how they had attacked each other. Shit, James thought, that’s a heavy thing to contemplate for a nineteen-year-old.

It had been so hot, and surprisingly, he hadn’t been embarrassed that they were not only in the same room, but on the same bed. The sight of Matt pounding away into his mothers pussy was exciting. He knew that Cossi had taken his innocence with love and guided him into manhood. Then things had turned sour. Kitty had come home, caught them, and freaked out.

Kitty, the girl he secretly yearned for despite her reputation, had walked in on him and her mother. Just as he was about to climb on top of her and fuck her brains out. Again, he grinned silently to himself. The fact that the bed was shaking with the force Kitty’s brother was exerting while screwing Penny didn’t help.

James phoned Matt to find out how things were and to talk things through. To see if things were cool between them.

“Matt? It’s me, James.”

“I know that moron, your names on my phone list, duh.”

“Okay, okay. Look about this afternoon…” James’ voice trailed off as he lost what he was going to say.

“Wow, that was hot. I knew your mum was a looker, but, wow! Can you believe what happened?”

“No… No, not really. Did we do it? Did I fuck your mum and you mine?”

“No, I think they fucked us, and I’m glad they did. And your mum is so fucking hot.”

“So you keep telling me, and I don’t really need to hear it.”

“Well she is, fuck me!”

“She did.” James laughed at his friend.

“Hey, we’ve popped our cherries with a pair of hot cougars,” Matt responded.

“My mum is not a cougar, and neither is yours.”

“They are old enough to be our mum’s, so yes, they are cougars.”

“Fuck, they are our mum’s.” Both boys dissolved in a fit of giggles at the last remark.

“How’s Kitty?” James eventually asked.

“Having a blazing row with mum. I can’t make out what they are screaming at one another much, but I know Kitty’s called mum a whore, and mum has responded by calling Kitty a little slut. I’m keeping well away. James, I think Kitty’s jealous of you and mum. I think after all these years, she actually fancied you.”

“Yeah, well too late now,” James wistfully replied as the thought of what might have been between him and Kitty flashed through his mind.

“Hey, you know what else was hot? Your mum, she kept touching you whenever she could while I was… err… you know.”

“Fucking her?”

“Yeah, sorry about that. But yeah, she kept reaching out and touching you. It was weird, almost as if she wanted you as much as me.”

“Fuck off! She didn’t.” Then James felt the stinging in his shoulder and chest where his own mother’s nails had dug into him as she orgasmed as Matt had cum inside her. He realised that she had been staring intently at him as she did.

Penny was left alone with her own thoughts as she took a shower, fingering her pussy, and playing with her boobs, as the warm water washed over her generously framed body. She reflected on the sensual delight of taking a boy’s virginity, his innocence, the honour of being his first lover. The one woman in the world he will never, ever, be able to forget. That very special woman. A shudder of pleasure ran through Penny, and a warm glow infused her being. She smiled to herself as she remembered how that innocence soon turned to something more primitive as Matt had pounded her in a frenzy of lust.

There was tenderness there as well, but the sheer energetic power of Matt’s uninhibited and naive sexual performance was what had turned her on the most. That, and the knowledge that her son James was so close as he made love with kocaeli escort bayan her best friend, Cossi. With a start, Penny remembered how she had looked into James’ eyes when she came and how her nails were digging into him. The hot feel of his skin under her hands.

The next day Penny made the short walk to Cossi’s home, carrying two big bouquets of flowers.

“Hi,” she greeted Cossi, just managing to plant a kiss on her cheek as she handed one of the bouquets over to her friend. “How’s my sexy lover?”

“Me or Matt?” Cossi replied playfully.

“Either or both,” was the equally playful reply.

“Well, I’m fine, and Matt’s, well, Matt’s lost in a dream world. He’s gone down to the beach to surf and for a swim.

“What’s the flowers for?”

“One’s for you, to say thank you.”

“Thank you for what? Letting you seduce my son, or for me making a man out of yours?”

“Both, and you bloody know it. God, that was hot and Matt, not only is he hot and eager, he’s not going short if you know what I mean. He wasn’t at the back of the queue when they were handing out wedding tackle.”

“Penny, you can be so crude at times. But seriously, James was nice, so gentle and sensitive, and he responded so well.” Cossi hugged herself and gave a little shake of her body to emphasise the point. “And he knows what to do with his tongue. Well, he does now.”

“Where’s Kitty? These other flowers are for her. For some reason, I feel as if I need to say sorry to her for what she walked in on.”

“She’s out by the pool, sulking. I think that’s why Matt’s gone to the beach. Kitty and I had a big fight last night. She called me a whore, amongst other things, so I snapped and called her a little slut. That everyone called her the town Honda. You know, the easy ride.”

“Shit, Cossi. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, well, we’re Greek and passionate, so we say things in anger. We’ll get over it. Anyway, Kitty’s out by the pool, but I have to go out. Do you think you’ll be alright alone with her?”

“Sure, maybe it’s better that way. Although why either of us has anything to be sorry about to her for God only knows.”

“I told you we’d lose our reputations.”

“Bollocks,” Penny replied crudely. “Go. Do what you need to do. I’ll go and talk to Kitty.”

Cossi kissed Penny goodbye and left in a flurry of disorganised energy and confusion. Penny took a moment to compose her thoughts then moved through the open-plan house until she was standing just inside the bi-fold patio doors leading to the pool area.

She gasped at the slightly disturbing but very definitely erotic sight that met her gaze. Kitty was lying on her back, legs spread wide, one hand pushed inside her bikini bottoms, her other hand was playing with her boobs. She didn’t have a top on, and her medium-sized boobs with small, erect nipples were on display for anyone to see. That was the erotic part. The disturbing part was how blatantly unconcerned Kitty appeared to be about being seen. This was the middle of the day, and the garden could not be considered as being private.

Penny coughed and said, “Enjoying yourself?”

Kitty didn’t stop what she was doing as she replied cuttingly, “Yeah, not that it’s any concern of yours. My brothers not here if you’ve come to fuck him again.”

Penny moved forward and stood in front of Kitty, blocking out the sun from her. “No, I’m not here to see Matt, not that it’s any business of yours if I was anyway. Your mother’s maybe, but not yours.” Penny had decided to go on the attack if Kitty was acting the way she was. “But I brought these for you.” Penny offered the flowers to Kitty.

The honey blonde-haired teenager stood up slowly and stretched languidly. She didn’t try to hide her boobs with her hands, but Penny suspected this was all bravado. That deep down, Kitty was hurting and insecure. Kitty took the flowers and walked into the cool of the house.

As she put them into a vase of water, she turned to the woman who was old enough to be her mother and asked, “Why?” Indicating the flowers

“To say sorry. Not for what happened. That’s no concern of yours, no matter what you think. But for the fact that you saw what you did.”

Kitty smiled at Penny sarcastically. “Why? Why did you and mum do what you did? Mum fucked your son, and you… you did the same to Matt. How could you do that? What are the pair of you? Do you get a kick out of corrupting young boys?”

“No we don’t. What we… Me and your mum are not cougars hunting young men.” Penny sighed in exasperation at having to explain herself. She needed Kitty to understand that what happened had izmit escort bayan been intended as a loving and giving thing that she and Cossi had done with their sons.

“Yes, what we did was planned. You know both James and Matt are… were virgins. They are so behind in things we were worried about them. So we decided to do something about it. What we did, we did with a lot of love and tenderness. We decided that we would each take, and teach, the other’s son. I had expected that it would be in separate rooms, but your mum decided to be in the same room just as things started to happen.”

Kitty still seemed sceptical over the explanations. Penny stood looking at the girl, growing more aroused every second. She had to admit Kitty had a very desirable young body. A delicious thought passed wickedly through her mind as she made no secret that she was admiring Kitty’s body. I’ve had the mother and the son. What about the daughter as well. Her pussy moistened decidedly and seemed to thrum with anticipation.

“But why did James go with my mum? I’ve wanted him for years. I waited for him for like so long. Penny, it hurt when he didn’t even look at me.”

“Believe me, Kitty, he looked at you. He definitely wanted you.”

“Then why didn’t he do something? If he had, I’d never have said no to him, and I wouldn’t have acted the way I did.”

“It seems there’s some sort of stupid guy code that says you shouldn’t hit on a mates sister. God knows why, but who can work out what men think. All they seem to obsess on is footie and cricket.”

Kitty looked stunned. “But it’s okay to go with his mother! God, men are so stupid.”

Kitty suddenly burst into tears at the stupidity of the male thought process and the things it had inadvertently caused her to do. Penny hugged the distraught girl to her. As Penny consoled Kitty, she was acutely aware that the girl’s naked breasts were pressing against her. Penny stroked her hair, and as the sobs subsided, bent Kitty’s head back. As Kitty looked up, Penny acted instinctively, lowered her head and placed the gentlest of kisses on Kitty’s lips.

There was a moment’s stunned silence as they looked at one another. The older, mature, experienced woman and the younger girl. Neither knowing if this was the right thing to do at this, or at any time. Penny could be driven by intense lust at times. Yet, at others, she was sensitive and loving. She held a deep-seated desire to nurture, teach and educate. If that be in the realms of sex, then so be it. That was one of the reasons she had suggested to Cossi that they take each other’s sons to their beds. What an old fashioned expression, Penny thought as she stared at Kitty.

Just as Penny was about to break away from Kitty, thinking she’d overstepped the mark, the young girl pressed her hot body against her and kissed her back, with a searing intensity born of longing and frustration.

Kitty’s kisses were open-mouthed and filled with lots of frantic tongue action as hers sought for and found Penny’s, writhing together like a pair of mating eels. Penny cupped Kitty’s handful of boob in her hands and rubbed the nipples in her palms. Causing Kitty to moan into Penny’s open mouth and grind her body against her even harder.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Kitty stepped away from Penny and shrugged her bikini bottoms off. Penny responded by divesting herself of her own clothing. As soon as the two women were naked, they threw themselves at one another, tumbling to the living-room floor in a tangle of entwined limbs.

Penny, being older and stronger, forced Kitty unresisting onto her back and kissed her boobs. Sucking and licking them, switching from one to the other until both were sticky and covered in saliva. Kitty’s cherry red nipples were erect and pointing out like chapel organ stops. Penny feasted on them before kissing her way down Kitty’s body, pausing only to play her tongue in her sunken belly button.

Kitty knew where Penny was headed, what she intended, and made no attempt to try to stop her. In fact, she did the opposite, spreading her legs wider and rolling her bum off the floor to meet Penny’s mouth as it descended on her pussy. Penny had intended to take things slowly with Kitty, but recognising the girl’s urgency and lust, she buried her face into her groin. Locking her lips on Kitty’s pussy. Teasing and tormenting could come later.

Penny’s tongue delved deeply into Kitty’s pussy from the first contact. The girl was already excited, wet and ready from her earlier masturbating, so she responded instantly. Kitty had had her pussy licked and gebze escort eaten on a few occasions, so this wasn’t a totally new experience to her, but it had never felt like this before. Penny was an expert, maybe it was because she was a woman, but she was hitting every spot that Kitty could crave for and at just the right time and intensity.

Penny licked deeply and then eased back, concentrating on Kitty’s clit, then leaving it alone. She used her fingers and thumb on the sensitive nub, then plunged more than one finger deep inside the girl, finger fucking her violently. Making her scream with shock and desire at the suddenness of the change.

Kitty was rolling about on the floor as Penny continued her loving assault on her. At times, Kitty was trying to push Penny away. Though more often grabbing the back of her neck to hold her face against her pussy as she ground it around, smearing Penny’s face with her ever-increasing juices. Kitty wasn’t moaning like her mother did when Penny licked her pussy. Instead, she was screaming her lungs out.

When Kitty’s orgasm hit her, it was like a landslide, turning her insides to mush. Her nipples were throbbing, and her pussy was twitching uncontrollably as her juices poured out of her. A jolt of heat and electricity shot through Kitty as Penny didn’t lessen up with her tongue and mouth sucking on her distended pussy lips.

While Kitty was still in the throes of her diminishing orgasm, Penny changed position. So she was now sitting astride Kitty, her own pussy fractions of an inch from the young girl’s face. Kitty had one option, and she took it with relish. Pointing her tongue out to lick along Penny’s thick and fleshy labia. Penny sighed with blessed relief at the first contact.

She moved lower onto Kitty and held her pussy lips open, indicating that Kitty was to get deeper with her tongue. There was a mixture of uncertainty and lust in Kitty’s eyes as Penny gazed into them. Kitty’s tongue was driven by lust, not fear, as it acted instinctively and swirled in Penny’s love hole. The taste of a pussy was new to Kitty but not as gross as she’d expected, exactly the opposite, in fact. She loved the taste of another woman on her lips.

Kitty managed to free up one arm and used it to squeeze Penny’s large boobs, using her thumb and forefinger to pinch the prominent nipples, causing Penny to grind her pussy harder against Kitty’s mouth.

Gaining confidence and drawing on her expertise of cock sucking, Kitty got into things a lot more now. Her head rose off the bed, enabling her to push her tongue deeper into Penny’s rapidly flooding pussy. Kitty swirled her tongue around the inside, then held it stiff as she fucked Penny.

Penny’s pussy contracted and tried to clamp onto Kitty’s rotating tongue as it flashed in and out. Kitty was greedily slurping down Penny’s increasing flow of liquid as it slipped onto her tongue. Loving the taste and texture of every drop.

Penny’s eyes had started to glaze over as her passion increased as she began to bounce up and down on Kitty. Pounding her groin into the girls face. Kitty’s mouth and chin were covered in Penny’s thick tasty nectar as it flowed from her in increasing amounts.

Just about managing to keep her tongue inside Penny, Kitty rubbed her nose on the older woman’s clit, triggering Penny’s orgasm. Her legs crashed shut on Kitty’s ears, her mouth formed a silent O as her orgasm crashed with a burning intensity over her. Her nipples were tingling, and her pussy was pulsating. Wave after wave of fire triggered synapses in her brain, releasing vast quantities of dopamine, adding to her pleasure even more. Penny’s mind was blank of all thought or emotion, concentrated only on her own pleasure.

Spent and sated, Penny gradually released her deathlike grip on Kitty’s head, allowing the teenager to breathe again. Penny fell to the side, then pulled Kitty to her, and they cuddled in a post-coital glow.

As Penny’s thoughts returned to normal cognisance, she thought to herself. Yes, I like women, but I loved being able to take Kitty on her first journey into the tender delights of Sapphic loving.

Did that just happen, Kitty wondered? The tenderness in her nipples and the way her pussy was purring told her it had. She’d just had her very first lesbian encounter, and it had been like, Wow! she thought.

Penny had left when Cossi got back home, but from the look on her daughter’s face and the pink suffused glow of her skin, she knew something had happened, and she had a good idea of what that was.

Bloody Penny, she thought. That woman is dangerous, first my son and now my daughter. She’s seduced both of them.

Penny’s thoughts were turning to another idea. Something that had intrigued, yet troubled her for a time now. Something that was on another plane entirely, and was more extreme, more taboo than anything that had happened so far.

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