Boy Friends. And Husbands.

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It’s fun to have both. And fun to sometimes put them together.

I was having a late business lunch with my friend Alex at the local power eatery, and we were discussing the merits of certain distribution platforms for our products. The waiter came over and I ordered a glass of white wine even though it was lunchtime and I had plenty of work to do back at the office. Being with Alex always makes me a bit mischievous since we used to be lovers. He was so insatiable and had the most gorgeous cock. But a bit of a premature ejaculation problem. But hey, it was all in good fun. He ordered a glass also. Guess he wasn’t planning on getting much work done this afternoon also.

So the wine arrives and we continue our conversation. Alex gets a little close to make a point and suddenly we’re sitting pretty close. Old feelings must have emerged because suddenly, under the table his hand was on my thigh rubbing gently. Hmmm. That was nice. And with the warm feeling inside me from the wine I didn’t make any effort to withdraw. As the conversation got away from business and started to get a little heated up, I look up, and across the restaurant, I see my husband approaching. He was just finishing a business lunch and was coming over to say hi. As I introduced them, Alex stood up to shake my husband’s hand and managed that “awkward” half-stand mostly to hide his erection from behind his trousers. Alex invited my husband to stay and have a drink, and while I gave him my surprised eyebrow lift look, my husband, sensing something was up, decided yes, he would stay and have a drink. Guess nobody’s getting any work done this afternoon.

As the conversation began about the economy and how it is or isn’t hitting our businesses, I feel my husband’s left hand on my right thigh and he is rubbing and squeezing it. Always such a horn-dog! That’s why I love him. As I observe these two alpha dogs check each other out via the language of business and sports, I decide to excuse myself to the restroom. While there, I decide to remove my thong in the stall and pull out my little magic bullet vibrator and give myself a good shivering orgasm right there in the toilet stall. With one leg propped on the paper dispenser and the other against the door, I run the vibrator over and around my clit while my other hand plunges two fingers in and out of my now wet snatch. Wow. Nice lunchtime. Soon a tiny shuddering orgasm grips me and I brace against the walls of the stall and have my little private moment.

As I gather myself for reappearance in the restaurant with those two rutting pigs, I decided not to replace my thong and just go commando making it easier for whoever makes the first move on my pie for dessert. I walk out of the peace of the restroom and into the muted lighting of the restaurant.

As I approach the table, both men stop talking and stare at me in my little mini skirt, low cut top and high heel pumps. They both jump to their feet and hold out my chair for me. I take my seat between them. Another round has been ordered. As I sip my wine, I decide ahhh, what the hell. I call over the waiter and order a double shot of tequila. It arrives as the conversation starts to get a little off business and into the latest congressional sex scandals.

At one point, as expected, Alex’s left hand makes its way onto my right thigh under the table, but this time much more aggressively. He slides it up slowly. I part my legs slightly. Then my husband makes a sudden point on the morals of our government and puts his left hand on my right thigh. Hmmm. And that hand is moving north quickly. I open my legs a bit more. Good thing the tablecloth is to the floor. As they continue their discussion, I’m sure they both feel the slick juices of my just frigged cunt on the thigh each is rubbing. Alex is leering slightly as his hand moves up and starts rubbing my labia. Wet. Just as he figured. Just a bit behind…husband’s hand moves up to my clit and the momentary touch sends a shiver to my nipples.

Then their hands touch. Uh-oh. I knew this would happen. The conversation stopped immediately. They both looked at me, and then at each other…and then at me again. I was casino oyna still a bit in the heavenly moment of having two different hands on my sopping wet pussy, but quickly snapped out of it and addressed them both. To my husband I said, “now don’t act so surprised, you know how I love to play around and how you like me to play around…Alex and I are former lovers” and to Alex, I quickly said “now you knew I was married and fooled around, so don’t look all innocent”. And to both of them I said, “if you’ll both just relax, everyone will be happy. Continue with your conversation. They tried. They really did. But I had reached under the table with both hands and unzipped first my husband, and then Alex. I had each hand under the table stroking both their cocks to hardness. Then I joined them in conversation which had suddenly taken a turn to mundane things like the weather and traffic. “Oh, really”, I would fake as I rubbed the pre-cum on the tips of their cocks. Everyone pretended to drink their drinks and converse while I was pumping their cocks under the table.

Suddenly, my thoughtful husband decided to push my cell phone onto the floor and kick it under the table. I gave him that “you did not just do that” look. And then Alex grabbed his phone and started reaching for the speed dial number for my cell phone…and I gave him that “I am not getting under that table” look, but he pressed the button and soon my phone was ringing under the table.

My husband said, “honey, you better get that call…could be important”. As I gave them both the death look, I slid under the table ever so gracefully and my husband guided my head to his cock. Ok. With my right hand still stroking Alex, I slipped my husband’s cock into my mouth and slurped at it hungrily. Then I alternated and stroked my husband’s spit slick cock, and licked and sucked Alex. This went on for a while.

While under the table sucking and stroking, I heard the waiter come over to take the lunch orders. They both ordered steaks while I was sucking them and when the waiter asked, “What happened to the lady?” Alex said something like “she had to slip out for a bit” and my husband added that “she won’t be hungry when she returns, she’ll have eaten already”. Good to see that they’re such good friends. When I started to cup Alex’s balls while free-mouth sucking him, he could hold it no longer, and exploded into my mouth. As he spurted down my throat, his end of the conversation got a little thin. But as he was cumming, my husband could sense that Alex was exploding under the table and like a yawn in a crowd, ejaculation is catching too….I barely had enough time to swallow all of Alex’s cum when my husband decided to imitate a geyser. I got my mouth over there a bit late as the first shot glanced over my face and I managed to swallow the rest, still stroking Alex’s cum-slicked penis. When my husband finished dumping his load in my mouth, I moved over to Alex and licked him clean, which of course got him erect again. But a little too sensitive to stroke. I went back to my husband and slurped all of the cum and spit off his cock with the same result. Boys, boys, boys.

When I felt the coast was clear, I made a deft move back up to the chair in between them. I immediately deep kissed my husband who loves the idea of his cum mixed with someone else’s cum; he sucked it out of me like an expert. Then I turned to Alex, and kissed him deeply so my husband’s cum on my cheek got on him too. I called for three more shots and we all downed them in one motion.

Then the steaks arrived. The conversation was a bit broken now with the recovering orgasms and the red-hot bloody meat on the plate. As they were eating, I got another tequila shot and started giving myself some under-table action. As my slick fingers went up and down my slit and the cum still burped up from inside my throat, I decided to go to the restroom again, but this time to invite my lunch partners to join me. So one at a time, I whispered into their exhausted heads, that I was going to the rest room, but the men’s room…and I will be in the handicapped stall. They were to wait three minutes and then Alex should leave to canlı casino go to the restroom and meet me there. Then I told my husband to wait two more minutes and come into the restroom as well.

As they commenced devouring their steaks (will need their strength) I slid out of my chair and glided over to the restroom.

There was quite a surprise in the restroom when I walked in, with dried cum on my face and in my seductive outfit.

There was an attractive tall, dark businessman urinating in the well, urinal. He looked over his shoulder at me and didn’t glance back…I saw a bit of his gorgeous cock peeing and decided that in my horny state from the boys at the table, I couldn’t wait the three minutes for Alex. I strode right up to this gentleman, grabbed his cock while he was still releasing a strong stream of hot pee and got on my knees and jerked that cock to get it good and hard. He was still peeing, with urine flying everywhere including all over me and that cock got good and strong. The salty wetness of his hot stream splashed all over my clothes making my blouse see through and me horny as hell. With the stinging salty liquid all over me, I engulfed his rod in my mouth and let out a low moan. He had stopped peeing by now, but the smell was everywhere and I’d never felt sluttier. I sucked his cock with abandon now and he started to ask me my name! I stopped sucking and gave him that look like…”y’know, I could stop at anytime”. He immediately shut up and let me get back to my work. As he was now rock hard, I spun around and bent over at the waist and he knew what to do. He slid that hard cock right into my pussy and grabbed my hips and rode me as hard as anyone could. At this point, I was grabbing onto the sink to brace myself from his thrusts. He started slapping my ass while he fucked me and that sent me over the top. I had a strong orgasm and almost lost my balance when my knees went weak. But I continued teetering on my impossibly high heels while he pumped away.

Well this must have gone on for longer than three minutes because in comes Alex through the door. He sees me getting banged from behind by a stranger, covered in piss and he locks the door. Oh, this is going to be fun. The two guys exchange pleasantries while Alex undoes his pants; soon his recently exploded cock is up and in my face. I hold his hips while deep-throating (or trying to) his beautiful cock, which btw, still smells like my spit and his previous cum. Heaven.

Suit Guy in the back decides he needs more filth, so he pops that cock out of my cunt, and still wet with my juices and the pee, positions it at my asshole. He spits at that tiny brown target and presses. I back into him and soon that head is disappearing up my anus. Whoa. That was quite a fit. I continue to slobber on the head of Alex’s cock while he reaches over me and spread my ass cheeks for suit boy to get a better view. Suit boy can take no more and erupts into my ass. The force of his ejaculation almost makes me gag on Alex’s cock. Alex likes this and very quickly (again, like a yawn in a crowd) pulls out of my mouth and glazes my face with his second load of the luncheon. None of us heard the knocking on the door. OMG, we forgot about my husband waiting to get in.

Alex strides to the door and unlocks it to let in my husband, not realizing that his cock is still out of his pants, and that Suit Guy is still feeling me up as his cum drips out of my asshole.

My husband loves what he sees (cause he’s a perv) and asks me if I’ve been naughty. Before I can answer, the other two guys tell him exactly how bad I’ve been. I am now soaked with pee and cum and my husband just comes over and gives me the biggest, deepest tongue kiss ever. He loves me all slutted up. Suit Guy gives my husband some access, and my husband can see the rawness of my anus and the cream dripping out of it. He bends over and tongues the cum from my ass, and I eventually slide down to a squat position so the cum drips out and onto his tongue easier. Suit Guy is now in front of me and I put that limp cock in my mouth so that it jumps to attention. Soon it is hard and pumping into my mouth.

My husband, kaçak casino having licked me clean comes over to the front and begins kissing me while Suit Guy’s cock is pistoning in and out of my mouth. Soon, my husband is licking Suit Guy’s balls while I am expertly working the cock. Yea, hubby has a bit of a cuckhold, bi-sexual thing. Suit Guy could have freaked out, but gave in to the pleasure. Alex was wasted at this point, just taking in the scene. Soon Suit Guy was getting close to nutting. Hubby kept licking his balls till he started cumming and then used his hand to guide Suit Guy’s cock as it shot stream after stream of hot cum all over my face.

At this point hubby was at the bursting point. I stood up in all my cum stained, pee-soaked glory and released a stream of my own hot pee right onto the floor in front of all of them. As that stream died down, I reached into my husband’s pants, and pull out his rock-hard cock. I give it, no lie, two strokes with my hand and he releases a powerful load of cum that almost hits the ceiling of the restroom….and of course lands all over me.

And of course, since no one re-locked the men’s room door, two busboys walk in and immediately take in the whole scene. I just motion them over to me and get on my knees. They know what to do and immediately unleash their cocks from their pants. On my knees, I take turns blowing one while stroking the other; all the while they are celebrating their good fortune. As I am working the boys, Alex comes up between them and whips out his dick and begins peeing all over me. The boys are a bit astounded, but don’t want to give up a good thing. Alex is literally hitting me in the eye with his stream and its is dripping down all over me and adding to the puddle on the floor. The boys seem to enjoy this and they start twitching. First the younger of the two grunts and says something in Spanish before unleashing his spunk down my throat. Delish! Then the other says it’s his turn, pushes my head back so his cum stream hits me from nose to breasts. They high five and head out.

Suit Guy thanks us for the most exciting visit to the men’s room EVER and leaves for his lunch I presume.

I was hoping the party wasn’t over when my genius husband had a great idea. He bent me over the toilet in the handicapped stall. Alex started feeling me up and rubbing my clit which drove me into a heightened sense of passion when I heard hubby leave the room. Whatever, I was enjoying Alex’s fingers and then I heard the door open and lots of different voices.

Apparently, hubby went out to the dining room and whispered to other guys there that there was a sexy surprise in the men’s room. And they came in. Word spread to the kitchen and they came in too. Soon the restaurant was closed and there was a line a mile long for the “surprise”.

Alex controlled the crowd, and one by one, people came in and stuck their dick in my well-used cunt and pumped away till they left yet another load of cum deep in me. One after another. Big ones, small ones, thin ones. I never saw any of them, just grinded, bumped, shimmied and rode them to make them cum.

There were grunts, cheers, encouragement, congratulations, and high fives, all behind me as they took turns enjoying my womanhood. I totally lost count of time and how many loads I took there. Alex didn’t. With cum leaking out of me like a river, the last one finished. Alex straightened me up and hubby positioned himself under me to lick out every last drop of the gallons of sperm shot all in and over me. Alex said he counted 26 loads in me, not counting the activity I had under the table previously. An epic day.

They helped me walk to the rear of the restaurant where hubby’s car was waiting. They loaded me into it and he took off. I was relaxing a bit, and noticed the smirky smile on hubby’s face (along with some dried up cum), and the erection he had. So what the heck. As he drove, he got another hand/blow job. What’s another load. And soon I was rewarded, with his cum flying down my throat.

As we pulled into what I thought was our driveway (my head was below the dash working) I got out, only to see that we were at a motel. And that behind us was a caravan of cars that Alex had arranged to follow us so the party could continue. Awesome. Hubby was pleased. But not as much as I was about to be. The real party was just starting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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