Bottoms Up

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Big Tits

I love that lustful look of desire in her eyes as she lies with naked breasts pressed against the satin sheets and looks over her left shoulder at me kneeling behind, fully ready.

Her round ass is so sexy. The back of her muscular thighs gradually merge with fleshy cheeks, each curving symmetrically together to form a line, an erotic crevice, to be explored fully in only moments.

I can feel the heat of her skin when I place the fingers of my right hand on the top of one beautiful cheek. With my thumb under it, almost touching her inner thigh, I squeeze gently and feel the firmness of her under that soft padding.

I do the same with my left hand on her other cheek before gently lifting and parting them, revealing the long pouting lips of her pink pussy, drooling slowly, and in desperate need of a passionate kiss.

Parting further, I am rewarded with the beautiful sight of her puckered hole clenched tightly against all intruders. I long to lean close, tongue outstretched, and prepare her with quick short flicks that will make her gasp in surprise, and when I stop, whimper for more.

Pouring warmed lubricant between her ass cleavage, I watch a slippery bead of clear lube roll slowly over her anus before mixing with her excitement and dripping to the sheets between her parted thighs. I think much more is necessary for the pleasure that is sure to come.

Inching forward on my knees, I rest my extra stiff cock in the valley canlı bahis between her cheeks. The first sensation is the heat of her skin against the sensitive underside of my cock. I feel her fingers gently touch my balls as she reaches under her body and gently presses them against her wet pussy lips. I hear her moan, urging me to take her.

Pressing her cheeks together around my dripping cock, I slowly slide back and forth along her ass, making my body shudder as shivers of pleasure shoot up and down my spine. I watch my cock head, covered in excess lubricant, emerge from between her cheeks with each thrust as I “titty fuck” her ass cheeks. I better pace myself or I will surely cum before I do her bidding by thrusting deeply into her ass.

With the helmeted head of my cock positioned against her bum hole, I lift my hips to change the angle of attack, and press on my rigid cock with my thumb, watching as she slowly yields to the steady pressure. She breathes deep and holds her breath with her eyes tightly shut and teeth clenched tight.

I don’t know whether it is the unrelenting pressure, unstoppable slipperiness of the lubricant, or sheer force of will, but I feel the powerful muscle around her anus gradually yield as the tip of my cock slowly slides into her ass. I pause to let her body adjust to me. Looking down at her ass, I part her cheeks wide and am rewarded with a wonderfully erotic sight. The head of my cock is entirely engulfed by her, bahis siteleri with the now stretched skin of her anus tightly gripping my hard shaft.

Pushing with my hips I watch my cock slowly disappear between her beautiful cheeks. Two inches in, I pull back very slowly only to stop just before popping out. I slowly push back in, three inches this time, four the next, then five, then finally my full length deep into her ass.

The sensation was wonderful. Her ultra tight ass grabbed at my cock from all sides at once, and the stimulation was relentless as I slide slowly outward and back again and again. I could feel her every twitch and spasm no matter how minute. But as she reached up and started fingering her engorged clit, the spasms became stronger and stronger, squeezing my cock tightly within her.

Her animal moans of pleasure urges me deeper and faster. I comply with long thrusts in and out of that beautiful ass. My balls lift and tingle in anticipation of the orgasm to come, while my cock and pelvic muscles clench tight.

Her body tremors as she arches her back and cries out. My balls slap against her pussy as I slam deeply in and out of her ass.

I watch her body start to shake around my cock, grasping it with erratic spasms.

I feel my balls contract and a euphoric sense of pleasure radiate from my cock.

Her body bucks in violent shudders as she cries out in pleasure. I feel her juices gush against my tightening bahis şirketleri balls and inner thighs.

I plunge deep and squeeze hard, pausing, trying desperately to maintain control.

Her ass clamps hard around my pulsing cock shaft pushing me past the point of no return.

I feel my cock and pelvic muscles spasm uncontrolled.

I am cumming.


My cock thrusting deeper, my body jerks as my cock spurts cum deep inside her ass. One, two, three spurts, then continued spasms diminishing in intensity. Her body continues its orgasmic contractions, milking every drop of cum from my cock.

Aftershocks continue to ripple through our bodies as the waves of pleasure slowly recede.

After several minutes coupled like that, I realize that my cock is buried very deep in her beautiful ass, and that its firmness may be causing some discomfort at this point. I slowly pull my hips back, sliding outward and hear her sigh contently. She clenches for only a moment or two, sending renewed shudders through my body. I can’t help but wonder what sensations she is feeling.

I look down and see my cock emerge from her ass slowly, leaving a trail of white spunk against her soft skin. I watch as she pushes gently as a gob of cum drips from her ass and runs downward along her pussy lips before dripping to the sheets below.

I crawl up her body slowly and lower my chest to her back, feeling the warmth of her skin against mine. Her eyes closed, I place each of my hands on the back of hers as our fingers entwine. I watch her lips form a smile with eyes closed, and kiss the side of her neck gently before drifting off with a smile of my own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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