Bottom Dad Pt. 02

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Bbc Slut

It was about 10:30 at night and I was lying in bed with a raging pardon with three of my fingers up my well lubed hole. Just then I heard the front door open and close; someone had come in and went into the downstairs bedrooms.

Ten minutes later I heard soft foot steps coming up to the master bedroom loft and looked over toward the stairs to see Sergey come walking into the bed area wearing nothing but a smile.

“I left the guys at the club; I told them I didn’t feel good and needed some rest,” he said. As he reached down and grabbed his thick uncut cock and I could see that it was already on its way to a full throbbing 10″ fuck stick.

“What I needed was your hot mouth and ass.” “I’ve been thinking all day about how much you loved my cock and how needy and accommodating your tight ass was, hell this has been half hard all fucking day.”

With that he waved his now fully erect cock at me and walked over to the bed grabbing my head and stuffing that fine piece of meat into my mouth.

Sergey pulled the sheet down and saw that I was fully erect and dripping pre-cum as I pulled my greasy fingers out of my hole.. “You cock hungry daddy…you love this big stud cock of mine don’t you?”

My throat was now full of his cock so all I could do was nod my head yes. He said “Brad & Mike will be gone all day tomorrow visiting his mom leaving just Zack and me here with you.” I felt my hole spasm at the suggestion.

“What do you say daddy, ready to take on the both of us? Two horny young studs that need their hot cocks serviced by a hot cock hungry daddy like you.”

“Would you like that Jim?”

Sergey pulled his big spit dripping cock out of my throat and mouth and cock slapped my face a few times as I moaned and begged for more of his cock. “Sergey” I said “I’ll do what ever you want but just give me your cock, I need it in me.”

Sergey laughed and laid back on the bed and said “Ok you horny cock gümüşhane escort slut, get up here and ride my big Russian dick, fuck yourself real good on it, I need to blow a big load. I’m gonna fill your ass with so much cum it’s going to be running out of your asshole.”

With that I just straddled his body and lowered myself down that huge fuck tool until I felt his curly blond pubes tickle my hole and then I began to ride that cock like a mad man possessed.

Sergey just laid back and stared into my eyes and smiled as he watched me slide up and down as I rode his big 10″ fuck pole. My own throbbing 7.5″ slapping Sergey’s hard abs every time I bottomed out.

Little did I know that we had an audience watching and filming this hot scene as I yelled out in heated pleasure each time I slid down his rock hard shaft.

“Oh Sergey I love what your cock is doing to my ass, it feels awesome. I’ll do whatever you want of me as long as you keep fucking me with this big beautiful Russian cock.”

“Oh, I’m going to shoot my load, oh, I’m going to cum, oh Sergey your fucking the cum right out of me, oh shit, oh fuck here it comes oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee.”

I blasted my load all over Sergey’s chest as I continued to ride his cock and he kept thrusting up forcing more cum out of my hard shooting cock.

He took the cum from his chest with his fingers and begin to feed me my own come as he pushed me down and impaled me on his now spraying cock yelling ‘holy fuuuuccck!” Filling me with so much come that I thought I would be able to taste it.

“That would have been a hot fuck to film” Sergey panted with a huge grin. As I lay across his chest with his cock still semi-hard and still up my ass, both of us panting and sweating he grabbed my head and kissed me deeply with those sexy lips.

When I woke up the next morning he was still laying naked in my bed. What escort gümüşhane a hot sexy sight to wake up too.

Sergey stirred and opened those sexy blue eyes and said let’s take a shower. We headed to my shower and I took the soap and began to lather up his hot body. I took extra time washing his cock which was now beginning to harden.

I got down on my knees and sucked his semi-hard cock into my greedy mouth, he was fully hard when he pulled his throbbing cock from my drooling lips and said “lets take this to the bed so I can really feed you some morning man juice.

Sergey lay down on the bed and lewdly stroked his massive tool telling me to “get down here daddy and suck my cock”. I was between his legs and had that monster cock down my throat in no time.

Brad and Mike had left early that morning to visit his mother and to go to the beach with some of Brads friends and I forgot that Zack was still in the loft until I felt two hands caressing my ass and spreading my cheeks.

I tried to pull off Sergey’s cock and see who it was but Sergey held my head down and said, “don’t worry Mr. Pines it’s just Zack and he’s hot for that man pussy of yours after he watched and filmed you riding my cock last night like a bitch in heat.”

My eyes bulged and I choked on his cock as Sergey laughed and said “Mr. Pines, Zack and I love to tag team a hot bottom and we really enjoy fucking a hot daddy’s man hole that’s made for big young stud cocks.”

“The video is all set up and we’re going to film you taking both our big thick cocks and getting filled with cum from both ends.” With that said Zack began to push his enormous cock up my now loose and thoroughly fucked hole as I glutted on Sergey’s cock and saw stars at the same time.

I had never had such a huge cock up my ass and they both knew it. “You’ve got about half of my cock up your ass Mr. Pines and here comes the rest.” gümüşhane escort bayan Zack said as he shoved the remaining 7″ up my steaming hole while I moaned around the big piece of stud meat in my throat.

“I told you he’d go for it Zack,” Sergey said. He just needed 10″ of Russian persuasion. Zack said “Mr. Pines, your not as tight as I thought you would be but I guess after the way you were riding Sergey’s cock last night I should have known your hole would be cum lubed and ready for a good fucking this morning.”

It was an amazing morning, Zack fucked me for about half an hour while I sucked, licked, throat fucked and worshiped the hot cock in front of me and begged for both of them to give me more.

Sergey pulled away from my swollen lips as Zack sat back and pulled me up and onto his lap. I was now impaled on that enormous pole and I began spraying cum everywhere. “See Zack” Sergey said “I told you he is one hot and horny daddy.”

Zack pulled my legs up and begin to turn me around while still impaled on his massive rod and another wad of cum flew from my hard cock and landed on Zack’s chest. “Feed it to him Zack, “Sergey was saying and Zack began to finger my cum into my mouth and push me onto my back with my legs over his shoulders.

I marveled as I stared at Zack thinking where did this 5′ 10″ handsome dark haired beauty inherit such a huge cock, was he part satyr? He had the hairy chest and legs to suggest that. What ever he was he knew how to fuck.

Sergey crawled over my head and dropped his big full balls right into my open mouth and said “put that mouth of yours to work on my hot balls, I’ve got another load in them for you to eat.”

Zack was now plowing my hole for all he was worth and I knew he was getting ready to blow a huge load of hot cum right into the depths of my well fucked man hole.

Sergey moaned and yanked his balls from my mouth and fed his cock into my mouth and with a loud groan begin to dump his hot, tasty and slightly sweet cum down my throat as Zack let out a huge groan and pumped what felt like a gallon of his seed up my abused fuck tunnel.

They both pulled out at the same time and fell next to me and began kissing my face, mouth and each other, I was in absolute heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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