Borders Crossed, Part One

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This is a true story of how three people I know first met and fell in love. The following events are based on what has been recounted to me by the persons involved. However, their names have been changed to protect their identities.


Borders Crossed
Part One


On the southern Japanese island of Kyushu is a small village in the Miyazaki prefecture. Life there is simple and quiet. The area is a beautiful, lush green mix of semi-tropical forest, small farms and a stone’s throw from various shines and temples. It was also a painfully boring place for a junior high school student named Nanako Fukuda.

Nanako or Nana for short was an otaku, a Japanese nerd with an obsession for anime, manga and video games. She never got along well with the other girls in her class and was usually the butt of their jokes. She was under developed for her age at only 140cm tall, very skinny, a flat chest and had yet to have her period or grow any pubic hair. Despite this, she was a serious closet pervert.

She had seen an ecchi (erotic fantasy) comic when she was eight, and her sexual curiosity gradually grew more intense ever since. Now at twelve, she had gone past the simple romance comics with basic sex scenes to highly perverted depictions of tentacle monsters, orgies, gangbangs and even depictions of mutilations and murder. Although the last ones were not her favorite, they still sparked her curiosity. She would fantasize about all of it and was in a constant search for more exotic and perverse material.

A local man she knew was more than willing to buy her the videos and comics she wanted in exchange for a view of her naked cunny or arse. Occasionally she would be talked into letting him grope her a little, but it never went any farther than that. He was a sweaty, balding lolicon (a kind way of saying a pedophile), but it wasn’t that he was a pervert that disgusted her, but rather his demeanor. He was nervous, jittery and acted like some demented child every time he got see her privates or get a grope.

As much as she wanted to actually try some of the things she fantasized about, there was no one she knew that she was willing to try it with. The boys in her school were exactly that, boys. She wanted someone who could teach, guide and control her. In this she was not alone. However, the other girls she knew were all obsessed with the prettiest high school boys in town. It was very common for girls in her country to flaunt over pretty boys. It seemed that the more a boy looked like a girl the more popular he was. Nana had no interest in that. She had a very healthy curiosity about trying things with another girl, but when it came to the opposite sex, she wanted a real man. At first she thought about the yakuza tough guys she saw on TV, but became disillusioned when she met a couple of them in real life. She had a pretty good sense for people, and she was able to size these guys up quick. They were arrogant, loud and insecure. Sure they were low level thugs, but to an at the time eleven year old girl, it determined her whole perception.

She had decided from the many stories she read that a real man didn’t need to prove anything. This was one of the reasons she fell in love with American action movies. Seeing the big, strong actions heroes told her that she would need to meet a foreigner to find the man of her dreams. She put all of her effort into studying English, and wanted desperately to travel to America as soon as she could. However, as fate would have it, a pair of foreigners came to her.

She was on her way home from school when she saw them walking in her direction on the sidewalk. One was the tallest man she had ever seen. That isn’t to say he was extremely tall. He stood 185cm which when compared to the men in her town was very impressive. It wasn’t just his height that caught her attention. Her village wasn’t a typical tourist destination, and these were the first white men she had ever seen in person. On top of that, the tall one was blond haired, blue eyed and lean; she was instantly captivated.

As the two men approached her, she wanted desperately to talk to the tall blond man but with a hot blush creeping up her face she felt far too embarrassed to try. As they got closer though, she heard them arguing. “Tell me again why we’re here? I mean, when you talked me into coming here, you said that there would be cool things to see, but I doubt there’s even a decent bar in this town,” the tall blond said.

It was then that she took note of the other man. He was a bit shorter than his friend, but still tall to her at 177cm. His hair was a reddish brown, but she couldn’t quite make out his eye color because of his glasses. He was also bigger with broad shoulders, a large chest and had a strong jawline. She also found that his accent was different when he replied to his friend, “Yoo’re daft man. Look aroond ye, thes place is bonnie. Ah bit there’s aw kinds ay things tae see in these bens.” Nana thought it sounded sort of like English but couldn’t understand half of what he said.

As she was about to pass them, she suddenly blurted out, “There very nice shrine in canyon.” Both men suddenly stopped in their tracks and stared at her quizzically.

“Imagine ‘at, th’ lassie speaks English!” the darker haired man said with a big smile. He crouched down in front of her and asked, “What’s yer nam sweetheart?”

Her cheeks felt hot and she was sure she was blushing profusely. “Nana,” she said with a squeak.

“Nana, whit a brammer nam. Aam David an’ thes is mah mate Mark. He’s American, but dornt hauld ‘at against heem. Sae whaur is ‘at canyon ye tauld us abit?” He talked to her with a big smile, but as much as she wanted to, she couldn’t quite understand him.

Mark, the blond, could see the girl’s confusion and decided to step in. “You’ll have to excuse my friend, he’s Scotch. It took me a while before I could fully understand him too. I’m Mark and this is David; nice to meet you Nana,” he said with a smile. David gave him a pressing look and he asked, “oh yeah, David wanted to know where that canyon with the shrine is that you mentioned.”

Nana beamed at the fact that they were interested in her suggestion. “It a… you go… I show you I think,” she could hardly believe that she had the nerve to say that to these strangers.

They seemed equally surprised with the look they gave each other. “You sure that’s okay sweetie? I’m not sure how your parents would feel about you going off alone with a couple of strangers. Besides aren’t your parent’s expecting you?” Mark asked, thinking that going off with this girl was probably a bad idea.

“It okay my mom trust me. She at work, she no worry, and I have no dad,” she wasn’t lying, but the two men were right that she probably would not be okay with her going off alone with them. Even so, she felt compelled to spend more time with them and know them. Mark looked to David for advice, but received only a shrug in return. With that they hesitantly agreed.

On the way to the canyon Nana pressed them for information about themselves. She discovered that the two men had been college roommates and had just graduated. They were now on a cross-country trip through Japan before each of them went back home. Mark was from Seattle Washington, and David was from Glasgow Scotland. They had both gone to college in Massachusetts, but now that they’ve graduated, wanted to have an adventure before returning home and saying goodbye to each other. They debated about where to go since they each wanted different things. Mark wanted to party in a big city while David wanted to hike across a beautiful landscape and see ancient sites. They finally agreed on Japan.

They started off with an alcohol fueled party through Shibuya and Roppongi then made their way north all the way to Sapporo before turning around and heading to Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto. There were numerous little places that they stopped at as well from David’s insistence. He loved looking through all the small towns and trying to talk to the locals with little to no success. He told Mark that it was important to appreciate the hidden beauty in all the little things. Mark could really care less. They both had gotten some very fine rides in Tokyo, and he was looking forward to getting back to the action there. However, for David the trip was about more than a few shags. He wanted to experience the entire country both big and small. He was always like this, Mark knew, since he had been dragged to every manner of hole in the wall, backwoods and middle of nowhere spot he could imagine.

After Kyoto, Mark wanted to go back to Tokyo where they had met a freaky pair of Japanese twins that gave them an amazing foursome. It wasn’t the first time they had fucked girls in the same room with each other. They had even double teamed a few girls back in collage, but watching those twins make out with each other and eat each other while they each got a piece, was perhaps the hottest experience of his life. They got the twin’s numbers and promised to call when they got back to Tokyo, but David seemed more interested in seeing every little shine and temple in the country first. Somehow, he even talked Mark into visiting Hiroshima. Mark was worried about radiation, but David told him it was perfectly safe. Marks complaining took a break when they found a little rock & roll bar in Fukuoka. He met a sexy little number who gave him one of the best blowjobs of his life that night. After that, he was in good enough spirits to follow David on random buses heading through Kyushu. Even David didn’t know where they were going and said that was the fun part. Mark was not convinced, but he knew once they made their round about pass through the island, it was back to Tokyo and the Twins.

Now following a girl who looked to be ten years old at most, was making him feel more than a little awkward. He did find it funny that he had to translate for David, so the girl could understand what he was saying. When they finally got to the shrine in the canyon, even Mark had to admit it was beautiful. They wandered around looking at the ornate little buildings and fish ponds before Nana showed them a set of stone stairs that led down to the river at the base of the gorge. They marveled at the bizarre way the water had cut through the rock and followed the girl who promised to show them something interesting.

Nana did have an interesting spot to show them, but she also wanted to be in an isolated spot with the two big men. She had a rape fantasy for a while casino oyna and if it was going to happen she wanted these two men to do it. She did doubt they would actually attack her, but she wanted to give them the opportunity.

The cave that she showed them was filled with numerous neatly stacked piles of rocks. They asked what they meant, and she explained that people made them to get rid of bad feelings. As they continued to walk along the mouth of the cave, she daydreamed about them grabbing her and forcing her to the ground. She was so caught up in her fantasy that she didn’t watch her footing and slipped on some mud. Her feet came out from under her and landed hard on her bum. She wailed with pain shooting up from between her legs.

David rushed over to her, nearly slipping himself. He tried to help her to her feet, but as she started to raise, she howled again and put her hand on her bum. When she withdrew it, David saw blood on her hand. “Och guff th’ lassie is bleedin’!” He exclaimed and without hesitation helped her onto her knees and lifted her skirt to find out where the bleeding was coming from. He saw that her white panties had a large red stain and, without thinking, slid them down her legs to find the source. On the right side of her vulva, the point of a stick was imbedded into her tender flesh.

“Damn that looks painful!” Mark said as David reached up to pull the stick out. “Hey man, I don’t think you should do that. I heard that you’re supposed to leave impaled objects in until a doctor can take it out.”

David looked at his friend as if he were stupid. “She isnae gonnae be able tae donner wi’ it in ‘er fud, an’ it isnae pluggin’ an artery ur anythin’ loch ‘at.”

Mark scratched his head trying to think. “I get that she isn’t going to be able to walk with a stick jammed in her snatch, and she isn’t gonna bleed to death if you take it out, but shouldn’t one of us stay here and the other go get help?”

Nana suddenly got very nervous. “No! I get in trouble if mom find out. Please help me home. I no want trouble,” she said with a rush. She didn’t think there would really be any consequences if her mother found out. However, her mother was a nurse at the local hospital, she never wanted to go back to that hospital again. She also knew she would have to say goodbye to her new friends, and that she couldn’t have yet.

Mark and David exchanged nervous glances then Mark just shrugged. David put a hand on her bum to hold her still as he said, “Brace yerself honey, thes is gonna hurt.” With that, he pulled the stick out in a quick jerk. She squeaked a cry of pain and collapsed forward with her naked arse still in the air. David, pulled her panties back up, but as he did, he saw a thick, clear bead of liquid rolling down her thigh. He was somewhat aghast, but figured it was just some kind of strange mixed reaction from her body and pushed it out of his mind. After he had her panties back on, he picked her up in his arms and carried her out of the canyon.

Mark asked her for directions to her home once they were back at the street, and he felt more than a little self-conscious from the various looks they received. Still, he figured they were helping her, so it didn’t matter if they got some odd glances. What he didn’t expect was all the people that came up to them offering help. This was definitely not the cold shoulder or rushed, negative conclusions they would get back in Boston. Nana would just say something to them in Japanese and they would give a few quick bows before leaving. Mark felt like they met half the town by the time they got to her apartment. They knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He retrieved her keys from her backpack and brought her inside.

The apartment was a small two bedroom. David gently set her down, making sure she could stand on her own then helped her take off her shoes. He noticed blood on his arm that had been holding her legs. “We better gie ‘at woond cleaned ur it will gie infected,” he said nervously realizing what that would involve.

Mark suddenly became nervous also at the idea. He knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to do this herself considering the location, but if she told her mother that they touched her down there, they would have a hard time explaining themselves. It was already bad enough that they had already seen her with panties down. “Nana do you have any medicine for cuts or scrapes?” She nodded her head yes, and with some help from David, went to the kitchen to get a bottle of Betadine antiseptic, alcohol swabs and some butterfly strips. He found it surprising that they were so well stocked with medical supplies not yet knowing that her mother was a nurse. “Now Nana, we’re worried that the place you’re bleeding from might get infected if we don’t get it cleaned properly. I’m sure you wouldn’t feel right about us doing it, but if you need help we can…” He was suddenly cut off as she excitedly interjected.

“You can do. I mean, eto… I please like you help,” she said with a blush as she realized she sounded too excited about it. “We go bath, yes?” Her question made both men gulp a little. They realized this was probably best since she was all muddy, but it also meant being with a completely nude little girl. Mark and David kept telling themselves that it was completely innocent and they were only helping an injured girl. They just hoped the mother would be understanding if she happened to come home at an awkward moment.

Once inside the bathroom, David helped her strip off her muddy clothes and handed them to mark who rinsed them before putting them in the washing machine in the next room. However, they traded places when Mark couldn’t figure out how to start the washer. A moment later Mark heard the washer start. David hesitantly returned to the bathroom to find Mark holding a hand shower for the girl as she gently rinsed the mud from her face, arms and legs. She seemed to be having trouble, and when David looked closer saw that her palms were skinned. “Och hen, yer hans swatch loch they pure hurt.” Nana just looked confused.

Once again Mark translated, pointing to her hands with concern. “Yes, hurt very much. Can you help wash?”

Mark suddenly felt like a nervous child as his face flushed. He started to reach out to wipe some mud of her but pulled back. “Hey David, can you help her out here? I can’t do it.”

David rolled his eyes, “Ye ur sic’ a fud,” he said to Mark, which was the Scottish equivalent of calling him a pussy. He then took the hand shower from him and rinsed her while gently brushing mud from her arm, and told her, “If aam tay roogh ur ye want me tae gonnae-no, jist teel me okay?” Mark explained that he was telling her if she wanted him to stop washing her to tell them.

Nana reveled in the feel of David’s hand on her body. She wished mark hadn’t been too shy, but she thought David was very handsome too. He had a kind way about him, but bold too. He didn’t hesitate to take action, and she really liked that. He was getting some spray on his glasses then lifted them onto his head. For the first time, she got a good look at his eyes. They were blue on the outer edge, green in the center and an earthy red near the pupil. She was captivated and thought they were the most amazing eyes she had ever seen.

He used some liquid soap and softly washed her body. She felt herself getting very wet as he washed her bum, and although his hands didn’t linger, she felt electric shocks run through her body when he brushed her nipples. He then had her lay down so he could make sure her wound was thoroughly clean before closing it. He was very careful to touch her as little as possible, but carefully inspected her injury. It was narrow but appeared fairly deep. He wondered if they should have insisted on taking her to a hospital after all. Still, he seemed to have everything he needed, so he swabbed her hands followed by the spot between her legs. She clenched her teeth and sucked in air sharply. “Sorry abit ‘at honey. we’re almost dain,” he told her in a soothing voice. He then applied some antiseptic to her palms, and this time she whimpered with a tear rolling down her cheek. He held her palms in front him and gently blew on them.

His blowing on her palms made her feel much better. However, he told her that he was now going to put the antiseptic on her other wound. She nervously nodded her understanding, but shut her eyes tight as an intense burning sensation stung sharply between her legs. She asked him to blow on that spot too. He somewhat reluctantly accepted then began blowing from where he was kneeling. She asked him to get closer and bit by bit he did. Eventually, he was only a couple inches away from her pussy, and the blowing air from his lips made her feel exquisite.

He then carefully closed the puncture with the butterfly strips. However, he had dried her thoroughly with a towel before starting and now saw that the girl was visibly wet at the entrance to her pussy. He was startled but couldn’t deny his curiosity as to what was making her body react this way. He thought surely she couldn’t be sexually aroused from blowing on her or being naked with them, especially considering the circumstances and her age. In the end though, he thought he better just pretend he didn’t see anything. He doubted Mark actually did see anything since he was averting his eyes the whole time. He really only seemed to be there for moral support and maybe affirm that each of them had behaved themselves.

Once he was finished treating her injury, he helped her to her feet. He took her to her room and helped her into some pajamas and then into bed. He tucked her in then said, “Weel, Ah hink yoo’ll be alrecht noo. we shoods gie gonnae.” Mark explained that he was saying they should leave now.

Nana jolted up a bit. She knew if they left now she would probably never see them again. “Please no go, mom be home soon. She want thank you help me.” The two men were unsure if they should stay, but Nana insisted. They finally agreed, and she asked if they wanted to watch a movie. They shrugged their approval. She had a little 33cm TV and a VCR in her room and a pile of VHS tapes in the stand underneath. David searched through them and found the majority to be American. As he kept looking he saw a box behind the main stack. Out of curiosity, he pulled it out and opened it. Inside was more tapes whose titles he couldn’t read, but had all form of perverted cartoon depictions on the covers. He almost laughed out loud, but stifled it and put the box back where he found it. He ended up choosing “The Thing”. Mark sat on a little chair and David sat on her bed. They all watched the scary movie and as soon as the more exciting parts happened, Nana had her arms wrapped around David.

Near the end canlı casino of the movie a woman in a nurse’s uniform appeared in the bedroom doorway and let out a startled cry when she saw the two men! Nana talked to her in high speed Japanese, explaining the situation. She looked highly relieved then began thanking them profusely, and as it turned out she also knew a bit of English. “Miss Fukuda, we hope we didn’t overstep our bounds too much by bringing Nana back her to treat her injury. She seemed worried about going to the hospital, so we brought her here at her insistence,” Mark explained, although, he wondered why she didn’t have them take her to her mother if she was a nurse.

The mother seemed to understand though and told them, “Hai, yes she no like hospital. It no problem and please me Yuki.” Nana was not the only one who had a thing for foreign men. Her mother, Yuki, had studied English for the same reason, and she had plans to visit the United States when Nana left for college.

She asked Nana in Japanese to show her the wound. Neither of the men knew what she was doing when she pulled back her blanket until she slid her pajama bottoms down. Both men looked away nervously, but Yuki didn’t seem to care that they were still in the room. Nana spread her legs, and her mother leaned in to examine the site. She asked who had treated her, and David hesitantly stepped forward. “You do very good job. I very impress,” Yuki told him. She then covered her daughter and invited them into the next room before saying something to her daughter then turning out her room light. In the living room, she thanked them again and explained that Nana was scared of hospitals ever since she saw her father pass in one. From hearing this, part of the girl’s action made sense. However, David was still wondering about some other things that he decided best not to share. Mark, on the other hand, only seemed interested in Yuki. She had perhaps the most beautiful face he had ever seen. She had raven black hair that was tied back in a ponytail and went past her arse to the upper part of her thigh. Her nurse’s uniform was also sexy as hell to him. It didn’t look like she had too much going on for her chest, but both David and he were arse men, and she had a glorious one. Not too big or too small but exceptionally shaped. She also looked quite young. Mark was now very happy they decided to wait for her.

She offered them both a drink, and after accepting, sat on her couch and talked. Once again Mark had to translate for David. She asked about where they were from, if they liked Japan, why they came to her village and after a while learned most of their life stories. They refilled their drinks several times and were starting to feel a bit tipsy. They also asked about Yuki and discovered that she was in fact quite young for a mother of a twelve year old at only twenty eight. The fact that Nana was twelve also came as a surprise. Yuki explained that she had gotten pregnant at fifteen and eloped with the father when she was sixteen; two months before Nana was born. The father got sick with testicular cancer and died two years ago. After that she wanted a more uplifting topic and asked if either of them had girlfriends. They were all getting a bit drunk, but both men realized that she was flirting with them both, as she started asking more and more personal questions while playfully touching them. Finally she put her hand on Mark’s chest and asked him, “You think I pretty, Mark san?” He enthusiastically answered yes and was rewarded with a long passionate kiss. After the kiss was broken, she turned to David and asked him the same question. When he too answered yes, she leaned in and their lips met. The kiss was wet and gentle, but they soon had their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. While still kissing David, she reached her hands out to both of their crotches and began rubbing them through their jeans. Mark responded by rubbing her left breast and arse while David fondled her right and slid his other hand along her inner thigh.

She continued to switch her kissing between them, and it wasn’t long before her top was open and her bra had been pushed up. Her skirt had also gotten hiked up, and David had a hand inside her stockings. Her gash was already hot and dripping when his fingers began to explore her slit. Mark was now fondling her bear arse and was teasing her rosebud. In the meantime, she had fished each of their cocks out and was rubbing them vigorously. She heard that foreign men were larger and was happy to discover those rumors to be true. Mark was good sized, but David was especially impressive with an exceptional girth.

She broke off the kissing and bent over mark’s lap to bring his cock to her lips. She gave it a few playful kisses and licks then swallowed the entire length down her throat. He had never had a girl deep throat him before and felt like he was in heaven. While her mouth was occupied with his friend, David pulled her stockings down then dived into her wet slit with his mouth. Even though she had just worked a long shift at the hospital she still smelled and tasted exquisite. While he was eating her out though, he started getting mental flashes of little Nana’s wet pussy. He began wondering what she tasted like. He knew this line of thought was wrong and quickly tried to push it out of his mind, but the idea still lingered.

It wasn’t long before Yuki was crying out from a powerful orgasm, and as soon as her body recovered, she took each of them by the hand, and guided them to her bedroom. They quickly stripped each other’s clothes off and Yuki pushed David onto her bed. She climbed on also then dove her hot mouth onto his cock. She had more trouble taking him into her throat, but felt extra determination when she felt Mark’s mouth on her snatch. After she had her second orgasm, she climbed over David and positioned his throbbing cock against her wet entrance. He thought he would slide in easily since she was so wet and had a child, but she was extremely tight and had to slowly work her way down his shaft. When she was completely impaled on him, she bent forward and kissed him passionately while riding him. Mark wasn’t sure he could wait for her to give him a turn and decided to take a chance with her arse. He spit on his fingers and began working his index into her little rosebud. She seemed a little surprised by the invading finger, but didn’t do anything to stop it. Once he was able to work that finger in, he began working his middle as well. She tensed a bit, but he was soon fully fucking her arse with both fingers. It wasn’t long before she seemed adequately warmed up. He spit into his hand and lathered his cock then came up behind her. Seeing what his friend was going for, David held her thighs still while Mark slowly applied pressure to her anus with the head of his cock. Mark told her to just relax and continued pushing forward. Her anal ring was giving way to him, but she looked be having some trouble with it. Still, she did not object or make any indication she wanted him to stop, so he continued his slow invasion of her bowels. Once he was completely inside her, both men worked in rhythm with each other to fuck her tight holes.

Her moans started as a whimper but were quickly growing into wild screams of ecstasy, as they continued to thrust inside her tight holes. She was building towards an earth shattering orgasm, and both David and Mark were also quickly approaching their limit. Yuki cried out at the top of her lungs as her whole shook and convulsed. Both her vaginal walls and anal ring gripped and vibrated on the men’s cocks. They couldn’t hold back any longer and Mark filled her bowels while David flooded her cunt with rope after rope of thick and sticky cum. Mark rolled down to his side, bringing Yuki with him, but she still had an arm and leg over David. They were all exhausted and fading fast. As David laid his head back about to pass out, he thought he saw the bedroom door close from being just a crack open, but he was too knackered at the time to think anything of it.

He woke up about an hour later with his mouth dry and definitely needed a drink. He tried to careful extricate himself from Yuki, but as he did, found that both she and Mark were completely out of it. He tried to find his underwear and pants, but couldn’t seem to locate them in the dark room. He decided to forget them and get a quick drink them come back. He stumbled a bit on his way to the kitchen stubbing his toe in the process. He let out a muffled yelp of pain then finally opened the refrigerator. He found some juice, took it out then started looking for a cup or glass. While he was looking, he heard a small voice behind him say, “cup in middle, second shelf.” He turned around started to find little Nana standing behind him wearing her pajama top but no bottoms.

“Whoa thaur nana, whaur ur yer pajama bottoms?” he asked her nervously while indicating her lack of lower garments.

She gave a sly smile and said, “They feel itchy. I no like so take off. It okay because you no wear pant too.” Realizing she was right, he tried to cover himself, but she stopped him saying, “please no, I want see!” He knew he should escape the situation, but the alcohol and curiosity about this girl overrode his good judgment. He removed his hand, and she stared intently at his now stiffening member. “May I touch,” she asked, but he wasn’t able to respond before she reached out. She moved slowly, and he could have stopped her, but he just watched as she wrapped her hand around his cock that was still stick with her mother’s and his cum. She giggled as she felt it and said, “I think it need wash. Can wash you? You wash me so it good I do.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and thought he must still be asleep. Too curious and too excited to stop, he just nodded his head in acceptance. He expected her to take him to the bathroom, but instead crouched down in front of him and began licking his shaft and head. He thought he really must be dreaming that this just couldn’t be happening.

He was getting very hard very quickly, and Nana couldn’t be happier. She had dreamed of something like this for years, and now it was finally happening. She knew that David was a nice man, and she would have to keep being the aggressor, so she threw all inhibition to the wind and put the head of his cock in her mouth. It could barely fit in her small mouth, but she had read and seen so many erotic stories that she knew the basics of what to do. She kept her teeth away and tried to stroke the shaft with her hand, but her hands still hurt and she figured neither of them would enjoy that right now since her palm felt rough.

The taste of his cock was a bit funny to her and after hearing her mother’s cries, she had peeked in her mother’s door kaçak casino and watched the two men fuck her. She knew what it was that covered his cock, but she didn’t care. This was her best chance to fulfill some of her perverted fantasies. In truth, the fact that she was swallowing down what was left of her mother’s and his cum only made it more erotic.

She felt the head moving farther and farther toward the back of her throat while he rocked his hips. When it got to the back of her throat, she gagged and had to pull off him for fear of vomiting. He quickly checked to see if she was okay, and looked like he was having serious doubts about what they were doing. She knew she had to act quickly or she would lose him. “Come my bed please,” she told him. He seemed reluctant, but as she took his hand in hers and guided him, he followed.

When they got to her bed, she stood on it. Now eye level with him, she leaned in to kiss him, and to her great relief, he accepted her kiss. Their tongues probed each other’s mouths, and his hands were exploring her body. After she felt his excitement poking her in her stomach, she broke the kiss and told him, “I want you do me what you do my mom.”

He suddenly felt his senses returning. He couldn’t deny his sexual excitement, but couldn’t deny that she was still a child either. “Nana, Ah dornt hink that’s a guid idea. yoo’re still sae yoong, an’ Ah pure dornt want tae hurt ye. besides ye still hae an injury doon thaur an’ if we dae ‘at, it coods make it waur.”

She still had trouble understanding his accent but got the gist of what he was saying. He was feeling reluctant because she was young and using her wound as an excuse. He did have a point though. Her pussy felt very sore, and having sex right now would probably stretch it and make it worse. She then thought about what she saw mark do to her mother. She had seen anal scenes before in some of her movies and comics. She thought it seemed gross at first, but had become more curious the older she got. She knew it was supposed to be painful, but right now she wasn’t sure she cared. Her mother also looked like she had enjoyed it. Although, Mark’s penis looked a bit smaller than David’s and she was definitely smaller than her mother. She thought it over quickly then steadied herself as she said, “Please do my butt!”

David couldn’t believe what he had just heard. This little girl was asking him to fuck her in the arse. Surely she didn’t understand how difficult it would be for her. He did enjoy doing anal with a girl, but he had only been with a couple girls who were ever willing to do it. A few were willing to try, but shut things down as soon as they felt the bulging head of his cock stretch them beyond what they could handle. This girl was tiny, and he didn’t think there was any way she could handle something like that. “Hen, Ah hink ‘at micht be pure painful fur ye,” he told her in a sympathetic tone.

She considered that he might be right, but she had come too far and wasn’t about to give up now. “It okay. I can do, I promise,” she really wasn’t sure if she could, but she felt that she needed to try.

He scratched his head trying to think. As wrong as he knew it was, he desperately wanted to shag this crazy and amazing girl. It took some explaining with his accent, but he made a deal with her that he would finger her first, and if she could take three of his fingers than he would use his cock. His fingers were long and slender compared to the rest of his build, and he knew that his cock was about the same width as his index, middle and ring combined. The overall girth of his cock would stretch her even more, but if she could handle three than she was probably up for it. He had mixed feelings between his big head and his little head on whether or not he wanted her to be able to handle it.

He asked if she had something he could use as lubricant. Explaining what he meant took some doing, but eventually she understood. She handed him a bottle of lotion, and he put some on his fingers and rubbed it around. He thought it would do the trick and had her get on her hands and knees. He reached around her leg with his left hand, and very gently began massaging her slit. He was very careful to not stretch her vulva and risk hurting her. So he just gently rubbed her clit with the pad of his middle finger. She responded very well to his touch, and was soon seeping her excitement down her leg.

He poured a generous portion of the lotion into his right hand and slathered his fingers. At first, he only teased her little rosebud, making gentle circles around it. Her body suddenly started shaking, and she let out a muffled cry into her pillow. He was somewhat shocked that little girl just had an orgasm, but it helped reassure him that she had some sexual maturity. His hand was soaked in her fluids, so he worked it into the lotion a little, making it slicker.

Once she relaxed, he continued stimulating her clitoris then began slowly applying pressure with his ring finger. Her anal ring gave way easier than he expected, and it wasn’t long before he was three digits inside her. She seemed to be enjoying herself, so he started working in his middle. This took more effort, as she would clench a little feeling more pressure. He told her to relax and took his time slowly working it in as he felt the muscle loosen. With two fingers inside her, he slowly fucked her, letting her get used to the feeling. He knew the next finger would be the real test for her, so he took his time. From her noises and bodily reactions, he could tell she was building towards another orgasm. He slowly started working his index into her, and to his surprise, it was going in easier than expected. He went slowly but eventual had three digits of all three fingers inside her.

Nana felt her body getting very hot as the fingers began sliding back and forth in her bum. A fiery sensation was shooting up her spine as electric coursed through her clitoris and body. She moaned into her pillow to keep the noise down. She knew her mother was a deep sleeper, but she also wanted to make sure nothing interrupted what she was feeling right now. As he kept finger her bum and clit, she felt like she was about to explode then all at once, every muscle in her body was shaking. She felt like she was almost dying, but in the most exquisite and inexplicable way. She collapsed forward, trying to catch her breath.

She felt like she was in a dream then felt David slowly remove his fingers and move between her legs. Her heart began beating very fast again, as she knew it wasn’t over yet. He guided her hand between her legs, and she realized she was to take over rubbing herself. She rubbed her clit vigorously in anticipation of what was to come. She began feeling the pressure from his cock pressing into her, and heard him tell her to do something, but she didn’t understand. She felt her anus stretch and stretch then stretch some more until she thought she would rip apart. His cock head pushed inside her and it was too much. She cried out into her pillow yelling, “it hurts, no, stop, please stop,” but he kept pushing more and more inside her. She hadn’t realized that she was yelling this in Japanese, and her cries sounded like high pitched moans of intense pleasure.

When he had the head of his cock inside her. He heard her cry out, “ITAI! IEE, O yame kudasai!” He had no idea what this meant, but she sounded so sweet that he thought it must be good whatever it was. He kept pushing into her, and the cries became more passionate. He thought this girl is amazing and must want more.

She felt him keep forcing himself into her no matter how much she told him to stop. She was yelling into her pillow because she still didn’t want to wake her mother, but kept thinking why won’t he stop! She realized that she was being raped. She thought for a moment to call out for help from her mother, but then suddenly became excited by the fact that her fantasy was being fulfilled. She was being raped! This incredibly handsome foreigner was forcing himself on her no matter how much she begged him to stop. Her whole body felt hot with the thought. She felt his strong hands gripping her hips tightly as he thrust back and forth in her arse. She began shaking as one orgasm after another tore through her body.

After her third or fourth orgasm, it dawned on her that she was crying out in Japanese, and he didn’t understand what she was saying. However, she tried to push that out of her mind. She didn’t want to lessen the experience. As far as she was concerned, this powerful man was raping her, and she couldn’t be happier.

David felt the girl have cum time and again, as he rammed his cock into her harder and harder. They had been at for over half an hour when he started to get the familiar sensation of his own climax coming on. He could tell she was building up to another big orgasm and did everything he could to hold off just a little longer. Finally, she cried out, “IKU!” as her whole body convulsed, and he immediately went over the edge and pumped shot after shot of semen into her. He felt completely spent and slumped over her back to catch his breath. They stayed like that for a long moment as they both recovered. Eventually he found his strength to get up, and slid his softening cock from her rectum. He tucked her blanket around her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. He wanted to stay with her until morning, but knew that wasn’t possible. She reached out and caressed his face with her hand then said, “Thank you David tosan.”

He didn’t know what the last part meant, but kissed her again and said, “Thenk ye bairn lassie.” He then left her room and returned to her mother’s. He quietly slipped back into bed next to Yuki, and just as he was about to drift off, heard her ask in a dreamy, drunken voice, “You both enjoy?” His heart felt like it stopped. He felt panic then realized she must have meant Mark and him. He gave her an affirmation and she told him, “good.” And with that, they drifted to sleep

End of Part One
Author’s Note: I hope you enjoyed this story. I compiled it from various details I have learned over the last few years from some very important people in my life. Some of the more intimate details I took a few artistic liberties with. However, the story is still accurate to the actual events.

The events happened many years ago, as some have already guessed, and of course, this is not the end of the story, so please look forward to the next installment soon.

P.S. I am taking a break for now from my dark fantasy series since I far prefer romance to horror, and I really love the story of this tangled love affair between some people I deeply care about.

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