Bobby, His Mum and His Sister Ch. 01

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I expect these stories will end up copied and pasted on another site like my last ones did, right “Tom”? You talentless nerk.

All characters engaged in sex are of legal age.


Margaret Ash had lived a hard life. Her husband became violent when her kids were little, but she would have died to protect them and she had nowhere to run to if she left him.

Her twin children, Jessica and Robert – usually ‘Jessie’ and ‘Bobby’ — had just turned eighteen and the three of them were secretly planning another attempt at a new life when great news came to them. The bastard was in jail. Margaret knew he’d be there a very long time; she knew the crimes he’d been accused of committing and had willingly assisted the police, plus they had dna evidence on him.

Her children were due home from school any moment and she was bursting with the news. When they arrived, noisily chatting as usual, their banter ebbed away when they saw their mother’s beaming face.

Bobby spoke: “Oh look at her with the big grin. Did we win the lottery?”

“Better than that. We won a break from your dad. He’s in jail and won’t be out for five to eight years. And we’ll be long gone by then!”

The twins looked incredulously at each other then rushed to hug her and each other all at once. Jess had as much to gain as her mum, she always seemed to pull his trigger without ever knowing why.

They went and sat on the couch together, Bobby in the middle with his arms around ‘his’ girls.

Margaret had her twins when she was seventeen. Her own father — a man to be reckoned with — made sure she married the father and that was what caused the resentment and violence to fester in him. Now, at 35, she was still a very pretty woman. Her long brown hair was almost always in a pony tail, which made her look young and bouncy. She was slim, even athletic in build with square shoulders, deliciously rounded hips and firm buttocks, a smallish waist, and shapely legs.

She had high cheekbones and soft, brown eyes over pouting lips. She knew, though, that her breasts were her most alluring feature. Her C-cups were crowned with dark round nipples that pointed straight out. Heck, they barely jiggled even when she brushed her teeth naked.

Her daughter was nothing less than a younger version of herself in facial features but ten pounds heavier, most of it in her tits. They were fuller and gave her a cleavage even in a v-neck t-shirt. Her face was rounder, too, but otherwise the joke that they looked like sisters was true for them.

Bobby was taller than them both, quite muscular, and tight like a wire. His short curly hair was lighter and he was handsome in a rugged way — the rugged part was a result of a bent nose his father gave him when the twins were fifteen. Bobby stood between him and Jess to protect her from a raised fist which landed on him instead. He knocked his father down for the first time that night.

And now, snuggled together on the couch in the first glow of a life without fear, they relaxed into each other and planned the next steps of their lives. After about an hour, Bobby realised with some embarrassment that his right hand had somehow found itself beside and under his sister’s breast. She held it there with her own hand; he was not quite cupping it, but it was not really appropriate either. Jess and his mum were in some detailed conversation that he’d tapped out of, so now he was focused on the warm flesh weighing on his hand. He kept still, thinking that she hadn’t realised but by moving it he’d signal that it was there.

Minutes passed, and the conversation changed. They were talking about him now so his interest peaked. His mother said: “Mmm, it’s so nice to be close to a man. I mean, Bobby, you’ve been the only real, decent man in our lives for so long now. It’s really a good feeling.”

With that she hunched her shoulders and hugged his hand to her. In doing so, his splayed fingers ended up square on her breast. He had to act — she’d done it inadvertently, right?

“Er, mum. Could you, um…” He decided to lighten the problem with humour. “Jeez mum, you’re hot and all but do you really want me groping your boob?”

She laughed. Jess looked across to see and laughed too saying “Hey! I thought we’d already agreed this family shares everything equally from now on!” Then she put Bobby’s other hand on her breast. Bobby gulped while they giggled.

“Oh OK very funny. Have a laugh on me, no problem, but this is pretty awkward for a hormonal teenager you know!”

They were all laughing. His mum spoke again: “Oh Bobby, relax. It’s so good to have a caring man’s touch after so many years.” Jess joined in with a little tease: “It’s good to have a caring man’s touch for the first time, too.”

They giggled again but still Bobby had one hand being held to his mother’s breast and the other to his sister’s and their giggling made friction between his flesh and their orbs.

“OK you two”, he chided, “I’d love to be all cosy and platonic about this casino oyna and most of my body is complying, but I can’t help…”

They’d always been close and honest with each other as a sort of team victory against the violence. It was not the first time either of them had made him horny, but it was certainly the first time Bobby had openly told them they were giving him a woody.

Margaret’s eyes and mouth widened in a pretence of shocked amusement but his sister was bolder: “Oooh Bobby. Are you getting a boner?”

Out of reflex they looked at his crotch and they would have noticed a swelling despite the heavy jeans he wore. He said nothing but he was blushing — highly unusual for him.

They relented and released his hands. In truth he could have pulled them away if only he’d tried, and they both must have known it.

The chatter recommenced but Bobby was disconnected from it and only partly joined in. He was flushed hot and his prick wouldn’t relent. The fact that the breasts he’d touched belonged to his mother and his sister was a faint, distant fact; the more immediate truth was that he’d liked the feel of them. He was grateful when his mum went to the kitchen and Jess went to do some homework.

Finally, while reading a book, his erection faded. After the evening meal, which for once was focused around them and not the absent him, Jess went to bed early and his mum sat reading on the couch. Bobby decided to pamper his mum and brush her hair like he used to as a child.

Standing behind her, he undid the pony tail and fluffed her hair out. She rested her head back and closed her eyes. She loved this, an intimacy she had shared with her son many times over the years. Bobby knew how to ease her into a pleasure doze with slow brush strokes and by massaging her shoulders afterwards.

This time, though, he found himself trying to manipulate her blouse as he rubbed her shoulders to see down her top. It was a collared black cotton blouse, the top two buttons were open, and the contrast of her pale skin against the dark fabric had drawn his eyes there. As if it were part of the massage, he made sure the top of his mother’s blouse was as wide apart as possible. He was then able to see a good three fingers’ width of cleavage and to the top of her plain black bra.

He’d seen her bra before of course, even her cleavage from time to time, but he was still charged from the teasing contact with her breasts earlier. A thought eventually penetrated his resistant mind — he wanted to touch them again.

He usually confined his rubbing to her shoulders and neck, but this time he ventured gentle strokes around her throat and downward. Sometimes he boldly pushed so far as to touch the top of her bra before retreating. When he did he could feel the firm flesh of the tops of his mother’s breasts on his fingertips and again, with more rigour this time, his cock swelled and pushed against the restraining material of his jeans.

His mother spoke in a half-sigh, half-whisper: “Oh Bobby. This is so nice baby. Thank you.” He got bolder. On one downward adventure, he left one hand with the fingertips at the top of her bra while he continued his caresses with the other. Slowly, giving her time to protest but hoping that she didn’t, he pushed the invading hand down until he had two fingers to the first knuckle between her bra and her skin.

Hardly daring to breathe, he continued. He was shocked when his mother’s eyes opened and she looked straight into his. He dreaded her admonishment, anticipated her slapping him away, but there was no such reaction. Her upside down face smiled, then she closed her eyes and wriggled her head for more comfort.

Bobby wasn’t sure if she’d given him permission. Surely she had? She must know where that hand was, and she must have felt him pressing it further?

He was on fire now. His cock fairly throbbed in his pants. Desperately hoping Jess didn’t return to interrupt, Bobby made up his mind. Trembling, he deliberately inserted all four fingers under his mum’s bra, the tip of the middle one being tantalisingly close to her nipple.

The other hand gave up its pretence of a chaste massage and he slowly urged both hands further inside her bra until he found his mother’s hardened nipples. She sucked breath in between her teeth, moved slightly to help his movements, then sat there calmly while her son rubbed her tits and pulled gently at her nipples. After ten seconds or so, she stopped him with her hands. “We’d better stop, baby.”

Bobby left his hands there a little longer, but she was stopping him from moving them. Reluctantly he took them out. He massaged her neck a minute more, then she opened her eyes, smiled at him, and got up to leave the room. She kissed his cheek: “Thankyou Bobby, that was very nice.”

Within minutes Bobby was in his room, his pants around his ankles, standing up in his urgency to relieve the pent-up jizz which flew into a waiting tissue he held there. His knees buckled and his heart raced, then he sat on the edge of canlı casino the bed. He was aware of noises signifying his mother showering. He waited until she’d gone to her room, showered himself, and went to bed.

One thought stayed with him. He had fondled is mother’s bare breasts and, for a little while at least, she had let him.

The next day, Friday morning, Jess and Bobby went to school and Margaret went to work in the supermarket. All day Bobby was distracted. All he could think about was what had happened and whether anything more would happen. He wanted more, but he also wanted to deal with the fact that the woman he desired was his own mother.

He wrestled with whether to talk to Jessie about it. For any other siblings this might have been out of the question, but these twins shared everything. They had no secrets. They even shared intimate secrets — first orgasms, how they masturbated, who they were hot for. They’d never touched each other, but they’d certainly showed each other many things.

He decided he would try to talk about it in an abstract way. They were in a near-empty bus for forty minutes and he started the conversation.

“Jessie, were you freaked out when I got, er, excited last night?”

“No, why? We’ve talked about all sorts of stuff together, and don’t forget I’ve actually seen your boner, right?”

“Yeah. Yeah I know. What I’m saying though is last night I got really turned on later. I jerked off twice and I still felt horny. Have done all day.”

“Oooh li’l brother, are you stiff now?” She was teasing.

“No, but. I don’t know…”

“Wait. You said ‘later’. You got really turned on later?”

“Um, yeah. I was horny when you and mum held my hands to your boobs, but when you were in the shower I brushed her hair.”

“You’ve done that heaps of times. She loves it. So why was this time a turn-on?”

He looked at her long and hard before he felt reassured by her gentle demeanour to continue: “OK. Here goes. I got turned on touching mum.”

“What, rubbing her neck and shoulders like always? You’ve done that a thousand times. Why did you get two-wanks horny this time?”

Bobby said nothing, only looked at her. He saw her face clear as the reality dawned on her. She scooted close, conspiratorially looking around her though she knew they couldn’t be heard over the whine of the bus engine.

“Oh Bobby. Did you touch her boobs again?”

He nodded.

“And she let you?”

He nodded again. She looked into his eyes and hesitated before the next question: “Skin on skin?”


“Oh shit Bobby!” She was smiling. “Wow!” Then whispering: “And she let you?”

“Yes. For a little while at least, then she said ‘We should stop’ so I did.”

Jess turned sideways and took both his hands in hers. She could see he was conflicted.

“Oh Bobby, it’s OK. And thank you for trusting me with that. Geez, and I was worried you’d got freaked out when we pushed your hands on us earlier! Don’t worry. She’s not a kid and she just wanted to feel like a woman for once, I guess. Like we said last night, you’re the only decent man in our lives. Maybe she just got carried away in the moment… OK what? Why that look?”

“Because I can’t think of anything else. Jessie, I blew two loads over that and I’ve hid hardons twice more today.”

“Oh I see. Even if she just got caught in a one-time moment, you’re not, right?”

He nodded.

“Poor Bobby. Look, talk to her. Tell her like you told me. I’ll disappear to do some homework or something, leave you some space. It’ll be cool, you’ll see.”

Some time later, as Jessie gave him a secret wink and an encouraging smile to tell him the alone-time had begun, Bobby sat at the kitchen table while Margaret fussed over a cake she was making. He’d already decided not to beat around the bush.


“Yes baby?”

“Last night. I have to figure out what happened. Did you…I mean was it just like a quick comfort thing? For you, I mean?”

Margaret focused her eyes on the dough she was mixing but her mind was instantly awake and listening. She’d anticipated this conversation and had planned how to respond.

“No, not exactly darling. Tell me how you feel, though, so I understand.”

“I feel weird. Not sick weird, OK? But weird like I don’t know what to think.”

“OK baby. Look, I’ll level with you. It was partly because I’ve never been caressed by any man other than you. Last night the caresses got a bit more, er… adult than usual.”

“Mum, I’ve had it in my head all day and I’m shaking with nerves right now. Tell me: Did you like it?”

“Of course, but I was worried.”

“About what?”

She stopped her cake-making and looked him straight in the eyes: “I was worried it would have the effect on you that it apparently has. I’m sorry, baby.”

“Don’t be sorry, mum! I liked it too. That’s the point. I liked it too much. He tried a smile. Way too much!”

He seldom saw his mother blush, kaçak casino now she blushed and smiled warmly. “Yeah, I think I enjoyed it way too much too. OK look Bobby. Grown-ups, right? Sons aren’t supposed to touch their mums like that. And mums aren’t supposed to let them. It happened. I have no guilt about it, and if you don’t either then it’s alright?”

“Yeah, mum. It is. I don’t feel bad. Glad you don’t either.”

“OK. Now this cake won’t put itself in the oven so why don’t you go do some study?”

It was her way of ending the conversation even though Bobby had more he wanted to say. To know.

“OK mum. Thanks.”

She smiled. He went to Jessie’s room to tell her what had happened. They sat on her bed together.

“Told you it would be OK.”

“Yeah Jess, but… my heart is pumping now. I’m still shaking, see?”

Jessie took his trembling hands in hers. She kissed them in sisterly affection, scooted closer and put her arms around his neck from the side. His went around her waist. She whispered in his ear “Own up. Are you horny for mum, or just horny?”

“I don’t know. I’m a teenage boy. I’m always horny.”

“Poor Bobby. I thought something like that. OK, here goes: You wanna jerk off? Get it out of your system?”

“Yeah, of course. Bit freaky going for a wank when I know you know I’m doing it though.”

“No, you don’t get my meaning. You got yourself off twice last night and you’re still full of juice. Oh brother, you look so confused! Just shut up and enjoy, OK?”

She reached for his pants belt and undid it. She fumbled for the button.

“Oh Jessie, you sure?”

“We’ve seen each other’s naughty bits before, remember?”

He did. They’d played doctor a lot, but they were both fully grown now and this was different. But despite the voice in his head that tried to stop him, he said and did nothing, only raised his hips off the bed to help his sister free his erection from its prison.

“Mmm, little brother. How you’ve grown!”

He smiled weakly. Her hands gripped him tenderly, spreading the precum over his knob then gently jacking. He was not circumcised and showed her with his hands on hers just how far she could pull his foreskin back, then he lay back on his elbows while she gave him his first ever handjob from another person.

A minute into his pleasure, she let go of his cock. It slapped against his stomach but with his eyes still closed he yearned for the next contact. Movement on the bed made him open his eyes to investigate. Her face was concealed inside her t-shirt as she pulled it off. Seeing his face as it emerged, she bit her lip and smiled. Putting a finger to her lips to ‘sshh’ him, she reached behind and unclasped her bra which she dropped beside her on the bed.

Bobby gazed with open mouth at his sister’s tits. She cupped them from underneath then ran her hands over them, over her nipples, all the while grinning at her awestruck brother.

“Oh Jessie. They’re perfect.”

She grinned wider. “Wanna touch?”

He reached for them and she took his cock in hand again. They were at 90 degrees to each other on the edge of the bed and each had one thigh bent over the other’s leg.

Bobby rubbed and stroked his sister’s tits but very soon his pent-up desire boiled to overflowing. His hands stopped moving on her breasts as his thighs stiffened. Jess guessed why. Part of her wanted to make him cum wildly, without regard for the bed coverings. So she let it happen.

She was rewarded by ropes of hot cream that spurted from her brother and landed on her wrist and thigh, the lesser jets coating her hand. She was smiling in triumph when Bobby’s eyes found hers. She could see the relief and gratitude in him, as he simply said: “Thanks sis. You’re the best.”

Her grin widened: “Yeah I know. You don’t deserve me as a sister!”

Maybe that could have been the end of a chapter, except things took a turn a few nights later. The three of them had been packing what few possessions of value Bobby’s father owned and had despatched them to be lodged with the State Trustee awaiting his release from prison. The rest they had simply dumped. There are few genuine criminal masterminds in prison — the smart ones don’t get caught — and he was no exception. In an attempt to avoid debts he had put the house in Margaret’s name. She was going to sell it, and they were moving up the coast. They wouldn’t leave a forwarding address.

After each had showered, cleansing him from their lives forever, they were eating a celebratory pizza and sipping from cans of rum and cola. Margaret wore a pale yellow cotton dress with square-cut neckline, Jessie was in jeans and a black t-shirt. Neither wore a bra after their showers. His cock noticed too.

Margaret exaggeratedly drained the last drops from her can. With her head thrown back, Jess caught Bobby studying his mother’s breasts. She could see her mother’s nipples too, then the moment was gone and Margaret went to get three more cans. The three were merry, not yet drunk. Jessie spoke: “Careful little bro, you might get that trouser problem happening again. Bobby grinned back at her: “Too late!” He snickered at Jessie’s admonishing finger.

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