Blue Eyed Accident Ch. 4

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A whispered “Move your cock a little higher, higher, ahhh” was followed by slurping sounds for about five minutes as I let Ryan’s cock fuck my mouth. As his dick swelled with his anticipation from the pleasurable feeling of my tongue and warm mouth on his penis, his pumping motion in and out of my mouth sped up, until I felt his sperm begin spattering against my throat and onto my tongue, nearly choking me.

“FUCK! That was good,” Chris sputtered. I continued sucking on his rod for a few minutes so that none of his creamy cum would drip onto the store’s slacks he’d been trying on.

I stood up after licking off all the cum from his cock that I could, and reached down, slowly pulling his underpants back up over his ass, cock and balls, taking every possible opportunity to caress his smooth thighs, hairless balls, round smooth ass cheeks and his still half hard penis. Securing his jockies on his hips, he held my hand for balance while he stepped out of the new slacks, saying, “You know, those pants are really excellent for having sex in, but I just don’t think they’re ‘me.’ “Shhh,” I said, keep it down. This IS a public place, you know!”

“Fine time to tell me to ‘keep it down’,” he whispered. “Why were you stroking my cock and finger fucking my ass if you wanted me to ‘keep it down?’ I thought he was getting mad, but when I looked up at his face he was grinning ear to ear. “Thank you, Jeff,” he said. “I love how you love me.”

“Uhh, that was an old Bobby Vinton song, I think,” I said. “But I get the sentiment. I love fucking you, too. Now, if you’re not going to buy those pants, we have to get back home.” Ryan and I had gone out shopping to update his wardrobe, which was a little thin in spite of the fact that his parents were well-to-do, but unfortunately this particular trip had been sidetracked when Ryan decided to seduce me in the changing room of the men’s store I had taken him to. Far from being my fault, I was sure he was completely to blame.

After picking out several pairs of slacks that we thought might look nice on him, he had coyly asked me into the changing cubicle, explaining that he wanted my perspective on the slacks, ‘up close.’ When I walked into the booth, Ryan managed to bend down in front of me, facing away, pretending to look at something on his foot, so that his smooth round ass cheeks stretched out the material of his underpants, displaying his perfect, round butt cheeks to my eyes no more than a foot away. Then, while he was bent over, he “accidentally” managed to slip his underpants down, so that I was gazing into his beautiful pink and tan ass hole, which I have worshipped since the day we met.

It wasn’t my fault that my hand went to his hip to steady him, then slid around to his ass so that I could slide my hand between his ass cheeks, and into his hole, which he wiggled to signal to my fingers that he was looking for company inside. One thing led to another, and after frigging his ass for a few minutes, I turned him around and almost inhaled his erect 6″ dick down my throat. It was aided along into my mouth by his natural lubricant, the pre cum gushing out of his cock head. We then finished his dressing and left the men’s department, after buying the slacks Ryan had semi-worn while fucking me.

On our way out of the store, something caught Ryan’s eye, and he gestured for me to stop. He whispered in my ear, and my cock leaped into hardness from it’s semi-erect state. “Do you really?” I said. “Let’s get some, then!”

We headed into the women’s intimate apparel department, towards the panties. Ryan looked through the various offerings and made his selections. 4 satin bikini and thong type panties, in blue, black, red and white, and 3 lace panties, in black, white and red, all in what looked to be his size, since we weren’t sure of the sizes on the labels. “I can’t wait to model these for you, baby,” Ryan whispered. I had to discreetly rearrange my dick in my pants, as it was threatening to split my pants seam. “And I can’t wait to take them off you,” I growled. We paid for the additional purchases and left the store. On the way back, Ryan sat close to me, and stroked my dick through my slacks, keeping me at a high state of sexual tension.

Having avoided getting caught during our impromptu love play we headed for my home. After we got back to my house, we were preparing to head for the bedroom when we heard noises in the back yard, that sounded like teenagers talking. I should explain that I live in a 3 bedroom house that I retained when I divorced my wife a year before. I’d made some improvements to the place during the last year, including a spa in the back yard. Fortunately, there was already a very good privacy fence around the yard, as well as the fact that I had no neighbors on either side or backing up to my yard. Unfortunately, no orgy opportunities had presented themselves, so it didn’t make all that much difference. At least until then.

Before meeting Ryan I had led a completely heterosexual lifestyle, what I considered to be ‘normal.’ That was before I had met Ryan, a beautiful, no, gorgeous casino siteleri blue eyed, brown haired slim angel who had changed my life around 180 degrees after a minor auto accident. This boyish, slim teenager of around 130 pounds, 5’6″ in height, had himself awakened to his gay nature and in so doing, awakened me, too, from my lifelong blindness to the beauty and sexuality of other males. Ryan and I had only made love with each other to date, and had yet to share our love with others. So the scene that came about that day after we got home was quite a change from the usual for us.

Ryan and I crept to the back window to see what was going on, and we were very surprised to see 3 friends of Ryan’s cavorting in the spa. I looked at Ryan, and he looked at me, both of us with quizzical looks on our faces. “Let me get to the bottom of this,” I said.

I went to the back door, opened it and stepped out onto the patio, right next to the spa. “Excuse me, but what do you think you’re doing?” I said. “This is private property.”

“Oh, my gosh,” one of the 3 teens said. “We didn’t think you’d be home yet!”

“You’re going to have to do better than that, or I’ll have to call the police,” I said, though I thought this could be solved without bothering the police.

“Well, we’re friends of Ryan Thatcher’s at school,” the shortest one said. “And we happened to see him come over here one day. We wanted to check it out, snuck in your back yard, and saw the spa. We couldn’t resist it and jumped in! We’re really sorry for causing trouble. Please let us leave and we won’t bother you any more.”

“What the HECK!” I heard come from behind me. Ryan stepped out of the house and approached the spa. “Jamie, Lynn, Trevor, what are you guys doing?” They went through their explanation for him, too. They then introduced themselves to me.

They were all about Ryan’s age, 18 or 19, and were in his class at school. They stood in the spa, soaking wet and breathing heavily from their horseplay, wearing only their underpants, so I could clearly see all their charms. Jamie had black, curly hair that was just a little longer than is fashionable, as though he was overdue for a hair cut. He had a quick and ready grin for us, and was the same height as Ryan, 5′ 6″, slim and had an elfin kind of face, thin and very feminine. He looked to weigh about 115 pounds, with a flat stomach and brown nipples. His underpants were sagging off his hips from being soaking wet, and I could see his hipbones forming a “Y” of his stomach, that pointed down to his crotch. I noticed that his dick was half hard and looked to be about 6″ long. His balls looked very full, and hung pretty low. I could see a black patch above his dick inside his underpants, but no body hair anywhere else.

Lynn was a little shorter, maybe 5’4″, a little plumper than Jamie or Ryan, mainly as baby fat on his cute tummy. Baby fat looked good on him. He was a little more serious appearing than the others, but had a cute pug nose and brown hair much like Ryan’s. His dick looked to be smaller than Jamie’s, maybe 5″ fully erect, and he was, but his ass cheeks were perfectly round and looked like they would make a nice handful. His balls looked to be quite large in proportion to his cock, and I wondered if they would fit in my mouth. His pink nipples were erect, perhaps from the slight chill on their wet bodies. He had faint brown “skid marks” on the back of his underpants, apparently not listening to his mother’s expected advisory on the wearing of clean underwear in case of accident.

Trevor had the devilish kind of good looks you don’t often see in boys in their late teens, but which can have girls swooning by the time they’re in college. He was blond, a little taller than the others, about 5’7″, but his arm and leg muscles looked better developed than the others. He was sporting a full erection that threatened to tear a hole in his underpants, and had my mouth watering. It was a good 7″ long, and thick. I envied the girl or guy that would get to suck on or sit on that. I couldn’t see any body hair on him at all, and wondered if his pubic hair was very fine or hadn’t come in yet, though with that 7″ cock that didn’t seem likely.

“It looks like there hasn’t been any damage done,” I said. “Would you guys like to come in for some beer before you go?” I said.

“Sure”, “Yeah”, “Sure”, I heard in response. The boys climbed out of the spa, still wearing only their wet under shorts. My eyes were drawn to their young cocks and balls through the clinging wet fabric, as well as their tight round asses, and found myself fighting a major hard on. I looked at Ryan, and he grinned at me, pursing his mouth in an “O” shape, to let me know he thought he’d be taking a cock in there very soon. I wasn’t so sure, though obviously a cock in my mouth too would have been a big step towards taking care of my erection, which I was still struggling to hide.

When we stepped in the house, I went and got them big bath towels they could use to dry off, and wear while their underpants dried. I gave them each a towel, and directed canlı casino them to wrap it around themselves and slip off their underpants. I watched as they did this, and my imagination was running rampant, as I pictured them sliding their underpants over their sweet masculine asses and their hot cocks, down their thighs and to the floor.

They looked for places to sit. Jamie and Trevor sat down on the sofa, Lynn on the loveseat adjacent to it. Ryan sat down next to Lynn on the loveseat, and I sat down in a recliner on the other side of the sofa.

As I brought them their beer, I asked them more about why they were there.

They told me that the four of them had been friends ever since 10th grade, and when the three of them saw a big change in Ryan, from a quiet, shy mousy boy to a quietly confident teenager, they were curious about what had caused the change.

“We were really happy to see Ryan getting so self confident,” Trevor explained. “He had been just really quiet for so long, and now he was so confident and positive about things, we wanted to find out what caused the change. We didn’t think it could be his parents, they never have time for him.”

“Yeah, so we followed him here one day, and thought we’d check you out, sir,” added Jamie. “It looks like you’ve been a really good influence on Ryan, and we’d like to thank you for that.”

“That’s unusual dedication on the part of friends,” I commented. “Is that all there is?”

“Er, no,” stammered Lynn. “Uh, we also saw Ryan reach up and kiss you once, uhh, on the mouth sir. That really threw us for a loop. Uhh, are you gay?”

Ryan looked at me and nodded his head slightly, as though to say, “These guys are alright.”

I looked at them and said, “Well, yes, I guess I am.” That was the first time I had admitted my gayness to anyone other than Ryan. It felt like the first step in what might be a long journey. I didn’t know what reaction that admission would get.

“Wow, that’s really cool,” said Jamie. “Can you tell us what that’s like?”

“Even better, let us show you,” said Ryan, to my surprise. He came over to me and sat in my lap, bringing his arms around my neck, and kissing me deeply on the mouth. We kissed long and hard, and I could feel him take one hand and bring it down to my crotch, where he started stroking my 8″ boner. He quickly unzipped my fly and pulled my penis out, as his friends sat there open-mouthed. Continuing, he undid my snap and started pulling my pants down. As my excitement mounted, I helped him by shimmying my pants down off my ass and to the floor, with my cock standing up firmly and proudly within his hand.

I began responding to the pleasure Ryan was bringing me, and slid my hand down the back of his cutoffs, inside his ass crack, and began stroking his hole. The front of his shorts were tenting out from his erection. I quickly brought my other hand to his hip and whipped his cutoffs down to the floor also. While my finger was stroking his butt hole, my other hand was slowly stroking his hard on, and smearing the fluid oozing out of the piss slit around his cock head. I then slowly inserted my finger up inside Ryan’s ass hole, twisting it around to feel the tight, pressing sides of his colon.

“Man, that looks like fun!” I vaguely heard one of the boys say. “Can you teach us that stuff?”

Before I could respond, I saw Trevor bring his hand to Jamie’s thigh, and slowly pulling the towel up his thigh. With a grin, Trevor said, “Let’s see how interesting you found this.” He hadn’t lifted the towel more than a few inches when Jamie’s dick poked out on top of his thigh. “Yeah, you’re interested!” said Trevor.

“And let’s see what touching it does,” he continued. Separating the towel ends, he pulled the towel open, exposing Jamie’s crotch to all of us. His black pubic hair glistened all around his dick as Trevor circled his cock with his fingers and began stroking up and down. “I like to do this to myself, ” he said. “I like doing it, how does that feel, Jamie?” he said.

“Unnhh, good,” stammered Jamie. “Don’t stop, please,” he begged. I could see a steady stream of pre cum flowing out of the piss slit on Jamie’s penis, helping to lubricate Trevor’s fingers around his shaft. “Unnh, unnhh, I’m cumming,” he shouted. “OH FUCK, FUCK, IT FEELS SO GOOD!” With that a torrent of white, creamy cum poured out of his cock all over Trevor’s fingers, like a volcano overflowing its crater. With several jerks, each lessening in intensity, his cock poured out more and more of that cream on his friend’s hand. Finally, he slumped back, signifying an end to the intense feeling of pleasure he had been put through.

“Let me show you something,” Ryan said. With that he got up from me, and walked over to his friend. “There’s a lot more to this than just feeling good in your cock,” he explained. “All your senses can get involved.” With that he picked up Trevor’s hand and brought it to his mouth, licking all of Jamie’s sticky hot cum from his fingers. After cleaning his fingers, he bent down to Trev and pressed his mouth against his. I could kaçak casino see that his tongue was moving into Trevor’s mouth, and that Trevor’s eyes were closing in ecstasy. Ryan’s hand moved aside Trevor’s towel, exposing his nearly bald crotch, and his big cock, which he began stroking quickly.

Trev’s hips began moving in response and Ryan, sensing that his climax would be immediate, brought his head down between Trevor’s legs and engulfed his cock in his mouth, bobbing his mouth up and down on the shaft, but never letting the head out of his mouth.

“Oh, baby, let me fuck your mouth,” Trevor exclaimed, and I could see Ryan’s cheeks working in and out as his tongue stroked Trev’s cock, and his cheeks swell out as Trevor shot his hot load in Ryan’s warm mouth. “Oh yeah, fuck, your mouth is so hot and tight. Let me shoot my load on those hot lips, baby! UHH! UHH! UHH, YEAH!!”

Meanwhile, I was stroking my cock while Trevor fucked Ryan’s mouth. Lynn stood up and, with a glazed look on his face, started letting the towel drop to the floor. I got up and walked over to him, taking his cock in my hand as I brought my lips to his. “Do you like what you see, Lynn?” I whispered into his ear, as I gave it a gentle nip along the lobe. “Ryan and I fuck like this all the time.”

Lynn shuddered at the pleasurable feelings he felt from my lewd words, and began stroking the outside of my leg, working his way over to my massive erection. “Oh god, can I suck your cock, Jeff?” he groaned.

I pushed him down to his knees. He looked tentatively at my erection, and slowly began licking the head of my prick, tasting for the first time the salty and sweet taste of my pre cum. Soon he was swallowing as much of it as he could down his throat, until his nose was burying itself in my pubic hair. His fingers stroked my balls while his tongue stroked my cock.

As great as that felt, I was too hot to let just myself be pleasured. I sank down beside him on the floor, and he looked at me questioningly. “What should I do?” he asked.

Lay on your back, but pull your legs up to your chest,” I commanded him. When he had done so, I lay down on my stomach between his legs and brought my face close to his balls. What I really wanted to get at right now was the other treasure between his legs, his virgin ass hole. I started licking his cock, sucking it into my mouth and out again, then to his balls, where I licked the slight fur under his dick and worked my way down past the smooth skin behind his balls, and just in front of his anus. I pushed his legs further forward, to rotate his ass and hole higher up and closer to my mouth.

I then started licking around the tiny brown pucker that guarded his hot ass, and soon had him squirming as my tongue invaded past the tight guardian into his rectum. I could smell and taste the spicy perfume of his hole, as my tongue licked around every part of the orifice. I licked at his hot hole for some time, savoring his musky flavor and taste. This ass licking had given me an idea for his friends’ training, one which I hoped Ryan would want to join in on.

After at least 10 minutes I pulled my mouth off Lynn’s ass, and looked over at Ryan and Trevor. Ryan also had his mouth on Trevor’s rear end, and was just pulling Trevor’s butt cheeks apart for a more in depth licking. I got up and walked over to Ryan.

“I’ve got an idea,” I said.

Ryan pulled his face away from Trevor’s ass, and looking slightly annoyed, said ” Well, I had a pretty good idea, too, involving Trevor’s ass hole and my tongue.”

“Don’t be a wise ass, Ryan, you’ll like this,” I said. And so, that’s how Ryan found himself on his hands and knees on the floor, with Trevor ready to mount his ass.

“Go on, Trev,” I said. “Lick his hole to lubricate him, just like he licked you, then fuck his tight ass with your cock.”

Trevor shook his head, and said, “No way I’m putting my mouth on another guy’s ass. That’s dirty.” I didn’t say anything, but rolled him onto his hands and knees, and brought my mouth to his hole. I started licking around his butt cheek, and he giggled and said, “That tickles.”

I continued licking in a spiral, with his ass hole the focal point of my tongue bath. Eventually I reached his puckered pink hole. After running my tongue slowly over each puckered inch of the entrance to his rectum, I slowly fucked into his hole with my stiff tongue. I heard him groan and say, “But it sure feels nice.”

After a little of this, his body shifted under me, and I looked up to see him enthusiastically slurping into Ryan’s ass hole. “That feels really nice, Trevor,” cooed Ryan. “Please keep fucking me with your tongue, then give me your big dick.”

When Trevor did that, I immediately went back to my pleasurable pursuit of licking his ass. So there we were, with Ryan poised like a mare ready to be mounted, Trevor behind him with his tongue sliding inside Ryan’s ass hole, and me behind Trevor, with my tongue as far up his ass as I could get it. For a few minutes, there was no sound other than the sounds of our slurping out each others assholes. I quickly looked up to see that Lynn had gone to sit with Jamie and they were alternating between kissing each other, looking at our group scene on the floor and stroking each others’ hot, overflowing dicks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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