Bitch in Law Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Enjoy the story, and all that Copyright stuff?? The story is mine, if you reproduce it somewhere, please let me know…

Fun, sun, tits and ass. What else could a man want? A lover who was a voyeur and loved spending shit loads of money on him? Yeah, that be nice.

“Si aye…oooh uh huh!” she moaned, her long sun brown legs wrapped around my back. The Aruban beauty writhed with pleasure under me as I slid my big dick in and out of her. I leaned down to take a nipple in my mouth, tasting her salty sweat as we went at it for the third time that night. Thrusting deeply into her, I caused her back to arch and made her moan loudly. The funny thing was, I wouldn’t have picked her out as someone to go after, but Delilah had picked her out.

After a long languid session of sex with my horny Mother In Law, or should I say soon to be ex Mother In Law, she had hit upon something that she had recently admitted to herself.

“I liked watching you with the stewardess very much Dick. Ooooh yeah, right there” she moaned as I licked around her clit, not quite touching it with my tongue and fingers. “I’ve caught Martin a few times with his little hotties, thinking he’s getting away with doing them, but I’ve watched him. He’s not nearly…ohhhh yes” she caught her self as I ran my tongue over her hard clit. “I liked the idea of watching, but I think it’s so much better when the actors in it are as hot as you and that stewardess….Mmmmmm” she moaned as I slid my tongue into her mouth and my cock into her waiting pussy.

We had talked afterwards. “So, do you want me to fuck someone for you Del?” I inquired, arching an eyebrow, mostly kidding. We were lying next to one another, smoking cigarettes. I was doubtful that it was going to happen, but hopeful at the same time. I had to admit, that knowing she was watching me fuck the shit out of the stewardess at 27,000 feet turned me on a lot. She only answered me by grinning and getting up.

“Get dressed, we need to eat.” “And you need to pick someone out?” I said, rolling out my side of the bed.

Which was how I found myself eating dinner with Del while she looked around at what Aruba had to offer. We had agreed that it should be a local, but after that, she would pick the girl, and I would get her to come back to my room where Del would be hidden in a closet.

As I thrust my cock into the young waitress that I had chatted up at the bar after dinner, she began calling my name…”Fuck me Dick….Fuck me Hard! Mmmmmmm!!!” she wailed as I rolled her on her side and slammed into her, our hips meeting with a loud slap with each thrust. I loved this position because I could go deeper and play with her big tits at the same time. Wide dark areola surrounded very fat, erect nipples. I brushed my thumbs across them in time with each stroke. She turned her head to the side, moaning my name, urging me harder and faster. My attention was on the closet door that was cracked slightly. I could barely see her, but I knew that Del was inside, furiously pounding a fat plastic dildo in and out of her, her free hand busy on her clit. Just seeing her mouth widen in a silent scream of orgasm was enough to send me over the edge, exploding inside tight young voluptuous Cali.

The casino oyna next day, we decided to lay out by the pool. I had been lying out in a speedo, yes, I was one of those guys who could pull it off, thank you. A curvy lifeguard that I had been eying all morning climbed down off her chair as her co-worker relieved her. Just watching that perfect ass clad in a one piece red lifeguard suit was getting me hard in my small ass speedo. As she walked back to a cabana, she was intercepted by Del. My mother in law looked pretty hot in a silver string bikini I had to admit. They talked for a few minutes, and Del left. She ducked into a cabana, and came out a few minutes later. The change was breathtaking. Gone was the one piece clinging bathing suit, replaced by a very revealing bikini. Her hair was down in soft, blond waves surrounding her beautiful face. She had even put a little makeup on. I eyed her from behind my sunglasses as she walked slowly past me whispering, “You come.” Her curves called to me. So I wrapped a towel around my waist to hide the large boner building up inside my speedo and followed her out of the pool area, across the sand to a jetty of rocks.

She turned once to make sure I was following and made her way across the rocks and down to a strand of isolated beach. High rock walls stretched up and away, allowing access solely from the jetty or swimming. “Nice little getaway” I thought to myself. I climbed down onto the sand to join her, seeing Del climb up onto the rocks above us, affording herself a nice view as well as a lookout. She blew me a kiss and winked.

“She say you need a young girl. She ask Dannika to love you.” She had perfected the innocent little girl look, making the top of my cock slip outside the top of my bathing suit. She reached forward and slid her hand around the head whispering, “She say your wife, she die, and you need me to love you. You no love girl for long time now. Nika love you?” she said coyly, slipping my bathing suit down my hips and legs, her lips sliding over the head of my cock as the suit fell at my feet. Looking up at me, she began her descent along the long pole, swallowing inch by inch, coming up for air periodically. She played with my balls and blew me until I exploded in her mouth, biting my lip.

Smiling, licking her lips, she looked up and saw Del watching. Surprised at first, a wicked grin slowly spread across her face. “Oh Ho!” she said loudly. “Beautiful lady a liar eh? She just want to watch, eh?” Surprised myself, I realized that Nika was a bit of a showgirl. She walked over to the rocks directly under Del. “You watch him fuck me, eh lady? That Gud?” she said, her accent thick. Del simply nodded, her hand slipping into her lap. I watched her scoot a little further down so she wouldn’t be totally visible from the pool, but able to look over from time to time.

Nika turned to me, pulling her top down. Her large firm breasts stood out proudly as she thrust them towards me. “We give her gud show, then she lick Danika gud, eh? You like girls together?” I answered her by coming up and turning her around, putting her hands on the rocks. I groped her breasts, lodging my cock between her ass cheeks. I kissed, licked, groped, pinched, rubbed her whole body, driving her wild. canlı casino She started mumbling “liefde aan maak me” as she went up on her toes, reaching behind her to pull my cock out of her ass cheeks, putting it between her legs. Thrusting her hips forward and back, her cunt lips parted, sliding to either side of my cock. “Mmmmm, He has big cock, eh? Nika nice, wet pussy, take His cock now eh? You want make love to me? liefde aan maak me?”

Pulling my cock back slightly, I grabbed her hips and bent her over slightly. I could feel her hand directing my cock right into her. Surprising me, she shoved her ass back powerfully, impaling a good third of my shlong inside her. “UNGH! S’big!” she grunted. Pulling about half out, I shoved hard back into her. Her tight young cunt gripped me like a glove. I had managed to get about half of it in before she moved forward and shoved back hard. A few short strokes in and out and I was balls deep in her.

“Mmmmm so full. Nika need big cock to satisfy…Nice big fat…ooooooooh” she moaned loudly as I pushed out and back in repeatedly. Grabbing her big firm tits, we let our hips do the talking as we fucked the crap out of each other. Her youthful energy and my experience had us both yelling and thrashing, and thrusting, and pumping like dogs. I lost track of the things she screamed at me in Dutch, but let me tell you, whatever she was saying, her message was clear – “Fuck me!!!”

Like a good boy, I did. I fucked her standing up, I fucked her lying on my back with her big bouncing tits in my face, her face a mask of pleasure. Turning on a hot, young, stacked, dutch girl was probably the most erotic thing I had done so far in my life. I sat up and supported her ass as she ran her hands through my hair, smothering me with her big firm tits.

She grabbed my hair, pulling me back looking into my eyes. “You cum soon, yes? Nika cum VERY soon….Oh YA YA YAH OH YAH OH YAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed at the top of her lungs as I thrust deep inside her, spilling my sticky hot cum all over her insides. Our hips kept moving as the energy receded. The thing was, normally I would need a few minutes, but Nika kept squeezing my cock as she moved up and down, slowly. Her eyes rolled back and she smiled broadly.

“No need to be quiet here, no one can hear. Lady come down now?” she said loudly up at Del, who was already scrambling down. Nika stood as Del jumped the last foot or so, landing right in front of the hot, young blond. Nika reached out and kissed Del full on the mouth, their tongues twining together. I heard Del’s deep moan as her hands traveled up and down the young girls body. Nika pulled away first, saying “Nika’s pussy full of man’s sticky. You lick, he fuck my ass, eh?”

Not wasting a second, Del was between her legs licking like it was ice cream. Nika sighed with pleasure. She looked at me, a devilish grin on her face. “Nika love ass fuck…You fuck Nika’s ass now” she said, her hands reaching behind her to pull her cheeks apart. I stepped up behind her, my cock still slick with her juice.

“Yessss” she groaned as I ground the head against her tight asshole. It wouldn’t budge. I tried a few more times, but she hissed in discomfort. I knelt down and started licking her anus, kaçak casino reaching my hands through to play with Del’s breasts. Nika moaned, the sounds coming from her mouth were almost animal. Licking up and down her ass, I slipped a finger inside her, then two. I stood, slipping the two fingers inside, my other arm snaking around her to grope at her big warm breasts. One of her hands pushed Del’s face into her crotch, the other hand grabbed my wrist and sped up the thrusting of my fingers into her ass. I added a finger, causing her to cry out, “YA!!” After a few minutes, I thought she might be ready, but my cock wasn’t. Partially kneeling, I kept the pace in and out of her ass and said, “Del” Delilah pulled her face away from her crotch, seeing my dick in front of her, she bathed it in spit, gagging once, but swallowing most of it. I let her coat it with a thick layer of spit before I pulled back. She dove back into Nika’s cunt.

Nika nodded, holding her cheeks apart. I pushed hard, popping it in. She bit her lip and nodded, so I pushed back and forth slowly and gently. I saw Del’s hands come up to pull her cheeks further apart, Nika moved her hands to her nipples. “Ya Ya Ya” punctuated each slight thrust of her hips, pushing me deeper inside. I decided to let her control the depth for a little while, getting a lick on my balls every few strokes as Del ducked under to lick my balls.

Seeing Del move, I watched her untie her bathing suit while they tongue wrestled. The young woman and older woman were a matched pair. Long straight hair, big, swaying boobs, firm tight ass. Nika and Del played with each others tits while I began picking up speed and depth in Nika’s ass.

“Get up, Nika lick yu now” the girl moaned, directing Del to a slight shelf to perch her ass on. She practically ripped off the bikini bottom, hopped up on the shelf, and moaned loudly as Nika darted her tongue inside and out her soaked pussy.

“Fuck her….Oh God yes, fuck her ass. Make her lick me! Oooh Dick. Use that big cock in her tight little ass. You know you love it. Is it nice and tight? You like ass fucking little dutch girls?” Her eyes were heavy with lust, her hands guiding the young woman’s lips, tongue and teeth to the exact spot she wanted. My dick sheathed in the young woman’s tight asshole, I answered her.

“You horny bitch, you love watching me fuck other women. Is it the watching, or is it that you want to be with them? Man she’s got a tight ass!” I grunted, slamming my cock in and out of her, eliciting a long loud moan from Nika, and short gasps from Del. I could tell she was close just by the sound of her cries.

“What do you think Del, you want me in your ass? You wanna lick her pussy while I fuck your ass?” I practically yelled, being as close as I was. She nodded, wailing her passion as the three of us came in one loud scream. I grabbed Del’s big tits, pinching her nipples hard as she came all over Nika’s face and I came all inside Nika’s ass.

Del practically fell off the shelf as Nika straightened, moving off me. My sloppy cock dripped on the sand as she ran and dove in the ocean. “Come!” she yelled as she surfaced.

Giggling like kids, Del and I joined her and enjoyed cleaning each other up almost as much as Round 2 when we all switched places and did it all over again.

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