Bisexual Quarantine Seduction

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Chase Denwitty had moved into his downtown apartment exactly one month before the world changed.

He was a single, good-looking 25-year-old guy, working a promising new job at a digital marketing firm, after two grueling years working temp spots and building up a resume. He’d snagged a killer apartment with two male roommates in a three-story apartment right on the edge of the downtown area of the city. Their names were Grady and Bryson, and they were both 27. They were single as far as Chase knew, and they worked at a law office and NPO, respectively.

They all got a long really well, and Chase was thrilled that his roommates had both turned out to be such normal dudes—a rarity in the roommate guessing game. Up until the quarantine, they hadn’t really done that much hanging out. Now as the time at home stretched ever onward, they found themselves spending much more time just hanging out around the house and watching TV, or ordering pizza and playing cards while cracking open some beers.

It became a weekly tradition for someone to head down the street to the liquor store, (mask on of course), and bring back enough beer and liquor for them to get as sloshed as they wanted that night.

They were all working from home during the day, and besides going for runs, or to the grocery, or to the occasional outdoor patio for a round of drinks; they had all agreed that outside of the three of them and certain select family members, that would be it for their apartment. They were going to take the ‘Quaran-Team’ concept seriously. That meant they weren’t going to be bringing home any hookups or new friends (or old friends for that matter). Being that Bryson had a lot of contacts in the health care field, they were privy to all the stories of what they were going through. And so they decided to wait it out together, like generally badass human beings.

Unfortunately, that is not the easiest thing to do when you’re three guys with crazy big sex drives stuck in a hot summer apartment, while you slowly wait for the plague to end. Honestly…what DID horny people do during the Black Death? Write poetry or something? That’s how they all felt. Like they were slowly melting from sex deprivation. They were starving to gain back the world of dating and overcrowded bars and social anything.

It was a particularly drunk Friday night as they sat around the living room coffee table, talking and channel surfing, that the topic of sex finally came up. Up until that point they hadn’t really mentioned it much, but the level of buzz in the room had brought down some of their classical, hyper-masculine defenses.

“Do you guys miss fucking as much as I miss fucking?” Chase said, and they both laughed. The questioned had segwayed from a movie convo where the crazy sex scene from Monster’s Ball had come up.

“Fuck YES I miss fucking!” Grady bemoaned, as he threw a card down on the table where we were playing a never-ending game of poker or rummy or whatever else. They were drinking cheap pilsners from a bucket, and Bryson had reinforced their supplies with a handle of whiskey from above the fridge.

“Hey, since we’re stuck in this house withering away, do you guys just wanna get super fucked up tonight?” Bryson suggested, already grabbing tumblers for them to take shots from.

Grady and Chase quickly agreed to this plan, as they cracked open another beer with a soft rush of light carbonation. They were three bottles in at this point, and Bryson uncorked the top of the grain alcohol with a delightfully recognizable squeak of air.

“Cheers to being responsible during this very hard time, even it means we’re the most desperately horny assholes we’ve ever been in our entire lives,” Bryson eloquently offered up. He was tall and impressive in his stature. He looked like he had walked off of a Gaston casting call, with a slightly less comical chin and muscle mass. He just had that brawny, used-to-play-football type of build-still coasting off of those younger charms. Grady was the manlier of the two. He was half-Argentinian/half-Irish thanks to his parents’ crazy one-night-stand love story; a combination that had led to an incredibly unique look. His green eyes and messy, short-chopped dark hair led down into a more tanned olympian frame. He had tatttoo’s up and down his sides and one half-sleeve on his left side. He rowed. Who the fuck rowed? Chase had thought when he told him that. Chase had played high school baseball and still maintained his workout regimen. He was no slouch in the looks department either. During any normal time, their apartment would’ve been swimming with sex partners. It might’ve been a stereotype, but sometimes there is just nothing wrong with the stating the obvious.

They clinked their glasses with a hearty CHEERS! and swallowed down the smokey caramel liquid, as we made fun of each other’s various responses to the strong alcohol.

“Apparently we’re just off our game in all of the adult categories,” Grady joked, and took a deep grumbly breath in as he burped erzincan escort after his shot.

“So how long has it been for you both?” Chase asked, as they continued their card game and kept on drinking.

“Well…let’s see…” Grady thought on it, “I had that sexy bartender from Junkyard back here like, a week before the quarantine went into affect, so that would’ve been about…three-months-and-one-week ago.” He sighed longingly after saying it out loud.

“Fuck…she’s super hot, the one with the scar on her chin, right?” Chase remarked, thinking back to one of the few roommate outings he’d had with them, before the quarantine announcement in March. That particular bartender had caught all of their eyes that night ,while taking in an NBA game they’d all put money on the bar’s signature big screens.

“Dude…at least you got some right before quarantine…my last hookup was when my friend Kelly came over for some casual fun, but that was like five months ago,” Bryson concluded miserably.

“Yeah man, I feel that,” Grady admitted.

“What about you Chase? When did you last get some before we all bunkered down for this beautiful summer?” He turned to ask, as he took a long swig of his beer.

“Seven months,” they both stopped and looked up at him starkly, like empathetic veterans of the same war.

“What? Dudeeeeee, THAT long?” Grady asked.

“Yeah…I had a really bad breakup before moving in here…you guys have never heard that story but…basically I had a long-term girlfriend from college who was a little too vanilla for me and I decided it was time to try something new. But I guess it took me a while to get over the heartbreak of losing such a big part of my life and routine, ya know?” Chase felt good about finally getting to talk to actual guys about this. It soothed his soul a little, even in the midst of a drunken conversation about how long it had been since they’d had sex; and even in the middle of a depressingly boring pandemic.

“I get it, we’ve all been there,” Grady said, and they clinked their glasses again. The boys were having a night in and, even if they weren’t getting any, at least they had good camaraderie. They were proceeding towards appropriate levels of sloshed as the conversation meandered down an increasingly amusing path.

“So who was Kelly? Was that that red-haired girl with the amazing smile that you were watching a movie with like…a week before we went into lockdown?” Chase asked, fingering his card corners. He had vaguely remembered Bryson hanging out with a particularly cute girl as he got home late one night from a busy work day.

Bryson and Grady looked at each other with a secretive laugh.

“Ahhh, no. That was my friend Sara. Kelly is my longtime friend from back home…and Kelly’s not a girl, he’s a guy.” Chase did a double-take.

“Wait…so…you hooked up with a guy?” He repeated the statement to establish its solvency.

“Yeah,” Bryson said, rather simply.

“Wait…” Chase needed more information. He was very surprised by this admission. “So are you…?”

“I’m bi, if that’s what you’re wondering,” Bryson offered up to Chase’s still-shocked countenance.

“Fuck, how did I not know this? I feel like a shit roommate for totally missing that.” Chase had never known a bi guy outside of friends-of-friends. He had a couple gay friends and he’d met lots of bi girls, but never a guy before. Or…he probably had and just never knew. The world was still evolving at a sluggish pace.

“Oh, no-no apology needed. You haven’t been living here long, and it just hadn’t come up yet.” Bryson assured Chase. “We would’ve gotten to this topic eventually.”

“Obviously you knew,” Chase looked to Grady.

“Well, yes…I actually found out in a really hilarious way,” Grady said.

“And that was?” Chase followed right up.

“I saw him on Tinder.”

Chase was speechless again. His eyebrows had begun to look like busy elevators.

“Okay…what?? So…you are too?! Sorry, bi I mean?”

They were both cracking up at his embarrassment.

“Yes, we’re both bisexual,” and Grady threw a card at Chase playfully, like an off-duty Gambit.

“How did I seriously not know this at all?” The game had stopped as Chase went to pour another round of shots. They were more focused on this new discovery now anyway.

“Neither of us advertises it. Bryson’s still semi-closeted about it and mostly it’s just our closer friends that know.” Grady explained.

“Well, I say we drink to me being an oblivious idiot,” Chase announced, passing the whiskey out, and they downed more liquid friendliness. They were jovially tipsy now.

“But really, don’t feel weird. People never guess we’re bi until we tell them.” Grady added.

“So, if you guys are bi have you ever hooked up?” Chase asked the obvious question.

“Ah, well, we have…but we tend to have very similar styles so it doesn’t work as well,” Bryson escort erzincan said.

“What do you mean exactly?” Chase thought he knew, but it was more fun to ask.

“Well…both Bryson and I really like to dominate,” Grady said, slapping the table with a firm rap.

“You guys are both tops, is that it?” Chase knew enough of the lingo.

“Yuppp!” Bryson said quickly, and they both shared an obvious grin as he took a long swig of his beer.

“Ahh, I see, doesn’t quite give you what you need then, that makes sense,” Chase was understanding.

“Right. But we have still had some fun. We’ve given each other some really amazing quarantine handjobs in bed and in the shower. Which we both really like doing.” Grady explained, as he and Bryson blushed at each other a little.

“Damn, and I had no idea. How often have you guys been jacking each other?” Chase asked. His cock was stirring somewhat from hearing that his super manly roommates liked jacking each other off. He missed having someone else’s hand on his cock and it was weird, but he almost felt jealous of their setup.

“This last month we probably played like, six or seven times,” Bryson said.

“No…it was more like 10 times.” Grady corrected, and Bryson laughed in sheepish agreement. They were drunk and convivial. The cock was out of the bag.

“When have you guys been doing this? I’ve literally been in this apartment with you this whole time!” Chase was so impressed at the amount of things he hadn’t even caught a whiff of (and man sweat was definitely smelly).

“We usually just sneak into each other’s rooms at night after you’re in bed,” Bryson said, hopping up to the fridge to replace their beers as he strolled back to the living room.

“Holy shit…and I’ve never caught you? you guys are stealthy!” Chase complimented them. He was genuinely impressed.

“We’ve been so horny but we also didn’t want to weird you out if you suddenly found out your roommates were bi and jacking each other off all the time.” Bryson added again.

“Oh, no, I don’t care at all! Honestly, I think it’s a really cool setup, actually. I kinda have so many more questions for you both.” Chase was having a truly amazing night. They all were. It was the type of serious male bonding that rarely gets to be had.

“Let’s take a quick bathroom break and get comfier out here then,” Grady reasoned.

Each guy peed quickly and came back to collapse by the couch with their drinks. It was one long couch with a wooden square of coffee table space in front of them, currently holding two large bongs and two video game controllers.

Chase sat in the middle cushion which was the comfiest and Bryson and Grady sat with their butts against opposite armrests facing inward so they could turn and talk. The couch was low-set and very deep, allowing for Chase to sit deeper back and form a light triangle between the three boys. They muted the game that was playing and turned up some music.

“Okay, so where were we?” Chase asked, already waving his long-necked beer bottle around with just two fingers, like a pontificating professor.

“You had more questions for us,” Bryson was poised and ready. Grady smiled at Chase’s still-incredulous energy. There was a friendly sort of challenge in it.

“Right. So, when you guys play, what do you do? Tell me how it works for you guys. I’m curious.” Chase sat cross legged. They were all in sweats and t-shirts. He was very attentive to this conversation. All three of them were now.

“Well, typically we just put on some porn we both like and sit facing each other and jack each other off.”

“Yeah, we like to switch positions sometimes. Like side-by-side.”

“Or laying down in a 69 position, we’ve done that too.” Bryson’s licked his lips a little as he looked at Grady. Chase caught that.

Chase felt his cock stirring as all this sex talk continued. “Wait, but you guys don’t suck each other?”

“Nope. We’ve done that like three times total. It’s just not our thing,” Bryson explained further. “We love GETTING blowjobs…but giving them doesn’t turn either of us on as much.

“So what about you, Chase? Have you ever done anything with a guy?” Grady asked.

“No. Nope. I’ve never really thought about it before. But I have to admit, I definitely am a little jealous of your guys’s quid pro quo, and I can’t believe I’m admitting that out loud!” Chase was smiling at them both.

Grady grabbed for the whisky. “Well that deserves another shot I think.”

He poured them the shot and they swallowed another fiery dose of rebellion.

“I’ve got a really amazing idea, if you guys are down to maybe down to kick this night up a notch.” Bryson said excitedly, and both Chase and Grady immediately huddled closer in on the couch. “Okay, Chase clearly has some very curious questions to ask. We’re all definitely drunk and having a lot of fucking fun. Do you guys wanna maybe…I know this is gonna erzincan escort bayan sound juvenile…do you guys wanna play Truth or Dare?”

Chase couldn’t believe he was being asked to play Truth or Dare with two bi guys, but he absolutely wanted to. This very much excited him to his core. This felt wildly new to him.

“Fuck yes,” Grady said without hesitation as he swigged a big gulp.

“Okay, why the hell not? This is quarantine, let’s have some fucking fun!” Chase bellowed unabashedly. He was a straight-as-an-arrow, red-blooded dude in his sexual prime; and yet, for some reason, the idea that he was about to play such a purposefully naughty game with two, super cool guys that he was getting along with so well, suddenly enthralled him.

“Okay, who wants to go first?” Bryson took charge and got the game going immediately. They were seven drinks in thanks to their hours of hanging out, and Bryson started some a new playlist from his nearby phone to further set the chill of their evolving vibe.

“I’ll go first,” Grady said. “Chase you can ask me.”

“Okay…ha! Here we go…like we’re fucking 18 again…” and they all laughed at this. “Grady…TRUTHHHHH or DARE?” Chase theatrically got the proverbial balls rolling as he inflected melodramatically.

“Truth,” as was the expectation of the opening rounds.

“Okay, let’s see…what is the…KINKiest sex you’ve ever had?” There was an anxious energy in Chase’s voice as he worked up the bravery to ask something so intimate of his new roommates.

“Hmmm, hmm, hmm,” Grady said, stroking his dark stubble on his very chiseled chin. That would be tough…I’ve had a couple of really kinky scenario’s…like, okay I’ll give you the two that immediately stand out as my favorites.” Both Chase and Bryson were leaning in and enjoying every moment of this build-up. Who didn’t love talking about really good sex like this? They should’ve been doing this every night.

“Okay…so when I was 18 and a senior in high school…I fooled around with a guy for the first time…it was my friend Cade, we were celebrating our 18th birthdays on the same weekend that our varsity squad traveled up the coast to play in the CIF finals.” Chase felt his pulse racing as he listened to this story. It felt so familiar to his own high school sports memories.

“This sounds like it’s gonna be good,” Bryson said, though he had secretly already heard some of this story from Grady (they knew each other quite well by now).

“Anyway…we had always been really close and sort of like, goofy and brotherly…and the team all shared hotel rooms that weekend while the playoffs went on. And each room had two guys to a room, so Cade and I ended up rooming together and they ended up running out of double-bed suites, so OUR room only had a queen-sized mattress and the AC in the room was terrible and it was such a hot fucking night…anyway, we didn’t really care because we were having so much fun…and we were so excited for the game that next day that we couldn’t sleep…we were both just wearing our boxers and nothing else. And at some point we started talking about sex and we got hard and he asked if I wanted to jack off with him to some porn on his laptop and so we set it up and sat super close to each other on the bed and started watching some videos and there was this one really hot lesbian video where we both started to jack off harder…and our legs are totally just touching now…and we both keep looking over at each other…that I finally just grab his face and kiss him, and we end up having the most crazy passionate first time gay sex with each other. Like…we fucked RAVENOUSLY for the next three hours…passed out, woke up later on that next morning, fucked each other…blew each other…came all over each other…it was like…insanity. I’d never been that fucking horny like, ever.”

“WOW. FUCK. That’s such a hot story for a first time…I’m impressed…but you said you had another one?” Chase prodded him on. He was loving this. This was a very fun talk.

“OH yes. I have an ex-girlfriend that knows I’m bisexual, and she hit me up and asked if I would take her bicurious husband’s anal virginity while she watched.”

“Holy shit!” Chase exclaimed, almost spitting up some beer as he felt the funny fizz in his nose.

“This story I DEFINITELY know, cuz I got to see the video that next day.” Bryson raised his glass and Grady air-clinked him in mutual respect.

“Damn, wait…so this would’ve been recently then, yeah?” Chase asked them, loving every single morsel of these stories.

“Just last year. One of my favorite nights of sex ever. I basically went over to their place and ended up fucking both of them and he ended up really liking being fucked. I came three times that night and the final half hour was just me pounding his ass while she filmed it on her phone. Her husband said things I don’t think he even knew he had inside of him.

Chase was starting to feel his cock vibrate with these amazing anecdotes. He wasn’t going to say anything but he secretly wanted to see that video very badly. What did it look like when Grady fucked a guy? Why did he want to know that? Both Grady and Bryson radiated an attractive sort of ease about them. They didn’t ever feel forced or fake. Chase felt so completely enamored by them.

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