Birthday Treat: The Wench Cums Home

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Author’s note: Vanessa is a pseudonym of a friend who has sub-tendencies but has not yet followed them as far as the stories about her. She is getting there, though not with me as her dom, and these fantasies are slowly becoming reality for her. The latest instalment tackles one of her desires, yet one which she is slow to give in to. Trudi and I are friends who share pleasures when we are partnerless, which we are currently.


The wench Vanessa whom Trudi and I had met at a club on at least three occasions, had agreed to become our plaything outside the confines and rules of the discreet and adults only club she worked at. We had agreed the time of her arrival, and were planning to treat as she had never been treated before. To be fair, we had discussed with her what she was attracted to trying, but was unsure about doing if she was in control herself. We were taking that control away from her.

She arrived on time, and for the evening away from the club she was to be Nessa, the cum slut. Trudi sent her to the room we had allocated for her to prepare, as the clothes she was to wear for her experience would have caught the eye of too many people on the way to the house! She nodded when asked if she was happy with the arrangements to give her sexual gratification over to Trudi and I for the evening, and confirmed she had the expected clothing and other items we had asked her to bring to put on.

Nessa came back out just about on time, but breathless. She was perfectly attired. The shiny black latex dress clung to her full figure, but with the nipples of her gloriously pendulous breasts showing proudly through the holes left for just that purpose. The short skirt of the dress flared out, revealing the straps of the suspender belt beneath which were holding up not one, but two pairs of stockings. The first a fine, barely black pair with a straight seam heading to the joys of her ass cheeks. The second a wide mesh – fence-net – pair of red stockings, showing the black beneath. She turned around and bent over, revealing the flange of a black plug, the remainder buried already into her rear hole. She did not know it, but that plug would be replaced many times by many things this evening.

Trudi pushed a little at the plug to make sure it was well embedded, and Nessa shuddered. She stayed bent over, as Trudi reached around to tug hard on the exposed nipples the tight latex dress was already making engorged. Nessa groaned this time, but still stayed down until we had concluded our checks. Her heeled shoes were patent black leather, shiny and with straps around the ankle to show off the fine legs and nylon. She had done well at getting the seam straight, pointing towards her fine ass cheeks now parted with the flange of the plug, and she was presented well for the first of two challenges she would face tonight.

I went round to Nessa’s face, holding the soft blindfold and cuffs for her to see. ” You will now be blindfolded and secured to the spanking horse we have prepared for you. You will suck on anything that is put in your mouth and not let it go until given permission by its owner. You will allow anything and anyone to enter your mouth or penetrate your pussy and your ass until I or Trudi decide you are ready for the second challenge. ” Nessa nodded her understanding of this, and I could see the wary excitement in her eyes at the words.

With that I strapped the soft, black fabric around her head and pulled it tight, adjusting to make sure she could see nothing of what was happening. Standing Nessa up we moved her to the centre of the room, her fine figure on display in the shiny black latex and her nipples on available for anyone to tug. Bending her forward, we positioned her comfortably so her pendulous breasts were now hanging free over the front of the spanking stool. Her hands were pulled down towards the base and the cuff on each wrist clicked shut, leaving her ass high in the air behind and her face at crotch level. The short flared skirt of the latex dress covered little, the plug clearly visible to anyone who wanted to see. And there were quite a few of these.

For the next 45 minutes, a flow of people came into the room quietly and took advantage of Nessa’s body. Nessa did not know what was happening as cock after cock was pushed between her lips. I had spoken with some colleagues at the sports club, and discreetly invited 8 or 9 of them to just come and empty themselves into the cumslut. Quietly the first two had walked into the room, and Trudi was enjoying the sight of their firm bodies and exposed cocks. They were only half-erect when they came in, but the sight of the slut draped and spread for their use soon had them rising to the challenge. The first slipped his hardening cock straight between Nessa’s waiting lips and she sucked hungrily. Even as she was doing this, the second went to her ass and started to spank it hard with his hands. Her cheeks soon became red under his initial onslaught and I could see her pussy juices beginning to seep out between her engorged lips. The plug stayed firm, and the now solidly erect cock was plunged straight between Nessa’s cunt lips. She was taking bahis firmaları both without a problem, and Trudi and I just watched and played with each other as more men came into the room.

The first man withdrew his cock from Nessa’s mouth without warning and using his hands only briefly to reach his orgasm, he sprayed his cum over Nessa. Even as he was covering her face, the second grunted and spasmed into her pussy, thrusting hard several times as he pumped his load into her. A third man didn’t wait too long, and was already filling her mouth again, this time a long slim cock she could easily fit the width in but was struggling to take all the length. As he eased further in, trying to get a deep throat yet another (the fourth) started to fill the overflowing cunt of the strapped down wench. Another couple of men appeared and took a fancy to Nessa’s nipples as there were no holes available. They started to tug and pull on the exposed flesh as the two men filling her up were both pounding away. Nessa couldn’t move and didn’t know where they were all coming from. One of the men playing with her sore and aroused nipple was also playing with his own cock, deciding not to wait for help. Trudi slipped my fingers out of her soaking cunt and went across to him, taking his hand away and replacing it with her own. The man groaned as he watched my sexy friend gently oil his cock and masturbate it for him. He didn’t last long, and Trudi sprayed his cum all over the pendulous breast in its tight black latex. The man playing with Nessa’s other breast decided to cover Nessa himself. As he approached his orgasm, he moved to point his cock onto her ass cheeks despite a man already embedded in her cunt pounding away at her. His cum covered her ass, dripping down around the flange of the plug and mixing with her own juices and the first load of cum in her cunt.

Meanwhile the man in her cunt had just reached his orgasm, and deposited a second load of hot cum into her well lubricated cunt. As the man in her mouth held her head we watched as he spasmed and jerked, cumming into Nessa’s mouth and making her swallow his very full load of cum. Although we knew this was not a favourite occupation of the slut, she knew as part of the overall cumfest, she had to take it. Even as the man in her mouth slipped his cock out, the one who had just filled her cunt slipped his softening cock between her lips to get it licked clean of their combined juices. Two more men came through as some of the first ones left, making them numbers seven and eight for Nessa. They had been watching from the door and were already hard. Trudi took one cock in each hand and led them to the wench. One man went to Nessa’s head and took hold of it. Slipping her mouth off the man’s cock she was cleaning of cum, he plunged his own hard cock in to her used mouth. Almost immediately taking her head off and back onto the other man’s cock, he alternated Nessa’s mouth on his own and the other man’s cock. Finally leaving the other man’s cock back where it had started being cleaned in the wench’s mouth, he stood and brought himself to his orgasm, choosing to cum all over the wench’s ass cheeks and thighs, the cum sliding down into her stockings and coating the exposed flesh on her thighs.

Trudi still had a man’s cock in her control, and she chose to play with it a little more herself. She leaned over, her mouth slipping easily over its head and getting it glistening and ready to explode. She was reaching under the wench to pull on the hard, erect nipples as she sucked the cock in her mouth close to blowing its load. When she realised he was close enough, she slipped him out and with a couple of final strokes the man was ready to unload. We didn’t quite know just how explosive this one was, almost a fountain of cum on his first blast onto the wench’s red and taunted nipples, the latex of her dress even shinier than before as the cum covered it before dripping off onto the floor. At this sight, the one still in her mouth began thrusting in and out of the wench’s well used lips, working his way towards his second orgasm.

The ninth and last man we had invited was just taking his position at the rear of our cumslut when Trudy came over to me, and tugged my solidly erect cock out of my shorts. Finally getting me naked with the others, she knelt and slipped my cock into her mouth, all the while watching the last men finish with our wench. Nessa still had two holes filled with live flesh, and a plug in her ass, and she was groaning around the meat that was getting erect again in her overworked mouth. I hadn’t seen Nessa cum, but Trudi whispered to me that she had had three mini-orgasms already, but never one large one as the men just wouldn’t let her get there. The last man finally exploded into the cumsluts cunt just as the cock was taken from her mouth and her face sprayed with cum yet again. It covered her cheeks, chin and the blindfold and made for a very sexy sight. I was not going to hang on too long, and Trudi knew this. She was already aroused, her nipples poking through the almost see-through white blouse giving it away.

She decided I was going to cum onto rather than into kaçak iddaa Nessa, at least for my first orgasm. She led me to the side of Nessa and knelt to resume her soft but insistent sucking of my sensitive cock. She sensed when I was about to explode, and slipped my cock out of her mouth just in time. I shot time and again over the nylon covered thighs of our wench, watching as the cum slid down into her stocking tops, mixing with that already there. Trudi immediately did what she loves to do – licked up the cum from the flesh of another woman. She slurped it down and cleaned up at least part of Nessa, even slaking her thirst on her cum-covered cheeks as the last two men watched before they snuck away. Altogether nine unknown men and myself had taken advantage of the tied up, blindfolded wench. With one man reaching a second orgasm, she had taken eleven loads of cum – three in her cunt and three more onto her ass and thighs, two onto her breasts and latex covered body, two onto her face and one she had to swallow deeply. Nessa was breathing hard, and she must have thought it was over for part one. But the last of the love-making was about to start.

Two of Trudi’s friends came in from the other door, and I was almost instantly hard again. They were both barely clothed, wearing just a basque, stockings, heels and a strap-on. The dark-haired one went straight to Nessa’s mouth and slid the tip of her rubber monster between the cumslut’s well used lips. Nessa groaned, eased her aching shoulders and started to suck the fake cock into her waiting mouth. The other, a stunning blond, just held the head of the cock at the wet entrance to Nessa’s pussy, before plunging the whole length in. The groan from Nessa was audible from around the fake cock in her mouth, as the long, thick rod ploughed into her. The blond was pounding away, and I could see her withdraw 6 or 7 inches of thick, cum covered rubber before she thrust back into the wet and waiting folds. She was good, and clearly had been practicing, so I looked at Trudi questioningly. She nodded, and smiled, whispering to me that she and the blond had worked out they were both bi around the same time, and they had used this same cock on each other in only the last week or so to get ready.

Nessa was bouncing up and down now, the cocks in her were thrusting mercilessly in and out as she reached another orgasm, shuddering around the fake cock in her pussy as the waves washed over her. The dark-haired lady slipped her cock out and Nessa just hung her head, panting slightly with the exertion. The blond also slid out, but only to make room for her dark-haired friend. Nessa was soon full again, the plug still in place, though not for long. As the dark-haired lady started to develop a steady rhythm, the blond was toying and tugging at the plug, easing it out so that the widest part stretched her ring, before letting it slide back into the tight confines of her rear hole. As Nessa concentrated on receiving this pleasurable experience, Trudi slipped off the skimpy skirt she had been wearing and moved a chair to Nessa’s head. Sitting and pushing her naked, shaven cunt towards Nessa’s head, she put her bare, slim legs around the wench’s shoulders and let her cunt lips meet the wench’s mouth. Nessa picked up quickly, and even as she was thrust into from behind, the wench started to eat my friend out with gusto. I watched as he tongue snaked in and out of Trudi’s pert pink lips, her juices already coating Nessa’s sticky face with another layer of cum – girl cum.

The darker of the two ladies now released the straps and left the cock embedded firmly in Nessa’s hot pussy, playing with it and shoving it and out of her well used lips. Her blond friend eased the plug further and further out until with a soft sound, the plug came free. Without waiting, the blond positioned herself with her fake cock at the entrance to Nessa’s ass and slid the head into her already stretched rear passage. The heels she wore enabled her to stand high and feed the length of her fake rubber strap-on into the wench’s ass, inch by inch, even as her dark-haired friend reached under and continued to slide the other cock in and out of the well used cunt. Nessa was still cuffed and blindfolded, and was now slurping at Trudi for all she was worth as the two fake cocks plundered her ass and cunt. Finally she started to yell into Trudi’s wet hole as her orgasm approached. The dark-haired friend heard this, and even as she ploughed in and out of Nessa’s dripping pussy, she smiled at me and bent forward, spreading her legs invitingly as she wiggled her rear in my direction. Looking at Trudi, who nodded, I went across and eased my aching cock into the pussy presented for me. She took my whole length in one, the hot flesh sucking me in until I was buried to the hilt. Both the ladies groaned in pleasure, and I saw for the first time that the cock on the blond was double ended, the other end buried into her own wet snatch. As the groans from Nessa erupted into screams, the orgasm ripped through the blond as well, bucking as hard as she could and keeping the cock firmly buried in our wench. This was too hot for me and the dark-haired friend. kaçak bahis Even as she was still pounding Nessa’s cunt with the fake cock in her hand, I started to explode my second load of cum into her, my thighs working overtime as I forced my cock deep into her. She came loudly as I erupted, collapsing onto the soaking wet back of our wench in front of her blond friend. Only Trudi was left…. and Nessa was coming round to realising it was her duty to finish the set. As we came down from our own orgasms, the wench’s tongue and lips finally found the right buttons on my friend and cumfest planner, and she yelled loudly as her thighs contracted around Nessa’s head, cumming all over the wench’s face and coating her in more and more of her heavenly juices. Nessa slurped this as it came before sinking forward, spent.

The two ladies eased out and away from our slut, as we took off the cuffs and stood her up. She was covered in cum, her stockings and face wet, her breasts dripping onto the shiny latex of her dress. Cum slowly leaked out of her well used cunt, and I could see Trudi looking longingly at that and licking her lips. We took off her blindfold and led her to a reclining chair to relax. This was the prep she needed for the second challenge….

Trudi whispered a question to me, and I raised my eyebrow. Of course I am happy for the two girls to stay and help, why wouldn’t I be, they were both stunning in their own way, and clearly up for some steamy, kinky sex. What Trudi and I had planned would be helped by their presence. Nessa was watching and waiting, smiling to herself as she settled onto the lounger. She looked content, as she had reached a few minor and one major orgasm, and had been covered in cum as well as having all her holes filled by varying cocks, real and fake. The cum was pooling between her thighs, her rubber dress had lost its shine in places where several men had cum onto it, and her stockings were showing signs of receiving their fair share of juices. However, this lubrication was just what we needed, although Trudi was looking to one of her favourite pastimes – cleaning up!

The ladies were introduced to me and Nessa as we started to make the wench comfortable for her next experience. The tall, slim blond was Andrea and she introduced herself by wrapping her arms around me and planting her lips firmly on mine for a tongue-lashing kiss. I could feel my cock hardening yet again between us as her tight, skinny body in its basque pressed against me. Trudi broke us up, and Andrea moved back with a wink and a smile, letting her fingers lightly brush my ever hardening member. The dark-haired one was Tilly, shorter and with rounder curves, full breasts almost spilling out of her basque. She too planted a kiss firmly on my lips, but didn’t hug me, preferring to reach down between us and cup my balls and cock, stroking them and bringing a groan from my lips.

Nessa watched all this patiently, waiting her turn. Trudi and I spoke quietly about how Andrea and Tilly would help, but really it was down to them and us to get as many orgasms for ourselves and the wench as possible. Trudi knelt between the wench’s legs and started to slurp away, drinking the cum from her pussy as if it were wine. She used her tongue to clean the dribbles of white on the lips of our cumslut, all the while sliding her hands lightly up and down the stocking covered thighs surrounding her. Andrea went to Nessa and leaned in to kiss her, taking one of her nipples between her fingers as she planted her lips over the wench’s mouth. They were soon engrossed in a steamy kiss, lips working together, tongues fighting. All the while Trudi kept on cleaning and licking, but now starting to ease one then two fingers into Nessa’s pussy.

Not to be outdone, Andrea turned to me and pulled me in again. After a crushing embrace and long, lingering kiss, she eased us apart and whispered in my ear what she would like to do. We watched as Trudi continued to finger the wench, the squelching sounds from her well-filled and lubricated cunt were clearly audible even above the moans coming from Nessa as she and Tilly continued to kiss passionately. I noticed Trudi work a third finger into Nessa’s pussy, sliding them easily in and out and rubbing her thumb over the exposed clit. Andrea and I moved to Nessa’s head and parted Tilly away from kissing her. Tilly was disappointed but when Andrea whispered what she wanted to do Tilly smiled and moved away. Andrea knelt facing Trudi and straddled Nessa, resting her stocking clad legs either side of the wench’s head. Her smooth pussy was just inches above Nessa’s face, and she was able to watch my cock slide in between the puffy, engorged lips and into Andrea’s waiting cunt. It was not an easy position for me, but the sights and sensations made up for it. I was starting to get into a rhythm, thrusting my cock in and out of Andrea’s tight pussy, right above the watching and waiting face of Nessa. Andrea’s slim frame stretched out in front of me, the back of her black basque contrasting with her pale flesh. I reached around to pull on her small, pert breasts as Tilly reached in to snake out her tongue into Andrea’s mouth. All the while, the slut watched my slick cock, inches from her face, pounding another woman’s cunt. Andrea was getting very aroused, and I could see and feel the juices flowing, dripping onto our trapped wench’s face.

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