Birthday Surprise for Her

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It’s my birthday and you’ve told me that you’ve already set all the plans for us for the evening. I’m supposed to meet you at our favorite restaurant at 6pm for dinner and then you’ll fill me in on the rest after that. I’m so excited and can hardly wait to meet up with you. You sent me a dress that you asked me to wear for the evening, but I’m not allowed to open it until I’m getting ready. Its been very difficult for me to not open it, but I’ve wanted to be respectful of your request.

Its almost time to start getting ready and you send me a text telling me its time to open the dress box. I take it to my bed and untie the ribbon holding it shut. I lift the lid and clear away the tissue paper to find a gorgeous green dress made of crushed velvet. Its strapless and short, just how you like them. Also included in the box is a new pair of shoes to match.

I’m so excited and I run to get into the shower and get ready. Once I’m out of the shower, I slip on a garter and stockings and then the dress and shoes. I’ve put my hair up so that you’ll be able to see my back and shoulders more easily. I grab my purse and head out the door.

I arrive at the restaurant and start to look for you. I’m a few minutes early and it seems as though you haven’t arrived yet. I wait for a moment or two and then feel a kiss on my right shoulder. I turn to find you standing behind me. You smile and tell me how amazing I look. You then bring out a bouquet of calla lilies tied with long strands of green ribbon and hand them to me. I take them and hug you tightly.

You tell the hostess we are ready to be seated and she takes us back to a quiet corner of the restaurant. You pull out my chair and once I’m seated, you place a quick kiss on my shoulder again before sitting down across from me. You again tell me how incredible I look and how you can’t wait to taste me. I can feel the blush rising a little as the waiter comes by for our order.

We eat our meal and then you tell me you have more surprises for me. We head out of the restaurant and to your car. As you drive, I ask if you’re going to fill me in on the rest of the evening. You tell me that its all a surprise, but that you’re certain I’m going to have a great time.

You turn into a parking garage, park the car and then come open my door for me and help me out. You hold me close to you and kiss me, sliding a hand up along the edge of my dress. The night is warm as I feel the slight breeze hit my exposed thighs. You lean me against the car and kneel down in front of me. You lift my dress higher, showing my garters and panties. You grin as you look up at me and start to move my panties, exposing my shaved pussy.

You move your face closer to my pussy and start to lick. My hands fall into your hair as you start to slide a finger into me. I can hear the sounds of cars around us on the street and in the garage and the thrill of you eating me here in the parking garage is overwhelming. Your finger slides in and out as your tongue moves over my clit. My legs are starting to shake as I work to secure myself against your car.

I hear a car and see the headlights come around the corner, but I don’t care and you don’t seem to either as you continue lapping at me as you bring me closer to my orgasm. I’m right at the edge as the car passes us and I see the driver look over with an expression of shock. You move faster, burying your face into me and I start to shake more intensely. I start to come and you slow down, placing quick, gently kisses on me before taking your hand away and setting my undergarments back to their original location.

You slide my dress down and rise in front of me, kissing me as you reach my lips. You take my hand and lead me out onto the street. We walk a bit and head to the theater. You’ve bought me tickets to my favorite play and I’m just completely stunned by you. We head out to our seats and chat a bit before the lights come down.

The show starts and we’re holding on to one another. I’m feeling so close to you and the smell of you mixed with all of my emotions is intoxicating me. At times you lean even closer and kiss me, ever so tenderly and I smile at you each time. You slide a hand down and start to gently rub my inner thigh. The heat of your hand warms the place where my legs meet and I feel my excitement rising.

Your hand gradually moves up my leg, sliding my dress with it. I turn my body slightly towards you, inviting you. You rise to the occasion and continue moving your hand until your fingertips reach my panties. You slide your fingers over the slick material, feeling the heat beneath. You lean over to kiss and nibble on my neck as your fingers start to slide away my panties, dikmen escort revealing my bare pussy.

Your fingers slowly pass my lips and the heat in me continues to rise. You start to circle my clit with your finger and I struggle a little in my seat. I try to keep focused on the show in an effort to prevent those around us from realizing what we are doing. You continue to taunt my clit with your finger, keeping me right at the edge the whole time. Just as a very dramatic part of the play is taking place, you release me and I feel my entire body shake as I grip your arm tightly.

You slowly remove your hand, shifting my panties back into place and then lift your fingers to your lips, licking them. As I look into your eyes, a feeling a immense joy fills me. You lean over and kiss me again as we watch the rest of the show.

We head back out into the night and towards your car. You open the door for me and help me get in. You then join me inside and start the engine. We drive for a bit again and then come to a parking lot of one of the newer hotels in town. You park the car and again assist me in getting out. We walk in and apparently have already been checked in. You lead me to the elevators and press the button to call one down.

You hold me close to you again as we wait for the elevator. You kiss me quick as the doors open. We walk in, you press a button for our floor and as the doors close, you kiss me again. We are alone in the elevator and your hands quickly move up under my skirt. Again I’m overwhelmed by how much I desire you and how quickly you can get me hot. Your hands are grabbing at my ass as you continue to kiss me.

I’m so full of need and want when the doors open onto our floor. You lead me down the hall and open a door at the end of it. When I walk in, the room smells of berries and vanilla, two of my favorite smells. The room is dark except for a few candles lit around it. In a corner of the room is a jacuzzi and the bed is laid out with rose petals. You lead me towards the jacuzzi, also with rose petals and start to undress me.

You slide my dress down until it falls to the floor. Your hands are everywhere at once, as is your mouth. I feel as though I am being consumed by you. You start at my neck and ever so slowly work your way down. You reach my collarbone and nibble lightly before biting into it hard. I let out a moan against you.

You then continue down to my breasts, moving your hands to undo the clasp. As it releases, you pull it forward and begin kissing and licking my breasts and nipples. My nipples greet your touch, becoming completely erect. You drop my bra to the floor, bringing your hands up to cup my breasts, gently squeezing them in your firm grip.

Once you’ve had your fill of my breasts, at least for the time being, you move down over my stomach, again, kissing as you go, never lingering too long in one spot, but being sure to pay enough attention and to draw all you can out of me on the way. You get to my waist and place quick kisses along my garter belt.

You undo each of the straps holding my stockings in place and slowly pull each one down towards my feet. You lift up each leg, removing first my shoe and then the stocking and continuing with the theme of laying kisses on my exposed flesh.

Once both of my stockings are gone, you come back up and start to remove my garter. You slide it down along my legs, still kissing as it passes each inch. You again lift each of my legs, freeing me from the garment. You then rise once more, this time to reveal the very core of me. You don’t immediately start to remove my panties, but just start to kiss the material covering my mound.

I can feel your lips as they press against the material and again my hands drop down into your hair. Your hands are on my ass as you continue to tease and taunt me through the material. I can feel my juices start to gush as you start to lick the material, pressing hard so I can feel it. I tighten my grip in your hair, feeling you and enjoying you so much, even without you touching the most tender of my parts.

Your hands move and slowly start to slide my panties down. Your mouth moves from material to flesh as it slides past. You lap at me briefly before pulling my panties to my ankles and again, lift each leg to get me out of them. Your hands and mouth explore me again on the way up before your lips reach mine.

You thrust your tongue into the soft and warm wetness between my thighs. I spread my legs wider, making sure you have all the room you need. You slide two fingers easily into my waiting hole, pushing up inside me as your tongue licks around my clit.

I’m holding elvankent escort on to you by the hair, trying not to pull too hard, but knowing that you’re all thats keeping me stable. Your mouth and hand are doing wonders to me and I can barely keep my balance. Your appetite for me seems to be long overdue before it will be quenched. I moan loudly as you continue to devour me. Your fingers continue to slip in and out and eventually you add a third to the mix.

As you slide in and out faster, you increase your tongue speed as well. I can feel my orgasm coming and I start to quiver. You can feel me and press harder and faster into me. I grab even tighter to your hair, this time in desire as I start to call your name. You can feel my walls grabbing at you as my orgasm takes over. You slip your fingers out and come up to kiss my other lips. I hold on to you, completely naked and satisfied, enjoying holding you in my arms.

You then lead me to the jacuzzi and help me get into it. Once I’m inside, you start to take your clothes off and I just watch you as each piece is stripped away. As your boxers come down, I see your cock for the first time of the evening, hard and ready, and am overcome with how much I want you at that moment. You come towards the jacuzzi and step in with me, sliding in close and kissing me as you seat yourself.

You are kissing me and your hands are roaming me all over. I reach down to feel the hardness of your cock, grasping it in my hand and you tell me that I’m not allowed to please you. I look at you questioningly and you respond with a simple statement that this night is about my pleasure, not yours. I kiss you again as you pull me in tighter. Your hands are all over me as the bubbles tickle my body.

You pull me over to sit on your lap and I move accordingly. You sit me down, thrusting in to me as you do and I’m immediately in heaven. You hold on to me at the hips as I start to ride you, pressing against you and feeling every inch of you penetrating me. I wrap my arms around your neck as I kiss you feverishly, still rotating my hips against you.

You still just hold on to my hips as you kiss and nibble my neck and collarbone. You always seem to find the right spot that makes me feel weak, and this is no exception. You sink your teeth in and I moan loudly into your ear. I continue to ride you, feeling the sensation of the water around us as you slip in and out. I can feel the orgasm building again, but I’m not ready to be done. I slow a little, trying to just enjoy the sensations.

You continue to hold me and kiss me as I move against you. My hands are in your hair again and I’m pulling you against me as I slide along your shaft. I start to move more quickly again, letting you fill me then pulling away for another thrust. You hold on to me as I continue to fuck you, pushing and pulling, harder and faster. Soon my insides twitch as the orgasm arrives. I push down against you again and again as it washes over me, taking in all that I can until I become too sensitive to continue.

You still hold me and kiss me as I finish. You move to lift me off of you, even though you haven’t come yet. You remind me again that it isn’t about your pleasure, its about mine. I smile at you as you hold me and enjoy the water around us. You kiss me more and I can feel my need for you again.

You then stand up and start to get out of the jacuzzi. You wrap a towel around yourself then grab another and help me out of the tub. You wrap me in it and start to dry me off. Once I’m dry, you lie me down on the bed and dry yourself off as well.

I love the feeling of the rose petals on my skin as I watch you move to the corner of the room. You come back with a tripod and a video camera. You tell me how beautiful I am and how you can think of nothing more fun to watch than the two of us making love. You ask me if I’m ok with that and I nod agreement before you flip on the record button.

You come join me in the bed and slide up along my body. Every part of me wants you and you can tell just by touching me and the response my body gives you. Your hands are firm but gentle as they explore my body. You kiss me as you caress and I lean my head back with my eyes closed, enjoying you.

You slide up between my thighs and enter me. My legs instinctively wrap around you, holding you close into me. You move so slow and sensually, giving me everything I could want or desire, just in your actions. This could be the most intimate and amazing session we have ever had together. You hold me close as you slide slowly and gently, feeling every inch slide by as you penetrate me.

I could go on like this for hours, just emek escort feeling you so softly, smelling you, holding you. You move in and out of me with such care and I’m lost in the feeling of it. You kiss me deeply as you continue to take me. I’m so into you and all I can do is enjoy every second of this. Everything you’re doing is amazing. How you’re holding me to you, the way you are entering me, the kisses you give. You continue to move slowly and soon I can feel my insides twitching.

You keep moving so slowly but with every thrust, I get closer to reaching my orgasm. I never even knew it could be like this. I’m digging my nails into your back, holding you against me as you bring me closer and closer. You kiss me again and as you push in once more, the waves flow through me and I start to clench against you. I can feel myself just letting go for you.

You hold me and I can still feel how hard you are inside of me. I almost feel bad that you haven’t finished yet, but then think of your words about how its for me tonight. You pull away and flip me over, pulling me up so I’m on my knees. You slide up behind me and slide in again.

You pull against my hips as I push against you. You’re filling me so completely and feel so good as you slide in and out. You’re moving much faster and harder this time and I love it. You’re thrusting in and out of me as you pull at my hips and I meet each stroke. I’m grabbing at the bed as you slam in and out of me.

You keep moving faster and faster, bringing me closer. I can feel the build up and keep time with you to get myself there. I’m moaning loudly as you keep pounding into me. Soon I start to come and you can feel me as I tighten against you. You slow down, still not allowing yourself your release quite yet. You pull out of me and lie down on the bed.

You pull me over on top of you and slide me down so gently. I start to ride you slow, sliding up and down along your cock. Your hands come up and play with my breasts as I ride you. I lean against you and kiss you deeply, still keeping my momentum. I put my hands against the wall for more leverage as I really start to move.

I rotate my hips as I slip along you. You can feel my insides grabbing at you as I push, striving hard to bring you to completion. I tell you how nothing would please me more than to make you come right now. You smile at me as you push up into me as I move down. Your hands tighten their grip on my hips as you push harder into me.

We’re both so close and I work harder to get us both there. I want us both to reach orgasm this time, both get to the finish line. I’m pushing against the wall hard as I push harder and deeper against you. Soon you start to twitch and I keep moving, finishing you off while bringing myself there as well. My body shudders against you as my orgasm starts.

I lie against you, still feeling you inside of me, just listening to the sounds of you. I feel so content at this very moment, but you seem to have determined there is still more to come as you start to shift beneath me.

I move off of you and you take me in your arms, holding me close. You then gently lie me back on the bed. You get up and go over to the camera. You press some buttons and then hook it up to the TV. You start the movie, giving me the first glimpse of us making love. You come up and lie next to me on the bed as we watch, sometimes kissing my neck.

You then move down the bed and slink up between my thighs, spreading them with your hands as you do. You look up at me as you move in and start to kiss my thighs and around my lips. Again, the lust in me rises and I want you once more. You bury your face between my thighs as I watch our movie on the TV. Its an amazing experience for me as I watch you penetrating me with your cock and feel you lap at me with your tongue.

As we switch positions in the movie, you slip two fingers inside me as your tongue does circles around my clit. Oh the exquisite sensation of it all is driving my orgasm closer. I can feel it as it builds inside me, your mouth and fingers working at me, helping it along.

You keep at me, bringing me ever closer and as much as I love to watch you eating me, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of the TV. Watching you entering me again and again is like reliving it, and it feels amazing. You’re getting me so close now and I feel my toes starting to curl. You keep licking and sucking at me, penetrating me and filling me. I start to moan, both on the TV and right now. Its as though my moans are filling the room. I grab on to you and hold on tight as you work to finish me.

I can feel it coming and start to call out your name. You’re so incredible and you make every feeling so intense. I start to buck against you as I start to come. You can feel me tensing up against you and you slow down a little as my orgasm starts to subside.

You crawl up next to me, legs intertwined and finish watching our movie with me. Best birthday EVER!

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