Biology 101 Pt. 02

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Rodney and Mike never showed before I left for home. They were the guys with girlfriends so getting samples from them would probably come later. I packed up Steve’s sample and the remaining two samples from Daniel as well as my own flash drive of videos. The others I had already eaten. Tami was gone when I stepped out of my office. She was quite the little vixen. I had more confidence in her not going public with my obsession since she seemed to be getting her own ‘jollies’ out of my research as well.

I couldn’t wait to get home, get naked, power up a vibrator and masturbate to my clips while slowly enjoying the last three samples of the day. I really wanted to slow down Daniels incredible contractions and watch his ejaculation in slow motion. I was almost to my vehicle, daydreaming about slowing down and combining clips when I heard my name being called from behind. I turned and saw Rodney with a female student hurrying to catch up to me.

“Professor… we must have missed you in your office but we need to talk,” Rodney said.

“Okay, what’s this about?” I asked looking between him and the female.

She was cute, much shorter than Rodney with brown hair, blue eyes and a cute little body.

“This is Sara, my girlfriend. She’s also in your Biology 101 class along with me.”

“Hello Sara. What can I do for you two?”

“Well, we were wondering if we both could receive that extra credit for the ejaculation study. I mean if I help film Rod when we have sex or when I do other stuff to him can I get points for that as well?” Sara asked me.

“I’ll tell you what… if you want points as well then I’ll have to split them between the two of you so if you want more points you’ll have to produce more samples,” I explained.

“We can do that no problem!” Rodney burst out excited to have more sex.

“What about you Sara? Does that sound okay with you?” I asked.

“Okay, yeah sure. I’ll help out and get Rod on film as he cums for the study as much as I can.”

“Wonderful, then it’s decided. I’ll tell Tami to add you to the study and split the points per sample between the two of you.”

“Great! Thanks Professor and here’s our first sample and memory card,” Sara said opening her bag and retrieving the container and card.

“You were waiting to give me this after you got approval? That makes sense I guess.”

“Yeah, kinda. Anyway there ya go. We’ll get more to you later,” Sara said grabbing Rodney’s hand and pulling him away.

I added the card and sample to my others, excited to see what they had given me. Good thing I lived close to the university, I was overly excited for this evening’s fun to wait too long.


I quickly ate a bowel of cold cereal for dinner and stripped off my clothing, before heading into my computer room. I plugged in my flash drive as well as the memory card from Rodney and Sara. Opening my drawer I retrieved a long and wide vibrator, resembling a porn stars cock. Setting it on the desk I first picked Sara and Rodney’s clip since I hadn’t seen it before.

A bedroom opened to my view, a girl’s room obviously with the posters and decorations I saw. The picture jerked around, making me sick until it finally came to rest on Rodney. He was naked, keeling in front of a pair of women’s legs I assumed were Sara’s. I could only see his upper chest and face while his hands held her feet. He was thrusting forward, obviously making love to Sara.

“Oh yeah, that’s perfect Rod! I guess this camera thing does add a little excitement!” I heard Sara’s voice behind the camera.

“Remember, she wants video of me cumming so I’ll have to pull out,” he said between breaths. He seemed to be working hard.

“Yeah, okay, just do it on my stomach and I’ll record it,” Sara responded.

I heard no more talking but both of them moaned and increased their breathing until Rod warned Sara he was about to ‘cum’. The camera dropped down from his face to his penis as he pulled out. I could see her stomach and shaved mound as Rodney stroked his penis over her. He wasn’t using a condom so nothing to take off. His penis was wet and shiny from Sara’s insides. From what I could tell he was average, around six inches. After only a few strokes a burst of semen shot toward the camera lens, splashing onto Sara’s tight young stomach. She squealed in pleasure as it hit her, knocking the camera off Rodney for a split second.

She recovered to capture the remaining spurts of ejaculate. Oh how I loved these young men with their quantity and power! He made a good mess out of her body from what I could see before she turned off the camera. I replayed the part where he ejaculated and grabbed the vibrator. It went inside of my wet vagina easily, especially after all the excitement of the day. I turned the red knob on the end, sending deep vibrations through my body. I started the video over completely, beginning to thrust the toy in and out, synchronized to Rodney’s movements on screen.

By the time he was ready to climax I was on the verge. The thing that pushed me over the edge was of course watching his wonderful engorged penis güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri spew its load onto Sara’s body again. My eyesight became blurry as a wave or orgasmic bliss took over, making me convulse and squirm in my chair. I held the vibrator in deep, bending it to hit just the right spot, climaxing in a rush of pleasure I’d waited all afternoon for.

My body felt weak and spent when the sensation lessened. Once I recovered I removed the coated vibrator, giving my pulsing vagina a break. I realized I had yet to open Rodney’s sample. In my excitement and pleasure I completely forgot about his semen on the desk in front of me. I picked it up and popped the cap off. Peering in, I saw a good amount of runny semen. When I smelled it, it wasn’t the pure manly semen I have come to expect. It had a different hint to it, which had to be Sara. Taking the sample off of her body must have tainted it, absorbing her body spray or lotion.

It reminded me of sucking and eating Daniel’s sample off of Tami, stimulating me again with the memory. I licked my fingers and twisted my naked nipples, pretending Tami was sucking and nibbling on them. Tipping the container I poured a small amount of Rodney’s sample on my right breast, rubbing it around with my finger. Lifting my large breast to my mouth I licked and sucked the semen off of my own nipple. My clitoris began to hum again, sending chills through my body as I treated the left nipple to the same treatment.

I saved most of his sample for later, closing the container and deciding it was time to edit my clips. Using the media software I opened each clip I received today. Editing out what I didn’t want, I shortened the clips to just before ejaculation, during and slightly after as the boy finished himself off. Once I had all the clips edited I added them all together to play one after another. First I played them in real time and then copied the clip and slowed it down so I could watch each powerful spurt in slow motion, adding it to the real time portion.

Justin’s amazing eruptions looked even better in slow motion, as the white ropes of semen extended out from his cock before splashing onto the table. I froze the frame a few times to take in the visual and glory of his power. Daniel’s rapid spurts were so close together I had to slow them down twice as much as the other boys to make them look like they were all the same speed. I couldn’t believe the rate his muscles constricted to fire the ejaculate out so quickly.

By the time I finished editing the clips and watched it a few times I was dripping wet again. Good thing I put a towel over my chair because I had made a mess. My long vibrating toy found itself deep inside once again while I watched my masterpiece looped over and over. I helped myself to the remaining samples while I watched and eased the toy in and out of my dripping pussy. I came each time I swallowed another gulp of ejaculate, timing my climax to match the memory of eating their semen.

By the time I had finished all the samples my entire body was sore from convulsing and squeezing the toy between my legs. Walking to my bedroom took some caution, since my legs were so wobbly from fatigue. I slept like a rock from all my efforts.


When I got to my office the next day I had at least ten students standing outside my door. I saw Steve, Daniel, and Justin in the group. Tami’s desk was empty. None of the students were being helped and then I realized it was Friday. She had asked for Friday off. Looks like I had to deal with homework questions and other things alone today. I had only an hour before class, and had planned on going over the material in my office before hand. Now I wasn’t going to be able to.

“Hello everyone, sorry about the wait. Tami’s going to be absent on Friday’s for the rest of the semester. Since you didn’t know this I’ll help you today in what time we have and announce to the rest of the class that Fridays we will be unavailable now.”

I opened my office door and turned back to the crowd, “Okay one at a time who was first?” I asked.

I helped the students as fast as I could, sometimes telling them I didn’t have time to explain what they needed to know. Steve, Daniel and Justin hung back in the crowd. It seemed they just needed to deliver samples. I hoped I had time before class to view at least one. Finally I got rid of the last student not participating in my study. The boys came in one at a time and delivered their samples. Steve had one, Justin and three again and Daniel, the last to come in, had five! I was very impressed and had to give him more containers.

“So, it looks like you got the hang of it?” I asked him.

“Yeah, Tami’s demonstration helped a lot. And you were right, by the forth and fifth time I controlled it better and lasted longer.”

“That’s great Daniel I’ll take a look. You should get going now.”

I had his card in the reader before the door closed, shaking with excitement. I looked at the clock and cursed, seeing I only had five minutes before class. I decided against opening the first clip, not wanting to get involved güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and be really late. I still had to put all the samples in my fridge and walk to class. Taking out the memory card I quickly stashed all nine containers in the fridge and rushed out the door, dreaming about when I could come back.


Class seemed to drag on. It wasn’t one of my best lectures since I was distracted as well as unprepared. Finally it was over but before I could leave more kids approached with questions. It wasn’t until another half hour passed before I got to my office again. Mike the large football player, who had yet to provide a sample, was waiting for me.

“Come in Mike. Do you have a sample for me?”

“Not exactly Professor. I don’t think I’m going to be able to participate.”

“What? You seemed to be the most willing of the control group this year?” I said stunned.

“Well I was but it turns out suggesting filming sex wasn’t as big a turn on to the girls as I thought. None of them would let me. Even when I told them it was for extra credit.”

“Well, then I guess you’ll just have to film your sessions alone.”

“Yeah, about that. I kinda lied about masturbating. I don’t have the time and desire really because of the girls and football practice. Is there something else I can do for extra credit?” he asked leaning over my desk with a sultry look.

“What did you have in mind Mike?” I asked taken aback slightly to his forwardness.

“It occurred to me that you might like what you see on these cameras you gave us. Maybe you have more interest in this study than pure science,” he said slyly.

“What are you insinuating young man!” I said as upset as I could sound.

“You know what I’m saying Professor. I think you like watching your students jack off and shoot their cum on camera.”

“How dare you! I assure you it is strictly for scientific purposes only!”

“Really? So if I were to take my big cock out right here and toss off onto your desk you would be disgusted? Or would you love it?” he smiled, undoing his belt.

My heart was racing. I don’t know how he figured it out or who told him but he was on to me. I couldn’t say a word as he dropped his pants and boxers. He grabbed his long member and began stoking it until it was hard and throbbing. He wasn’t kidding about big. He was long and wide, matching his athletic body. He rivaled Steve’s large penis and it was difficult to tell which was bigger since one was in real life and the other on screen. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his amazing member. He worked it in his hand, stroking the skin over his head and then back again. My nipples hardened and I felt a gush of liquid drip from my stimulated vagina.

“That’s what I thought, you love it,” he said since I didn’t stop him and bit my lip watching him handle his member. “What do you say Professor? If I cum for you can that count for extra credit? Maybe if I cum in your mouth that will be worth even more.”

Now I knew he had figured me out. But how? I couldn’t resist his offer. Taking a fresh hot load directly in my mouth was the ultimate temptation. I still didn’t have any words to respond.

“You better hurry and decide Professor. I’m getting close to splattering my load onto your desk,” he said after another minute of stroking.

“To get an ‘A’ this semester you’ll need to ejaculate in my mouth more than once. Especially with your terrible test score!” I said, letting him know he had me figured out.

“Fine with me. Maybe you can suck it out a few times as well,” he said smiling and stroking at the same time.

I walked around my desk and sat down in the chair next to him. He turned, facing me and still stroking. His powerful aroma made me quiver as I got a strong whiff of his oozing cock. He put it right up to my face, bending it down horizontal.

“You better open up Professor, because here it comes!” he moaned.

His butt cheeks tightened up and the head of his member became shiny and purple right before his explosion. I opened my mouth just in time to accept the first burst down my throat. Exquisite! Untouched semen directly from the penis into my mouth was phenomenal. He moved forward, putting his wide engorged head into my mouth as more semen spurted out, filling my mouth with exquisite bliss. He moaned as he stroked himself through to the end, giving me a wonderful amount of fresh semen to enjoy.

“See, wasn’t that better than watching a video Professor?”

“Mmm, yes much, Mike,” I said after swallowing the last of his load I sucked out of his cock.

“So we have a deal then? You get my loads and I get my ‘A’?”

“Yes, but it has to be once a week until the end of the semester. Friday should do just fine. I’ll expect you every Friday after class. Oh and I don’t think I have to tell you to keep this between you and I or the deals off.”

“You don’t. It works perfect for me. Friday’s it is. I’ll return the camera and supplies next week when I let you suck me to climax,” he said doing up his pants and grinning.

I watched him leave güvenilir bahis şirketleri from the chair I was in. My heart was still pounding in my chest, too overwhelmed from the experience to stand. At that moment I was too giddy to realize this could come back to bite me in the ass. Not only did Tami know my secret but now a student did as well. His taste was still in my mouth. I went into a daze, thinking about his load spurting down my throat and on my tongue until the knock on my door startled me. Finally standing, I walked to my own chair behind my desk and told the person to come in.

“Hello Sara, what can I do for you?”

“I’m just dropping off another couple of samples from Rod and I.”

“I didn’t see you in class this morning?” I said wondering.

“Yeah, sorry. We were kind of busy,” she said smiling.

“Oh… well at least it was for a good cause,” I grinned back.

“A-huh, you’ll notice in the second one I kind of didn’t take Rod out of my mouth quick enough so part of the sample released in my mouth. I hope it will still count.”

“I’ll take a look Sara, I’m sure I can work with it,” I said knowing just how hard it was to not let the guy finish in my mouth.

“Cool! Thanks Professor,” she said placing the samples and card on my desk.

I envied her young tight body as I watched her leave. I put the two samples in the fridge with the others. I had had my fill of semen for a bit. So many clips to choose from and not much time before lunch. Sara had me curious about her clips so I put her and Rodney’s card in first.

As the first clip started my envy of her body only increased. Rodney obviously had the camera this time and Sara was on top of him riding him with enthusiasm. He had the camera trained on her small perfectly round breasts. The nipples were erect and her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the member sliding in and out of her. He lowered the camera so I could see his glistening member as she rose up and back down. She didn’t have a flaw on her perfect skin, no rolls of fat, no cellulite, just a perfectly toned young body for Rodney to enjoy. Oh to be young again! No matter how much you exercise and watch what you eat, time and gravity take their toll. Don’t get me wrong I look good for a woman in her forties but how do you compete with nineteen or twenty year olds?

The camera went back up her body. She opened her eyes and looked down at Rodney and the camera.

“Are you filming this?” she asked.

“Maybe?” he said.

“Why? The study is just for ejaculation. Professor Burke’s not going to want to watch us having sex as well. Turn it off.”

“It’s fun?” he complained.

“Turn it off Rod!” she said louder and stopped moving on his shaft.

“Fine,” was the last thing he said before it cut off.

The clip start again with Rodney still on his back and Sara stoking his penis. From what I could gather she had ridden him until he was ready to ejaculate, then she hopped off and finished him off with her hand. He had the camera focused on his hard wet member. It only took a few strokes from Sara before his penis erupted into the air. Semen splattered on his stomach right before another stream shot into the air. Sara stroked him powerfully until the remaining globs oozed out down his shaft and over her hand.

“Did you get it?” she asked.

“A-huh I think so. Damn that felt good.”

“Kinda sucks for me. I like when you cum inside and we climax together,” she said letting go of his covered member. It fell onto his stomach into a puddle of white thick semen. She cleaned off her hand on his hip and sat next to him looking at the mess. Rodney had the camera on her body.

“Are you going to clean me up?” Rodney asked.

“No, do it yourself.”

“Well at least get the container and syringe. I can’t exactly move,” he complained.

“Fine, turn the stupid camera off.”

He had it on her perky little breasts again, admiring her body but the expression on her face made him turn it off. I laughed to myself and ran it back to watch him ejaculate again. It was interesting to watch his body convulse, spasm, and erupt under Sara’s stroking. It seemed different than when the boys do it to themselves. This made sense because Rodney wouldn’t be in control as much while she manipulated his member.

I studied the ejaculation a few more times before starting the second clip they had produced. The time stamp was almost an hour later. The camera appeared to be sitting on a table filming Sara giving Rodney a blowjob. She was fully dressed as was he except for his pants being around his thighs. Sara looked like she was really enjoying sucking his member, taking him deep and grabbing his tight butt. She alternated between deep and just sucking his head. She used her hand a couple of times, stroking his shaft while licking the underside of his purple head.

The clip was much longer than I expected, I guess they had started it before hand because neither one of them held the camera. She got more aggressive as time went by, working hard to get Rodney to ejaculate. His moaning got louder as his ass got tighter. The young woman really knew how to give head. Rodney’s shaft was coated in a foamy mixture of her saliva and his pre-ejaculate. She never stopped the stimulations. She was sucking, stroking or bobbing on his penis with no rest in-between. I could tell she enjoyed it and did it for fun before this study.

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