Bi With My Best Friend

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I was separated from my wife of 8 years and called my best friend Lester to ask if I could stay there for a few days. He, of course, said yes.

I showed up with my stuff and a case of beer. After he got me settled in the spare room we cracked a couple of cold ones. He told me how sorry he was that my marriage was in such trouble and I told him I appreciated it.

We drank a few brews and then he asked if I wanted to go in the jacuzzi, to which I answered yes. We got into the tub and just shot the shit for a while. At this point I should back up a bit. I had known I was bisexual for a number of years. However, it had been quite a while, in fact, about 15 years since I’d had sex with a guy. I never thought about Lester as a sexual partner before but had had sex with a guy who was part of our circle of friends many years earlier. I had never thought that Lester might know about this until he said; “I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time, is it true that you and Mike had sex once? I was flabbergasted! bahis firmaları It was true but didn’t want to admit it. Apparently Les could see the truth on my face and he said; “It’s alright, I’ve known for a long time.” I didn’t know what to do at this point, so I just said that it was something that happened when we were about 19 (20 years earlier) and that I was a bit ashamed of it.

Lester got up and went in the house causing me to think he was disgusted. He came back with another beer for us both. When he got back in the hot tub he said “It’s alright, I never thought I could stand the idea but my girlfriend wants to see me with another guy and I just called her, she’s on her way over.” I immediately asked him what he was thinking about and he replied that: “She wants to watch and we’re friends so if you’re willing, why not?

I just fell silent but started getting a hard-on because his girlfriend, Tammy was a real babe. she is about 5’6″ 125# with nice round tits! we didn’t talk for a while and then Tammy came kaçak iddaa into the back yard where the hot tub is. She took off her dress to reveal a really sexy bikini underneath. She slid into the bubbling water and said; “so, Brent, I hear you like to suck cock, Lester wants to and I want to watch you guys do it.” At this Lester sat on the edge of the tub and, with his hard-on pointing straight up asked me to come over and suck it. I did just that. His cock is shorter than mine but much thicker. I slowly took his purple head in my mouth and looked over at Tammy. She was busily fingering herself and exclaiming how much this turned her on. I continued to make love to my best friends cock, taking the beautiful thing in as deep as I could while he moaned how nice it felt. After about 10 minutes he grabbed the back of my head and started humping my mouth. Soon he filled my mouth with 4 long spurts of his cum. I swallowed as much as I could but some trickled down my chin. Tammy came over to me and kissed me, licking up the excess and kaçak bahis commenting on how sexy that was. then she told Lester to go down on me. I was in heaven! He had never sucked a cock before but it was the very best bj I’d ever had. I soon couldn’t take any more an unloaded in his mouth.

We then went to his bedroom and continued the fun. Tammy was so hot from watching us and she laid down on the bed and was fingering herself furiously. she soon came with a huge scream, she has such a hot body! Lester and I were both hard again at this point and he got her on her knees and started plowing her pussy from behind. I crawled under her so that her and me were in a 69 and I was licking her pussy and his balls and watching his cock slide in and out of her. This was so hot but since we’d both cum it lasted for about 30 minutes. Lester came in her and I licked the hot cum as it oozed out of her swollen pussy. She got up and he took my cock in his mouth I unloaded 6 long spurts into his mouth and as it leaked out all around his lips, Tammy helped me lick it up.

This was so incredible. We spent the rest of the weekend doing everything two guys and a girl can do, including a double penetration. But…that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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