Bi-Cops Ch. 03 – Busted

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* * * * * * * * * *

Note: This is a BISEXUAL story. It contains male-female sex, as well as male-male sex.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Why do they let these guys play football?” Rick Case growled. He drained his Dos Equis with one gulp, set the bottle beside the couch with the others, and reached into the cooler for another one.

“Dunno,” Sam Avery answered. “I’ve seen better grade school flag football games.” He finished his beer. Case handed him a full bottle.

It was the middle of the third quarter and the Pussycats were leading the Groundhogs, 14 to 13. Disgusted, Case and Avery had stopped using the teams’ real names.

They sipped beer in silence while the Groundhogs’ wide receiver missed an easy pass. Case grabbed the George Dickel bottle and refilled their shot glasses.

They tossed the whiskey back. “Another?” Case asked.

Avery shook his head. “Gotta drive.”

“You can sleep in the guest room. Liz won’t mind.”

Avery hesitated. “The guest bed’s more comfortable than your couch,” Case said.

“You didn’t sleep on it, anyway.” Avery laughed and gestured toward the bottle and empty shot glasses on the coffee table. “Fill ’em up.”

This time, they drank their shots slowly, alternating sips of whiskey with long swigs of beer.

The Pussies fumbled again. “Jesus! This is lame.” Case turned to Avery, glancing down at his crotch before looking into his eyes. “I’ll bet we can find a better way to spend our time.”

Avery already had a bulge in his blue jeans. “What if Liz comes home early?”

“From her Friday night party with her girlfriends?” Case’s painfully hard cock strained against his jeans. “She never gets back before 1:00 AM. Sometimes, it’s way later. I wonder what they do after the bars close.”

Avery finished his whiskey and took a long gulp of beer. “All right.” He moved into Case’s arms and they kissed, hard with lots of tongue, more aggressively than women usually liked.

Case started to unfasten Avery’s belt, then changed his mind. “Let’s go to bed.”

“Better than the couch,” Avery answered. They stood up and went into the bedroom.

Case folded the quilt and set it on the dresser, then turned the ceiling light off, leaving the room bathed in the warm glow from the lamps on the nightstands.

“Nice and romantic,” Avery said.

“Liz and I like to look at each other.”

Avery looked at the tapestry on the wall over the headboard. It was a picture of a crescent moon, surrounded by stars and swimming in a deep blue sky. “I’m surprised you don’t have some mirrors.”

“Liz’s sister made that. We don’t have anywhere else to hang it. And it sets a mood. Not that we need any encouragement.”

“Romantic. But not too girly.”

“That’s Liz. ‘Not too girly.’ Likes tight dresses . . . and naughty underwear. Fucks like a guy. Swears like one, too.”

The men laughed and kissed, fondling each other’s asses and rubbing crotches.

Case froze. “You hear something?”

“Naw. What did it sound like?”

“Probably just my imagination.” Case kissed Avery again. “Let’s get out of these clothes.”

They stripped quickly. “You’re so goddamn sexy.” Case wrapped his hand around Avery’s hard-on.

“You too.” Avery gripped Case’s stiff cock. They kissed, hard and open-mouthed, while fondling each other’s swollen poles.

Case sank to his knees. “I’m gonna suck your cock.” He licked Avery’s balls, then worked his way up his swollen shaft.

Avery was breathing hard when Case finally reached the top. Case’s heart was racing. He clamped his lips around Avery’s corneal ring, and licked and sucked his cock-head while slowly jacking his rod and playing with his balls.

Avery stroked Case’s crew-cut. “You’re a truly excellent cock-sucker.”

Case looked up at Avery, grinning. “I’m just doing what I’d like a girl . . . or a guy . . . to do to me.” He went back down on Avery’s pole.

“Guy should know how to suck another guy’s dick.” Avery squeezed Case’s muscular shoulders and rocked his hips, fucking Case’s face.

Case thought he heard a gasp from the darkness just outside the bedroom door, but he was too busy to pay attention. Avery’s cock battered his mouth and thrust deep down his throat while he jacked Avery’s shaft and squeezed his balls.

“Oh Jesus!” Avery moaned. His hot cum filled Case’s mouth and splashed the back of his throat. It was tart and incredibly sexy, even better than Liz’s pussy juices.

Case worked Avery’s rod until he’d milked every drop of cum from his throbbing tool.

“Okay!” Avery pulled away. “I’m done.” He laughed. “For now.”

Case licked his lips, trying to find a few more drops of Avery’s cum. “More later?”

“Yeah, later,” Avery canlı bahis said. “Right now, I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Good!” It was Liz’s voice. “I want to watch you guys fuck.”

Case jumped to his feet and stepped away from Avery. They stood frozen with rock-hard cocks, staring at the darkness outside the bedroom door.

Liz stepped into the light. She was breathing hard and her blouse was unbuttoned, showing off her sexy little breasts. Her dark tan areolas were puffed into little domes and her light tan nipples were pebble-hard. She’d taken her short skirt off and pulled her frilly panties to one side, exposing her neatly-rolled pussy lips. Her shaved vulva gleamed with her juices.

Case tried to speak, but no words came out. Liz was staring at him and Avery with a half-smile on her face. “I’m not pissed,” she said. “Just turned on.”

“Uh . . .” Case was still having trouble talking. “You’re home early.”

She laughed and looked from Case to Avery and back, focusing on their big stiff cocks. “Ellen was the only one who showed up. Kat had problems at work and everyone else had family stuff. We had a couple of drinks, then decided to go home.”

Liz lifted her hands to her breasts, rolling and pinching her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. “Glad I did. Otherwise, I’d have missed the show . . .”

She turned to Avery. “I’m surprised at you, Sam. Playing with my sexy husband.” Her eyes darted to Case, then back to Avery. “Couple weeks ago, you were bending Paula over the back table at Gray’s Bar.”

“Yeah. Well . . .”

Liz quit playing with her tits and took a stiff dick in either hand. “I’m still waiting for that show.”

Avery had been staring at Liz, mostly at her face but sometimes down at her tits and pussy. He turned to Case. “She’s not kidding, is she?”

“Course not.” Liz let go of Avery’s pole and pointed to the bed. “Bend over. I want to watch Rick stick his cock up your ass.”

Avery stood still, staring at her. “You heard the lady,” Case growled. He gripped Avery’s shoulders and turned him toward the bed. “I’m gonna fuck your butt for her.”

Liz laughed. “Such self-sacrifice.”

“Well . . .” Case grinned. “For me, too.”

“Bet he’s got a fuckin’ hot ass.” Liz smiled at Case’s expression. “This isn’t your first time. With Sam.” She looked thoughtful. “And maybe some other guys?”

Case shook his head. “Nobody else. Not since we got married.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as you keep fucking me.” She got the little squeeze bottle of lube out of the nightstand drawer and handed it to Case, then patted Avery’s butt. “Fuck him now. Fuck his ass.”

Avery moved his feet apart and bent over, pressing the palms of his hands against the mattress. “I’m ready.”

“All right.” Case lubricated Avery’s asshole and his own hard-on. Liz gripped his stiff cock and guided between Avery’s butt cheeks. His cock slipped easily into Avery’s asshole.

“Fuck!” Liz stared at Case’s cock, buried between Avery’s buttocks. “That’s so goddamn hot!”

“Sure is.” Avery’s hot tight ass clamped Case’s cock. “Fuck me good. Give Liz a real show.”

“All right.” Case pulled most of the way out, then pushed back inside. Avery moaned softly. So did Liz.

He went slowly for the first few strokes, then speeded up. Liz let go of his balls, slid two fingers up her shiny wet pussy, and worked them in and out while staring at his plunging pole. “That’s right,” she whispered. “Ream Sam’s ass.”

Case gripped Avery’s hips to hold him in place and pounded his butt, pulling out, then slamming home.

Liz screamed softly as she fucked her pussy with two fingers while jacking her clit. “Oh fuck! I’m coming!” She looked at Case. “I want to see you shoot.”

Case’s cock throbbed and his balls tightened. He yanked his dick out of Avery’s ass and sprayed cum all over his back and buttocks.

Liz sank to her knees and closed her eyes. Case fondled Avery’s ass briefly, then knelt on the floor in front of Liz. She opened her eyes and smiled when Case kissed her.

She wrapped her arms around Case’s back and pulled their bodies together, flattening her firm little breasts and pressing her hard nipples into his chest. “Jesus, Rick.” She kissed him back, hard. “That was fuckin’ awesome.”

“Pretty mind-blowing for me, too.”

Avery straightened up and turned to face them. Liz grinned at him. “You were great.”

“Pretty great for me, too. Never thought I’d get fucked by a man while his wife watched.”

“I know Rick liked it. Guess you did too.” Avery just smiled. “Good. I’m not done with you.” She kissed Case again. “Either of you.”

Liz stood up and tongue kissed Avery. He fondled her breasts while she kneaded his ass cheeks.

Case bahis siteleri moved behind her and rubbed his still-stiff dick up and down Liz’s butt crack. She pushed back automatically. “Feels great, Rick.”

She turned around to face Case. “Go get cleaned up.” She pushed him toward the master bath. “Hurry.”

He showered and dried off in two minutes flat. Back in the bedroom, Liz was on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed, moaning softly. Avery was kneeling on the floor, eating her out.

Case’s boner had never gone down and it was rock-hard now. Liz grinned at him. “That was a quick shower.”

“I was in a hurry.”

“I know.” Liz gasped at something Avery did. “Oh God! That’s really good.”

Case stopped at the edge of the bed. Liz grabbed his stiff pole. “Come here. I want to suck your cock.”

Case knelt on the bed in front of Liz. She squeezed his balls and stroked his swollen shaft while slowly running her tongue over his cock-head. “That’s so good,” he whispered.

Liz looked up at him dreamily. “I love playing with your cock. You’re so fucking sexy . . .” She clamped her lips around his pole and sucked him hard and fast, alternating between lashing his cock-head with her tongue and taking him deep in her throat. Case groaned and squeezed her shoulders, feeling the pressure building in his nuts.

“Oh fuck!” Liz cried. “I’m coming!” She jacked Case’s stiff rod roughly while screaming and grinding her vulva into Avery’s face.

Liz finally stopped moving, propped up on her knees and elbows and gasping for breath. She was still holding Case’s hard rod. She kissed his tip, then let him go and scrambled off the bed.

Avery stood up. His face was glistening with Liz’s juices. She moved into his arms and kissed him passionately. “You can really eat pussy.” She gripped his hard-on. “Know what I want now?”

“This?” Avery put his hand between her legs.

She laughed. “Bad boy!”

Case got up to watch Liz jack Avery’s cock while he fingered her pussy.

Liz turned her head and kissed Case. “It’s Sam’s turn. That’s only fair.”

Case fondled Liz’s and Avery’s butt cheeks. I don’t mind sharing.” He kissed Avery. “Not with you.”

“Good.” Liz kissed Case again, then lay on her back with her legs spread and beckoned to Avery. “Come on. Just shove your big thick cock up my cunt. I’m ready for a nice rough fuck.”

Avery knelt between her legs and slid his hard-on into her pussy. “That’s right!” she gasped.

Case slapped Avery’s butt. “Ride her hard, cowboy.”

“Okay.” Avery pounded Liz’s pussy, keeping her screaming and coming.

She finally pushed him away. “I want you to shoot in me. But not yet.”

Case was standing beside the bed. Liz smiled up at him. “Your turn. The way I like it. Just don’t shoot. Yet. You know where I want to feel you coming.”

Avery stood up and Case took his place. Liz lifted her knees as he slid into the saddle. “Yeah! Give me a nice rough ride. Like a rodeo cowboy.”

He fucked her hard, kneading her tits and pinching and twisting her swollen nipples. She screamed and thrashed, coming hard. He pulled his throbbing cock out of Liz’s pussy and looked at Avery. “Your turn.”

They took turns pounding Liz’s pussy, finally leaving her limp. They stood at the foot of the bed, tongue-kissing and rubbing cocks while she recovered.

Liz stood up, stepped between the men, and took a hard-on in each hand. “God, you boys are sexy!” She kissed Case, then Avery. “My stud cop husband and his hot partner.”

She pushed Case down onto his knees. “Suck Sam.” He did, moving his tightly-closed lips up and down over Avery’s stiff pole while kneading his nuts.

“You like that?” Liz asked. “My pussy taste on your buddy’s cock?”

“Oh yeah.” Case stood up and reached for her.

She twisted away. “I’m ready for something else.” She got on her hands and knees on the bed with her butt hanging over the edge. “Guess what.”

Case looked from Liz’s muscular ass to Avery’s rigid pole and back. “That’s not hard.”

She giggled. “But your cocks sure are. Sam, get on the bed. I want to suck you while Rick . . . Well, he knows what I want now.” Avery knelt on the bed in front of Liz and she wrapped her hand around his rigid shaft. “Two guys. This is going to be great.”

Case sank to his knees behind Liz. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her tender little rosebud. “Come on, Rick.” He showered her buttocks with little butterfly kisses, gradually approaching her puckered hole. “Yeah,” she whispered. “You’re such a tease . . .”

He flattened his tongue against her asshole. Liz moaned with pleasure and pushed back against his face, moaning and squirming as he lovingly caressed bahis şirketleri her sweet pucker with long slow strokes, getting it good and wet. “Oh fuck yeah!” she gasped. “That’s right.”

Liz sucked Avery’s cock while Case pressed the tip of his tongue against her anal entrance and gradually teased her open. She arched her back and her muffled cries grew louder as he probed deeper. When most of his tongue was inside her, she gasped, “Fuck me now! Fuck my ass!”

“Okay, Baby. I’m gonna pound your sweet butt.” Case lubricated Liz’s hot tight hole and his stiff cock, then pressed its swollen head between her buttocks. She pushed back, taking his glans and upper shaft.

“That’s right!” Liz gasped. “Now give me the rest!” She squealed as he pushed his stiff dick all the way in. “Oh god! Your big hot dog feels so good.”

Case fucked her slowly, watching his cock sliding in and out of her muscular buttocks. “You like that, Baby?”

“Oh yeah.” She rocked back in time with his leisurely thrusts. “But you can go faster and harder. I’m ready for you.”

“Okay.” He fucked her with long rapid strokes, pulling out until his cock head was barely kissing her little rosebud, then driving fiercely in, slamming his balls against her butt cheeks.

Avery got off the bed, moved behind Case, and gripped his hips, bringing him to a stop. “You fucked my ass. Now it’s your turn.”

“That’s fair.” Case was both excited and scared. “Go ahead.”

Avery’s finger slid up Case’s ass and twisted around, coating his tight hole with lube. “That okay?”

“Yeah. Way easier than the first time.”

“You learn fast, Butt Slut.”

“Guess so. Fuck me now. I’m ready.”

Avery pulled his finger out and pressed his cock-head into Case’s tight anal ring. It hurt for a little bit, then Case’s ass muscles relaxed and Avery’s cock slid home. “Wow!”

Avery laughed. “Guess you like that.”

“Hell yeah! Feels great.” Case rocked his pelvis slowly, moving his cock inside Liz while fucking his ass on Avery’s stiff rod.

“Great for me, too.” Liz slid two fingers into her pussy. “Now, fuck me hard. While Sam fucks you.”

“All right.” Case fucked her fast, slamming his pelvis into her smoothly-rounded buttocks. Avery matched his motions, fucking him roughly. The tension in his nuts built rapidly under the front-and-back stimulation. “Jesus!”

“Getting close?” she asked in a ragged voice.

“Yeah. Real close.” He rammed her even harder.

“So am I.” Her fingers were busy in her pussy. “Come on. Shoot for me.”

“Oh yeah, Baby. Here it-” He slammed home, firing his first shot into her depths.

“That’s right, Baby!” Liz gasped. “Shoot your load!” She screamed, coming violently as he emptied his nuts into her hot tight asshole. Finally spent, he slowed to a stop.

“My turn.” Avery pulled Case away, stuck his stiff dick up Liz’s ass, and pounded her fiercely, fucking her to another screaming climax before coming himself.

Liz stood up, a little unsteadily. “That was so good.” Her eyes were half closed. “You guys are so good.” She kissed Case and then Avery thoroughly, then yawned. “I’m fucked out. Need to go to sleep.” She crawled to the middle of the bed and lay there face-down, snoring softly.

Avery kissed Case. “She asleep already?”

“Yeah. Out for the count. Happens when she comes long and hard enough.”

“How about you?” Avery reached for Case’s half-hard cock. “Ready for another round?”

Case laughed and pushed Avery’s hand away. “Ready to take a quick shower and go to sleep.”

“Yeah. Me too.” Avery yawned and then laughed. “Guess it’s catching.”

“Well, all that booze and sex . . .” Case took Avery’s hand. “Let’s go shower.”


“Sure. Just don’t get too frisky. Save that for dawn, when Liz is super-horny again.”

Case and Avery showered quickly with minimal fooling around, just kissing and a little fondling, then dried off and got into bed with Liz between them. Avery started snoring immediately. Case fell asleep moments later.

* * * *

The rising sun filled the room with a golden glow when Case woke up. Avery was lying naked on top of the covers with Liz kneeling between his spread legs, sucking his cock.

Liz lifted her head. “Good. You’re finally . . . up.” She grinned at his hardening rod. “I want something new. Something it takes two men to do with a woman . . .”

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2017 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Thanks to Wayde, my greatest fan, best friend, and husband, for all his love, enthusiasm, and support.

* * * * * * * * * *

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