Beth and Ben Ch. 01

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The Series.

This is my first attempt at writing a story. This particular chapter is quite long, as I am introducing the characters into your world. I plan to do a series based around the characters, of which chapters will vary in length, and contain a lot more action. Any feedback would be nice, just to let me know how I get on. Enjoy reading.

Ben was a young lad in his early 20’s, he attended the local college, where he was doing a sports science course. It was Ben’s 3rd year into the course, he was well known around the college by most people and was very popular amongst his peers. He was captain of the college football team and played in centre midfield, so was well fit and could run all day.

Beth was a young girl; she had turned 18 earlier in the year and was just about to start her 1st year on the sports science course. Beth hadn’t been the most active of students at school, but boy was she in shape. Not the tallest of girls, however she certainly had healthy sized breasts, at least cup size D.

The college day began at 9:00, everyone was to gather in the lecture theatre, this was the norm for Ben and his mates, it was mostly for the benefit of the new students to the college, the lads didn’t have to be there but they couldn’t pass up the chance to eye up all the new girls.

“She would look good on my cock,” Johnny said.

“Nah, she would look far better on mine, or perhaps if she’s really lucky we could split her,” ben replied.

The group of lads couldn’t control themselves, they were lost in fits of laughter.

“You guys are disgusting,” the comment came from Denise, who was also on Ben’s course. She knew the guys well, so was able to give as good as she got, all in fun, she often flirted with Johnny, just to wind him up and get a reaction out of him.

“Maybe she doesn’t play that way, it is possible, not every woman will swoon at your feet guys and drop their knickers just because you gave them the fuck me eyes. Anyway she does look quite tasty I might try having a go myself.” Denise did like to swing both ways and when the guys started talking dirty about doing things with other girls it did get her juices flowing.

Another few minutes passed, then Ben caught a glimpse of a gorgeous girl he would later know as Beth. She looked to be a very compact girl, only about 5’2″ in height, he loved the shorter girls, as he wasn’t very tall himself about 5’6″

Billy nudged Ben “You want me to pick your jaw up off the floor dude? Which one have you spotted anyway?”

Before Ben could reply, Denise jumped up and was calling to Beth, waving her arms in the air.


She flashed Denise a great big smile and hurried on up the stairs to take the vacant seat next to her. Although Denise was 3 years older than Beth, they knew each other well. As Denise was her mentor in her final year at high school, before moving up to college.

“My gosh Beth, I didn’t think I’d see you here. God, how long has it been?” She said as she gave Beth a deep longing hug, “3years. Mind I must say you have grown up into a fine looking young lady.”

“Oh Denise I’m so glad to see you, at least I now know one person here.”

With that, Denise squeezed Beth’s leg just above the knee and turned to the 3 lads behind her, “Let me introduce you to 3 stooges, first we have Bonny Johnny, Big Ben and Billy no mates.”

Billy opened up with “So Beth, which course are you here to do?”

“I’ve signed up to do the sports science course, the whole four years.”

“That’s so cool, we’re on the same course, except we’re all starting our 3rd year, I’m sure we can help you when needed,” Ben informed her, whilst starring deeply into her eyes.

“Beth has anyone told you that you have the most deep casino siteleri brown eyes? I feel I could get lost in them all day.”

Giggling and blushing, Beth wasn’t used to the advances from boys or in this case, young men. Whilst she was at school the uniform she wore everyday wasn’t the most flattering, and hid all her lumps and bumps. Now though she could dress how she liked, nothing to provocative though. After all Beth was a good girl.

The time passed by very slowly for the guys, they were sitting hitting each other, giving dead legs, after-all it was the third time they had sat through this and it was the same mumbo jumbo each year.

Finally it came to an end, “Lets head to the cafeteria for something eat!” Johnny mentioned

“Great idea Johnny, I’m starving,” Spoke Denise “C’mon guys lets show Beth the way, maybe I’ll let you have some of my muffin Beth,” She said with a naughty smile.

“I am partial to a nice muffin, do they also do hotdogs?” she quipped back at the same time looking towards Ben and giving him the sort of look as too say “I want you”

As they were walking down the hall Ben lent into Beth and whispered “I hope that I’m allowed some of your muffin too?”

“Jesus Christ, look at what’s coming our way,” Billy bellowed.

It was a group of the girls from performing arts, the dance group, they were all in hotpants, the kind that allowed just a little bit of ass to be seen. The boys couldn’t help but turn their heads to see some ass as they passed.

“Is it me or were they trying too hard to get attention,” Beth expressed in a slightly annoyed way.

“I don’t care; they got my attention,” Billy said in a dreamlike state, still looking even though the dance troupe were almost out of sight.

“Ha Ha DOWN BOY,” Denise snapped at Billy. Motioning down to his crotch where there seemed to be a protrusion, Beth noticed and gasped, “Billy.”

They sat down for lunch, the banter was flowing, as well as the flirting between Beth and Ben. A particular girl walked passed, the lads noticed that she had a bong eye, so you couldn’t really tell if she was looking at you or to the side.

“Bet you I could shag her eyes straight,” Johnny joked, again the group were in hysterics. Johnny was the true king of the dirty one liners

The first class of the day wasn’t till the afternoon, and as usual it was the dreaded fitness test, so that the tutors had a record on where each student was at with regards to their own personal fitness level. Once they were changed, everyone made their way to the sports hall. Ben, Johnny and Billy looked around and saw different stations set up. Above each station was the exercise that was to be done, the idea was to do as many of a particular exercise as possible in a minute then move on to the next station.

Denise and Beth finally decided to show up, the eyes of the entire sports hall were upon them. They were both in very short blue gym skirts and incredibly tight white shirts; everyone could easily make out the outline of their breasts. The air con was blowing in the sports hall, the girls could feel their nipples beginning to get stiff and they were popping out like little bullets.

Ben couldn’t remove his eyes from Beth’s chest, but to his utter dismay he was partnered with a random girl, although she was cute, she wasn’t on the same level as Beth. Too add further to his misfortune Billy was paired with Beth and Johnny with Denise.

The fitness test began, to the astonishment of Billy and Johnny, the two girls had secretly decided to wear thongs under their skirts rather than the usual gym knickers, they were playing a naughty game with the boys.

Billy did his set of star jumps, Beth followed. He positioned himself behind her and as she started her skirt was flapping up as she jumped. canlı casino It was revealing quick glimpses of her tight backside.

“Ohhh my god.”

“Did you say something Billy?” she said as turned to him.

“Me; no; I was just thinking how good you were at star jumps.”

“Do you think I have good form?”

“You could say that; yeah, just keep it up, your doing really well.”

His cock started to twitch, he felt the blood rushing to it. There was no stopping it, the sight of this young tight ass in front of him had him going. His shorts were beginning to tent, his face was getting flushed, he couldn’t let everyone in the hall see his cock standing to attention, he needed a way out.

He turned to the tutor David, “Dave I forgot my water I gotta go get it if I’m make it through this.”

“Yeah no problem Billy, looks like you’ve been working a little hard, your quite red in the face, are you feeling alright?”

“Never better,” and with that he ran out the gym to the changing rooms to clear his head.

Denise noticed the situation with Billy and mouthed to Beth “You tease,” Beth gave her a wink back and an innocent smile.

“Dave shall I go check on Billy, he’s been gone a little while?” Denise asked.

“That might be a good idea, let me know if he’s ok when you get back.”

In the changing room, Billy had gone from Semi hard to full blown hard, he didn’t know whether to wank himself off, or let it pass. It had been a while since Billy had last seen any action, so he slipped his hand down his shorts in the search of relief. At that point in walked Denise.

“OK, now I see why you had to leave in such a rush. Did the sight of Beth’s ass get you all excited Billy boy? Were you gonna take matter into your own hands, or could you do with some help there?”


“No need to be so shy Billy,” she cooed as she walked towards him.

“I’m not…”

“Just let me help you there,” Denise moved behind him.

She placed her hands on his arse and moved her thumbs just under the waistband of his shorts. Slowly she pulled down his shorts, over his hard cock allowing it to spring free.

“Denise what are you doing? What if someone walks in?”

“Relax Billy boy; no one is gonna walk in, they’re all busy in the sports hall.”

“Just what are you planning to do?”

“I haven’t planned any of this. I was a little concerned when you left the hall in such a rush and thought you might be in need of some help, which; clearly you are” She chuckled.


“Shhh Billy.”

Denise then then began to slowly slide her hands from the back of Billy’s waist to the front. Tickling and sending a shiver through the whole of his body. His cock also started to twitch at the erotic feeling running through him.

She lightly stroked the top side of his cock, from his stomach to the tip, again his cock twitched involuntary. Next she stroked the bottom of his cock from balls to tip. She repeated these moves another few times.

“Denise that feels so awesome; I don’t think my cock his been this hard before.”

“You do have a really nice cock, I wasn’t expecting it but now I want it. Just stand nice and still for me.”

Denise, still standing behind Billy grabbed his cock in her right hand, and began to gently wank him up and down his entire length. He threw his head back with the pleasure he was receiving. After what seemed like a couple of minutes, Denise then moved around to place herself in front of Billy.

“Are you gonna suck my dick?”

She gave him no answer, other than to start sinking to her knees, until she was gazing upon his super hard manhood. With one hand she tilted his cock up, whilst the other cupped his balls. She proceeded to lick the under carriage of this glorious dick, making kaçak casino sure she coated him with plenty of saliva.

“You have massive balls,” is all she could muster

Teasing the tip of his cock, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head, she could taste his precum, not salty as she imagined but exceedingly sweet. His cock now soaked in saliva and precum, Denise now took him into her extremely warm mouth, going down slowly, taking him inch by inch.

When she could take him no further, she withdrew his cock from her mouth and went at it again and again.

“Look me in the eyes Denise. Can you feel my huge dick filling your mouth?”

“I wanna feel your cum filling my mouth, not just your cock, get ready to fill me up Billy boy!”

Denise doubled her efforts on Billy’s cock, she took his deep and began to swirl her tongue round and round the mushroom head of his cock. Billy couldn’t take his eyes off what she was doing to him, as he was wanted to make sure he would never forget this moment.

She grasped his cock with her hand and began sliding up and down his length as she continued to bob up and down, enjoying every second of it herself. Then much to Billy’s shock, Denise sucked a finger of the jobless hand and slide it between Billy’s legs towards his arsehole.

She proceeded to give rim his ring with her finger, whilst still working hard give him this fantastic blowjob,

“OH MY FUCKING GOD, please Denise that feels intense, keep it going, I’ll be filling you up soon.”

She gave him a smile with his cock still buried down her throat and probed a little deeper with her finger till she had just the tip of it inside his ass. Slurping away on this big dick, Denise moved her finger in and out of Billy’s ass, a sensation he had never felt and never would’ve thought he’d ever feel either.

The feeling in Billy’s balls was beginning to build, he could feel the build-up of his climax coming, his balls were tightening up his cock got harder. Denise could feel his cock increase inside her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Yeeeeesssss,” Billy cried

He shot his hot sticky cum deep down Denise’s throat. The first shot tickled her tonsils, the second she could feel dripping slowly straight down her throat. With Denise’s finger still inside Billy’s ass, the feeling of each load of cum was intensified. He kept shooting load after load, he wondered if he would ever stop cumming, but wasn’t complaining, he was enjoying it after all.

Denise never once removed his cock from her mouth, taking each shot as he came. Her mouth was so full of his cum, it began to leak out the corners and start dripping down her cheeks, she’d never had so much cum in her mouth before.

Billy stopped cumming, his cock decreased in size and Denise released him with a pop and took a big gulp to swallow down his huge load, she forgot about the stream running down her cheeks, got to her feet and gave Billy a deep kiss, so he could taste his own cum mixed with her saliva.

They broke the kiss, just as Beth and Ben came into the changing room, they had been gone for a while. Billy pulled up his shorts at the speed of light to hide what had just happened between them. However the evidence was clear and it was dripping down the cheeks of Denise.

“Think you have something there Denise,” Beth said pointing to her cheek.

Ben put his arm round his shoulder and gave him a man punch in the arm. “You feeling alright Billy? It’s just you look a little red in the face lad.”

They all left together, Billy and Denise leading the way, followed by Beth and Ben. Ben held open the door for Beth, as she walked through he gave her slap on her firm ass, and gave it a little squeeze, which didn’t go unnoticed by Beth.

“Fancy coming to my gym with me tonight Beth? We could get some extra work in.”

“Yeah ok sounds like a good idea, what time?”

“I’ll pick you up at 8.”

“That sounds good to me, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

The End of chapter 1

Beth and Ben will return in “THE GYM”

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