Best Friends Ch. 02

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She got out of the car, but before she closed the door, she looked back in at me.

“This is just between us, right?” She grinned.

“Of course,” I answered, sitting there momentarily stunned at what had taken place.

I made myself get out of the car and followed her trance-like into the house. Her white skirt-covered ass swang side to side as she walked in front of me.

Once inside, she gave a quick hello to my dad and my sister who were in the kitchen, before she headed upstairs to shower.

Later on, I’d learn that she got out of her tennis dress quickly, and got into the hot shower. In the shower, she leaned against the tile with her left hand, while her right hand went straight to her pussy, playing with the wet folds and hard clit. The water ran over her, as it took her no time to climax over how raw and dirty she had been with me. She later talked about how she had been almost as turned-on by how she did what she did in the car without thinking or planning; it was spontaneous and she loved that. It was also so very forbidden.

As for me, that Friday evening, I was just in a daze. I couldn’t believe what had happened, and I couldn’t believe how much I had totally loved it and gotten into it. I was probably acting distracted throughout the night. Dad joked that I had probably let some girl get in my head. My sister piped in, “yeah, right… as if Jack knew how to even care.”

My sister was probably right in a way. I really didn’t lack too much for the occasional date, and it’d been a while since I’d let a girl get close, much less serious. But little did Dad know just how right he’d been.

Mom had gone to their room early that night, saying she was going to read, so I missed out on any further interaction that night. However, she didn’t leave my thoughts, as that night I laid in bed going over and over the afternoon and our talk, stroking myself till I came with her voice in my ears telling me what she wanted.

Saturday, she was up and gone before I got downstairs. It would turn out that we were not around each other that much the rest of the weekend, and definitely not alone. At dinner Saturday night, we talked casually as did Dad and Nina, my sister. A couple of times, our eyes held their look longer than normal. Each time, she broke the look with a sweet smile.

Sunday, she brought some laundry by my room she’d done for me to take back to school with me. She stood close and again our eyes locked on one another.

“Listen, I don’t know what came over me Friday. I … I…” she paused.

“No, don’t worry a bit,” I answered, sensing she was now unsure.

“Jack, it’s just I feel so close to you, and … .” She let the words hang there.

She turned to the door and walked over to leave, but before she opened the door, she looked back over to me.

“Will you think about what I said?” she asked.

“You mean, just now?”

She slowly shook her head, like I was kidding her, which I wasn’t.

“No, silly. I want you to think about what I said Friday.” She watched her words sink in with me and then she left the room.

The drive back to campus seemed to take no time as all I thought about was her. What I would like to do with her. How I would like to do it with her.

That night, I called home to tell them I’d gotten to school okay and thank them for the weekend. I told my Dad these things, and Mom wanted on the phone before Dad hung-up. Her voice over the phone did a number on me.

“Honey, be sure and put away that laundry I fixed for you, okay?” Was she back to mothering me, now?

“Uh, okay. Sure.”

“And Jack, what was it you were going to do for me, I forget.”

I hesitated, trying to understand what she was referring to.

“You mean, from today? Thinking about what you said?”

“No, Jack. From Friday, from tennis.”

The silence on the line stirred me as I started to wonder.

” You mean, what you asked me to do for you Friday after tennis?”

” Yeah, help me remember?” she coyly prompted.

I pictured the blonde suburbanite housewife there in the kitchen of our home, phone to her ear and waiting.

“Oh. I think you mean the part where I said I was going to give you the fucking you need.”

“Yeah, honey,” her voice lowered and now I knew I was stirring her.

“I’m going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before.” I warmed-up to the game.

“Honey, yes that’d be great.” She was slower talking and added, “yeah those tennis shoes sound really nice.”

“Mom, are you gonna think about what I said now?”

“Darling, you have no idea. Take care.”

I hung-up and reached for the hardness she’d caused. I went to the laundry bag on my bed, and dumped it out, to put it away while I rolled this latest twist around my head.

I noticed an unusual lump in a t-shirt, and I unfolded it. There, before my eyes were a pair of sexy red panties. They’d been secretly bundled into my t-shirt for me to find. I brought them to my face, and I caught that unmistakeable whiff of a woman’s juices.

So, casino oyna this is from her. …

I turned and let myself fall back on the bed. Laying on my back, I slowly brought her panties to my face. I left them there draped over my face as my hands went to my jeans and had them quickly undone and my dick free.

I started my fist from the base and ran it to the head, beginning to stroke with my hips rocking in unison. She’d worn these, she’d been wet in these, and she’d left these for me. It was no time and I was groaning and cumming into my hand at the thought of her. Afterward, I lay there, wondering how and when my opportunity with her would come.

A couple of nights later, I was studying when the phone rang.

“Hey, how are you doing, Jack?” It was her.

“Good, mom. You?”

“Well, feeling more and more restless, actually.” She sounded agitated.

“I know what you mean.”

“C’mon, Jack. You’re in college. You’re single. How can you know? All you have to do is call Beth.”

“I told you Beth isn’t in the picture. Gone. That’s over.”

“Well, if not Beth, then someone like her. You’re a handsome guy. All you really have to do is go out tonight.”

“Right. It’s just that easy. Besides, my concentration isn’t exactly there, since my little gift from the weekend.”

“Did you like those?” I could tell she was smiling.

“Like them? I loved them. I’m looking for more of them.”

“Well, let me run something by you. It seems your dad has decided to have a boys’ weekend away the weekend after next, and … .”

She let the silence torture me for a moment.

“And, what are you thinking, mom?”

“Well, I was thinking I might like to get away myself somewhere.” For all her boldness before, she now sounded inhibited.

“Mom, I think that’s a great idea. That’s something you need to do for yourself.”

“Jack, I’m not really used to going away by myself. And listen, I know you let me flirt—or whatever—before, but I don’t know if getting together would be such a good idea or not. Do you?”

“Actually, yes. I think it would be a good idea.”

“Honey, it would change everything for us. Do you realize that?”

“Mom, everything’s already changed, really. But you know what? They have and they haven’t, because no matter what happens from here, we will always be close. That’s the way I feel.”

“You are so sweet. Yes, that’s the way I feel, too.” You could tell by her voice she felt relief.

“So then,” I continued, “tell me where you want to go.”

“Jack, I want to come see you, darling.”

“Then’s it’s done. Next weekend, come here and see me.”

“Jack, that’s great. I really can’t wait.”

“Sure, mom.”

With all my coolness on the line, I had not let on that it was not as easy for me as I’d made it sound. Nevertheless, I really cared for her and if coming here was what she wanted then that was what I wanted. I just hoped for the same intensity as before so that whatever nervousness or apprehension there might be would take care of itself.

The days dragged as I waited in agonizing suspense for her to visit. What would it be like? Would we be able to pick-up from before? I started to worry she was right when she thought that maybe it was a bad idea.

She called on her cell phone as she approached the city.

“Honey, let’s go ahead and meet for dinner, huh?”

“Sounds great. You hungry?”

“Yeah, I am, and after this drive, I’ll be ready for a drink.”

“Sounds good,” I replied and gave her directions to a good restaurant where we could meet.

“Jack, listen,” she said with a hint of gentleness in her voice, “Let’s relax this weekend. Don’t worry about anything. I just want to see you.”

“Sure, I understand,” I said even though I now didn’t have a clue. I chalked it up to her having thought this over, and reconsidered.

As I drove over to the restaurant, I decided that I’d just forget about anything physically happening, and just let her have fun and relax.

So, that is what I did. We met at the restaurant, hugged, and was shown to our table. She looked attractive in a low key sort of way. A black V-neck blouse that showed the beginning of her cleavage and a modest skirt that hugged her nicely.

“Look at you,” she beamed, “this was definitely a good idea.”

“I agree.”

I asked about her trip, and we proceeded to talk easily, getting past the usual questions about how everyone was doing and about my classes.

After a couple of drinks, she seemed to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. She looked at me with the sort of grin that said we shared a secret.

“You do look great, Mom,” I swirled the beer in my glass, trying to appear relaxed. “Something must be agreeing with you back home.”

“Jack, I think something’s agreeing with me here. Don’t you think so, too?”

“I wish I could take credit, but I really don’t see how,” I answered honestly.

“Jack, that is very appealing about you, how you don’t even realize the effect you can have on a woman. Modesty canlı casino is better than arrogance at times.”

“What effect, Mom?’

“Well, remember the surprise in the laundry, dear?”

“Oh, that effect,” the uncontrollable blush occurred, “that is so hard to believe.”

She moved her chair much closer to the table and told me to give her my foot.


“Jack, under the table, kick that shoe off and prop your foot in my seat.”

I did what she said, and she pulled my foot forward further causing me to sit back in my chair.

She put my foot under her skirt and looked me in the eyes as she rubbed my foot between bare thighs. I caught on, and arched my foot further. She guided my bare foot to warm moist folds topped by her pubic hair.

I pressed with my foot gently at her wet lips and I watched her sigh in response.

“Honey, do you understand the effect now?”

“Yeah, Mom. I think I can understand that.” I smiled at her. She moved into my foot some, and then she guided my foot back off her chair.

“Honey, will you do something for me?” she asked.

“Practically anything,” I said and we both laughed.

“Get up for me and go take a trip to the bathroom.”

“But, this isn’t really the best time,” I tried to beg off, as my cock strained at the crotch of my trousers.

“I know, dear,” she said mischieveously, “and I want you to pause here at the table for me, okay?”

“You gotta be kidding.”

“Jack, are you gonna play with me or not, dear?”

And with that, I slowly rose and stood before her, and her eyes immediately shot to my crotch where my trousers tented.

Of course, it was at this moment the waitress steps to the table. My mom’s eyes didn’t leave my crotch at first, until she spoke to the waitress.

“I can’t believe how my son has grown,” she gave the waitress a look, and my aroused state together with Mom’s comment left the waitress at a loss.

“Uh. …Well, you must be proud.” And the waitress scurried off, with me leaving right behind her.

After dinner, we headed back to my apartment. I helped her get her things inside and I took them automatically to the bedroom.

“Thanks, hon,” she spoke, looking about my CDs while I put her things away.

“I didn’t know you liked this,” she asked, holding a CD with slower songs on it. I stood close to her and removed the cd from the box,as our fingers touched. I reached over and put the CD on. She turned away from me, facing the living room. I stood behind her, and she reached back to me to wrap my hands around her waist, as the music rythmically played in the background.

“Jack, is this how you charm all the girls,” she softly said leaning back on me. I was taller than her such that her head came to about where my neck was.

“Just the special ones,” I teased back.

We swayed back and forth, and her perfume and her closeness were intoxicating. As we moved with the music, I could feel her ass pressed against my hardness. The same hardness she had openly stared at in the restaurant.

“Jack, I wouldn’t blame you for being awfully confused,” she said concerned.

“About what?” I joked, and we laughed.

She moved her head so that it rested upon my neck and shoulder and continued to talk.

“I really do enjoy being with you. I don’t think I could relax like this with anyone else.”

“Jack, I shouldn’t have talked to you like I did the other day. Did it bother you?”

“Sure you should have. We can talk about anything, remember?”

“Jack,” she brought her face to rest on my shoulder and spoke into my ear, “a mother doesn’t talk about fucking to her son, now does she?”

“Mom, we were being open.”

“You mean I was being open.”

“Well, I seem to remember saying a few things to you as well.”

She pulled back from me and looked into my eyes.

“Yes son, you did,” her face was contemplative as she stepped back so our bodies didn’t touch but her hand was on my chest.

“I better turn in,” she softly spoke and paused, then moved away toward the bedroom. I watched her go into my bedroom, but she didn’t immediately turn on the light.

“Jack, can you come here?”

I walked into the bedroom where the only light was that coming from the living room where we’d been. She was facing away from me, and looking into the mirror ahead of her.

“Will you get my zipper for me?” she asked and stared at my eyes in our reflections in the mirror.

I walked up behind her and brought my hands to the back of her shoulders, rubbing them through the blouse that covered them. I squeezed her shoulders and pressed my thimbs into th muscles where her neck started.

“Yes, darling.”

My hands found the clasp at the top of the back of her blouse and I undid it. My hands then brought down the zipper slowly. She watched me in the mirror and I watched the zipper move easily down her back revealing more of her back as it travelled downward. I saw the white strap midway down her back, and the two sides of the back of her blouse now parted kaçak casino further away showing me her back more as it naturally fell open.

The zipper stopped short of the base of her back and that is where I let my hands enter the back of her blouse.

“Thanks, honey,” she said, as if I were finished. She walked away from me and out of my grasp. As she walked across the room, she let her hands go back behind herself to where she undid the clasp of her skirt herself. She then unzipped the skirt and turned to me, letting me watch her slide it down her legs slowly. It crumpled in the floor and I was mesmerized by her legs and the view I had of her panties showing just under where her blouse stopped. In one swoop, she lifted her blouse on over her head to reveal where her white bra contained her full breasts that bulged from their confines. She stood there and let me look at her in her bra and panties.

“Jack, I haven’t been with a man in a long time. You know?”

I just nodded.

“Will you undress for me, Jack?”

I just looked at her and started unding the buttons to my shirt. I was standing at the bed and facing her and she was across the room, but her view was unobstructed. I slipped the shirt off quickly, and moved my hands to my belt.

She moved to me and then sat on the bed, positioning me in front of her. I pulled my belt from my trousers and undid the top. I let my hands linger at my zipper, and she looked up at me and then back to my hands.

I unzipped my pants watching her eyes follow the movement and the boxers coming into view. When the zipper was down, I paused. I let my right hand stroke her cheek and she rubbed her cheek to my hand. I went ahead and hooked my thumbs from both hands to the waistband on each side of both my trousers and boxers and slowly brought them down, starting and stopping until they were at my feet with my head at her neck and shoulder as I’d had to bend forward to pull them down. I kissed her neck while I was there and could tell she was practically panting.

I then took my time but I eased straight up, until I was standing right in front of her and my erect cock angled out and at her. I moved my hips forward and my cock nestled at her cleage held in her bra.

I took my hands and moved her bra straps from her shoulders allowing her ample breasts to move further forward and the cups of the bra ro slip. I reached behind her and undid the bra’s clasp. When I did this, she moved her face across my stomach, taking in the feel of my hair-covered stomach against her soft face and lips.

I bent over and kissed her lips. Softly at first. Then, firmer and her lips parted. Her tongue teased me into her mouth and I kissed her fully, holding her face in my hands. She put her hands on my shoulders and I started backing her onto the bed so I could join her there.

She laid back and I was over her, I then put my fingers to the hips of her panties.

“Jack,” she whispered.

I tugged the panties down her legs and marveled at her mound framed in a V with her legs together. The blondish-brown curls formed a neatly shaped strip leading down.

She moved herself further up the bed so that she was fully on the bed with me facing her. Her eyes intensely looked into mine, shifted to stare at my cock, then looked back to me. This time looking in my eyes, she gave a gradual smile and licked her lips. I could sense movement from her legs and looked there.

She ever so slowly spread her legs, and I watched. She first exposed enough space for me to see her lips there. Her legs moved more, and she was wide enough there for me to see moisture, and her legs still moved more apart. It was such a blatant pose and open position that it was… well, raw. It made me think of her graphic tone before when she’d said fuck.

Then, as I almost couldn’t take what she was doing, she reached between her legs with her hands, and her hands splayed open her lips, showing herself to me open and wet.

“C’mon,” she moaned.

She had me as turned on as I had ever been before and I took the head of my cock and ran it across her lips there.

“Yyyyeeesss,” she moaned feeling me there.

I then stuck a couple of inches into her and positioned myself.

“Uuuuuhhh,” she was very hot and very ready. She looked at me with half-opened eyes.

When I felt her relax there, I thrusted hard forward, bringing my full weight forward and up, until I heard my hips slap against her’s and I felt my cockhead bottom out in her.

She screamed out.

Her legs were up in the air, and her hands pressed to my back.

“YES,” she screamed again, “C’MON!”

I gave her long hard strokes, over and over.

She coaxed into my ear as I fucked her hard.

“Oh yeah. Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me, baby.”

We pounded away at each other, and her moans and the slapping sound of flesh against flesh filled the room.

After some time, we both built up to a climax. When we came, she cried out, and I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a loud release as well.

I pushed inside her as I came, and she grasped me to her. Moments passed where there was only our panting, as we slowly relaxed from our peak. We then lay in a heap together, succumbing to sleep, our bodies intertwined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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