Best Ever, Can We Keep Doing It?

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This is a work of fiction, I think…

It begins with a swirling dark mist. I slowly gain some focus, the fog from last night’s booze and weed clouding my mind. I feel heavy, no strength, what could have sapped all my energy. I feel warmth beneath me, feel the sweet swell of warm female breasts against my chest. It ‘s dark – here in this room, obviously my bedroom, because I sense my presence, I sniff last nights musky sex smells. I am lying on top of my girl, still slightly aroused and embedded in her moist, warm cunt. I move slightly taking advantage of my position and begin to slowly slip deeper into her as I grow in size and length. I faintly recall last night’s fun and games.

Last night, OHH… yes – my sister Cheryl and her boy friend Darrin, a bottle of good Tequila, me, the younger brother David, and my current squeeze Pamela. Cheryl had some heavy-duty weed – good smokin stuff. And- good – old “Jose Cuervo”.

My sister is a fox; Darrin is a “DICKHEAD”. His father is president of a local bank, big shot at the country club and thinks he is the moral fiber of the community. Our family is also well off. Dad is manager of an international shipping company and we are spoiled rich kids, both attending a local university, but choosing to live at home because dorm life sucks. Cheryl has been with “Dickhead” for several months, a kind of arranged thing between our folks. I am sure she is bored to death with his ass. He is a pompous ass, on the U tennis team, not casino oyna because he can hit the ball, but because his old man is a money source for the U.

I ‘m a pussy hound; love em for a while and then off to find something better – tighter – what ever… Have not yet found that best ever piece of ass. Pamela does give good head, I recall last night that she was blowing me on the couch, her short skirt up high and no panties, we took them off because she was soaked. Cheryl was stroking herself and occasionally toyed with Pamela’s tits, what little there was of them. I think Pamela passed out on floor before I got to shoot my load. Somehow we must have made it to my bed and had sex, seeing as I’m still inside of her.

I do recall Darrin stumbling out the front door about midnight. Hope the shit head tried to drive and got picked up for DUI. I’m sure, no such luck. I remember my sister, Cheryl, we danced slowly and she was warm; and she matched me on Tequila shooters. We both played with passed out Pamela. I lapped at Pamela’s cunt and Cheryl fingered herself while she watched me. I think Cheryl even fingered Pamela while my tongue was chasing her clit. I remember how exotic it felt when her fingers and my tongue bumped together. We giggled like idiots.

Now I am fully erect and stroking in full depth, the warm channel is both moist and crusty from last nights fucking. I feel the body stirring beneath me, murmuring sweet coos of .. Ohhh Yes… Feels so good.. Warm canlı casino breath on my neck, lips that nibble and lick near my ear. I didn’t realize Pamela was so tight, she feels .. Unbelievable … I slightly raise and peer at her writhing beneath me. It is dark in the room, but something begins to register with me; these tits are definitely bigger. Even the body is more full, the hair longer — and that super tight cunt .

THIS IS NOT Pamela — then who the fuck am I fucking? With extreme concentration and a slowing down of the sex rhythm I peer down into the face of — my sister — Cheryl!! Cheryl pulls me into her harder and mumbles … Faster .. Harder… Fuck me good … Feels so good. I nearly explode from the thought of fucking my own sister; and she wants fucked! I resume with new vigor and pound hard into her fantastic tight vagina. We both come at the same time and gasp out loud at the intensity of our climaxes. I have never had such a powerful sexual release. It felt like I must have unloaded a gallon of come deep inside her.

Cheryl whispered “That was the best sex ever, how did you get me so hot? I don’t know, Darrin, there may be more to you than I ever imagined.”

WHAT?? … Cheryl was not aware of who had just humped the shit out of her. Man, What to do? … What to do? … The thought flashed through my mind to crawl away in the darkness and pretend this didn’t happen. Nope… this was the most satisfying sex ever, not going to forget it happened. kaçak casino

I croaked “Cheryl, that you? My God, what happened, how did you get here in my bed? What happened last night? Jesus, I’m still hard and I’ve been fucking with you… Horse shit.”

What now…Silence .. We both lay there entwine and engaged — Meaning I was still bottomed out, deep inside her cunt. I moved ever so slow, pushing into her, testing to see her reaction. It must have felt good as she slowly responded and pushed up into my thrust. Cheryl slipped her arms around me and hugged me, kissed me on the neck and then took both her hands and held my face as she softly kissed my lips. Her lips parted and her tongue slid into my parted lips. She found and flicked my tongue, we then mashed together and experienced the most erotic kiss. I went into full ravish mode and slammed our bodies together. In a very short time we experienced another joint mind blowing orgasm.

“Cheryl, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I have never had such sex, never… This can’t be the last time we fuck .. Can’t be the only time”

“Davie, it sure wasn’t the only time! My snatch is throbbing; we must have fucked a half dozen times last night and twice in the last few minutes. Nobody has ever made me feel this good. NO .. We will do this more and more. I can’t believe I thought Darrin could be any good in bed. That loser’s out of my life.”

“You mean DICKHEAD’S now past history; cool — It’s about time you came to your senses.”

” Yeah, Dickhead Darrin has been replaced by a super hard dick – that would be you brother. Seeing how you’re still in there and hard, think you can bring me around again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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