Belly Dancers in My Mind

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I feel my breasts bound flat to my chest underneath the cotton of my shirt. The crispness of the starch in my collar rubs against my soft feminine skin. I hope none of them see the grimace on my face as I reach up to tug the collar away. It wouldn’t be so bothersome if I hadn’t been overly warm all day. The fans the women used on myself and the other men in the group cooled me, but not nearly enough.

I enjoy and revel in the sound of the music playing, watching light-skinned women in sheer fabrics sway their hips. I know their skin is light because they spend their days in the camp, entertaining the men until the night air hits and it’s possible for the trading to actually begin.

I smile to myself because the men around me don’t realize what they are really dealing with. I’m not a mere merchant looking for scarves and blades to take to the store at home. Nor is my co-owner merely my friend. He is my husband.

I wonder what they’d think of they knew what was underneath the cottons of my shirt and trousers. They excuse my long hair and my silence in the fact that I am a young American boy. After-all, my co-owner also wears his hair long and speaks in a low, soothing voice.

I take another sip of wine and stare into the eyes of the dark haired beauty before me. She offers me more wine and I place my hand over hers as she moves to pull away. She looks down and I know she knows. I lock eyes with her, almost in a panic, but her face smoothes out just as quickly when one of my male compatriots tells her to treat the guests with the honor they deserve.

I move my hand away from hers and the glass and she reaches out to caress my face. She smiles and leans forward to press her lips to mine. The softness and sweetness of her mouth is nearly unbearable and she pulls away.

“Please forgive me for my fear, Sir. I was lost in my own thoughts. It won’t happen again.”

The men around me laugh and ask if I’ve ever even been with a woman. I lie to them.


They laugh and call the woman back.

I scramble further back into my chair. I fear they will discover the fact that I am much less the man than even they think I am.

Gently swaying, her ample hips come into my field of vision and I slowly raise my gaze. I brush my thoughts across the soft exposed canlı bahis şirketleri flesh of her tummy and up through the thinly veiled cleft between her breasts. I settle my eyes on the beautiful jewels around her neck, imagine pressing my lips against her pulse, remember the softness of her lips, and then lose myself in the depth of the brown of her eyes.

I forget my fear as silently those beautiful hips find their way to taking a seat on the floor next to my chair.

I’m nearly certain that the whole room watches as I take a sharp intake of breath, her hand resting on my thigh. I look around, but the men are engrossed in the belly dancers and the only pair of eyes vaguely interested in me are those of my husband. I watch the twinkle in his eye before he turns back to the other men and he leaves me to my own devices.

I rest my hand on hers and lift her to stand and pull her slightly towards me. She leans against one of my knees, wrapping one arm around me. She balances close and I inhale the spicy smell of her skin. I forget my manners for a moment and bury my face in her hair, inhaling the distinctive scent of nag champa. I hear her take in a sharp breath herself.

I remember my place and lean back. She smiles at me and leans towards my ear.

In hushed breathy tones, easily drowned out by the music, “Now don’t be afraid and don’t say anything. I know your secret. I won’t share it, but only if I may stay in your tent tonight.”

I silently nod.

She smiles, “I’m yours…..”

I feel her lips gently drag across my earlobe and her breath graze as once again I feel the gentle press of her lips against my skin. I reach out with one hand and caress the bare skin of her side. The gentle caress of my hands there feels like heaven to me. I look into her eyes once again and we kiss with more passion this time. I tangle my fingers in her hair and hold her there. I enjoy the velvety smoothness of her tongue.

Finally, we break that connection and I look towards the opening of the main tent. She nods and stands. She moves to find a scarf to wrap around her hair as I stand and shake the hands of the men as they sneer and snidely laugh at the young boy who “will finally get a piece of tail”. My husband just smiles knowingly at me and tells me that canlı kaçak iddaa I had better be done with her before he gets back.

I grin, knowing full well that that means I had better not care when he comes back.

I step outside the flap of the tent and I can smell her presence behind me. We move to the next closest tent and step towards the flap. The music fades a touch, but we can still enjoy it from here. As I move to open it, three girls giggle and come bounding out. I look to the beauty on my arm and she just smiles knowingly.

We step through and there are candles and the smell of nag champa permeating the air.

“He’s your husband, isn’t he?”

I silently nod again.

“He’s beautiful, too.”

“Thank you.”

I sit down on the feather mattress covered in silks and beautiful lush fabrics. She sits beside me and I wonder if she just wants to talk. I silently hope that this wasn’t just an escape for her.

She leans forward and kisses me again. I close my eyes and am thankful I wasn’t mistaken. I lean forward, putting one of my knees between hers as I press her back against the silk of the topmost linen. I brush the shawl from around her so it fans out like wings. She smiles up at me and I test the lushness of her skin as I find my lips resting against her pulse.

Slowly, almost unbearingly, I place slow light bitting kisses over her exposed shoulders before pushing her straps down. She reaches for my shirt buttons and I brush her hands away. She looks at me questioningly and I simply shake my head. My pleasure from this will be hearing the rapidness of her breaths. She wrinkles her forehead in confusion.

“Don’t worry. Just enjoy….”

I wonder if any of the men in the camp have ever treated her this way…

I shake my head and press her straps down so they barely keep her modest. I lean forward and kiss the blush and heat radiating from her. I move my face from side to side, enjoying the silkiness of her skin.

Carefully, I slip her shirt up over her head and sigh at the beauty and fullness of her breasts. I lean forward and gently just press my lips first to one dark nipple and then the other. I watch goose bumps break out across her chest, despite the heat of the evening. Slowly, and gently, I lightly dart the canlı kaçak bahis tip of my tongue across one of her nipples before taking it into the warmth of my mouth. I can taste the spices she’s used to scent her skin. It’s pure heaven to both my sense of taste and smell to be able to just press my mouth to the light tan of her skin.

I feel the warmth of her radiating out and her hips move involuntarily pushing back against the press of my thigh. I smile and move my lips to the soft flesh of the tummy I admired earlier. I enjoy the feel of pure flesh pushing up against my face as my bound breasts brush against the warmth emanating from between her thighs. I hear her moan slightly as I curiously, drag one finger under the waistband of the sheer skirt she is wearing.

Smiling, I push all of my fingers beneath the waistband and pull it down over the roundness of her hips and smile at the dark stain spreading out across the silk of her panties.

I slide further down the silk linens and enjoy the bite of her own natural spices in my nose. Tentatively, I press the very tip of my tongue against the wetness of her panties. Her hips near violently buck as her back arches. I see her muffle her cries with one of the beautiful pillows around her.

I rub my face over silk in front of me. Smiling, I gently take an edge in my teeth and slide it over. Straining to remain slow, I press the flat of my tongue against her wetness and drag it for the length, stopping when I reach the top. I lightly take the small pulsing piece of flesh between my teeth and quickly dart my tongue back and forth. I feel her body quiver and shake as her high pitched screams are muffled.

I smile as one of her hands buries itself in my hair and she holds me there between her thighs.

I gently suck and dart my tongue over and over for what seems like a blissful eternity. I feel her body spasm so many times I lose count.

Smiling, I climb back up between her thighs and wrap her in my arms, smoothing her hair back and kissing her softly. As she drifts off to sleep, I see the flap of the tent move and my husband smiles as he carefully and quietly moves into the room. I gently move her onto her side and curl up behind her as my husband slips into the bed with us and wraps his arms around me.

I lay there smiling listening to the both of them breathe as they sleep and I wonder if the nomads will say anything if they find us this way.

I drift off, smiling to myself about being coated in the smell of the spices of her bath and the spices of her…

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