Belated Honeymoon

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“Lilly, let’s get going!” Jake hollered up the stairs.

“Alright, hang on a minute, I’ll be right down.” She replied.

Jake knew that minute or two could be another hour if he didn’t hurry her along. She was so worried about looking just right that he knew they were going to be late. This was their first weekend away, completely alone, since, well, ever and he was ready to get going. He had plans for that evening and didn’t want to waste any time. This was their belated honeymoon, a year later. Just as he was ready to stride up stairs to get her, she came bouncing down.

Lilly wasn’t a what most people would consider a beautiful woman, though to Jake, she was gorgeous. She wasn’t very tall, standing about five feet and five inches, neither thin nor fat. Her skin, while sun kissed, was still pale, almost translucent. Her hair was just above her shoulders, light brown this week, but he never knew for sure what color it would be on any given day. Although her eyes were brown, they would lighten to Hazel when she was aroused and darken to a deep mahogany when she was angry. Lilly was quick to temper and sometimes too abrasive. She was easily brought to tears, and quick to retaliate when hurt. Jake smiled thinking about how her eyes always gave away her emotions.

Lilly smiled up at him as she stood in front of him at the bottom of the stairs. Her mind was consumed with racing thoughts about their time away. Jake was her opposite, he was quite tall, standing just a little over 6 feet and four inches. His skin, a deep dark tan. Jake worked hard for a living and his muscles told the tale, he was in excellent physical condition. His hair was thick, a gorgeous deep brown with just a small hint of gray, a testament to his age. His eyes were as pale as the summer sky, so clear the blue that when he looked at her she felt as though he could read her every thought and feeling. He was mild tempered, though when angered, was very verbal about it. He was a fighter, where she was a runner. They were both stubborn, though he tended to give in before her, he probably thought it was easier that way.

Jake wrapped his arms around her, leaning down he kissed her, his passion overcame them both, their tongues searching, piercing, probing for one another, his hands around her waist, sliding up her back, the warmth of his fingers like hot coals searing her body. His lips holding hard against hers. His kiss deep and passionate, their tongues colliding, like a volcano, erupting in fire storm. A moan escaped her throat and with that, Jake released his hold on her.

“We better get going or we’ll be going back upstairs,” Jake said, his voice raspy.

Lilly just smiled up at him. She knew the effect she had on him was as intense as the one he had on her. Their intimacy was obvious to anyone who’d seen them together. In truth, they shared a passion that most people couldn’t understand, it wasn’t just the obvious physical attraction they had for one another, it was so much deeper than even the word “love” could explain. Sometimes it seemed as though they were talking to one another with words unspoken. Jake instinctively reached for her, and moved her in front of him as they headed down the hallway and to the door. After hugs and kisses from their children, reminders about behavior and curfew and not calling unless it was an emergency, Jake and Lilly finally went out their front door to their waiting vehicle and headed off for their weekend get away.

Lilly watched him as he drove, his eyes fixed on the road, she studied his features as she’d done a thousand times before. Her mind drifted back to the first time he’d kissed her. He had come over to watch movies with her and they’d gotten side tracked, listening to casino oyna music and talking instead. They were both having a few drinks, and it was entirely possible she was a little drunk when all of a sudden, he’d reached over and pulled her toward him, his lips finding hers, deeply searching, his tongue pressing her lips apart, his arms pulling her closer, drawing her deeper into his kiss. When he’d finally released her, she noticed a burn in her white cotton robe from his cigarette. She teasingly scolded him over it but before she could utter many words he’d pulled her close, his lips pressing hard against hers. She realized at that moment that she could lose herself in his kisses, when he pulled away and his words broke the spell of his kiss.

“Can we go into the bedroom now?” He’d whispered.

Lilly snapped back into reality when she felt his hand slide to her inner thigh. She looked over at him and smiled, she had an idea of what he was thinking but wanted to make him ask for it. She pretended to ignore him, and turned to stare out her window. Jake slid his hand further up her thigh, Lilly reached down and held his hand in place, she could feel his muscles tighten as he used his strength against her as he slid his hand closer to her crotch. Lilly turned to look at him and noticed immediately the coy grin beginning to spread across his face.

“Baby.” A simple word uttered from his lips and she knew instinctively what he wanted.

“What do you want?” She responded.

“You know what I want?” he responded in what sounded almost like a whine.

She reached over and unzipped his pants, reaching down to find his cock already hard and throbbing. Jake took one hand off the wheel and helped her slide his pants low enough for her to gain full access to his manhood. He groaned as she slowly ran her tongue up the shaft of his cock, she reached over and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock as she slowly slid his quivering manhood deep into her mouth. He could feel the head of his cock touch the back of her throat. Jake reached beneath her shorts began rubbing her clit, the harder he rubbed, the more feverishly she stroked and sucked his cock, her warm mouth tightening around his cock as his hips began to move in motion with her mouth. He slid his fingers inside her, she gasped, a moan escaped her lips as she drove his cock further into her mouth. She continued to stroke and suck him, teasing the head of his cock with her tongue, then sliding her mouth back down, taking every bit of his manhood deep in her mouth.

“Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna cum!” Jake groaned as the words fell from his lips.

His words caused her to become more fevered in her oral attack on his cock, the faster she moved her head, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth the harder his fingers slammed into her. Her hips moved in unison with his fingers and her mouth as they continued to pleasure each other. Finally she felt him begin to cum in her mouth and as he did, her body spasm. As he came he dove his fingers deeper inside her and with that her body shuddered and a moan escaped her lips. As his hot juices filled her mouth, he felt her cumming on his fingers.

“Um, I love it when you cum on my fingers baby.” His voice hoarse and almost a whisper.

Lilly sat up and smiled at Jake, the smile of a lover pleased with the ability to please their partner. She loved that she could make him cum with oral sex, and quickly at that. She loved being able to please him in this way. She remembered the first time she’d made him cum orally and the memory caused her to giggle ever so slightly. She’d been quite pleased with herself, though at the time, he wasn’t too happy he’d let her finish him that way. She loved his attentiveness canlı casino as a lover and he enjoyed her explorative nature.

Lilly had no idea where they were going, just that he’d planned a weekend get away for them. When they pulled into the parking lot of a small tavern she became anxious. A tavern? No way was he just taking her to a bar for their anniversary, she was about to get irritated when Jake reached over and squeezed her hand.

“Wait here a minute while I go check in and get the keys to the cottage.” He kissed her on the cheek and then climbed out of the truck.

It seemed like forever before he returned, though only a few short minutes had gone by. He paused and looked at her as he climbed back into the truck.

“What?” She asked.

“Just looking.” He responded.

He knew she hated that, but he did it anyway. It was almost like a game the two of them had been playing since they’d met. She half hoped one day he would actually tell her what ran though his mind when he stared at her like that. But, she knew he wouldn’t, he never did. She rolled her eyes at him, her typical response to his “just looking” comments. She watched the trees as he drove them up a slight grade towards what looked like a quaint little cabin. Her heart began racing and she felt butterflies in her stomach. Silly Girl she thought to herself. He pulled up in front of the cabin, turned off the truck and began to gather up his wallet and cigarettes.

He jumped out of the truck and strode over to the door, he unlocked it and disappeared inside. Lilly followed behind and before she could set her purse down he pulled her body against his and just held her close. She leaned her head against his chest, feeling the taunt muscles beneath his shirt, listening to his heart beat, feeling his chest rise and fall with each breath he took. She breathed in the smell of his cologne mixed with the smell of his skin, it was almost intoxicating to her. She was so very much in love with him, at times she swore her heart would stop if something ever happened to him.

In one swift move Jake pulled her off her feet and into his arms, carrying her the few steps to the bed and laying her down. He looked down at her, as if studying her for a few moments before his lips met hers in a feverish passion that ignited her very soul. He made quick work of removing her tank top and her bra quickly followed. Jake leaned up, surveying her breasts and her pert nipples, his mouth quickly found one nipple, then the other. She groaned in pleasure which only served to further his desire for her. He slowly ran his hand down her chest and to her waist, quickly removing her shorts and panties to reveal her shaven pussy. She reached for his shirt, quickly pulling it over his head, between his passionate assaults on her breasts.

Suddenly Jake pulled away from her and stood before her, looking down at her nude body. Lilly reached down and began rubbing her clit while she watched him undress. He made quick work of dispatching his shorts and underwear, tossing it aside while he watched her pleasing herself. He laid beside her, pulling her to face him, his lips found hers as he was pulling her towards him and their tongues began dancing together in a rhythm only Jake and Lilly understood. As they kissed, her arms instinctively wrapped around his heck, holding on as if their embrace was life its self.

Lilly slid her hand down his chest. Jake moaned as she reached his manhood and began to stroke him. As she continued stroking him, Jake quickly slid his fingers between her moist lips and found the hardness of her clit. He groaned as her hips moved in time with the motion of his fingers. Lilly couldn’t take it for very long and after kaçak casino a few minutes she pulled away from him and slid down the bed, sliding her lips slowly around his hard cock, slipping it deep into her mouth. She teased and sucked him, slowly drawing him into her mouth, then pulling back again and again, knowing it was driving him wild. His fingers became entangled in her hair, she could feel his grip tighten and knew he wouldn’t be able to take much more of it.

Jake moaned. “Do you want me in you?”

She didn’t need to answer, he knew what she wanted. He moved swiftly, pulling her to sit on him. His stiff cock found her tight hole and he slowly slid inside her. As his cock reached her innermost depths she gasped as her body shuddered in response to him. Jake gripped her hips and rhythmically moved her hips in time with his own, pushing his cock as deeply as he could. His mouth finding her nipples as he continued to thrust himself deeply into her inner most recesses. Thrust after thrust, her body quivering from the combination of his mouth teasing and taunting her nipples and the feeling of his hardness thrusting inside of her, her hot breath on his neck as she laid her bare chest against his.

“You want me on top?” He questioned her.

“Please.” Was the only word she could find.

With that, Jake wrapped his arms around her waist and turned them over, trying with all his might to keep his cock inside her. Instinctively her hands reached for his hips, she pulled him towards her, as if to tell him what she wanted. Jake reached for her legs, pulling them up onto his shoulders and then burying his cock inside her, forcing every inch of himself into her tight wet pussy. A moan, something between the sound of pleasure and pain escaped her lips. He paused for a brief moment, looking into her eyes, searching for verification that it was indeed pleasure and that he hadn’t hurt her. She smiled up at him as she held his stare. With that, Jake sat up quickly, sliding his cock out of her.

“Turn over.” He demanded.

She grinned as she sat up and turned her back to him, she got on her hands and knees, head turned slightly so she could watch him move closer to her. The anticipation made the brief seconds before he entered her feel like minutes. Jake reached down and slid his finger inside her, groaning at the feeling of her tight wetness then quickly slid his cock back inside her. Teasing her at first, only allowing himself to enter her just a little and holding her hips in place so she couldn’t lean into him. It took all the self control he had to not bury his manhood deep inside her, but he loved the sense of control he had when he was behind her. He increased his momentum and depth with each thrust, her moans of pleasure pushing him to the limits of his self control. Finally, he could no longer control himself and he allowed himself to enter her completely, watching himself as he did, his hands gripped her hips, pulling her hips into his as he buried his cock in her over and over. He could feel her already tight pussy become tighter, her muscles beginning to contract, he knew she was beginning to cum.

“Come on baby, cum for me.” His voice hoarse from arousal.

As she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm, he began to cum also. Their juices mixing together as they both came in unison, their bodies moving together as one. Their bodies fell against one another as they finished together. She laid flat on her stomach, his body following hers.

“I love you my wife.” He whispered in her ear, “with my whole heart, forever.”

“I love you too my amazing husband.” She whispered back.

Slowly, he lifted his body from hers and moved to lay beside her. He maneuvered her to face him, studying her as she stared into his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him, kissing her gently on the forehead. Exhaustion overcame them both as they both began to fall into a contented slumber.

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