Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 02

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I had just lost my load in front of Ms. Panington and Ms. Jensen. They had been quite clear that I was not to squirt without express permission. I could not bear to look at them and I hung my head in shame as my cock shrank in front of their disapproving gaze. My hand, my panties, and my belly had cum dripping everywhere and I could see that I had messed the chair and the carpet as well. I sat motionless, unsure what would happen next.

Ms. Panington picked up the phone, “Ms. Sweeney, would you come in here please. I want you to see this. Our new trainee has made quite a mess.” Within seconds the young, attractive receptionist walked in, gave the scene a once-over, and burst into a giggle, “Oh my, when his wife was here she told me that he had a problem with staying power. Would you like me to get some baby wipes?”

“Yes, but just clean up the carpet and the chair. I think it is best that we let him sit in the mess he’s made,” Ms. Panington tells her.

Ms. Sweeney grabs a container of wipes from the cupboard and begins cleaning the mess. “What was it that set him off?” she asks.

“We had just started our interview and I had simply asked him about the first time he wore his mother’s panties, and he lost all control. Appears Kelli does need our help with this one,” Ms. Panington explained. She then turned to me, “Head up, Tom. Look at me. Since we cannot now continue with our interview and premature ejaculation remediation, we will proceed with preparing you for your stay. And, you will experience your first punishment. Do you understand why you must be punished, Tom?”

“Yes, Ms. Panington, I do. I must be punished because I ejaculated without your permission. I am sorry, Ms. Panington,” I said meekly.

“Well, it is important that you recognize what you have done, and I will accept your apology. I want you to apologize also to Ms. Jensen who had to witness your selfishness, and Ms. Sweeney who cleaned up your mess,” Ms. Panington instructed.

“I am truly sorry that you had to see such a thing, Ms. Jensen,” I paused and turned to Ms. Sweeney, “And I am sorry Ms. Sweeney, that I made such a mess.”

Without responding, they gave each other a knowing look and laughed. “Shall I escort him for his bath and medical exam?” Ms. Jensen asked.

“Yes. I would like you to do that. Thank you,” Ms. Panington turned to me, “Look up, Tom, and I don’t want to have to tell you this again. Look at me when I am talking to you. I see the shame in your face, and you have plenty of reason to be ashamed. I want you to follow Ms. canlı bahis Jensen.”

I get up and start to pull up my panties. Ms. Panington stops me, “No, Tom. Leave your panties down in front just as they are tucked under your little balls. You have no privacy here and I want anyone who might care to see to be able to see your shriveled wee-wee and the cum on your stomach. All of the women here will know that this is evidence of lack of control as we require men to ejaculate in a much daintier manner.”

“Dainty?” I thought, as I got up and followed Ms. Jensen from the office, down the long hall to the elevator, where she pressed the down button. I stood, hands behind my back, pink panties covering my behind, but my now flaccid cock fully exposed and cum now drying on my belly. The elevator door opened and a woman dressed in a tight black leather corset, black leather skirt, and matching knee-length riding boots stepped out holding a leash attached to a naked burly man on all fours. He was wearing a pig nose strapped around his head and a pig-like tail protruding from his rear. “Oh hi, Susie,” Ms. Jensen greets her, “Wasn’t that a fun time at the club last night?” Both women totally ignore us as they carry on a conversation for several minutes. The pig-man and I wait patiently.

Finally, Ms. Jensen says, “I’m bringing this new one for his bath and medical. He had a little accident after just talking to Ms. Panington and me for a few minutes,” and they both laugh as her friend notes the drying mess on me.

After these dreadful moments, we get in the elevator, Ms. Jenson pushes a button and the door closes. “That pig’s wife found him screwing his secretary in his office,” she explains. “We are teaching him that women are superior to men, but you already know that, don’t you Tom?”

“Oh yes, Ms. Jensen, I most certainly do,” I responded, not wanting to dig the hole I was already in any deeper. After all, I was standing next to this beautiful clothed woman wearing, myself, only pink panties pulled down in the most embarrassing position. And, she had just witnessed my loss of control at the mention of my adolescent foray into my mother’s panty drawer. We continued the rest of the short elevator ride in silence. When the door opened, I followed her.

At the end of a long hall, Ms. Jensen pushed open a set of double doors and motioned for me to follow. A tall redhead wearing the skimpiest of nursing uniforms stepped out from one of the rooms and greeted Ms. Jensen. She ignored me other than asking, “Is this the wanker?”

Ms. bahis siteleri Jensen laughed, and said, “Well, as you can see from the cum drying on his belly, masturbation is only one of his problems. He also has quite poor control, and he is, shall we say size-challenged as well.” She turned to me, “Tom, this is Nurse Pyre, she’ll be bathing and shaving you and completing your exam,” Mx. Jensen explained, then turned to Nurse Pyre, “Nurse Pyre, this is Tom. Ms. Panington wants him fully prepped and shaved. And, if you could please also take care of punishing him. He is to be punished for ejaculating without permission. Ms. Panington will be sending a punishment parcel down soon. Thank you.”

I watch Ms. Jensen exit through the double doors. Now it is just me and Nurse Pyre. This is another opportunity to run…but I do not want to lose Kelli. And I have no idea where my clothes and wallet might now be. Plus, I am finding myself extremely attracted to Nurse Pyre. She is wearing a traditional nurse’s dress, but the hem is just below her buttocks and makes no secret of her wearing a white lace garter belt which holds up her white nylon stockings. I note no evidence of panties and I begin to lust for a flash of her pussy. The front of her uniform looks ready to burst the seams as her breasts are enormous. She notices me ogling them and turns to me, “Are you aroused by big tits, Tom? You don’t have to answer that. I see you staring. These are natural triple D’s, Tom. You can look but you can’t touch. Now follow me for your cleaning.”

I follow her to a door marked “Shower,” and she motions me to step inside. “Panties off, Tom, and off with your Wee-wee monitor. The device can tolerate dampness, but it’s best not to get it soaking wet. Now stand over the drain,” Ms. Pyre instructed me. She nodded towards the soap dish and removed a black hose with a garden-style nozzle attachment from the wall and turned on the water. “Scrub,” is all she said as she expertly aimed the hose while I lathered from head to toe. Eventually she turned off the water and tossed me a towel. “Meet me through that door when you are dry,” pointing to another door opposite the one we had come in, and she stepped out.

I was taken aback when I opened the door and stepped into the next room as it was a well-equipped medical exam room with a prominent exam table with gynecological stirrups. I stood, naked and shivering, waiting for Ms. Pyre to enter. As soon as she did she snapped her fingers, pointed at me, and patted the exam table. I got up and lay on my back on a fresh bahis şirketleri sheet of wrinkly white paper. She took first one leg, then the other, and fastened me into the stirrups with locking straps. She fastened a 3 inch wide leather belt around my waist and secured it to the table. Then she reattached the arousal monitor to my still shriveled penis. “Stroke!” she commanded, “Stop when you are fully erect.”

I lay, legs in the air, knees bent, my most private areas fully exposed to this buxom redhead that I had met only minutes earlier. As I began stroking Nurse Pyre began unbuttoning her dress, eventually letting it drop to the floor displaying the full-cut white lace bra that projected her triple D’s to within inches of my face. The lace of the white garter belt straps framed the neatly trimmed triangle of her mound, and I longed to have her turn around. My cock sprang to attention within seconds. “I thought that might help. Now take your hand away so I can get a measurement,” Nurse Pyre instructed me.

As I moved my hand away she soon had both cuffed to the side of the table. She measured in a perfunctorily manner and made a notation on her clipboard. “It’s just not fair, is it?” is all she said. Then she took a can of scented shaving cream and lathered my chest and began a series of even sweeps with a straight razor. Soon she had moved below my navel, and before a half hour had transpired, she had completely shaved me from chest to ankles.

Finally she turned away from me and I got my first glimpse of her glorious ass. She opened a cabinet and took out an orange rubber bag with a long tube attached with a nozzle-like device on one end. She proceeded to fill the bag and hung it on a hook above the table. Without a word she inserted the business end of the nozzle into my exposed anus and she opened a valve at the bottom of the bag and I began to fill.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Ms. Sweeney walked in carrying a package. She gave me a quick glance and handed the package to Nurse Pyre. “Cleaning this one inside and out, huh?” she snickered, “Ms. Panington wants him to have the sustained arousal punishment. Here are the things you’ll need,” Ms. Sweeney turned to leave, then stopped, “Oh yes, she said to tell you that she will resume his sexual history interview in the morning.”

As soon as they were again alone, Nurse Pyre opened the package, peered inside, and let out a low moan. “Perfect!” she said to herself. She reached in and withdrew a pair of full-cut white nylon panties with lace on the waist and legs. Tom saw immediately that they were exact replicas of the first panties he had even worn. Nurse Pyre dangled them in front of Tom’s eyes. “Should I allow you to wear your Mommy’s silky, sexy panties again, my little panty boy?”

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