Bedroom Bully

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Big Tits

Blind with rage, but completely unable to do a thing about it, I just had to let my Brother and his dickhead bestie Connor slouch back and use me as a foot rest. They bundled me down, bent me over, and gagged me with tape. I didn’t stand a chance against those stupid Jocks. One of them would just twist my arm and the other would thump me.

They were always picking on me – calling me ‘gay boy’. I was 18 now, and they were still beating me like I was a little kid. Back in school they’d pull my shorts down in front of the girls, or squirt water in my crotch and shout that I’d pissed myself. Our uniform trousers were light grey, and water showed up real dark. There was no hiding it. Of course I tried to fight back, but I’m such a weed. And anyway they’re right – I am a gay boy. And I was crazy in love with my Big Brother and he knew it.

Ben would walk around the house naked just to show me his fine body.

“You looking at my dick again, gay boy?” he’d snap before pounding my arms and legs with his fists.

I couldn’t help but get hard in my pants as he laid in to me, his angry balls bouncing in my eyes. And I was hard right now, bent double with his lordly feet crossed on my neck.

I wished so much he’d just take me. Ben was so handsome and strong and hot, but there wasn’t a chance in Hell of that ever happening. He always had some new girlfriend or other, checking his reflection in the mirror, popping his collars before leaving the house. And as soon as he was gone, I’d rush in his room to sniff his clothes and jerk off. He caught me at it once and hit the fucking roof. Wrapped in his bed sheets, I had the crotch of his dirty boxers stuffed right under my nose. He beat the crap out of me, but man it was worth it. His boxers smell fucking ripe!

Mum usually stepped in to break it up, but this time she was away on business. We had the place to ourselves, and Ben called Connor for a sleepover: Video games and beers and unregulated bully time with me. I was their plaything and prisoner, and free from the interventions of any adult authority, they took it to new extremes.

It was only lunchtime and they’d already torn most of my clothes off and taped my hands behind my back. Connor even rolled a sock off his sweaty feet and bunged it in over my tongue before sealing the gag shut. I fucking hated Connor Denbury so fucking much. He was absolutely the most insufferable dickhead of them all: Arrogant, overbearing, and so fucking smug. Ben always let Connor take the lead when they’d gang up on me. Now the bitter rag of his sweaty sock was drying my mouth out.

After a few hours of FIFA 18 the Lads got bored.

“I bet gay boy’s got a dirty little boner about this.” Connor belched, tossing his controller aside.

A prodding caress on my balls made me jump. It was Connor, rubbing his toe under the carriage of my briefs.

“You like that gay boy?” he taunted.

I sprung from his loathsome touch, rising to my knees, but the Jocks got straight to it. In no time they had me helpless on my back. Ben held me from above, his arms tight under my shoulders, and Connor sat heavy on my legs. With nowhere to hide, my pathetic boner pushed a guilty wet patch in the corner of my y-fronts. They guffawed like idiots. I could only blush and lower my eyes in shame as Connor took pictures on his iphone.

“Putting these straight on facebook…” he grinned, tapping his screen. The phone immediately twinkled with notifications. Laughing emojis and mean comments from all our friends. I groaned from behind my sock gag.

“You love it faggot!” Connor lit up, “Look how hard you’re getting!”

Then he reached in to rub my bellend through the cotton of my briefs with his finger and thumb. I wriggled to get free, but between them there was no escape. I just had to lie there take it. Why couldn’t Ben rub my dick? I could smell my Brother’s body odour as he held me tighter, and I tried to imagine those were his fingers teasing me. But Connor wouldn’t stop. He seemed serious about making me cum, and I started to panic. I was still a total virgin. I’d never been touched that way before, and I didn’t want to be taken like this. Not by Conner. I struggled harder.

“What’s the matter gay boy, you gonna cum?” Connor gasped in mock surprise.

I just fucking hated him so much! I wanted to scream, but I had his sock in my mouth. Nothing could stop those sweet shivers rising, and at Connor Denbury’s command I shot my wet virgin load, soaking my panties. They roared with laughter.

I told myself that I had cum for Ben; that this was a sexual encounter we had shared. But the very next thing he said slapped me down,

“You totally just had sex with Connor! You’re a real gay boy now!”

Far from denying his own part in the gayness, Connor seemed delighted, denizli escort and being keen to hear my puny retort he tore my gag open. I spat his sock out.

“You’re the fucking gay boy, Connor” I hissed, “Why the fuck are you touching my dick?”

His hands were still all over my glans, and his touch made me shudder in the fading glow of my shameful ejaculation.

“See! You fucking love it! Bet you can’t wait suck my dick!”

“Fuck off!” I panted, writhing in the detestable pleasure of his touch.

“Don’t argue, gay boy,” my Brother added cooly, immediately onboard with the idea.

More bundling. With my arms still cuffed behind my back, the Lads had me just where they wanted. Having whipped off his Adidas shorts and Puma briefs, Connor got comfortable on our sofa in his claret polo and one remaining sock. He always wore that stupid fucking shirt. Like he had nothing else in his closet. And it stank, all savoury with his pits.

Between his mighty thighs, under a neat crop of blonde pubic hair, his monstrous boner sprung up like a truncheon. Ben held me from behind, keeping me on my knees and forcing my head closer with both hands. Connor wanked himself in anticipation, letting his foreskin roll back and forth on his shiny bell. His bodily warmth struck me first, and Ben held me steady just long enough to take in the scent of Connor’s legendary penis as it loomed nearer. It smelled damn good, and I hated myself for liking it. Then Connor slapped my face with his fat shaft, and they cracked up. He was so pleased with his stupid joke, he repeated it several times. They cracked up the same each time.

“You’ve been dreaming about this for ages…” The Jock smirked.

I’d literally never imagined such an abhorrent thing. Not ever. Ben guided my head into place, and Connor dripped his salty, arrogant flavours all over my tongue. In spite of my indignation, I wanted to savour this first taste of dick – to take it slow. But I just had to let them bang me like a bitch, and snatch what little pleasure I could. Again Connor reached for his phone to video the moment. I shut my eyes and pretended I was sucking on my Big Brother’s penis. It didn’t take Connor long to shoot.

“Swallow it gay boy!” he tried to bark, but came out in a sigh as he surrendered to his mean little climax.

The cum seemed sour and snotty to me, but I swallowed it.

As soon as his shivers subsided, Connor shoved me backwards. They chortled all over again. I wanted to run and hide, but they didn’t let me go. They made me crouch like a footrest late into the night while they necked beers and ordered pizzas and watched lame movies; and never tiring the whole night of joking how gay I was. It was so idiotic and fucking boring. I fumed silently, my hatred for Connor intensifying beyond measure.

“Fuck! There’s 772 likes on that picture!” he chirped, checking his facebook later that night and reading his favourite comments out. The meanest came from my own friends.

“Amazing! I’m uploading that video of you sucking on my dick…”

My heart sank.

As the night drew on they put their shit UK Garage music on loud. Connor hadn’t bothered to get dressed again, and still slouched in only his polo and one sock. And my Brother got naked at some point too, standing in nothing but his gold chain necklace (which he never removed). With both their giant dicks dangling, and their pits, they stank the whole place out. That and the skunk they were smoking. I’d seen them like this before; like they’d got so high they were in some primal male bonding trip or some shit. Ben even answered the door to the pizza guy like that, totally fucking naked. The nervous teen was speechless; his jaw hung at the sight of me with Connor’s feet up on my back.

I lost track of time, but it was close to dawn when my Brother finally passed out on the couch. Connor must have been waiting for this moment, because (after testing Ben with a few regular slaps on his face) he came for me directly. Marching me down the hall to my room, he didn’t bother putting any lights on, but pushed me straight onto my single bed. Somehow, after everything, I still had a bit of fight left me.

“Just get the fuck off me now, Connor!” I rattled, but he didn’t listen.

Throwing me flat on my back, he toppled the full weight of his huge Jock body down on top of me. Next he was kissing me, his cocky tongue rolling with mine, his big hands sliding up under my vest and over my butt. He ripped my pants away and (after a long day of sexual abuse) I was finally naked. My little willy nestled up against his massive dick as his passions overtook me.

“Come on, gay boy.” he whispered close into my ear, fondling my balls as he spoke.

It felt so weird. I definitely denizli escort bayan hated him more than ever, but this was also really nice. I let him have his way. The sky grew lighter outside as he flipped me over, little aeroplanes making trails as he eased his long shaft up between my cheeks. He was actually going to fuck my ass! What the fuck was I doing?

Man it hurt. That idiot Jerk-off got to work pounding me sweet and slow in his claret polo. I put my face in my pillow and clenched my teeth. I couldn’t see first time around how anyone was supposed to find anal pleasurable, but I let Connor finish. When he was done heaving and huffing we crashed out together in his smug stink, my head on his broad pecs.

If I dreamt in the night that Connor might be sweet with me the next day, I was painfully wrong about it. He slumped away to shower as if nothing special had happened, and by lunchtime he was bullying me worse than the day before.

I guess Ben didn’t know me and Connor had slept together. He got up later than everyone else as usual, but he joined in the new day’s persecutions just as eagerly as before. They began with all the typical insults, and soon they were slapping me about. I managed to get away this time, and went to sulk about it in the garden. I slumped in the hammock to look at my phone. My facebook was fizzing with negative activity. Connor did put that video up. Everyone had seen me gulping on his fat dick and it was the all-time funniest thing they’d ever seen. I wanted to cry.

Just then a sudden blast of warm water struck me across the face, bursting uncomfortably into my ear. Connor howled as he worked the pump of my Super-Soaker for another attack. Then the smell hit me.

“Is this fucking piss!” I whined, finally noticing the yellow tint of the rinse in my white t-shirt.

Connor literally screamed with laughter, dousing me with a second blast. I wanted it to be Ben’s pee, but of course it was Connor’s. My Brother just stood and watched as Connor chased me back into the house. I thought I’d be safe in there, but Connor came in right after me, firing jets of piss all across the walls and carpets.

“My Mum’s gonna fucking kill you!” was all I could think to scream back at him.

He didn’t care though, kicking my bedroom door wide open before I got a chance to shut myself in. I tried to hide in my bedsheets but Connor just hosed me down. He was back on my mattress, unscrewing the bottle on his gun.

“You are definitely going to taste my piss, gay boy!

Ben came in to hold me down so Connor could pinch my nose and pour his foamy piss in my mouth with one big generous splash. I spat most of it out. But (I’m not gonna lie) I kept back some of it, and I drank it. It was bitter and warm, and it gave me a boner. Then Connor finished me with an epic wedgy.

They went out some place after that. Ben made himself all fit and peng, splashing Cologne, because his new girlfriend was coming. He thinks I’m just a dirty pervert, but I really did love him so much.

Obviously Connor didn’t have a girlfriend. He was such a fucking loser, no girl would put up with his idiotic pranks and bad smells. Even if he did have an amazing body. He just tagged along with Ben wherever he went. Maybe he was a bit in love with my Brother too.

“Clean up all this piss, or I’ll tell Mum you did it,” was Ben’s parting shot.

At least I could get some peace now they were gone. I put my bedsheets in the wash. I scrubbed the walls and daubed Connor’s urine out of the carpets.

Thankfully they stayed out late, and (after eating a pizza and watching a movie) I got down to bed in a quiet house. Under clean sheets I got my phone out to watch that facebook video in the dark.

I still hadn’t responded to any of the stupid abuse. It had racked up hundreds of views.

Red in the face, choking on Connor’s girth in the flashlight of his iphone, my discomfort and shame was there for all to see and delight in. There was something so nice about it though. And there were even a couple of cool comments in the thread. Among all the insults a couple of guys said “hot” or “sick” with flame emojis. God knows who they were (Connor’s video was public) but checking their profiles they seemed cute. I was in a sex tape just like the ones I’d jerk off to on tumblr, and random guys were getting off on it. It made me smile, and I finally decided to comment. I replied to one of the cute boys with some emojis.


I got a like back, and put my head down to sleep.

I wasn’t dreaming long before the Lads got home. They made a ruckus coming in, and put all the lights and loud music on. Soon I could make out Ben’s voice,

“Just fuck off Man, get out of here…”

I’d heard escort denizli him talk to me like that so many times, and I knew he was sending Connor away so he could fuck his girlfriend on the sofa. Picturing Connor’s stupid, rejected face made me laugh. But just then the bedroom door swung open.

Connor let himself in, and quickly shut the door again. Stinking of booze he was all over me just like the night before.

“I saw your comment on that video, gay boy,” he murmured, “I know you want it.”

He was my most hated enemy, and yet I sank down on him like a secret admirer. This time (without Ben’s hand to force me) I was free to lick and lap as I pleased, exploring every contour of Connor’s mighty shaft. He just laid back in a drunken stupor, putting his arms behind his head so we could both smell his sweaty pits. He looked magnificent, slouched in that same polo, bigging himself up in sexy whispers,

“You’ve been dreaming about me for years, jerking off when you think about my smelly dick! I’ve seen the way you look at me, every time I come over. Since you were little, you’ve always wanted me!”

Just then he let out a noisy fart. How could such a total loser turn me on like this? I really never did want him before, but I wanted him now. It took longer to make him cum this time, but I didn’t rush. And soon I found ways to get little shivers out of the Jock, and I felt chuffed with myself for pleasing him so well. His cum was wetter than before, and I drank it with some self-satisfaction. We slept in his body warmth a second night.

Next morning he was grouchy AF – just hungover, and he pushed me peevishly off the mattress. There was no way of getting close to him again, so I decided to get up and shower. In the front room the curtains were drawn, but in the shade I could see that my Brother and his girlfriend were still sleeping on the couch. Their naked arms clutched a woollen blanket. And in a beam of sunlight a deflated condom sparkled on the carpet. These girls were all so lucky! I slept under the same roof as this Adonis every night. All he’d have to do is cross the hall with his packet of condoms. I’d be there for him. I was there, ready and waiting with a love better than any random girlfriend could ever give him. All the adoration, all the hero worship, all the idolatry of a little brother. He could do whatever he wanted with me.

“Get out!” he moaned from under his blanket with a cough.

I went to take my shower.

When I got back to my room Connor was awake. He was reading from a sheet of paper with a mean grin on his face. The blood drained from my gut as I realised he had opened my bottom draw and found all my secret shit. Love letters mostly, written to my Big Brother Ben and hidden shamefully away. I even stole photos of him, and made little drawings and things. Love hearts and the most embarrassing confessions.

I dropped my towel, fighting butt naked to get the pages back, but Connor was expecting me. He only had to hold them higher than I could reach.

“These are fucking priceless!” he gloated.

“…please Connor,” I begged, more sincerely than I’d begged for anything in my life. But Connor was never going to pass up on this.

“Lets see what Ben thinks about this!” he cried triumphantly, darting into the hall with my deepest secrets crumpled in his fist.

Wearing only his polo, and with his fat dick slapping off his thighs, he went right into the living room to shout about what he found under my bed. Ben and his girlfriend sat up groggily, listening in total confusion. Connor could read only snatches of the letters as I reached pathetically to tear them back, but everyone understood their meaning.

“If you only knew how I love you!” he guffawed, “You are everything I long for…”

Ben was profoundly unimpressed with the both of us – brawling naked in front of his girlfriend like a pair of regular perverts.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

He hit the roof Benjamin style, screaming at Connor to get out the house, to go home and take me with him.

“You two fucking faggots deserve each other,” he fumed.

Connor pulled his shorts and trainers on and got in his car. I wish he had taken me with him. Now he’s gone I miss him so much.

I’ve been waiting for Ben to ask him over again, but he hasn’t. Mum came back and life’s back to normal, but all I want is for that dickhead Jock to come over and bully me some more, and make me suck on his massive cock.

It wasn’t long before Connor put my letters on facebook and now everyone knows I was in love my own Brother. But I’m not in love with Benjamin anymore, I’m in love with Connor. What a shocking defeat!

I’ve typed messages countess times, but I know if I send them and tell Connor how I feel he’ll only show it to everyone and humiliate me. But maybe, after our mates have had their laughs, he’ll take me up on it?

“Please let me come over, you’re so sexy, I want to suck your dick so bad…”

I don’t care who sees it, so long as Connor Denbury fucks me again. He’s everything a real Man should be.

Hit send.

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